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"We will never forget what you've done. I swear, if no one else does it, I will make sure your name is known. We'll have statues of you, books about your story, documentaries featuring your accounts high alongside others, and places will be named after you in eternal memorial. King Jayko, Artimus Rhodes, Johnny Thunder, the Infomaniac, the LEGO Maniac, Pepper Roni... Rex. You're going to go down in legend, I just know it."
Elite Agent Rex
Name Rex Alexander
Age 27
Skills Ropes
Vehicle Iron Predator
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator PeabodySam

Rex Alexander was a Dino Attack elite agent, with a unique and mysterious past that tied him directly to XERRD and the Mutant Dinos.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rex was hatched as a T-Rex on Adventurers' Island in 2003. He was the eldest offspring of the alpha female T-Rex of Adventurers' Island. As such, he was her heir, but his younger brother, who would eventually be named "Chompy", thought that Rex would make a poor alpha. They developed an intense sibling rivalry and often got into violent fights over petty matters.

However, during Alpha Team Mission Deep Freeze, a large army of Ice Drones with their Snow Crawlers and Scorpion Orb Launchers attacked the island. Rex and his siblings were frozen in an ice block upon coming in close proximity with an Ice Orb. He quickly ran out of air, and combined with the freezing temperature, fell unconscious. His mother and father, thinking that Rex had died, became furious and retaliated against Ogel's forces, but in the battle, the alpha male T-Rex perished.

Much to the alpha female T-Rex's relief, Rex eventually woke up again several hours later. Chompy was nowhere to be seen; unbeknownst to him, Chompy had been adopted by an Alpha Team agent named Frozeen, who was one of several agents responsible for saving the island from the attack.



Rex as a Mutant T-Rex

Five years later, now a matured T-Rex, Rex was one of the first dinosaurs captured by Dr. Rex and XERRD for his experiments. He was mutated into the first Mutant T-Rex adapted from Evil Ogel's Mutant Dinosaur Formula. Being a "prototype", while he lacked laser vision and an internal furnace, his strength was above average for a Mutant T-Rex.

Dr. Rex was unhappy with these results. He and Wallace Bishop learned how to use the Maelstrom to grant Mutant Dinos incredible powers, rendering the "prototypes" obsolete. Dr. Rex planned to scrap Rex and the other "prototypes" by putting them to stasis. Rex resisted stasis, so Dr. Rex had to come up quickly with another plan. He locked Rex away in a secure area of Dinosaur Island.

After Dr. Rex launched the Dino Attack, the LEGOLAND Government funded the creation of the D.I.N.O. Attack Team to combat these mutant dinosaurs. Trying to figure out a way to eliminate this enemy team, Dr. Rex found a new use for Rex.

First, he altered Rex's vocal chords, allowing him to be capable of speaking English. Then, he altered Rex's brain. After that, he covered Rex's body with Redox Serum. After Rex shrank to the size of a Minifig, Dr. Rex stuffed Rex into an airtight organic Minifig disguise synthetically engineered by top XERRD scientists.


Rex's Minifig disguise

The alterations to Rex's brain made by Wallace Bishop would give Rex intelligence, as well as "install" into his mind Dr. Rex's plan. XERRD's plan was that Rex was to join the Dino Attack team, then when they were most vulnerable, he would burst out of his disguise, return to normal size, and kill the team. Unbeknownst to Dr. Rex, Wallace Bishop, who was actually a mole working for Nexus Force, tampered with Rex's memories to prevent this plan from succeeding. Rex lost all memory of his previous life, and did not know about Dr. Rex's plan. Instead, all he knew was that he was a Minifig bent upon joining the Dino Attack Team.

Escape from Mercy Hospital Edit

Rex was dropped off by XERRD agents in a ruined laboratory, where he was discovered by Frank Einstein. Rex and Einstein made their way through LEGO City and ascended to the roof of Mercy Hospital, where they would be rescued by a helicopter. Inside the hospital, the two Minifigs encountered Mutant Lizards and a Mutant Raptor.

