Standard Agent X2
Name X2
Skills Stealth
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator avmatoran

X2 is one of a prototypical pair of UlTech Industries Infiltrators specially designed for Doctor Cyborg's use.


Dr. Cyborg needed crystalline Imagination for the antidote to the XERRD Fortress neurotoxin. He contacted Joseph Twoplate and requested two UlTech Infiltrators to be sent to Adventurers' Island. Shortly afterward, X2 and X1 arrived in the UlTech Industries transport ER0001, which landed outside the rear guard medical tent. He sent the two UlTech Infiltrators to retrieve crystalline Imagination from the XERRD Fortress.

When X2 and X1 returned to the rear guard camp, they brought news of the attack Stromling Agent Zachary Virchaus was bringing to the camp, and Dr. Cyborg relayed their news to the command tent. Zachary's Mutant Dinos attacked the camp, and X2 received a message from Dr. Cyborg, telling him to help get the collapsed medical tent back up. After accomplishing this task, X2 met up with Kareem Nazareno, Clint Wayne, and Minerva Fabello, who had just battled Zachary and temporarily forced him to retreat. They decided to split up to continue fighting the Mutant Dinos.

After the battle, the rear guard camp was to be evacuated due to approaching Skeleton Mummies. X1, X2, Dr. Cyborg, Kara Wise, and their equipment were among the last to leave camp as they relocated to Outpost 4.

To be continued...

Abilities and TraitsEdit

X2 is younger by a few seconds than his sister X1. As such, he follows her lead. When not required by Dr. Cyborg, they train other Infiltrators.

As an UlTech Infiltrator, X2 is a stealth robot, for jobs such as infiltration. He has a special holoskin, allowing him to change appearance; for example, he once assumed the appearance of Dr. Cyborg while speaking to Pharisee. He also has super speed, and is very agile.

X2 carries a titanium-steel alloy katana, with a fine-tuned laser beam along the edge, which effectively doubles its cutting power and slows down the wear-down of the blade. He also carries a staff made of a super resistant alloy called phrik, with purple electricity crackling at each end. This staff is named the MagnaGuard staff.

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