"Zach has a bit of a habit with grudges with those who take on his friends. Dr. Provencal learned that lesson well, I gather."
Minerva Fabello
Elite Agent Zachary
ZachV preAI 0020
Name Zachary Virchaus
Age 19
Skills Buildings, shooting, technology, combat
Vehicle Fire Hammer
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Brikman McStudz

Zachary Virchaus, usually called Zach, is an Elite Dino Attack Agent from LEGO Island. He was formerly an agent from the Agents Defense Organization and a Stromling in the service of the Darkitect and the Maelstrom.


Early LifeEdit

Zachary Virchaus was born August 10, 1991, in a small town in the United States. At a young age, he and his parents, Erika and James, went took a vacation to LEGO Island, where his family had strong roots. While there, it is believed someone predicted to his parents that Zach was destined to control a dark power and to be locked into conflict against evil. Fearful of this prediction and unwilling to endanger their unborn second child, the Virchauses begged the Infomaniac to take care of the young Zach. The Infomaniac ultimately agreed to this request. Despite growing up apart, Zach attempted to maintain a relationship with his parents and younger sisters Desiree and Kayla by visiting them frequently throughout the year.

Zach at a young age showed skill at building, managing to build himself a house all by himself at the age of five in the LEGO Island Residential Area. Zach became good friends with almost everyone on LEGO Island. He often spent his free time building, racing, partying, and helping the Brickolini's deliver pizza whenever Pepper Roni wasn't around.

As Zach grew up, he became interested in a variety of hobbies. He found the fast-paced races on LEGO Island to be a talent of his and became a skilled racer that could rival Rhoda Hogg and Stud Linkin. Zach also took a minor interest in various weapons, primarily firearms. He became a various accurate shooter after much training. During that time he also learned how to work with computers and figured out how to hack most computers.

During 2005, Zach began traveling around the LEGO Planet to see the sights and people. He once said, "Hey, you never know if being friends with a foreign minifig may save your life." He traveled numerous places and go involved in several incidents. He jousted the Dark Knight on Castle Island, helped Johnny Thunder find gems in the jungle and fought Sam Sinister on Adventurers' Island, was shipwrecked by a Sea Serpent near Vikings Isle, and stopped a bank robber in LEGO City. He would return to LEGO Island in early 2006.

Zach was also became interested in filmmaking after the filming of Island Xtreme Stunts on LEGO Island. He made several home movies throughout the next eight years. He plans to get into the film business, but his plans were put on hold in 2010.

Dino AttackEdit

When Zach heard the message on L.E.G.O. Radio to evacuate LEGO Island for Antarctica, he wanted to stay on the island and fight the dinos off to save his town. However, he was eventually convinced to leave with idea he would do what was necessary to stop these Mutant Dinos.

Agents Defense OrganizationEdit


Zachary Virchaus as an Agent

After arriving in Antarctica, Zach joined the Agents Defense Organization, hoping to do some good to help the LEGO Planet. Zach was one of the few Agents that made an effort get along with Alpha Team during their interactions. Zach eventually became a well-known agent for his renowned sharpshooting skills.

Zach was trained by an Agent leader named Thaddeus Brickhouse. He worked with Brickhous for several months, going on missions to destabilize Dr. Inferno, one of Dr. Rex's primary allies. In addition, he traveled to regions across the planet to help liberate them of the Mutant Dinos and help survivors reach Antarctica. One day, however, Zach discovered the ADO interference during Dino Attack Team missions, causing him to grow angry with the Agents and soon resigning from their ranks.

Zach became curious of the Dino Attack Team after quitting the ADO. Zach researched the team, its agents, operations, enemies, everything. He finally decided to apply to the Dino Attack Team. However, he only signed up under his first name to hide his identity. He spent up much time training to make his body more physically fit and learning how to drive the Dino Attack's vehicles. After the riots began the refuge facilities in Antarctica, Zach was enlisted to help calm down the minifigs and helped rebuild the facility and defenses.

After the facilities were repaired, Zach was sent to Adventurers' Island to join up with the team in their hunt for a Maelstrom temple used by XERRD to mutate dinosaurs.

Adventurers' IslandEdit


Dino Attack agent Zachary

Zach arrived at the coast of Adventurers' Island's massive jungle by a speedboat. Out of that speedboat Zach built his Steel Sprinter and headed out into the jungle to find Agent Rex, who he was told was leading the mission. While traveling, Zach came upon a mysterious temple. Curious, Zach went into the temple to find Dust, who was captured by Achu's natives and bounded in the temple for killing Achu's natives. Zach, oblivious to what Dust had done, saved him and bandaged his infected hand and headed into the jungle to find Rex.

On the way through the charred jungle, Zach and Dust met a Mutant Raptor. Zach attempted to kill the raptor, but the Dino's mutant power protected it from Zach's blaster. The raptor chased Zach and Dust on Zach's Steel Sprinter until it was beaten down by two T-Rexes that Zach had seen earlier. By then, the natives had learned of Dust's escape and found him and Zach as the T-Rexes went in pursuit of the raptor. The natives, led by a powerful native called Ahua, attempted to take Dust prisoner, but Zach intervened, splashing the natives with mud with his Steel Sprinter, distracting them enough for Zach to rescue Dust and speed off into the jungle.

After narrowly escape a plummet of a cliff, Zach and Dust were soon found by the angry natives. Ahua ordered them to be pushed off the cliff, and the natives obliged. Zach and Dust fell to their apparent doom until they were saved by a net set up by Sam Sinister several years ago. Dust's injured hand grew worst as they both resigned to never being found. However, Elite Agent Andrew and Martian Laxus found the two agents and rescued them. The four agents headed off into the jungle on Andrew's Fire Hammer in search of the Maelstrom Temple.

They soon found a temple to examine, but were attacked by a native recognized Zach and Dust. Zach forced the native off the Fire Hammer and they raced into the jungle, only to pop a tire and be chased by a pack of Mutant Lizards. Zach fired at the lizards with the Fire Hammer turret, until one remaining Mutant Lizard destroyed the turret with its acid spittle. Zach and Laxus left the Fire Hammer to challenge the Mutant Lizard, only for Zach to be attacked and to have his shoulder injured by the lizard. Laxus defeated the lizard and treated Zach's wounds.

After Andrew built a makeshift tire, the Fire Hammer finally arrived at one of the Dino Attack Team's outposts, only to find a raging fire surrounding the area. Laxus and Andrew headed into the flames to rescue any agents in the outpost while Zach and Dust encountered a Stromling who had disguised himself as a native. The Stromling revealed that the Maelstrom itself had infiltrated the ranks of the Dino Attack Team and had started the fire around the outpost. Zach and Dust shot the Stromling down in shock. Shortly after the appearance of the Stromling, Semick, Raider, and Bluetooth arrived via Semick's T-1 Typhoon and rescued the two agents and helicoptered them to a different outpost.

After arriving at the outpost, Zach was promoted from a Rookie Agent to a Standard Agent. He built himself a new Urban Avenger to replace his Steel Sprinter he had lost at the cliff. After finishing the new vehicle, Zach and Semick were attacked by Mailstorm and Dr. Dunkelheit, two Stromlings disguised as Dino Attack Agents. The two agents defeated the Maelstrom agents, confirming the native Stromling's warning of spies within the Dino Attack Team. Immediately after the attack, Semick recruited Zach to help defend the Aztec Village in the jungle from a massive army of Mutant Dinos.

