"Sometimes I get the feeling that I used to be someone else. Not a Drone. Other drones never understood what I was talking about - they assumed that it was impossible for me to have been a different person, and that even if I had, it wasn't important. Of course, I don't even understand it myself."
— Drone #0770
Elite Agent Swerve
Drone 0770-cropped
Name Swerve
Age 31
Vehicle Iron Predator
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Jackson Lake

Swerve was an Alpha Team agent and elite Dino Attack agent. For much of the Dino Attack, he had been brainwashed by Loop into an eccentric Ogel Drone named Drone #0770, better known as Septimus.



Naturally, nothing is known about Septimus's previous life. However, he, unlike all other Ogel Drones, is aware that he was once a human minifig. The reason for this is unknown, but the answer is most likely that the Evil Orb that was used to transform him into a drone was damaged or flawed.

Life as a Drone and the Dino AttackEdit

Drone #0770 was stationed in a remote corner of the Goo Caverns. He worked there for some time, unknown to Ogel and ignored by other Drones. Then, some time after the eruption in Quadrant 14, he encountered Zenna, who had been separated from the other Dino Attack squads and left behind. They left the Goo Caverns and traveled to the Dino Attack Headquarters in a Scorpion Orb Launcher which Septimus found.

After meeting with a number of other agents still in the base, including Ptero, Elizabeth Winsor, David Norman, Libo, and Aster Oid, several of them departed to join the rest of the team on LEGO Island. Once there, Septimus joined the battle in Captain Click's cave, and was present when the Brickspider Bot deconstructed the island.

Otherspace and LEGO IslandEdit

In the Torn World, Septimus assisted the team in the fight against the remaining dinos and Dr. Rex's scientists. However, his Scorpion Orb Laucher was lost.

After the island was restored, Septimus was near Rex and Amanda when the Hybrids turned, and he and Amanda brought Rex to LEGO Island's hospital. Joined by Hotwire and Tracer, among others, he traveled back to LEGO City aboard the Talon. While at the headquarters, he learned from Andrew that all drones had once been minifigs. He was somewhat shaken by the revelation; he had thought before that he was simply not completely sane.

Abilities and traitsEdit

Swerve was known for having a complete absence of fear of heights. Swerve was most comfortable when he's off the ground, whether he's climbing or piloting. However, when on the ground, he was extremely fast as well.

Swerve was cheerful, loyal, and a fierce fighter. Swerve was also very reckless, being somewhat of an adrenaline junkie.

Like all Ogel Drones, Septimus was quite strong for his size. He retained his speed and agility. He carried an air of easygoing innocence; in fact, he was almost naive. Due to Loop's tampering with the Mind-Control Orb, he did not match any known breeds of Ogel Drones and was most likely the only one of his kind.


"Um...why did you just sit down with an empty tray?"
"Isn't that what people do in cafeterias? They carry trays around and sit at tables and talk to each other, right?"
"Well, for starters, you usually put food on the tray. Then you sit down with your friends, and eat the food. That's what people do in cafeterias. The talking isn't as important."
"Oh. Well, I don't eat food, and I don't have any friends. Will you guys be my friends? Then maybe it won't matter that I'm not eating."
— Elizabeth, Septimus, and Ptero, in the DAHQ mess hall.


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