"Towering above Lutsky was X2. The commander looked into the infiltrator's lifeless eyes and yearned to be free of the handcuffs binding him."
Dino Attack: At War's End

The UlTech Infiltrator is a stealth robot designed and produced exclusively by UlTech Industries.


Two prototypes of the UlTech Infiltrator X-series, X1 and X2, were specifically designed for use by Dr. Cyborg. When not required by Dr. Cyborg, they trained fellow Infiltrators.

During his time as a Dino Attack agent on a mission to Adventurers' Island, Dr. Cyborg contacted the current CEO of UlTech Industries, Joseph Twoplate, and requested two UlTech Infiltrators to be sent over via the Reclaimer. X1 and X2 were the two units dispatched, and they were assigned to retrieve crystalline Imagination from the XERRD Fortress. They continued to assist Dr. Cyborg through the remainder of the Dino Attack.

A third X-series Infiltrator, X3, was an empty shell brought by X1 to Adventurers' Island. Dr. Cyborg developed an AI to load onto the blank X Infiltrator and offered its assistance to Rex. Rex ultimately turned down X3, stating he needed nor wanted a bodyguard.


The UlTech Infiltrator is a stealth robot, for jobs such as, as its name implies, infiltration.

The X-series of Infiltrator appears to be wearing a black ninja cowl, with a black environmental flight suit. Behind the cowl, it has an eyeplate, special to each Infiltrator. Another unidentified series of Infiltrator wears a concealing faceplate underneath a large hood.

The Infiltrator has a special holoskin, allowing it to change appearance. This can also be used for communications, appearing as the person talking. It also has super speed, and is very agile.

X1 and X2 each carry a titanium-steel alloy katana, with a fine-tuned laser beam along the edge, which effectively doubles its cutting power and slows down the wear-down of the blade. They also carry the MagnaGuard staff, made of a super resistant alloy called phrik, with purple electricity crackling at each end.

Known InfiltratorsEdit


  • The original minifigure design for the X-series UlTech Infiltrator predates its inclusion in Dino Attack RPG; avmatoran thought the minifigure was a neat design and came up with a background story for it. The design by that guy from that show, currently serving as the image for this wiki article, does not exactly match the original design, leading avmatoran to specify that this particular Infiltrator design is not from the X-series.
  • avmatoran had planned to introduce a third UlTech Infiltrator, a female named G21, as a redshirt in At War's End. She would have been killed by XERRD's mole, and this would have personally brought Dr. Cyborg into the mole hunt. However, that plan never came to fruition. The cloaked woman asking for Dr. Cyborg's whereabouts was originally intended to be G21; when that plan was scrapped, she was recycled into Contest.