Defense of the VillageEdit

Zach joined Semick's crew on his T-1 Typhoon, becoming a gunner. Shortly after landing in the village, Zach got into an argument with a female agent when he was spotted by Ahua, who ordered four natives to hold him. He was brought forward to Achu, who remembered Zach from his previous visit in 2005. He evaluated the young agent, deciding the give him a chance to prove his worth to the village. Zach was assigned four guards to supervise his actions. Ahua confiscated his rifle and Achu handed him a spear, not trusting the agent with his gun. Before heading into battle, he was warned by Rex not to mess up relations between the natives and the Dino Attack Team.

Zach and his guards joined the rest of the natives and the Dino Attack Team in the battle to defend the village from the Mutant Dinos. Zach managed to kill several Mutant Lizards before being attacked by a Mutant Pterosaur. Zach launched his spear into the Pterosaur's eye, blinding it. However, it scratched the spear out its eye and scented out Zach, trying to blast him with its laser eyes. Zach lost his balance as the Pterosaur snapped at him and went in for the kill when he was saved by same female Dino Attack Agent, Minerva Fabello. Zach thanked the agent for the help and they both decided to forget their fight from earlier. Zach was about to began a search for a weapon when news came that Achu's magic shield surrounding the village failed, allowing all the Mutant Dinos to charge the village.

Zach, Minerva, and Zach's only remaining native guard fled the stampede of Mutant Dinos. Minerva and the native managed to climb over the wall, however, Zach was attacked by a Mutant T-Rex. Zach dodged the Mutant T-Rex's laser eyes and climbed on the back of the T-Rex. He attempted to throw pepperspray into Mutant T-Rex, hoping it would injury the T-Rex. However, the pepperspray did nothing to the Mutant Dino. Zach jumped off the T-Rex and fled into the village and hid in the ruins of a house destroyed by a Mutant Lizard.

While hiding, he spotted Rex on the ground, the Mutant Lizard he had been riding killed and a massive Mutant T-Rex standing over him. Zach grabbed Rex's Sonic Screamer and distracted the T-Rex long enough for Zach to help the paraylzed agent on to his back so he could run from the charging group of Mutant Dinos.

Zach and Rex continued through the village. Rex told Zach to tell every Dino Attack Ally to meet in the village if Rex would die, for it was important and crucial to save the Dino Attack Ally's lives. While moving through the village, they met Minerva, who they asked to spread Rex's message to any survivors she could find. She obliged and headed out into the village while Zach and Rex continued on into the village when they met Ahua.

Ahua revealed himself to a Stromling in disguised and that Dr. Rex was losing control of the Mutant Dinos he had created with Maelstrom energy. Zach shot back, claiming the statement as false, just to scare Zach and Rex. Ahua replied, saying he may be lying, but decided that he would kill them before they found out. Zach and Rex, both weaponless, still believed they could beat the Stromling armed with Zach's rifle. However, six more Stromling Natives appeared, armed with spears, to back up Ahua.

As the Stromling Islanders were about to attack, Zach and Rex were found by Andrew and Laxus in a Fire Hammer. The Fire Hammer shot down several of the Stromlings before Zach and Rex got to the safety of the Fire Hammer. Rex told Andrew to began searching for more Dino Attack Allies to so he could continue to spread his message. With that, Andrew, Laxus, Rex, and Zach began their search.

Zach returned to the center of the village later with the rest of the survivors and witnessed a stampede of Triceratops defeat the Mutant Dinos, saving all their lives. Zach decided to find Achu and, hopefully, have his slate cleaned. His request was granted and the scorn from other Islanders ended. After his meeting with Achu, Zach met a scarred Dino Attack Agent whose name was Logan Zekria, codename Scratch. While talking with the strange agent, Zach was attacked by Ahua again. However, the Stromling escaped once again.

Zach and Scratch decided to join Semick's plan to rescue the Dino Attack rear guard. Zach boarded Semick's T-1 Typhoon and flew to the camp. Along the way, Zach helped Scratch, who was taking a Fire Hammer to the camp, fight back a group of Mutant Dinos that had attacked the jeep. Shortly after the small fight, the T-1 Typhoon found the camp and landed. Not long later, the remaining Fire Hammer found the camp.

Fight for the FortressEdit

Peace was interrupted, as Zach discovered that Dr. Rex's organization of scientists, the Xenon Elite Researchers Regarding Dinosaurs, or XERRD, had set up a fortress in the jungle not far from the rear guard camp. He and space ninja Kareem Nazareno were assigned to scout the fortress and discover weaknesses. At the fortress, Nazareno discovered a camouflaged entrance into the fortress. Zach attracted a guard over to where he and Nazareno were hiding and fought the guard until he was unconscious. Zach stole the minifig's uniform and infiltrated the fortress while Nazareno took the captured guard back to the camp.

Inside the fortress, Zach made his way through the fortress, encountering Dr. Rex's second-in-command Dr. Wallace Bishop along the way, and made his way to the mainframe control room of the fortress. After tricking the technicians into leaving the room, Zach directly hacked into XERRD fortress's mainframe and copied almost every file into his flashdrive and PDA. As he attempted to leave, Zach was caught by two fortress guards who were alerted on Dr. Bishop's orders. Zach defeated one of the guards but was stopped by the commander, who held a pistol to Zach's head. However, Zach was once again saved by the lucky timing of Minerva Fabello.

Zach and Minerva made their way out of the fortress. Zach discovered that Minerva had disobeyed orders when she had entered to fortress, and wondered if Minerva had feelings for him. He didn't make much of the thought as he and Minerva ran out of the fortress and made plans to run back to the Rear Guard, only to come upon Dust, now handcuffed and under the custody of Commander Rockford. Zach then discovered that Dust wasn't a real Dino Attack Agent and was on Adventurers' Island for his own agenda. Zach lost all trust in Dust, but had no time to dwell. He, Minerva, Rockford, and Mur, another commanding agent, headed into a clearing where the Dino Attack Team was staging a distraction long enough for an infiltration team to enter the fortress to obtain more info.

Zach faced not only Mutant Dinos, but Skeletal Mummies. Zach attempted to fight one, but resulted in the mummy using its powers to create Mutant Skeleton Pterosaurs. The mummy fired its lasers at most of the Mutant Pterosaurs in the sky, creating more Mutant Skeleton Pterosaurs. To make things worse, native dinosaurs to Adventurers' Island suddenly became hostile to the Dino Attack Team and joined the battle. Zach saw Scratch become overwhelmed by native dinosaurs. Zach followed the agent into the jungle and found him in a clearing, surrounded by dinosaurs

Scratch revealed he had been hunting native dinos as an act of revenge for scarring his face and killing his family. Furious, Zach tried to make Scratch see reason, but the later refused and decided that they should settle their differences with their fists. Zach, despite being an experienced fighter, fell short to Scratch's onslaught of attacks. It wasn't until Scratch threatened to kill Minerva that Zach had a new-found boost of energy and beat Scratch into submission. Scratch, tired of fighting Zach, revealed he was armed with a pistol and shot Zach's right hand off his arm. Scratch then attempted to shoot Zach, but Zach, determined to defeat Scratch, fought back and tried to wrestle the pistol away from Scratch, accidentally shooting the pistol aimed at Scratch's chest, killing him instantly. Zach, out of shock of killing Scratch and losing his hand, fell unconscious.

Zach awoke to a group of native dinosaurs, now friendly, guarding him. One T-Rex that could understand English confirmed that the native dinos were allies of the Dino Attack again. The T-Rex led Zach to a clean water source which he drank from. After drinking from the stream, he fell asleep again, the dinosaur guarding him.

Zach awoke again, this time to a struggle between Dust and Dino Attack Agent Gonnerman. The T-Rex, feeling threatened by Gonnerman's weapon, killed the agent. Dust surrendered and offered to take Zach back to camp. Zach decided to trust the Egyptian and was taken back to the camp, along the way learning about Dust's dark past.

