The Reclaimer , also called ER001 is the prototype for the UlTech Industries dropship series. It is piloted by Kara Wise. It contains weaponry, something the production runs don't.


Pre-Dino AttackEdit

ER001 was made to test the theory of plasma propulsion. To prove how much power this engine created, it was loaded with weaponry such as a fuel rod gun, Sonic Screamers, and others. It was also uploaded with an experimental AI program.

Dino AttackEdit

ER001 was brought along with X1, X2, and an empty shell of the X run, which was given to Rex, when Pilot/Agent Kara piloted it to Adventurer's island. It was not used for much, until Dr. Cyborg, Kara, X1, and X2 evacuated the rear guard camp. When they arrived, Kara started upgrading the engines. It was used to transport agents to the fake Maelstrom temple.

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