Although Rex made it safely aboard the rescue helicopter, Dr. Einstein was dragged away by the Mutant Raptor. Without thinking, Rex grabbed some emergency rope, jumped off the helicopter, and used the rope to rescue Einstein and immobilize the raptor. This reckless behavior earned him the name "Rex".

Compelled to join the Dino Attack Team, Rex declined the opportunity of traveling to the refugee facilities and headed for Dino Attack Headquarters instead.

First Assignment Edit

On his first training mission, Rex was assigned to a group with fellow rookies Williams, Lisa, and Walker. Led by elite agent Rick Spherus, they went to downtown LEGO City to neutralize Mutant Lizard nests in a shopping center.

During the mission, Rex was separated from his fellow Dino Attack agents when a darkness-breed Mutant Lizard jumped onto his Steel Sprinter as he tried to escape a Mutant T-Rex. He successfully netted the lizard with rope, but it retaliated and caused him to crash into the Tzenovich's Sandwiches deli. During the crash, Rex's radio was knocked off the correct frequency and left him without contact.

With the Mutant Lizard left vulnerable, Rex tried to kill it, but found himself unable to do so when he recognized fear in the creature's eyes. Instead, he chose to tend to the lizard's wounds. After setting the radio to the right frequency and contacting the rest of his team, Rex decided to free the Mutant Lizard from its bonds and let it run away.

After returning to headquarters, Rex told Specs and the other founding members about his experience, raising the possibility that the Mutant Dinos were not actually mindless monsters but actually confused. Appealing to Specs' scientific nature, Rex received permission to capture living Mutant Dinos rather than killing them.

The Kotua Crisis Edit

In the following weeks, Rex rose quickly in agent status, becoming an Elite Agent entrusted to use vehicles such as the Iron Predator. He became well-known among the team for his reputation of not killing the Mutant Dinos he fought, but instead capturing them, bringing them to an abandoned prison on the LEGO City coast, and taming them.

The first of these tamed Mutant Dinos was the very same darkness-breed Mutant Lizard he encountered during his first training mission. He was able to recapture it and, this time, took the time to train it. He nicknamed this Mutant Lizard "Trouble" for its uncanny ability to get itself and others into trouble.

Rex was not content with merely taming Mutant Lizards, and he wished to be able to tame a Mutant T-Rex. One day, he stumbled upon a Mutant T-Rex nest and found hatchlings that could possibly be young and impressionable enough to tame. However, he was then attacked by the mother Mutant T-Rex guarding her nest, and he was forced to send out a distress signal. Fortunately, Rev Raptor and Kotua received his signal and rescued him. Because Rev promised that the Mutant T-Rexes would be exterminated, Rex secretly returned to the nest to capture the hatchlings when the mother was not there, and he brought the hatchlings to the abandoned prison. Only one of these hatchlings was successfully tamed by Rex, and he nicknamed this one "Maw".

However, his attitude towards the Mutant Dinos left him unpopular among certain Dino Attack agents. Shadow often argued with Rex over tactics. Rex's taming of Mutant Dinos was one of several reasons that Kotua apparently went mad. The first act of this madness was when Rev Raptor, who was taking care of Trouble at the moment, was attacked by Kotua because Trouble was a Mutant Lizard. When Rex arrived in an attempt to diffuse the situation, Kotua swore that it was not yet over and retreated in his Robo-Blade.

Rex met Chompy a few times but, since he was in a Minifig disguise and did not remember his past, they did not recognize each other. After missions to LEGO Studios and Castle Cove, he received a distress signal from another agent named Kai. Kai was attacked by two Mutant T-Rexes, and the two agents worked together to fight them off. Suddenly, a mysterious black Iron Predator arrived at the scene and not only killed the Mutants, but also captured Rex and Kai (as well as Hyrode when he tried to intervene). When Rex refused to call off his team, the ShadowTech agents brought them to Castle Cove, where they escaped and were rescued by Chompy.

The next morning, Rex talked to Kotua and learned about Kotua's Robo-Blades. When Rex questioned why Kotua attacked Rev, Kotua decided that Rex was a traitor and a threat to the team and the universe, and thus had to be eliminated. Thus, Rex was then attacked shortly afterward by Kotua's airship, the Voltage. Luckily, Rex was rescued by PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot in their own airship. The two airships battled until PBB's Airship escaped. Rex traveled with the Alpha Team allies in PBB's Airship, capturing Mutant Dinos at Adventurers' Island, LEGO Island, and Eldorado Fortress.