Arriving at the camp, Zach was admitted into a medical tent and was informed by Dr. Alan Pierce that Nazareno knew the arts of making mechanical prosthetics and would make Zach a new hand. Nazareno obliged Zach's wish to build a robotic hand similar to Zach's original flesh hand. After fitting on the new hand, Nazareno asked Zach to try an interrogate the guard they had defeated, as he had refused to talk to any Dino Attack Agent. Zach interrogated the guard, who decided to comply to his wishes for an unknown reason. In the course of the interrogation, Zach learned the guard's name was Oswald Fabello, the older brother of Minerva and a former Dino Attack Agent. After letting it slip that he knew Minerva, Oswald viciously attacked Zach. He only managed to defeat Oswald when he punched him in the face with his new metal hand. Moments later, Minerva returned to the camp from fighting the Mutant Skeleton Pterosaurs and discovered her brother. Oswald showed no emotional gratefulness for her survival and instead scoffed at her and angered her into punching him and running out of the tent. Zach followed Minerva to calm her down.

As he attempted to calm Minerva, Zach heard a commotion occur near the interrogation tent. Zach and Minerva returned to the tent and found Oswald struggling against numerous Dino Attack Agents and found that he had already killed the two guards watching him. Finally, Dust defeated Oswald after he had killed four more agents and seriously wounded two others with a knife he had stolen from his guards. Zach had believed Oswald defeated. Unfortunately, Oswald wasn't disarmed when he had been captured and killed the two other guards holding him, bring the death count to eight, and knocked both Minerva and Commander Lutsky to the ground. Zach watched helplessly as Oswald cut Lutsky's shoulder and insulted his sister one more time before running into the jungle.

Zach, sullen from the massacre, sat at the fire pit in the camp and learned from a PDA message from Oswald to Minerva that Oswald had escaped Adventurers' Island and that there was no hope of finding him. After that, Minerva questioned if she and Zach were just friends. Zach confirmed it hesitantly. Minerva accepted the answer and remained as friends and not as a couple like Oswald implied frequently.

Zach wanted to escape the pain that the camp housed, so he armed himself and sprinted into the jungle for several hours until he discovered a mysterious pool that Zach believed as a Maelstrom pool connected to the Maelstrom temple. He was attacked again by Ahua. Zach was nearly killed until the Maelstrom in the pool intervened, blocking Ahua's spear. In surprise and interest, Ahua let Zach escape back to the Dino Attack camp. Near the border of the camp, Zach was forced into battling a Mutant Raptor that ambushed him. After the raptor was defeated, Zach got into an argument with Commander Carl Lutsky over the Maelstrom pool. Zach started become more angry, snapping both at Minerva and Lutsky numerous times.

A few hours after returning from the pool, Zach and the rest of the Dino Attack Agents were called upon Lutsky to begin a massive attack against XERRD fortress. Zach quickly rebuilt a nearby Urban Avenger and took off to the fortress. The battle quickly fired up, and Zach's Urban Avenger was quickly destroyed by auto-turrets stationed around the fortress.

Zach purposely wrecked the buggy into the fortress and feigned death as a XERRD soldier started to investigate the wreck. While the minifig was checking his pulse, Zach twisted the guard's wrist and tossed the minifig to the ground and killed him with his pistol. Zach stole the guard's uniform and snuck into the fortress to warn the infiltration team of the attack, only to be noticed by Dr. Carolyne Provencal. Provencal fell for Zach's ruse and decided to use him as a guard for an experiment regarding some important Maelstrom experiments. Along the way, Zach met a group of disguised Dino Attack Agents. Zach warned them as he and Provencal passed of the battle outside the fortress and then continued on to Provencal's personal lab.

Inside, Provencal revealed she had discovered Zach's disguise and threatened to stick him with an Injection Saw she helped create that would turn him into a Stromling. He tried to stop her, but was overwhelmed by her surprising strength and Provencal injected the Maelstrom formula into Zach's bloodstream. She then left Zach to escape the fortress on his own, ordering all the soldiers within the fortress not to shoot Zach so the transformation into a Stromling could take place.

Zach sprinted out of the fortress and ran into the jungle. After about twenty minutes of running, Zach sent a message to all Dino Attack Agents informing him of his current state and warned them to wary of him if he should return. After traveling a short distance farther, Zach discovered he had unknowingly returned to the Maelstrom pool. While trying to leave, Zach met a Stromling Ape face-to-face that turned out to be another Dino Attack Agent named Dr. Cyborg. Zach shoved the agent into the Maelstrom pool. Zach was soon captured by Stromlings and to the Temple of Hotep III where he once again met Ahua.

Ahua divulged Zach's memories and discovered the truth about his past: he had been left on LEGO Island early in life due to a prophecy that told of a minifig who could control the Maelstrom naturally and would be forced to do battle with evil for most of his life. Before he could inquiry and further, Zach was finally consumed by the Maelstrom and became a Stromling Agent, serving directly under Ahua. The Darkitect, realizing Zach would be powerful subordinate, gave him the power to manipulate the Maelstrom to a certain extent.

Life as a StromlingEdit


Zachary Virchaus as a Stromling

Immediately after his transformation, Ahua filled Zach's head with reasons why he should be a Stromling to make sure that Zach remains loyal to him. Then Ahua assigned Zach and four other Stromlings to infiltrate the XERRD fortress and to massacre as many Dino Attack and XERRD operatives as possible and then destroy the fortress. The five Stromlings left the Temple of Hotep III, disguised themselves as minifigs, and left for the XERRD fortress.

In the fortress, the Stromlings split up into two groups. Zach was placed with another Stromling Agent. However, Zach ordered the Stromling Agent to go shut off the neurotoxins that were now flowing into the fortress to eliminate the Dino Attack Team inside. Zach went alone, disguised as his minifigself, killing every Minifig he came across. While on his rampage, Zach met Nazareno once again. When Zach found Nazareno to fast to shoot down, he began using his Cosmotronic Ray-infused arm as a sword against Nazareno's own katanas. Zach quickly overwhelmed the space ninja, and was about to finish him off when he spotted Minerva, Dust, and Dr. Cyborg heading towards him. Zach's true conscious managed stop himself from killing Nazareno long enough for the ninja to stab him with his katanas.

As he lay dying, the Maelstrom started to leave Zach and he began to return to normal. However, a dark part of Zach's mind enjoyed the Maelstrom's presence and used Zach's birth powers to bring the Maelstrom back into his body, healing his wound. Zach, a Stromling once again, shot Nazareno and escaped back to the Ruins.

At the Ruins, Ahua furiously told off Zach for appearing to try and get himself killed by Nazareno. He then told the Stromling that there was no way for him to escape his servitude due to the strong influence the Maelstrom and Zach's dark side has. After probing his mind again, Ahua decided to have Zach infiltrate the Dino Attack Medical tent outside the fortress.

Zach and three other Stromling reached the medical tent and learned that a minifig called Dr. J.D. was working on a cure for the Maelstrom. Knowing this must be stopped, Zach entered the tent in his new disguise and attempted to kill J.D., but was quickly discovered by Shotgun and was shot out. Zach pushed J.D. into a table and was about to shoot him when J.D. raised a stolen Injection Saw and cut Zach's left hand. J.D. ran back to the table he was working on and was about to inject Zach with his prototype cure when Zach shot and fatally wounded the doctor. The other Stromlings arrived soon and helped Zach escape the Dino Attack Team. The four Stromlings then made their way back to the Temple of Hotep III.

