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Many vehicles have appeared in Dino Attack RPG.

Alpha TeamEdit

The Alpha Team has used many vehicles to aid in fighting the Mutant Dinos.

The Aqua Hover Edit

The Aqua Hover was a small prototype Ogel airship that was captured by Magma and converted into an Alpha Team vessel. The Aqua Hover was capable of both aerial and underwater travel.

Magma and his team used the Aqua Hover throughout Mission Deep Freeze. During the Dino Attack, they used the Aqua Hover to travel to Antarctica in search of abandoned Snow Crawlers, which were rebuilt into Orb Bombers. However, their presence was noticed by Ogel's forces, which sent the Iron Hammer to attack them. In the ensuing battle, the Aqua Hover was destroyed.

Blizzard Blaster Edit

The Blizzard Blaster is a massive mech used by Alpha Team, first used as Special Agent Zed's secret weapon against Evil Ogel during Mission Deep Freeze. It is armed with multiple lasers and a thermo cannon, and can transform into the Ice Shark using Alpha Mode.

Following Mission Deep Freeze, Alpha Team produced more Blizzard Blasters for other high-ranking agents to use. During the Dino Attack, rogue Alpha Team agent Phantom used his personalized black Blizzard Blaster in his attempt to find Frozeen. Special Agent Magma frequently uses a Blizzard Blaster while operating in Antarctica.

PBB's Airship Edit

PBB's Airship, also called the PA, was an airship used by PBB and his allies. It was originally an Ogel Airship from Mission Deep Freeze, which had been captured and remodeled by PBB, Frozeen, Rebel Drone, and Little Bot. It was protected with cloaking technology, armed with various cannons and rocket launchers, and capable of warping through time and space.

PBB frequently used his airship during the Dino Attack, both to aid the Dino Attack Team and to combat the Mutant Dinos. He often traveled with Little Bot and Chompy, and also gave Rex a lift a few times. However, the PA was ultimately destroyed by a Blacktron ship piloted by Kotua.

The Saber Edit

The Saber is a heavily-armed Alpha Team airship that was used by Databoard. It was converted from a standard Alpha Team Mission Deep Freeze airship into what Databoard intended to be a "full-fledged weapon". It is armed with laser cannons and protected by special armor designed to repel anti-beam shield generators.

At the beginning of the Dino Attack, the Saber was hidden inside an Antarctic mountain. It was called into battle after Kotua went insane, since it was the only other airship that could stand a chance against the Voltage. Databoard continued to use the Saber during his time working with Dino Attack Team, and it was last seen landing at Dino Attack Headquarters.

Dino Attack Team Edit

The Dino Attack Team uses many vehicles, which were originally drawn from blueprints in 2005, to combat the Mutant Dinos.


The Chopper is an experimental combat motorcycle with reinforced armor in the front, armor-plated wheels, and two Sonic Screamers mounted on either side of the front wheel. Only one Chopper is known to exist, so this vehicle has not seen much activity in the field.

Fire Hammer Edit

The Fire Hammer is a massive, rugged jeep. It is effective in almost any environment, and can be used to hold off large groups of mutant lizards at a time. A raptor, though, can easily damage the armor. On the back is mounted a rotating Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher, which can be operated manually, or from inside the cab.


High-Voltage Half-Track

High-Voltage Half-Track Edit

The High Voltage Half-Track is a recently-designed Dino Attack Team vehicle based upon early concepts for a hybrid between a Fire Hammer and an Iron Predator. It features twin electro-prods on the front, a high-powered taser device, a water cannon, and low-voltage and high-voltage electro-launchers. Its armor was designed to be impenetrable to even Mutant Raptor attacks and its treads allow the vehicle to drive over rubble with ease.

During the final battle in LEGO City, Adventure drove a High-Voltage Half-Track and used it in battle against Dr. Rex. Its electricity-based weaponry electrocuted Dr. Rex through his silge armor, leaving him mortally wounded.

The Iron Hammer Edit


Iron Hammer

The Iron Hammer is a large Dino Attack airship, although not as large as the Voltage. It was designed as a mobile attack ship, capable of unloading troops, vehicles, orbs, and other standard equipment, to be most useful in combating the Mutant Dinos spread out across the entire world.

The Iron Hammer was originally a prototype constructed by Ogel for combating Mutant Dinos. After the Aqua Hover was destroyed, Magma and his teammates commandeered the Iron Hammer and made it their new airship. They used it on most of their Dino Attack missions, until it was heavily damaged in a firefight against the Voltage, which had been taken over by the Agents Defense Organization in a move to eliminate Dino Attack's airships. Alpha Team secretly rebuilt the Iron Hammer and redeployed it to assist Dino Attack Team in the final battle against the Mutant Dinos in LEGO City.

Iron Predator Edit

The Iron Predator, a tank-like vehicle, was designed specifically to do battle with Tyrannosaurs. Armed with a large Cryothermic Cannon and a Z-1 kinetic launcher, it is difficult for less than three agents to manage the Iron Predator, but it has been done in the past. With recent changes to the design, it is also the fastest of the vehicles, capable of speeds nearing 300 mph on level, straight ground.

