"Well, you see, I was recruited into the organization for my intellect. And when we first started the plans for the Dino Attack, I thought it was a good idea at the time... to conquer the world and create a utopia? Looked good on paper, at least!"
— Robert Nicholas
Doctor Robert Nicholas
Name Robert Nicholas
Age 48
Skills Robotics
Vehicle Hovercraft
Organization Villains
Creator PeabodySam

Dr. Robert Nicholas is a XERRD scientist who specializes in robotic engineering.


As a Paradox Space Marauder, Dr. Robert Nicholas was approached in 2009 by Dr. Rex, who wished to recruit him for his intellect. Dr. Nicholas agreed and became a member of the new organization XERRD.

Shortly before the Dino Attack, Robert Nicholas expressed interest in employing Chaos as a weapon for XERRD. However, when he researched the ancient water monster, he learned of Kotua's failed attempt to control Chaos during Mission Deep Freeze. Ultimately, Dr. Nicholas decided that Chaos would prove to be a loose cannon too dangerous for XERRD to use.

As the Dino Attack continued, Robert Nicholas realized that the Maelstrom was slipping out of XERRD's control as Dr. Rex slid into madness. After the destruction of the Dino Island Laboratory and XERRD's retreat to their Goo Caverns outpost, Dr. Nicholas and his colleague Dr. William Lee decided that they needed to take action. The two scientists attempted to approach Dr. Rex and suggest that they end the Dino Attack before it was too late. Outraged, Dr. Rex accused Dr. Nicholas and Dr. Lee of being traitors. As punishment, they were strapped into hovercrafts and forced to fight against Dino Attack Team on the front lines during the final battle in LEGO City.

Robert Nicholas engaged Frozeen, Greybeard, and Sam Race in battle. When Frozeen realized the scientist's predicament, he freed Dr. Nicholas from his restraints, allowing him to purposefully crash-land the hovercraft into the pavement before any more damage could be done. Relieved, Dr. Nicholas willingly surrendered to Dino Attack Team.

Abilities and TraitsEdit


Dr. Nicholas in a XERRD hovercraft

Ostensibly having an IQ of 300, Dr. Robert Nicholas considers himself a certifiable genius. He mainly applies his intellect to his work in robotics, which he believed to be the future of minifigkind.

Eager to help XERRD conquer the LEGO Planet, Robert Nicholas is power-hungry in nature and was a little too enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming XERRD's leader after Blaire Darkling's defeat. However, he is also pragmatic and reasonable, allowing him to see the uncanny parallels between Kotua's control of Chaos and Dr. Rex's control of the Maelstrom.


  • Dr. Robert Nicholas is loosely based upon Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, the main villain of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
  • As part of the collaboration between Dino Attack RPG and Project U, Dr. Robert Nicholas will appear as a secondary character in the upcoming brickfilm A Future in the Past. There, having reformed from his involvement in the Dino Attack, he established the Hall of Extinction to preserve nature.

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