At the temple, Ahua informed Zach that the high-ranking XERRD scientists and Señor Palomar were making their to the Maelstrom Temple, the Temple of Creation, meaning that the battle for the fortress had ended and that the Dino Attack were going to shift their focus to the Maelstrom Temple. Ahua then sent Zach out to assassinate the XERRD scientists before they could take control of the Maelstrom again. However, Zach saw that the scientists were wearing Paradox armor and decided against attempting to kill the scientists. Zach then confronted Ahua and learned that Ahua feared his power and attempted to kill Zach by sending him after the scientists. Zach then threatened to kill Ahua if he tried to murder him again.

Zach left Ahua and found another Stromling Islander to accompany him outside of the Ruins to a pack of Mutant Dinos. Using the Stromling Islander as a translator, Zach convinced the Mutant Dinos to betray XERRD and into go into service for the Maelstrom. Zach then ordered part of the pack to attack the Dino Attack Team camp while the other part were sent to guard both the Temple of Hotep III and the Temple of Creation.

However, Zach later learned that his Mutant Dinos sent to destroy the Dino Attack Team instead went into another part of the jungle. Irritated, Zach mounted one of the Mutant T-Rexes guarding the Ruins and took off into the jungle to find the source of the pack's diversion. He eventually caught up with the rest of the Mutant Dino pack and found them chasing Dino Attack allies Frozeen and Greybeard. Zach dismounted the T-Rex and fought the Dino Attack allies, but was easily defeated. He then ordered the Mutant Dinos to attack Frozeen and Greybeard and resulted in the two getting pinned to the ground.

Zach then rummaged through Frozeen's backpack and discovered the Maelstrom Crystal inside, which led to the Mutant Dinos turning on Zach and attacking him instead. Zach tossed the crystal aside, which ceased the Mutant Dino attack. Zach revealed the purpose of the crystal to Frozeen and Greybeard and then decided to play a game with the two that involved Zach hunting the two Dino Attack Agents while they tried to find the Maelstrom Temple. After a fifteen minute headstart, Zach and the rest of Mutant Dinos gave chase.

While on the hunt, Zach heard an explosion go off and saw smoke rise out of the jungle. Deciding that the smoke was coming from an area with many Dino Attack Agents, Zach had his Mutant Dinos get ahead of Frozeen and Greybeard and force them to turn towards the site of the explosion. After several more minutes pursuing the two Dino Attack allies, Zach and the rest of the Mutant Dino pack arrived at the Dino Attack camp.

Battle at CampEdit

Zach led the bloody assualt against the Dino Attack Team. Under his command, his Mutant Dinos laid waste to the camp and killed numerous Dino Attack Agents. He was forced to battle against Clint Wayne, Holly Vinyaya, and Nazareno at the same time, but held his ground and knocked out Vinyaya. However, Zach was shot Wayne. Before he could save himself with the Maelstrom, Minerva came into his site, starting a short mental battle between Zach and the Maelstrom for control of the former's body. The Maelstrom prevailed and resumed control of Zach. The Stromling defeated Wayne and Nazareno and warned Minerva that the Maelstrom cure that she had would not save him before leaving the campsite.

He soon stumbled upon the remains of Sam Sinister's dinosaur camp and found two XERRD dino hunters led by Rudo Villano holding a Stromling ape and monkey captive in a Dino Track Transport. Zach quickly quickly killed the dino hunters, freed the Stromlings, and subdued Villano with the help of three Stromling Brickster-Bots before he could escape. With the Maelstrom, Zach convinced Villano to denounce Señor Palomar and became a Maelstrom asset. Now allied with the Brickster-Bots, Villano, and the Stromling ape and monkey, which Zach named Cranky and Kiddy respectively, Zach returned to the camp.

At the camp, the battle intesified with the appearance of a Stromling Inferno agent. Zach accepted him into the group, but showed detest towards the Stromling due to working with Dr. Inferno. Zach spotted Andrew in the camp defeating the Stromling Brickster-Bots. Zach quickly defeated Dr. Cyborg, who was trying to stop his advance, and confronted his former neighbor as he finished off the Brickster-Bots.

Zach tried to convince Andrew to join the Maelstrom, but the Elite Agent refused and battled Zach in melee combat with a XERRD Injection Saw. Zach quickly gained the upper hand and forced Andrew to the gr

Zach battling Andrew

ound. Before he could shoot Andrew, however, Zach was shot by Commander Vinyaya. As the Maelstrom left Zach's mind to heal his wounds, Zach informed Andrew that his trueself was still alive and needed Minerva to come to the Maelstrom Temple and find him. He also said Andrew could assist Minerva he wished.

The Maelstrom then returned to Zach's mind. He announced that the Dino Attack Team would have sixty hours to find the Maelstrom Temple or he would lead an army of Mutant Dinos back to the camp to finish the Dino Attack Team. With that looming message, Zach fled the camp riding on Mutant Raptor. Shortly after leaving the camp, Zach abandoned the Mutant Raptor and mentally contacted Kiddy, Cranky, and Rudo Villano and told them to regroup at the Maelstrom pool near the Maelstrom Temple with him.

Battle PreparationsEdit

At the Maelstrom Pool, Zach saw only Cranky return. He learned that Kiddy was dead and Rudo Villano was missing. Seeing that they both had few allies, Zach and Cranky decided to become equal allies. They returned to the Temple of Hotep III, where they found Ahua waiting for them. Ahua informed them that the Maelstrom could now create Stromlings out of itself and now had Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrid Stromlings at their disposal. Zach in turn informed Ahua of his deadline he had set and then entered the Ruins.

Zach soon discovered he still had his Dino Attack PDA and it still functioned perfectly. He read over the All-Agent bulletins that were sent out after he was corrupted and then decided to contact known Stromlings still in the Dino Attack's ranks. For the next day and a half Zach would be in constant contact with two Maelstrom spies planted in the Dino Attack Team: Zelda and Ghost. He learned many things, including the fact that the Dino Attack Team had relocated to Outpost 4 and that the Dino Attack was going to split up to cover both the Temple of Hotep III and Temple of Creation. Zach used this to his advantage, deciding to trick the Dino Attack Team into heading toward to the Temple of Hotep III, leaving the true Maelstrom Temple safe.

Zach and Cranky later left the ruins and found Ahua assembling an army of Stromlings. He informed the Stromling Islander of the Dino Attack's plans and decided to send a Stromling named Colonel to the Temple of Creation to kill the Dino Attack Agents that go there. Zach then reentered the Ruins and decided to take a nap before the upcoming battle.

During his sleep Zach had a dream about not being a Stromling and being with Minerva again. His dream was suddenly ruined by the Maelstrom, who scolded him for feeling emotions similar to normal Minifig. He awoke and discovered a message from Zelda detailing the Dino Attack's plan of approach. Zach was surprised to learn that Rudo Villano was now working for the Dino Attack Team and was going to lead them to the Maelstrom Temple. Zach then mentally informed Colonel of the Dino Attack's plan and spoke to Zelda, who had been captured by the Dino Attack Team. Her capture along with Zach's deadline looming provoked him to take Cranky to Outpost 4 to make his final warning.

Battle at the Temple of Hotep III and RedemptionEdit

After making his last warning, Zach returned to the Temple of Hotep III and received orders from Ahua on where he would be stationed during the upcoming battle. He then mentally contacted Ghost and watched the final moments of his life as he was killed by Andrew, Minerva, and Hotwire. He contacted Colonel and ordered him bring his army the distance halfway between both temples. Zach and Cranky departed the Ruins and met with Colonel's troops. During the meeting, Zach was spoken to by the Maelstrom who offered to corrupt Minerva into a Stromling so he wouldn't have to kill her.

