"But... at the same time, I feel proud of Roger, because you said he did not tell Finister anything, just as he had told Bricassius nothing. My brother... always so strong... a noble death for him."
Amanda Claw
Standard Agent Remous
Name Roger Remous
Age 33
Skills Paleontology, geology
Vehicle Fire Hammer
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator PeabodySam

Roger Remous was a famous paleontologist and geologist who briefly worked with the Dino Attack Team until he was killed by Finister.


Early LifeEdit

Roger and his younger sister Amanda grew up together in LEGO Town in a wealthy, happy family. However, one day, Roger and Amanda were kidnapped by the crime boss Don Bricassius, who tortured them to extract information on how to get into their family safe. Roger had the willpower to remain silent, but Amanda gave in. As a result, Bricassius managed to get inside their mansion, kill their butler, and steal their family fortune. When their parents arrived to stop him, Amanda cried out to them, distracting them long enough for Bricassius to kill them both. That night, Roger and Amanda lost everything except for one another.

Roger became determined not to let this tragedy affect the way he lived the rest of his life. He was surprised by Amanda's choice to take a vow of silence, but respected her decision and always tried to be there to support his younger sister. The two siblings found that Roger knew his sister well enough to know what she was thinking just by looking at her body language; however, since not everyone knew Amanda as well as Roger did, Roger urged Amanda to practice other forms of communication, such as sign language.

Despite Roger's efforts to support her, he soon discovered that Amanda had started to adopt a darker life of crime. He disapproved of her choices and tried to intervene. However, after Amanda successfully robbed a bank, an intense argument broke out between the two siblings and, as a result, Roger and Amanda fell out with one another and refused to communicate.

While Amanda dropped out of school, Roger pursued his goal of a career in geology. During college, he found that he also took a liking to paleontology and decided to double-major in the two studies. Once Roger was out in the work field, he became a famed excavator of prehistoric fossils across the globe, during which time he became familiar with the characteristics of many species of dinosaurs. He also had the occasional run-in with Sam Sinister, who tried to steal valuable fossils and minerals from their work sites only to be caught by Remous.

During the excavation of a fossilized T-Rex skeleton, Roger Remous met and fell in love with a fellow paleontologist named Lisa. Shortly afterward, they got married and settled down in a house in LEGO City. Soon, Roger and Lisa's household was joined by their two sons and one daughter.

Silencia VenomosaEdit

Despite their falling out incident years prior, Roger still attempted to make an effort to keep tabs on Amanda's actions. Over time, Roger began to suspect that the mysterious Silencia Venomosa, an infamous assassin and mercenary whose defining trait was her absolute silence, was actually Amanda. As he slowly perceived his suspicions to be correct, Roger became obsessed with tracking down Silencia Venomosa and intervening in the path of life that she had chosen.

Eventually, Roger learned that he could get in contact with Venomosa through Bartholomew Enderson. Taking a huge risk, Roger decided to give Enderson an assignment to pass on to Venomosa: to hunt down and kill Roger Remous. Despite its danger, Roger knew that this was the only way he could find and speak to Silencia Venomosa.

Roger did not inform his wife or children of his plan. The night of his intended assassination, he simply gave them a tear-jerking goodbye.

In a dark alley in LEGO City, Roger Remous finally found Silencia Venomosa, who was about to shoot him but hesitated just long enough. Roger explained to her that he was the one who gave the assignment in an attempt to get in contact with her. He revealed that he was disappointed with the choices that she had made in life, telling her that she was disrespecting the memory of their parents and that he wished to intervene. At first, Roger's words were ineffective, and Silencia Venomosa simply left. Roger was relieved that he could return alive to his wife and kids, but felt disappointed that he failed to save Amanda.

However, over time, Roger's words slowly caused Amanda to regret the life that she had chosen. One day, Roger was surprised to see her arrive at his house, striving to redeem herself and hoping for his forgiveness. Roger gladly took her in and introduced her to his family, deciding to let her live with them until she was stable enough to live on her own.

Dino AttackEdit

However, the peace was not to last for long. The Dino Attack began, and Roger's entire neighborhood was flattened in the initial Mutant Dino invasion. While Roger and Amanda survived the attack, Roger's wife and children were killed. Seeking to avenge their deaths, Roger Remous decided to join the Dino Attack Team, believing that his dinosaur knowledge could prove useful to the team or that his study of geology could help the team in areas such as the Goo Caverns.

