• Alpha Female T-Rex, the leader of the Adventurers' Island T-Rexes.
  • Dr. Ronald "Rex" Alexander, the founder and leader of XERRD.
    • Alpha Rex, the name used by mutants to refer to Dr. Rex.
  • Fafnir Rex, one of five major species of Mutant Viking Monster.
  • Mutant T-Rex, one of four major species of Mutant Dino.
    • X-Rex, an enhanced breed of Mutant T-Rex that was exterminated by Zonic and Rip.
  • Ofnir Rex, the strongest Mutant Viking Monster.
  • Rex, a T-Rex actor who worked for LEGO Studios.
  • Rex Alexander, an elite Dino Attack agent.
  • Rex Spartana, the son of Leonidas "Fullmetal" Spartana.
  • The Rex, a T-2 Typhoon that was used in the final battle.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T-Rex, a theropod dinosaur species found on Adventurers Dino Island and Adventurers' Island.

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