Zach, Cranky, Colonel, and Colonel's forces monitored the Dino Attack as they traveled through the jungle to the Temple of Hotep III. Zach welcomed to the Ruins and warned them they were about to die. Shortly after welcoming them, the battle began. Zach watched the battle for a few moments before having Cranky call in an army of Stromling Monkeys. Zach then mounted Cranky and joined the battle himself. He fought Dr. Cyborg until he and Cranky were both attacked by T-1 Typhoon and Fire Hammer firepower. He shoved the Fire Hammer of David Norman near the edge of a cliff and started heading toward an Iron Predator to hijack it. However, Zach and Cranky were suddenly thrown back.

Zach had a short conversation with the minifigs commanding the Iron Predator, Rockford and Mur. Zach noticed that Mur had a strange device on his arm, so he disabled its powers with the Maelstrom long enough for Cranky to jump aboard the Iron Predator. Zach then walked to the Ruins entrance, where watched Cranky get shot upon by the Dino Attack fleet and killed by Rudo Villano. Zach met up with Colonel one last time, who had lost a leg while hijacking an Iron Predator. Zach created a pegleg for Colonel to walk on and unleashed a massive army of Mutant Dinosaurs into the battlefield before entering the Ruins and meeting up with Ahua again. He was informed that eleven Dino Attack Agents had entered the temple and he was to stay in his chamber.

Zach obeyed and Ahua left the chamber. From the pool of Maelstrom in the chamber Zach observed and silently commented on the Dino Attack Agents passing through the ruins. Ahua returned to the chamber shortly afterward with little news. A few minutes later, Andrew and Minerva entered the chamber.

Zach verbally lashed out at Minerva for her attempts at trying to redeem him. He listened to Andrew's argument in which he stated Zach and Minerva were mutally attracted to each other. Zach was quickly angered and he was about to shoot the group when he heard a voice speak in his head. He discovered the voice was from Andrew's head. The voice and Ahua spoke briefly before Andrew fell unconcious.

Now alone with Minerva, he learned from her that Ahua attempted to have Ghost bring Minerva to the temple himself. He resolved to kill Ahua as soon as Minerva and Andrew were finished off. Zach and Minerva spoke briefly after this revelation. As Minerva was about to admit her feelings for Zach, the Maelstrom forced Zach to attack. He swung his Cosmotronic Ray at Minerva, only to be blocked by an Injection Saw carrying a cure for the Maelstrom. The two engaged in a melee duel where neither could keep the upperhand long enough. Andrew woke up after several minutes into the fight and joined Minerva.

As the fight progressed, Minerva and Andrew both spoke to Zach, attempting to bring Minifig!Zach back in control. However, each time the Zach came close to breaking free, the Maelstrom pushed him back and fought Andrew and Minerva more fiercely than before. Trying to defeat the Dino Attack Agents and holding back Zach made Zach sloppy and less focus, allowing him to be defeated by the two minifigs. Before they could inject him with Maelstrom cure, Ahua suddenly intervened, pinning Andrew to the ground and began choking Minerva. As he watched his two friends die, Zach was awashed with memories of the past and he couldn't bring himself to watch them die. Zach grabbed Ahua and threw him against the chamber wall. Zach fell and Minerva and Andrew injected the Maelstrom cure into his body.

Inside his mind, Zach fought against the Maelstrom with the people with his past. However, he was overwhelmed by the Maelstrom's power and was about to be taken over again when a glowing-blue minifig appeared and helped push the Maelstrom back. Zach talked to the minifig, who was the doctor J.D. that he had killed to stop the creation of the cure. Zach spoke to J.D. briefly in which he apologized to the medic for killing him. J.D. then faded away and Zach woke up.

As he awoke, Zach found himself to be a Minifig again. However, he was extremely weak and he had been temporarily blinded. Minerva and Andrew acted as Zach's guides as they escaped the Ruins. Outside the Ruins, they were stopped by warriors of the TumTum Tribe who were worried the three were Stromlings. After being proved to be Minifigs, Zach, Andrew, and Minerva hitched a ride on a Fire Hammer driven by Sherlock and Stranger and started heading toward the true Maelstrom Temple. On the way, Zach shared his first kiss with Minerva. He also sent an All-Agents Bulletin explaining his actions as a Stromling.

Battle in the Maelstrom TempleEdit


Zachary after becoming a Minifig again.

Shortly after arriving at the bridge connecting Adventurers' Island to the Temple of Creation island, Zach headed over to the temple after a crew setting up a zipline was attacked by a horde of Stromlings. While fighting, he saved the life of a woman in a blue jumpsuit. He fought with the woman briefly until he reunited with Minerva, who revealed his identity to the woman. The woman, who turned out to be Holly Vinyaya, threatened to kill him until he and Minerva convinced her that he was a Minifig again. Zach then fought with Minerva outside of the temple until Mutant Pterosaurs started to attack, forcing them to take shelter into the temple.

In the temple, Zach managed to detect the presense of the Maelstrom Crystal. Realizing the consequenses if the Darkitect got the crystal, Zach and Minerva quickly hurried into the main chamber, where they found the Dino Attack Team, XERRD, and Stromling fighting for the Maelstrom. The two quickly joined the fight. Zach managed to gain control of the crystal briefly before it was shot out of his hands. The shooter turned out to be none other than Carolyne Provencal. Engulfed with rage, Zach attempted to attack her, but was stopped by Michelle Glados. Realizing running from both scientists would only make death certain, Zach decided to fight, but was easily overwhelmed until Minerva and Dr. Cyborg arrived to help him. However, Glados and Provencal wanted to end the fight and Provencal fire a blast of Maelstrom magic at the three.

To Zach's surprise, he managed to stop the blast in its path and send it away from them. He quickly realized that the powers the Darkitect had given him and transfered from his Stromling form to his Minifig form. He used this to his advantage, preventing Provencal from blasting him with her staff. Zach eventually found himself locked in combat with Glados. As they fought, Glados spotted the Maelstrom Crystal in a mysterious samurai'shands. Glados teleported both herself and Zach to the samurai's location. While Zach was disorientated and the samurai and the agents around her surprised, Glados managed to take the crystal. However, Glados' teleporting device was destroyed by Minerva, preventing an escape. The XERRD scientist was then blasted by lightning shot by the samurai. Zach quickly recovered the crystal and returned it to the samurai before he and Minerva turned to face Provencal. Zach and Minerva fought Provencal together until the latter revealed parts of Minerva's past and the vital role Provencal played in convincing Oswald to align with XERRD. Engraged, Minerva fought Provencal alone until she was knocked out. Zach fought Provencal himself. As they fought, Provencal goaded to Zach that the Maelstrom never truly left him and he was still a slave to the Darkitect's will. This angered Zach to the point he accidentaly fired Maelstrom lightning from his hands, striking and injuring Provencal. Using the lighning severely weakened him, giving Provencal the chance to blast him with her staff without resistence. Thinking quickly, Zach struck Provencal with his shoulder, giving him enough time to take her staff.

With Provencal at his mercy, Zach wanted to arrest her or humanly kill her. However, his anger and drive for revenge overshadowed those desires and he fired the staff upon Provencal. As Provencal suffered through the last seconds of her laugh, Zach felt sadistic pleasure as he watched. Only after she finally died did Zach feel immense regret for enjoying her death. He decided not to dwell what happened for too long, as he picked up Minerva fallen body and started moving toward the battle against the Darkitect.

Zach watched the final moments of the battle and saw the Dino Attack achieve victory over the Darkitect. Shortly afterward, Minerva woke up from unconsciousness. The two then joined Andrew, Laxus, and the samurai who turned out to be a Minifig/Mutant Pterosaur Hybrid named Pterisa. Realizing Pterisa was insecure around the Dino Attack Agents with her species revealed, Zach welcomed Pterisa and tried to make her confortable around the agents. After Dr. Cyborg joined them, the group left the temple for a T-1 Typhoon to head to LEGO City.