Orb Bomber Edit

The Orb Bomber is an upgrade to Ogel's Snow Crawler vehicle, designed by Elite Agent Magma for the Dino Attack Team.

Steel Sprinter Edit

A small four-wheeled ATV, the Steel Sprinter's main advantage is speed and agility. Although it is unarmed, a talented agent can easily keep a mutant lizard at bay with a Steel Sprinter and a Cosmotronic Ray. It is mainly used for short scouting missions.

T-1 Typhoon Edit

Easily the most powerful vehicle in the Dino Attack arsenal, the T-1 Typhoon, being the only aircraft the team possesses, is most often used to fight Mutant Pterosaurs, although it is also effective against a T-Rex. The helicopter bristles with weapons such as the PLARXX Radar Ray, used to scramble a pterosaur's sense of direction, twin Sonic Screamers, and a powerful XL-4 Voltaic launcher. Its only drawback is its size, which makes it rather slow and clumsy, even with top-of-the-line fly-by-wire controls. It takes a lot of practice and experience to master a T-1.

Urban Avenger Edit

The Urban Avenger, a large and powerful buggy, combines the speed of the Steel Sprinter with the durability of a Fire Hammer. Weapons such as the Sonic Screamer can be attached to the roll bars. One of the most versatile of the Dino Attack vehicles, the Urban Avenger is also one of the most widely used.

UlTech IndustriesEdit

An UlTech Industries vehicle has been used in the Dino Attack, and UlTech parts have modified a standard-model Dino Attack Team vehicle.

The ReclaimerEdit

The Reclaimer is an UlTech dropship, modified with heavy weapons so that it is also a gunship. It is piloted by Kara Wise, and has an AI named Cortana installed in its systems.

Titanium PredatorEdit

The Titanium Predator is an Iron Predator that has been modified with UlTech parts. Some modifications include flight capability, a greater power source, better computer control, and the ability to host an AI. There is only one known model, and it is the personal vehicle of Dr. Cyborg.


XERRD uses vehicles mainly to capture dinosaurs and bring them in for experimentation.

Dino Track Transport Edit

The Dino Track Transport is an all-terrain tank-like vehicle used by XERRD's hunters on Dinosaur Island and Adventurers' Island to capture dinosaurs and transport them to the nearest XERRD laboratory. A similar model produced by Dino Attack Team serves as an alternate model to the Iron Predator.


XERRD Hovercraft

Hovercraft Edit

The hovercraft is a small one-man vehicle used by XERRD during the final battle in LEGO City. The hovercraft is vaguely egg-shaped, predominantly silver in color with a few red and black highlights. It is armed with laser beams and a chain-suspended wrecking ball. It is possible that other models exist with different weaponry.

During the final battle, two hovercrafts were used by Dr. Robert Nicholas and Dr. William Lee, who were forcibly strapped into the vehicles under Dr. Rex's orders in what was intended as a cruel death sentence. The cockpits of these two hovercrafts were lined with robotic arms that latched onto the pilots' arms and forced them to control the vehicle in combat against Dino Attack Team. Frozeen freed Dr. Nicholas from his restraints, allowing him to crash-land the hovercraft and cease fighting. Dr. Lee was rescued from his hovercraft by fellow XERRD scientist Dr. Alvin Gadd.

Evil Ogel Edit

Evil Ogel and his minions use many vehicles; sometimes to aid the Dino Attack Team, other times to fight the Dino Attack Team.

Ogel Drilling Vehicle Edit

An unidentified vehicle dubbed "Ogel Drilling Vehicle" by Rex, these were utilized for mining in the Goo Caverns. More recently, Ogel Drilling Vehicles were used by the Dino Attack Team while operating in the Goo Caverns, since they were the most efficient vehicles to use in that mission. However, many Ogel Drilling Vehicles were destroyed when Quadrant 14 erupted.

Scorpion Orb Launcher Edit

The Scorpion Orb Launcher is a massive scorpion-like vehicle used to deploy Evil Orbs. It is among the most powerful of Ogel's vehicles; as such, it is much rarer than other mass-produced vehicles such as Snow Crawlers. They also can transform into another vehicle, the Viper Escape.

A Scorpion Orb Launcher once rescued Rex, Greybeard, Hotwire, Helmie, Kat, Zenna, Alpha, David, and Zyra from Mutant Lizards on Ogel's Island. Later, Septimus used another Scorpion Orb Launcher to attack XERRD's LEGO Island Laboratory. A pair of Scorpion Orb Launchers aided the Dino Attack Team during the final battle.

Silver Scorpion Edit

The Silver Scorpion was a modified Scorpion Orb Launcher that was armored with ssol metal. It was originally the personal vehicle of General Evil, before being captured by Frozeen and ultimately used by Dino Attack Team. However, the Silver Scorpion was finally destroyed during a battle against Chaos.

Snow Crawler Edit

Snow Crawlers are insectoid vehicles that can both crawl over any terrain and fly for short distances. During Mission Deep Freeze, they were mass-produced and frequently encountered by the Alpha Team as they spread Ice Orbs all over the LEGO Planet.