However, upon returning to LEGO City, they learned that Kotua was killing more Dino Attack agents. After the Voltage abducted Databoard, Glide, and Turahk-Kal, PBB's Airship pursued the other airship and watched as it destroyed Dino Attack Headquarters. However, when Rex tried to follow the Voltage in a Multi-Pod, he was captured and brought aboard the airship.

Rex was confronted by Kotua on the command deck. The airship's scanners detected a Mutant Dino aboard the ship, but the security robots were unable to find it, only succeeding in capturing Little Bot. While security robots took Rex and Little Bot away, Kotua took Rex's PDA and sent out a distress signal to lure Databoard into a trap. Rex and Little Bot both managed to escape the robots, only to encounter Kotua and Guardian Mk. IV. Stealing a security robot's shocker spear, Rex attempted to defend himself from Kotua's attacks and then escaped.

Rex found a security bot gassing Turahk-Kal in a cell, so Rex stunned the robot with the shocker spear long enough for PBB to disable the gas and free Turahk-Kal. Rex, Turahk-Kal, and PBB confronted Guardian Mk. IV and rescued Databoard. As they fled from Guardian and Kotua, a security bot tackled Rex and knocked him unconscious.

The Guardian then was assigned to execute Rex, but Rex, feeling ill after eating the canned noodles served to prisoners on the ship, vomited on the Guardian and escaped the Voltage while a Cleaner Bot tried to clean up the Guardian, dodging security bots along the way.

Later, while driving his Iron Predator and investigating the appearance of prehistoric mosses in the middle of LEGO City, Rex was again attacked by the Voltage. PBB's Airship arrived in the nick of time and rescued Rex, but Rex's Iron Predator was destroyed. PBB's airship then escaped by using its Warp Drive, and later found the Voltage crashed but still operational. Then, while PBB's Airship was out of range, the Voltage self-destructed, releasing a huge explosion that leveled that part of the city.

The Truth Edit

PBB then entrusted Rex to use the Silver Scorpion to ensure that Rex would be better protected against any future attacks. While getting used to the modified Scorpion Orb Launcher, Rex found Evil Ogel, Sam Sinister, the Brickster, and Vladek as they escaped a Mutant Dino attack with their own airship, a mobile Villains Headquarters. Then, Rex was approached by Trouble, who was brought him to a mysterious cloaked figure who identified himself as The Phantom.

The Phantom proceeded to inform Rex of Dr. Rex's plan to infiltrate the Dino Attack Team with a prototype Mutant Dino disguised as a Minifig. When The Phantom tried to explain that Rex was this Mutant Dino, Rex initially did not believe him, so The Phantom cut open the palm of his right hand, revealing Rex's true scales underneath the disguise's skin.

Rex was horrified by this revelation, but The Phantom scolded him for this reaction. Instead, The Phantom recommended that Rex use his origins to his advantage by being a Mutant Dino on the Dino Attack Team's side. The Phantom then left Rex, alone in the dark alleys of LEGO City.

Love and War Edit

Shortly afterward, Rex was attacked twice by an ex-Alpha Team Agent codenamed Phantom in a modified Blizzard Blaster. Then, another Dino Attack agent named Zero met Rex after freezing several Mutant Dinos. Phantom returned and demanded to know where Frozeen was. A figure showed up claiming to be Frozeen, and led Phantom away. As it turned out, it was actually General Evil, and he sprayed Phantom with a substance that gave him amnesia. Thus, when Phantom returned to Rex and Zero, he did not try to kill them or demand Frozeen's location, but instead began working together with them.

The three Minifigs discovered the PA, but nobody was inside. Fearing that Kotua would track them, Rex activated the PA's cloaking device, but their location was already known. Thus, the PA was attacked by a Blacktron ship commanded by Kotua. The airship was destroyed, but Rex, Zero, and Phantom escaped in the Silver Scorpion. Kotua continued to attack the Silver Scorpion until a missile destroyed the Blacktron craft.