Rising ActionEdit

After returning to the Dino Attack Headquarters, Zach got breakfast with Minerva in the cafeteria. He encountered Mama and Papa Brickolini while getting his food, having a short reunion with them. He met up with Nazareno and Zelda Frodongan, surprised to see the latter a Minifig again. Expressing concern that he needed a new hand, Zach and Nazareno left the cafeteria and headed to the infirmary.

At the infirmary, Zach encountered Dr. Marco Martinet, who, despite being initially angry and hostile against Zach for killing J.D., he warmed up to quickly. From Martinet, he received a number of theories about what the Maelstrom did to his body. Nazareno soon returned with a new hand. After installing the new hand and getting a new pair of glasses, Zach left the infirmary to take a shower.

After taking a shower, he reunited with Minerva briefly before she left to take her own shower. Zach wandered into the vehicle garage and discovered Zelda and Nazareno sparring. He watched the duel intently until Minerva arrived, leading him to seclude themselves from the crowd so they could talk and watch the duel at the same time.

As they talked, Zach learned from Minerva that a mole was present in the Dino Attack ranks, leading him to make up a distasteful story involving Engineer's death. He also explained to Minerva what happened during the fight with Provencal had the power that he demostrated during their fight. He also listened to Nazareno as he revealed some of his past to Zelda and the crowd watching him. Zach also learned of Minerva's past.

After leaving the sparing area to find weapons, Zach and Minerva learned that the mole had killed off much of the Second Headquarters Squad. They decide to protect Pyro and Demoman from the mole. While searching for the remaining Second Headquarters Squad members, they joined up with Hotwire and Vinyaya. When they found the room Demoman had barricaded himself in, Zach distracted Montoya from shooting Claw, allowing other agents nearby to take down Montoya. Zach later assisted in putting out Pyro's fires.

After Pyro and Demoman were taken care of, Zach followed the group of agents that took them to the detention block briefly before he and Minerva split off from the group and went outside the headquarters. While outside, Zach and Minerva met up with Ed Mail, who gave them each a letter. Minerva's letter announced her mother had died on Antarctica. When expressing that Athena had escaped her harsh life, he was snapped at by Minerva, who claimed Athena had escaped long ago with her insanity. Not willing to argue with her, Zach apologized, leading Minerva to apologize to him for her outburst.

Minerva helped Zach write his response letter's to his family's letter and delivered it to Ed Mail. The two then noticed Zed Provhezor's hoverchair traveling through the hallways. Suspicious, he and Minerva chased after it. They were soon joined by Frozeen and Claw, who revealed the Rex had taken control of Provhezor's hoverchair and was chasing after the mole, Ata. After being joined by Greybeard, Claw and Frozeen split off from the group to hopefully surround Ata before he could escape. As they reached the Dino Attack Headquarters lobby, Ata was clotheslined by an old man and shot and killed by Greybeard. By the time Claw and Frozeen arrived, the old man had disappeared.

Zach and Minerva later headed to the mess hall, where they found Nazareno and Zelda. They were joined by Andrew, Laxus, and Pterisa, who showed them a PDA message that said an Elite Agent by the name of French Fries planned to execute Rotor and Pilot. After trying to get Pterisa killed, French Fries was taken down by Andrew and Nazareno. Zach helped the group escort French Fries to the detention block. On the way, French Fries received a beatdown from Rex after French Fries claimed he ran over Trouble. After throwing French Fries in jail, Zach encountered Vinyaya, who wished to speak to him privately. The two then discussed Vinyaya's brief relationship with Scratch and his death. As they finished their conversation, Zach jokingly began to ship Vinyaya with other agents in the team.

Zach and Vinyaya soon reunited with Minerva and Zelda and had a brief meal before Specs revealed Dr. Rex's plan to flatten Dino Attack Headquarters and kill the entire Dino Attack Team the next day. Vinyaya and Zelda left Zach and Minerva to make their own preparations. Zach and Minerva helped with various preparations across the headquarters. While working the hanger, Zach briefly reunited with his old Agents friend Thaddeus Brickhouse. He and Minerva then decided to stay with each other during the upcoming battle until the end or until one of them died.

A short meeting was held in the conference room not a long time later in which Zach was given a promotion to Elite Agent for his work on Adventurers' Island, to his own surprise. Zach later participated in an Elite Agent-exclusive meeting held by Semick in the mess hall. Before heading out, Zach had a few last words with Nazareno, Vinyaya, and Zelda. Then he, Minerva, and a gunner named Reggie headed out for the front lines on a Fire Hammer.

At War's EndEdit

As the final battle began, Zach, Minerva, and Reggie fought against waves of Mutant Dinos at the front lines. They were soon targeted by a Mutant T-Rex, which took off the roof of their jeep. As Minerva drove away from it, Zach climbed to the back of the Fire Hammer and reflected the Mutant T-Rex's Maelstrom laser blasts while Reggie shot at it with the Xenon Launcher. Dr. Cyborg soon arrived and took down the Mutant T-Rex. A short time later, their Fire Hammer was downed by a man with a bazooka.

The attacker quickly killed Reggie and jumped on to the Fire Hammer and engaged Zach. Their fight managed to take them off the Fire Hammer. After Zach punched the man in the face, the latter spoke. Zach realized that the man was none other than Oswald Fabello. Oswald then choked off Zach's air supply until he fell into unconsciousness. Upon waking up, he found himself in a building on the side of the river opposite of Dino Attack Headquarters. There, Oswald briefly interrogated Zach about his relationship to Minerva before knocking him out yet again.

Zach later found himself in a ruined parking garage with a middle-aged woman who showed signs of amnesia and short term. Zach knew he needed to get her out of LEGO City, so he convinced her to follow him to Dino Attack Headquarters. As they traveled, she soon forgot who he was and believed she was nineteen-years-old. They were forced to take shelter as two Inferno agents passed by. Zach knocked them out and attempted to use their radios to make contact with the rest of the team to no avail. After revealing her name, Zach discovered the woman was Athena Fabello.

The two were forced to fleet into a different building after being attacked by a Mutant Raptor, only to be taken prisoner by two Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids. He and Athena were brought to the top of the building, where Zach met Blaire Darkling, who greeted Athena like an old friend. Blaire then revealed that he had helped Oswald break Athena out of Napoleon XIV and explained some of Athena's actions through his own observations. Blaire then let Zach and Athena cross the river with a Hybrid escort, causing Zach to become even more suspicious.

At the end of the bridge, Zach and Athena found Mutant Dinos waiting for them, only being held off by the Hybrids. Luckily, Thaddeus Brickhouse arrived overhead in his Aerial Defense Unit and contacted the rest of the Dino Attack Team to inform them of Zach's survival. The Mutant Dinos then disregarded the Hybrids' guard and attacked Zach and Athena, forcing the two to run across the battlefield while Brickhouse covered them in his helicopter. The two were soon rescued in a Fire Hammer driven by Joike and Gypsy. Brickhouse's helicopter was then sniped out of the sky by Blaire, killing the Agent. In grief-caused rage and shock, Zach ordered the Brickster and Agent pilot Raine Dashworthy to destroy Blaire's command post.

Joike's Fire Hammer found Andrew's Fire Hammer and Zach reunited with Minerva, who was shocked to see her mother alive. He also reunited with Vinyaya, whose face was heavily scarred from a Mutant Raptor attack. Just then, Blaire Darkling, now XERRD's leader, arrived with a Hybrid escort and attacked Zach for trying to kill him. He attempted to escape, but only ended up becoming Blaire's human shield. He was only released when Nazareno and Zelda arrived. Blaire then revealed himself to Matthew Vherestorm, Nazareno's old rival. A Mutant T-Rex interrupted the confrontation, allowing Zach, Minerva, and Athena to get in Joike's Fire Hammer and get away.

