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Standard Agent X1
Name X1
Skills Stealth
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator avmatoran

X1 is one of a prototypical pair of UlTech Industries Infiltrators specially designed for Doctor Cyborg's use.


To be continued...

Abilities and TraitsEdit

X1 is older by a few seconds than her brother X2. As such, she is the leader. When not required by Dr. Cyborg, they train other Infiltrators.

As an UlTech Infiltrator, X1 is a stealth robot, for jobs such as infiltration. She has a special holoskin, allowing her to change appearance. She also has super speed, and is very agile.

X1 carries a titanium-steel alloy katana, with a fine-tuned laser beam along the edge, which effectively doubles its cutting power and slows down the wear-down of the blade. She also carries a staff made of a super resistant alloy called phrik, with purple electricity crackling at each end. This staff is named the MagnaGuard staff.


  • The original minifigure design for X1 predates the UlTech Infiltrators' inclusion in Dino Attack RPG; avmatoran thought the minifigure was a neat design and came up with a background story for it.

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