Standard Agent Windows
Name Windows
Skills Radio operation
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Atton Rand

Windows is a radio operator who works in the Dino Attack Team


Early LifeEdit

Prior to joining the team, Windows worked in Antarctica alongside Kurt MacReady, Garry Moffat, and a few others as the team's radio operator.

Dino AttackEdit

When the Dino Attack happened, Windows volunteered for the team, but was required for much of the early part of the war to stay and assist in the construction of the refugee facilities.

Adventurers' IslandEdit

Windows was transferred to Outpost 4 during the campaign on Adventurers' Island. There he worked once again as the radio operator alongside his former teammates from Antarctica.

Late on night, Windows got a message from Rotor stating that he was approaching the base with two prisoners. When they arrived, the team learned about the destruction of the rear guard camp, and Mac and Copper left to investigate.

Over the course of the next few hours, Windows was tasked with sending radio messages to try and make contact with the rest of the team. He was able to contact the nearby Outpost 5, and send in vehicles to help bring everyone to Outpost 4. He also called in for reinforcements, who arrived shortly after dawn.

When it was decided that the team was to pursue the Temple of Hotep III, which was believed to be the temple of the Maelstrom, Windows was among a handful of people who stayed behind. Garry gave him the specific task of trying to keep in constant communication with Hertz to ensure everything went smoothly. Unfortunately, Windows eventually lost contact with Hertz, and could not get in touch with the attack force. Even more unfortunate was that at this time Garry and Kareem Nazareno approached with the urgent message that the team was moving to the wrong temple.

It was decided soon after that Garry would head out while Nazareno would stay behind. Windows was transferred to the lab to help out with the Maelstrom studies. When Fuchs suggested calling the mainland to deliver a report, Windows discovered that the radio had been smashed by an unknown assailant. The group speculated that a Stromling was involved, but could not perform a test, as it turned out that someone had also destroyed the blood samples.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Windows is skilled at operating radios. He is not much of a soldier, and therefore rarely sees much action on the battlefield.


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