In the Fire Hammer, Zach revealed what he had happened when Oswald had taken him and what Blaire had told to him concerning Oswald and Athena to Minerva. They both agreed to return to Dino Attack Headquarters so they could send Athena back to Antarctica. They soon reached Dino Attack Headquarters and had receptionist Elizabeth Wilma lead them to the Teleport Pad. Before they could reach it, Oswald found them and escorted them out of the headquarters by gunpoint. Zach briefly considered blasting him with the Maelstrom, but Oswald threatened to kill everyone if he did so.

Oswald led the group to the edge of the river, where the group was suddenly attacked by three Mutant Lizards. Zach dispatched two of them with ease and was about to blast one tackling Oswald when Athena suddenly ran forward, pulled the lizard off of her son, and strangled it to death. While Minerva and Oswald looked on in shock, Zach escorted an upset Athena away from the Mutant Lizard and calmed her down. Oswald snapped out of his stupor and forced Zach and Minerva to the side, leaving Athena alone. He then demanded that Minerva join XERRD or he would shoot Athena. Zach attempted to suggest an idea to Minerva, only for Oswald to fire his gun in the air and command that Minerva make the decision on her own.

Minerva denied Oswald's demands and attempted to reason with him. Oswald seemed on the verge of reuniting with Minerva, only for Blaire Darkling to begin speaking on Oswald's radio. Darkling announced he had made a truce with the Dino Attack Team and officially acknowledged the existence of the Darkitect. It ended up being too much for Oswald. Zach attempted to blast him with a Maelstrom fireball, only for him to strike both him and Minerva. Despite Zach's attempted intervention, Oswald managed to shoot Athena before fleeing.

Zach and Minerva then carried Athena across the battlefield, hoping to find medical help for her. Zach eventaully beckoned over a Fire Hammer driven by Giovanni Wade and Marco Martinet. Before they could treat her, Athena then spoke to Martinet, requesting to speak with Zach and Minerva. Athena, having been shocked out of her amnesia, apologized to Minerva for all the pain she caused and thanked Zach for helping her reconnect with her daughter one last time. Athena then died, leaving Minerva in a depressed state of shock while Zach was in stunned sadness.

Martinet contacted Elite Agent Rosalie Mercedes and secured Zach and Minerva a new Fire Hammer from Antarctica. Zach took control of the wheel this time around while Minerva controlled the Xenon Launcher. As they traveled, they learned that all Elite Agents were being asked to go to the thirteenth floor of Dino Attack Headquarters. As they made their way there, they rescued Holly Vinyaya from a group of Mutant Dinos and picked her up. As they reached Dino Attack Headquarters and waited for a Dino Air Tracker to airlift them to the thirteenth floor, both Zach and Minerva were shipping Vinyaya with agents and decided to pair her with Bluetooth. Their fun was interrupted as Minerva suddenly entered the Fire Hammer injured with Oswald Fabello opening fire on the jeep with a machine gun.

Zach was unwilling to let Minerva to go and face Oswald. Despite his persistence, he eventually gave in and decided to continue up Dino Attack Headquarters without her, but silently asked Vinyaya to keep an eye on her. After sharing one last kiss, Zach left the Fire Hammer and hitched a ride on the Dino Air Tracker that arrived. He managed to reach tenth floor before his helicopter was destroyed in an attack by Willa the Witch. He climbed to the next floor on foot and confronted the witch, resulting in Willa the Witch firing a massive blast of Maelstrom energy at him. Zach held off blast, losing energy rapidly. Willa then recalled the energy, irritated at Zach for matching her power. She prepared to attack again when Andrew, Dr. Cyborg, Shadow, Digger, and Viper arrived to help him.

The six Dino Attack agents surrounded the witch and began to attack her, confusing and angering her rapidly. Zach began to notice that the Willa's wand was cracked from using the Maelstrom's power and was shattering. As the fight progressed, they managed to destroy Willa's broomstick, angering her even more. Zach formed a shield briefly around Digger to absorb an attack aimed at him. Furious, Willa swung her wand at him. He barely managed to pull up a shield when her attack cut his torso open. Ignoring the wound, Zach continued the fight. Working together with Dr. Cyborg, they managed to destroy Willa's wand and knock her out.

The Dino Attack agents climbed up to the thirteenth floor, where Zach's wound was addressed by Noomi Shaw. He then learne about the Einstein Device, how it could be the key to defeating Dr. Rex, and that Specs needed their help in repairing it can be used. Zach provided intel concerning how the Maelstrom functioned before turning to help Andrew and Hertz get pieces off of the Teleport Pad for use.

Zach worked quickly with the others to fix the Einstein Device and build a new launcher for it before the headquarters was overrun with Mutant Dinos. The biggest problem was to find a source of Imagination to power the weapon. Rex, who was dying from Maelstrom poisoning, volunteered his Creative Spark, giving Zach the task to hold back the Maelstrom energies in Rex's body long enough for Dr. Cyborg to extract the spark. As Zach prepared to preform the deed, he received word that Nazareno had been killed by Blaire Darkling. Enraged, Zach resolved to find Darkling after the battle and bring him to justice.

As sunset arrived, it was time to finish the Einstein Device. Zach used his Maelstrom powers to push back the Maelstrom energies in Rex's body so Dr. Cyborg could extract the Creative Spark. Soon after the spark was extracted, the Maelstrom retaliated and turned Rex into a puppet attempted to constrict Dr. Cyborg. Greybeard shot the puppet, allowing Zach time to turn the Maelstrom energies against itself, rapidly aging Rex's body into dust. With the source of imagination secured, Zach boarded a T-1 Typhoon as the headquarters became engulfed in the flames. Zach helped provide support from the T-1 Typhoon in the Dino Attack Team's final battle against Dr. Rex. Dr. Rex's Silge helmet was unhinged, giving the Dino Attack Team the oppertune target to fire the Einstein Device at. The device detonated, killing Dr. Rex and much of the Mutant Dinos and finally banishing Baron Typhonus from the planet, ending the war.

One More FightEdit

After the helicopter landed, Zach reunited cheerfully with Minerva, Vinyaya, Zelda, and Bluetooth outside the headquarters and he was told the full details of Nazareno's death at the hands of Blaire. Zach declared they were going to defeat Blaire Darkling once and for all and enlisted the help of Andrew, Laxus, Pterisa, Solomon Koplowitz, and Dr. Cyborg. After resupplying, the group headed into LEGO City to search for Blaire.

Their search lead them to discover Blaire in a stand off with Agent Lieutenant Epic Winston Grendelwulf. Their arrival gave Blaire a distraction to take the Agent's rocket launcher, forcing Zach, Minerva, Vinyaya, Zelda, and Bluetooth to abandon their Fire Hammer as Blaire opened fire upon it.

Zach fired upon Blaire with his Cosmotronic Ray along with the others, but the former leader of XERRD dodged each attack and struck back with force. Zach turned the assassin's attention toward him as he fired Maelstrom blasts at Darkling. One strike managed to knock away Darkling's sunglasses, revealing his Maelstrom-infected eyes. More infuriated than ever, Blaire charged at Zachary, interrupted temporarily by Angel Eyes and Clint Wayne before being thrown off by an attack by Minerva.

