"B probably needs some medical help. When I left, he was in a coma."
"Why didn't you say so? I'll talk to the head surgeon."
Rookie and Sucker
Standard Agent Sucker
Name Sam Kabrinsky
Age 23
Skills Computers, marksmanship
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Benton Kabrinsky

Sam "Sucker" Kabrinsky was the twin brother of B and a Dino Attack agent who studied medicine.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Sam Kabrinsky grew up with one sibling, Benton "B" Kabrinsky, and they were the twin sons of one of the few idealistic cops in the LEGO City Police Department. Sometime prior to the Dino Attack, Sam was studying medicine.

Alpha Team Edit

Sucker joined Alpha Team with B, Crooks, and Rookie in 2008.

Dino Attack Edit

In 2010, Sucker joined the Dino Attack Team.

After being picked up by B, Hotwire, and Kat, Sucker participated in the battle for the LEGO Island Laboratory. During the battle, Sucker ran after an Inferno agent nicknamed Bio-Eyes. B followed and found that Sucker was a traitor and was on Dr. Inferno's side. Fortunately, matters were resolved between the two brothers as Sucker's loyalties were ultimately proven to lie with his family.

Sucker took a hiatus from the war and traveled to Dino Attack's Antarctica base. There, he finished up his medical studies. Near the end of the year, he was reunited with Rookie, who told him that Knuckles requested his return to the battlefield. Upon hearing that B was in a comatose state, Sucker immediately accepted.

They flew to Adventurers' Island in an Alpha Team helicopter, which crashed outside the Temple of Hotep III. There, they rejoined B, Crooks, and Knuckles and then proceeded to the Maelstrom Temple. By the time they arrived, the battle was already over. They met up with Zapper, who explained his true motives.

They returned to LEGO City in a ship. However, because their squad was erroneously reported as KIA, they needed Semick's security clearance in order to dock.

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Personality and Traits Edit

Sucker was a good marksman, and was fairly good with computers. He studied medicine and used his skills to help out

Sucker and B were twins, and were cousins of Rookie and Knuckles. Despite questions about his loyalties during the Dino Attack war, Sucker proved that he was always faithful to his family; in Antarctica, he immediately returned to the battlefield once he heard that B's life was in danger.

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Trivia Edit