This article is about the NPC by Atton Rand based upon Snake Plissken. You may be looking for Snake of Spades, the primary character of Ace Of Spades?, or Plastic Serpent, another NPC by Atton Rand based upon Solid Snake and formerly codenamed "Snake".
Standard Agent Snake
Name Snake
Skills Criminal activities
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Atton Rand

Snake is a hardened ex-criminal turned Dino Attack agent.


Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about Snake's early life. What is known is that he was a ruthless criminal. At some point he attempted to rob a bank in LEGO City, but was caught by the police and arrested.

Dino AttackEdit

Because of his aggressive nature, Snake was approached with the offer to join the team in exchange for a pardon for all of his previous crimes. Reluctantly, Snake agreed to it. He spent much of the early part of the war under supervision, fighting small groups of Mutant Dinos.

Adventurers' IslandEdit

After a sudden ambush scattered and possibly killed a large portion of the team, reinforcements were quickly called into action. Out of desperation, Snake was among the many agents brought to Adventurers' Island to help take on the Maelstrom temple. He was eventually placed as a gunner aboard a T-1 Typhoon.

Unfortunately, one of the agents on board was revealed to be a Stromling. Snake was one of two survivors of the ensuing crash, the other being the pilot, Elite Agent Cabin. The two of them were eventually united with fellow agents Barry Jackson and Teri Dactyl.

When word got out that the Egyptian Tomb was not the real Maelstrom Temple, Snake and Cabin were among the first ones to arrive. There they met up with Trigger, a mercenary who tried to warn them about an army of Stromlings on the other side of a large crevasse. Snake and Cabin eventually decided to go with him inside the temple.

While Cabin was briefly preoccupied by a brief stand-off involving Hertz, Snake and Trigger entered the temple and proceeded to kill Palmer, an agent-turned Stromling. After a brief run-in with a few other agents who were lost in the temple, they eventually found their way to the main chamber. When Baron Typhonus revealed himself, Snake and Trigger, not being affected by the Maelstrom's illusions, attempted to fire at him. While they did not kill him, they were able to buy the rest of the team time to destroy a Maelstrom Crystal. Once everything was done, Snake left the temple with Trigger. After a brief fight with an old rival who stole his codename, Snake left with a small group of agents in a T-1 Typhoon.

Back at BaseEdit

Upon landing in LEGO City, Snake found himself in the Dino Attack Headquarters. He sat down with Trigger for breakfast and talked with Rockford before Angel Eyes arrived to announce that Engineer had been murdered. Trigger naturally suspected Silencia of being behind the crime, and the two of them ambushed her. A few other agents arrived amongst all the chaos, and both were eventually subdued.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Snake is a cold, ruthless, and aggressive character. He cares about nobody but himself, only taking the well-being of others into account if it benefits him in some manner. He is, however, capable of forming partnerships, as he has started to develop a strong working relationship with Trigger.


  • Snake is based off of the character of Snake Plissken, the protagonist of John Carpenter's 1981 sci-fi/action movie Escape From New York. This is alluded to with various characters claiming to have heard about his death.

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