At one point, Remous confided in Specs, telling the Dino Attack team leader that Amanda was troubled and relied on him for support. If anything were to happen to him, he feared that she would lose herself.

Roger and Amanda Remous joined Dino Attack Team just in time to witness Kotua destroying Dino Attack Headquarters. Later, they escaped Chaos, who had just transformed into its Perfect Chaos form.

They returned to the ground zero in a Fire Hammer, only to be surprised by the fact that Brick League United had quickly erected a new Dino Attack Headquarters in its place. There, they met Rex, Zero, and Phantom. Roger introduced Rex to Amanda, and he could see that Rex could understand Amanda's body language almost as well as he could.

Finister showed up with his Holographic Robotic Dinosaur Bomb, and Roger teamed up with Amanda and Rex in the battle against Finister's robot. However, as Amanda and Rex disabled the H.R.D.B., Finister tried to flee. Remous gave pursuit, but underestimated the future version of Sam Sinister, who captured him instead.

Roger was taken aboard the Villains Headquarters and interrogated by Finister. Although the alternate future version of Sam Sinister tortured him with the Truth Receiver, Roger refused to give up any information regarding the Dino Attack Team. Roger remained silent throughout the entire interrogation, until Finister decided that he was no use to FUTURE as a prisoner. As a result, Finister killed Roger Remous.


After Remous was captured, Amanda strongly wished to search for him, even defying Rex's orders by leaving Dino Attack Headquarters alone. Concerned for Amanda's mental health, Specs immediately sent out a search team to rescue Remous, but was prepared to keep Amanda in the dark if they failed.

Roger Remous's death was confirmed when Finister boasted about it to Rex. Although he informed his superiors, such as Specs, the elite agents of Dino Attack Team agreed that it was in their best interest if Amanda never found out about Roger's death. Instead, they informed Amanda that Roger had gone on a lengthy mission to investigate Mutant Dino activities in the Goo Caverns. Due to his profession, Amanda believed these lies.

However, the Brickspider Bot v1.0 also found out about Roger Remous's death and learned that Amanda, who blindly trusted Rex, was lied to about this event. When it was cornered in the LEGO Island Laboratory, the Brickspider Bot decided to break Amanda's trust by revealing the truth in Morse code. The Brickspider Bot was successful, and before anyone recovered from the shock of this news, it bought the robot enough time to take the Constructopedia.

Although Amanda's trust in Rex was heavily shaken at the moment, she eventually came to accept Roger's death, especially when she learned that he had died without giving up any information to FUTURE, which she considered an honorable death. Her acceptance of Roger's death caused Amanda to break her vow of silence and begin speaking aloud once again.

After the war, Roger's memorial service was held in the Remous family plot. Roger's name will also be engraved on a memorial to all the fallen soldiers of the Dino Attack.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Roger Remous was a skilled geologist and paleontologist, with extensive knowledge of rocks and prehistoric fossils. He believed that his knowledge could prove useful to the Dino Attack Team, especially in underground regions of the planet such as the Goo Caverns. It was his understanding of the T-Rex anatomy that helped Rex and Amanda defeat the H.R.D.B.

Roger Remous was a friendly and optimistic Minifig, but he was also determined and practical. He would never let anything leave a lasting negative impact on him, believing that the best way to deal with tragedy was to accept it and be motivated to move on in life. Roger had immense willpower and a strong sense of honor, and would never give up any information to an interrogator even if he was tortured or his life was threatened. As her older brother, Roger cared deeply for Amanda and, after the deaths of their parents, wanted to ensure that she did not make the wrong choices in life.


  • Roger Remous was initially introduced with the sole purpose of introducing Amanda Claw before being killed off without much fanfare. Starting with the LEGO Island story arc, Roger received much more posthumous importance in Dino Attack RPG. In Love and War, much more focus was given to Remous's character before his capture, which then drove the actions of Rex and Amanda for the rest of the story.
  • Originally, Roger Remous was implied to be killed by Fogel, although a Super Mutant Pterosaur had somehow used Roger to become stronger and faster. Both of these were retconned by the LEGO Island story arc to the current version of his death.

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