Two Snow Crawlers helped the Scorpion Orb Launcher fight off a group of Mutant Lizards on Ogel's Island, though they were both easily destroyed by the Mutant Lizards. Snow Crawlers were later deployed to assist Dino Attack Team in the battle for LEGO City.

Trouble Sub Edit

The Trouble Sub is Ogel's largest submarine, used for troop and cargo transportation between the Deep-Sea Orb Factory, the Goo Caverns, and other bases.

The Trouble Sub was used by Dino Attack Agents and others to escape the Goo Caverns shortly after Quadrant 14 erupted. The Trouble Sub brought them to LEGO City.

Trouble Train Edit


Trouble Train

The Trouble Train is Ogel's largest land-based vehicle, used for troop and cargo transportation between Ogel's Island, the Goo Caverns, and other bases.

The Trouble Train was used by a squad of Dino Attack agents to reach the Goo Caverns. Later, the Trouble Train was used by General, Rex, Shock, and some drones to flee the Goo Caverns after Quadrant 14 erupted. However, the eruption caused the tunnels to become unstable, and the Trouble Train derailed and crashed.

Unidentified Vehicles Edit

In the Goo Caverns mission, there were several unidentified vehicles used by Ogel's drones, as well as the Dino Attack Team. These include:

  • Small Red-Black Hovercraft, used by two Sea Drones to meet a group of Dino Attack Agents just outside the Ogel Control Center.
  • Twelve-Legged Red-Black Vehicle, used by Amanda "Claw" Remous and three Super Rock Drones to travel to the Trouble Sub Docking Bay.
  • Underground Cruiser, used by Sam Sinister, the Brickster, and Vladek to reach the Trouble Sub Docking Bay.

Kotua Edit

Kotua was in command of a large army of vehicles, most of which could operate on their own without a pilot. Most of these vehicles originally worked for Alpha Team, but when Kotua went mad, they worked for him alone.

Robo-Blade Edit

Robo-Blades are modified Ice Blades that were frequently used by Kotua

Anti-Kotua had his own version of Robo-Blades, known as Shadow-Blades.

The Voltage Edit

The Voltage was Dr. Voltage's personal airship, which became Kotua's after the mad scientist was defeated. It is heavily armed, covered with armor, crewed by robots, and protected by an army of Robo-Blades.

When Kotua went mad, he used the Voltage to attack and destroy Dino Attack Headquarters, as well as hunt down and attack important high-ranking members of Dino Attack Team, such as Rex. The Voltage frequently battled PBB's Airship and the Saber. After it sustained heavy damage from a Mutant Dino attack, Kotua allowed it to self-destruct in order to level an area of LEGO City and kill any Mutant Dinos or Dino Attack agents in the area. He quickly rebuilt the Voltage and tried to fly it into space, only to discover too late that it could not handle the frozen vacuum. After rejoining Dino Attack Team, Kotua used the Voltage one last time to help destroy the Anti-Dino Machine. Shortly afterward, the Voltage was shot down and destroyed by the LEGOLAND Airforce when Kotua refused to surrender the airship.

Anti-Kotua had his own version of the Voltage, known as the Anti-Voltage. Using the power of a mysterious gem, the Anti-Voltage was able to generate a hurricane off the coast of LEGO City.

Other Edit

Anti-Dino Machine Edit

The Anti-Dino Machine was a massive prototype mech with four spider-like legs designed by the LEGOLAND military to aid the Dino Attack Team in their battle against the Mutant Dino threat. It was design to eliminate the mutated DNA, including that affected by Mutant Dino Serum and the DNA Device, but could be reprogrammed for anything.

Although it was intended to be used by Dino Attack Team, it was stolen by ShadowTech and piloted by Cane, who went on rampage across LEGO City. It took the combined forces of Dino Attack Team, LEGOLAND Military, Alpha Team, the Saber, the Neutron Tank, and the Voltage to finally defeat the Anti-Dino Machine. Upon its defeat, it unleashed waves of magnetic energy that destroyed the Neutron Tank.

The 1000 Raptor Edit

1000 Raptor Canon

The 1000 Raptor

The 1000 Raptor is an aircraft built by Frozeen, Greybeard, Chompy, Libo, General Evil, Evil Ogel, Vladek, Sam Sinister, and the Brickster using the pieces of various wrecked castles in Castle Cove. Due to the eclectic sources of bricks they used, the 1000 Raptor was noted to have a very poor color scheme, but it was designed to make up in performance what it sacrificed in appearance.

The 1000 Raptor was able to fly across the ocean to LEGO City in only a few hours, but could only carry support the weight of four passengers, including Chompy. Libo crash-landed the 1000 Raptor outside a Dino Attack Outpost, and it has not been rebuilt.

Trivia Edit

  • The XERRD hovercraft is a reference to the hovercrafts used by Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman in Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog, respectively. The robotic arms inside the cockpit were inspired by the animated film Coraline.
  • The 1000 Raptor is named after the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

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