As reinforcements began to descend from Rotor's T-1 Typhoon surveying the battle, Blaire realized he was in over his head and hijacked a Fire Hammer that had arrived and attempted to escape. Zach and the others boarded Andrew's Fire Hammer and pursued Darkling throughout the city. As Blaire attempted to evade them, Zelda decided to take Blaire head on and jumped on to his Fire Hammer. Agreeing with her sentiment, Zach, Minerva, and Vinyaya jumped over to Blaire's Fire Hammer as well.

The group attempted to ambush Blaire in the cab of vehicle. Their plan and a passing stray Mutant T-Rex caused Blaire to swerve into a graveyard, wrecking the Fire Hammer. Zach, Minerva, Vinyaya, and Zelda recovered from the wreck and engaged Blaire Darkling in a final fight.

As Minerva and Vinyaya opened fire on Blaire, Zach and Zelda spread out and prepared to attack with their knife and katanas, respectively. Blaire disabled Minerva and Vinyaya's weapons and repelled both Zach and Zelda's attacks. Despite this, their attacks were having an effect on Darkling, taking more pain from Zach's Maelstrom attacks than before. Blaire punched Zach to the ground and stomped on his chest before being distracted by an attack from Zelda. Minerva helped Zach to his feet and they stepped back with Vinyaya as Zelda began a final duel.

Zach watched Zelda and Blaire battle and could see the former was barely holding herself against the latter. During a brief pause in the fight, they spoke to Zelda and silently agreed to have Zelda continue to hold off Blaire while the other searched the graves for weapons to ambush Blaire. Minerva soon found one of Nazareno's katanas that had been knocked away in the fight. Zach took the sword he moved behind Blaire to stab him in the back. Blaire caught on to the ambush and quickly stopped the blade in his hand. Zelda took back her katana from Blaire and attempted to finish him, only for that attack to be stopped as well. Minerva joined Zach and Vinyaya joined Zelda and, with one final push from the four of them, finally plunged both swords into Blaire, killing him once and for all. Satisfied in avenging their friend, the group started to head back to Dino Attack Headquarters. They were soon picked up Rotor's T-1 Typhoon and taken to the Iron Hammer.


While Zelda was rushed into the Iron Hammer, Zachary, Minerva, and Holly headed in on their own accord and met with Marco Martinet. After briefly meeting up with Zelda, Holly split off with Martinet to get her scars checked out while Doctors Naomi Hale and DeForest "Bones" McCoy gave Zach and Minerva a quick check-up before they joined the celebrations in the city over the Dino Attack Team's victory.

Early December 22, Holly contacted the group to a space ninja monastery where they gave the news of Nazareno's death and requested permission to preform a funeral ceremony for him. The elder granted them permission and elaborated on a few rituals of a space ninja funeral. Minerva suggested an old farm outside of LEGO City to host the burial and planned to carry it out the next day.

Zach and Minerva spent much of December 22 celebrating the end of the war. At some point during the day, Zach and Minerva searched the ruins of the latter's apartment for any sign of Oswald's body, but didn't find him. The search soon lead to Zach inquiring the full details of Oswald's death. Minerva explained how Oswald died and her conversation with Dr. Rex and Baron Typhonus afterward, ultimately resulting Minerva breaking down. Zach could do nothing provide her moral support for her and decision to seek help from Nicholas Saran. The two also agreed to have a funeral for Athena on Christmas Eve.

On the evening of December 23, the group drove out to an old farm and preformed a small funeral for Nazareno. After burning the pyre that Nazareno was resting on, the four used it as a bonfire and celebrated the end of the Dino Attack with each other before sleeping around the fire. The next day, the group returned to LEGO City and prepared to depart for LEGO Island. After sorting their affairs, Zach and Minerva buried Athena and a picture of Oswald alongside Tod and Isaac and left for LEGO Island with Zelda and Holly.

On LEGO Island, Zach and Minerva constructed a house for them to live in with the help of of Holly and Zelda. In addition to moving in to their new home, Zach helped Minerva get aquainted with the citizens of LEGO Island, help set up for the New Year's Eve Party, and simply spend time with her. During this time, Erika, James, Desi, and Kayla Virchaus stopped by on LEGO Island on their trip back home from Antarctica to reunite with their son and making sure Zach and Minerva would head to the United States after the party to celebrate with his family.

During the New Years party, Zach spent much of his time with Minerva, Zelda, and Holly along with Andrew and his group of friends. Zach convinced Minerva, Zelda, and Holly to each share a dance with him during the party. Zach also received a pink plush pony from Luna Rom during the white elephant gift exchange Dirty Brickster. During one final dance with Minerva after midnight, Zach expressed his desire to join the Nexus Force sometime in the future with her. Minerva agreed with his idea and planned to join him.

The following morning, Zach and Minerva woke up earlier and roamed around the island together until early in the afternoon, where they shared one last lunch with Holly and Zelda at their home before they went their seperate ways, promising to reunite at least once a year.

Zachary Virchaus and Minerva Fabello spent several months on LEGO Island relaxing. During this time, both showed increasing signs of being haunted by their experiences during the war and were both diagnosed with PTSD. When able to actually sleep, Zachary began to suffer nightmares relating to the people he murdered as a Stromling and a fear of being corrupted again Through support from Minerva, therapy, and medication, Zach has managed to remain a somewhat high-functioning individual.

In June 2011, Zachary and Minerva left the LEGO Planet for the Nimbus System and joined the Nexus Force. Zachary joined the Paradox faction and became a Space Marauder. In addition to his skillset and power, his survival of the Maelstrom's corruption has made him valuable to Paradox scientists, who have used him to study the Maelstrom. However, as a result of returning to a Maestrom-prominent area, the Maelstrom wreck havoc upon his body, making his hair grow rapidly and turning him more irritable. The Paradox's science had allowed him to offset the Maelstrom's effects, but only on a temporary basis. Despite this, he continued to maintain a strong relationship with Minerva.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Zach has shown to be an excelled builder, building his own Urban Avenger and Steel Sprinter when he was deployed to Adventurers' Island. He is very skilled at sharpshooting, and has figured out how to use most firearms. He also very savvy at computers and technology. Zach is a formidable brawler, able to hold his own in a fight with fists. During and after his stint as a Stromling, Zach became skilled at using melee weapons, such as using his Cosmotronic Ray as a sword while a Stromling or using a knife during the battle in the Temple of Creation. He also gained the ability to use the Maelstrom as a weapon. This ranges from simply stopping blasts of Maelstrom in its tracks to being able to shoot Maelstrom lightning from his hands. However, each use of the power drains his energy and can cause fatigue or unconsciousness if overused. He also has a rather in-dept knowledge of the Maelstrom's functions. Thanks to his restrengthen Creative Spark and the Darkitect's own hand, Zach's body is extremely resistant to the Maelstrom's damaging affects.

Zach is generally an easy-going person. However, fighting in the Dino Attack made him more serious, though he enjoys to inject various levels of dark humor to lighten the mood and tries to be cautiously optimistic during darker moments to keep morale up. After being a Stromling, Zach's temper shortened and he became more sarcastic and cynical. He is fiercely protective of his friends and will go to large lengths to avenge or protect them.

As a Stromling, Zach's personality became ruthless and evil. He was very sadistic and cunning. He enjoys killing innocent minifigs and manipulating weak-minded minifigs into following him. He had also become extremely arrogant, which had often led to defeats when he should have easily won a battle. Stromling!Zach was also very theatric, treating fights as if they were shows. Stromling!Zach was very skilled at used Cosmotronic Ray as a club to battle adversaries with melee weapons.

Zach remains neutral on how the Dino Attack Team should deal with the Mutant Dinos. However, he generally prefers to just kill the Mutant Dinos rather then incapacitated them. This is shown by his frequent use of the Cosmotronic Ray.