The Urban Avenger is a Standard Agent's land vehicle used by the Dino Attack Team.

History Edit

Pre-Dino Attack Edit

The early, original blueprints for a prototype Urban Avenger were first drawn five years prior to the Dino Attack, the year 2005. A prototype was assembled and tested by Alpha Team agent Diamond Tooth, and was displayed at a T-Fair 2005. After this premiere, the Urban Avenger was withdrawn from the world and put away until times that the LEGOLAND government would need it.

Dino Attack Edit

To be continued...

Features Edit

The Urban Avenger, a large and powerful buggy, combines the speed of the Steel Sprinter with the durability of a Fire Hammer. Weapons such as the Sonic Screamer can be mounted on the roll bars. One of the most versatile of the Dino Attack vehicles, the Urban Avenger is also one of the most widely used. It is ideal for going up against Mutant Lizards or Mutant Raptors.

The Urban Avenger is classified by the Dino Attack Team as a Light Armored Strike Vehicle. Its access code is 7474. The Urban Avenger is also highly effective in block-to-block dinosaur hunts.

A variant of the Urban Avenger known as the Dino Buggy Chaser was designed for missions that required the capturing or containment of Mutant Dinos such as Mutant Raptors. The Dino Buggy Chaser lacks a mounted Sonic Screamer on the roll bars, but possesses a long trailing rope with grappling hooks on either end, ideal for tying up Mutant Dinos. While not used as often as the Urban Avenger, the Dino Buggy Chaser is popular among idealistic Standard Agents.