Teri Dactyl, also known by her codename Scope, is a cold Dino Attack Agent, formerly a sniper in the LEGOLAND army.


Military ServiceEdit

While in her early twenties, Teri joined the LEGOLAND military. After several hard weeks of basic training, she began training as a spotter before being assigned to a platoon.

However, actual combat missions were scarce. While Teri was frequently able to put her skills to use, she rarely did so on the battlefield. Instead, she mostly found herself sitting around waiting for orders. It also did not help that she was serving alongside Ivan Tzenovich, who was notorious for his bat temper. Teri herself nearly got attacked by him on some occasions, and at least once was injured after accidentally stepping into his line of fire whilst he was firing one of his heavy weapons at nothing in particular.

Teri also entered a relationship with another sniper in her platoon, Private Barry Jackson. However, their commanding officer forced them to stop after he began to feel it interfered with their performance in combat, though the two still remained friends and continued to work together. Eventually, her tour of duty came to an end and she was sent home, but never could quite adjust to her old life.

Dino AttackEdit

When the Dino Attack broke out, Teri, like Jackson was quick to join the team.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

To be expanded...

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