"Nearly every two-bit villain who tried to take advantage of the Dino Attack either tamed a Mutant Dino or built a Robotic Mutant Dino. I remember that the team wasn't sure, for a time, whether the Robotic Dinos or the regular Mutant Dinos came first. They're mostly gone now, mainly because we've defeated villain after villain who tried to use them."
— Elite Agent Reptile

A Robotic Mutant Dino is a robot that has been constructed in the form of a Mutant Dino. A reasonably large number of villains who tried to take advantage of the Dino Attack to gain power built them.


Robotic Mutant Dinos have been used independently by a number of villains and are therefore not identical.


Elite Agent Dragon, who schemed to take over the Dino Attack Team, had Evil Ogel build him an army of Robotic Mutant Dinos. These robots were considerably more powerful than normal Mutant Dinos. Dragon intended to unleash them onto the Dino Attack Team, then claim he had 'discovered' a way to stop them- but would only use if it if he was put into power as leader of the Dino Attack Team. Eventually, he was confident that Specs would either step down or be forced down, and he would deactivate the Robotic Mutant Dinos.

It is suspected that these Robotic Mutants were programmed by Ogel to turn on Dragon should he attempt to deactivate them, allowing Ogel to wipe out the Dino Attack Team completely.

Alien InvadersEdit

A race of unknown aliens (nicknamed "Dino Aliens") travelled to the LEGO Planet in 2010, observed that it was in a state of chaos, and decided to conquer it. They built artificial forms of what appeared to them to be the most powerful lifeform- a Mutant Dino. Their Robotic Mutant Dinos could be ridden by the aliens and were equal in power to normal Mutant Dinos. Two of the aliens travelled to the LEGO Planet with two of their robots in order to scout it in an invisible ship.

Elite Agent Reptile discovered their ship and attacked it, defeating the aliens and their robots. Alpha Team agents arrived and took the aliens into custody for interrogation and destroyed the robots.


  • Reptile's comment, in the quote above, is a reference to how the LEGO Dino Attack website suggested that the Mutant Dinos are robots, leaving some fans unsure of whether the dinosaurs were meant to be mutants or robots. Despite much marketing material that refers to them as mutants, LEGO designer Mark Stafford revealed in 2014 that the dinosaurs were originally intended to be robots. Since this information surfaced years after Dino Attack RPG ended, it was completely disregarded in the RPG in favor of the dinosaurs being mutants.

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