Ultimate Technology Industries, commonly known as UlTech Industries, is Dr. Cyborg's technology design and production company.


When first founded by Matthew Cyrista in 2001, UlTech primarily worked with simply robotics. While it saw some success, it was on a downward spiral due to its competition Dacta Corporation and Mindstorms, Inc. After Silencia Venomosa murdered the presidents of the two companies, customers flocked to UlTech Industries and the company rose to the top of the robotics market. Since then, it has moved its primary focus to physics and vehicles, but still maintains some work in robotics.

Prior to the Dino Attack, UlTech had numerous dealing with another organization called XERRD. The founder of XERRD, Dr. Rex, gave Dr. Cyrista an opportunity to join XERRD. After accepting this invitation, Dr. Cyrista and UlTech began supplying XERRD with robots and technology.

Dino AttackEdit

UlTech maintained its alliance with XERRD for the start of the Dino Attack. When Dr. Cyborg left XERRD, it appeared to still be XERRD-allied. When he officially joined the Dino Attack Team, however, it did likewise. To all appearances, however, it is still allied with XERRD.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Dr. Cyborg: The founder and secret president of UlTech, currently a member of the Dino Attack Team.
  • Joseph Twoplate: The false president of UlTech who, despite keeping an alliance with XERRD, secretly takes orders from Dr. Cyborg.
  • X1 and X2: A pair of prototype UlTech Infiltrators.


  • UlTech Industries is created by Dino Attack RPG member avmatoran.
  • UlTech was formerly known as BioTech and worked with biologically-influenced robotics. This has since been retconned by avmatoran.
  • Ultech Industries' address is 101 Ultech Road, Bricksville, MS 39087.

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