After the Silver Scorpion repaired itself, they traveled to the LEGO City coast near Res-Q Headquarters because Zero mentioned dinosaur-repelling rotten eggs in there. However, Rex fell into the ocean and had to be saved by Zero, who was testing out his new armor and goggles. They encountered a Mutant Vinscale Octomus swarm and fled, meeting up with Chompy.

The Dino Attack Agents and T-Rex entered a nearby military camp, and the soldiers were frightened by the sight of Chompy. Thus, the soldiers attacked, pursuing Chompy in their jeeps. Rex and the others fought the soldiers to defend Chompy, but Kotua arrived in a power suit. Chaos emerged from a manhole and flooded the military camp. Kotua, Rex, and Chaos were then locked in battle with one another. Chaos knocked out Kotua, Phantom, and Zero one-by-one, then pursued Rex and Chompy. Rex summoned a group of Mutant Dinos to attack Chaos, then grabbed Phantom and Zero and climbed back into the Silver Scorpion. With ease, Chaos killed the Mutant Dinos and, with its highly-corrosive Maelstrom energies, it was able to bite off one of the Silver Scorpion's arms, tear the vehicle in half, and grab Rex, who blacked out.

Truth Receiver

Rex under interrogation

Rex was unexpectedly rescued by the Villains Headquarters. He woke up in a chamber of the airship, where he was cuffed to a chair and interrogated by Finister and Sam Sinister, who then used the Truth Receiver in an attempt to torture Rex. However, Rex was saved by The Phantom, who unplugged the machine, distracted Finister, freed Rex, and subjected Sam Sinister instead to the Truth Receiver. Then, dodging the Brickster and the Frickster, they met up with Zero and Phantom, who were also abducted by the villains. When they encountered Vladek and Fladek, The Phantom stopped to fight the villains, while Rex, Phantom, and Zero escaped the airship on the backs of three Mutant Pterosaurs.

They received a radio transmission regarding a soldier being chased by Chaos. Chaos arrived shortly after, now allied with Kotua, and transformed into Perfect Chaos. Rex, Phantom, and Zero were able to escape while Chaos and Kotua fought against Databoard's own airship, the Saber.

To their surprise, there was a new building in the location of what had once been the Dino Attack Headquarters before Kotua obliterated it. There, they met two other Dino Attack agents: Roger Remous and his sister Amanda "Claw" Remous. They also encountered Finister and his Holographic Robotic Dinosaur Bomb. Rex and Claw succeeded in disabling the robot while Zero and Phantom explored the new building and Remous left in pursuit of Finister.

As the H.R.D.B. self-destructed, Rex and Claw took refuge in the new building, which they discovered to be a new Dino Attack Headquarters erected by Brick League United. Because Claw was concerned over the safety of Remous, Rex spoke with Specs and had a search and rescue team deployed. However, he also promised Specs that it was his duty to take care of Claw in Remous's absence.

Rex was approached by Phantom, who told him that Zero had seen a Super Mutant Pterosaur. Rex and Phantom left the base in search of the unique mutant specimen, but Phantom led Rex into a dark alley before revealing that it was just a ruse. Having regained his memories, Phantom interrogated Rex again about Frozeen's location and, since Rex still had no answers, tried to murder him. Rex was rescued by Claw, and they were both saved by an intervention by The Phantom, who killed Phantom.

As they returned to headquarters, Rex decided that it was important to form a close relationship with Amanda, believing that it would help them stay grounded and prevent them from following the example of Kotua or Phantom.

Mutant T-Rex Edit

At headquarters, Rex began testing out a sample of G.E. Metal and Ssol Metal that he had retrieved from inside the Silver Scorpion. Rex discovered that, if the G.E. Metal had certain properties, the two metals would fuse into a new metal Rex dubbed "Silge". He began sketching out a design for a Fire Hammer/Iron Predator hybrid to send to the Dino Attack vehicle designers.

Later, Rex began studying the properties of Silge. He discovered that it retained many characteristics of G.E. and Ssol Metals, but lacked their weaknesses, resulting in an indestructible substance. He did not realize that a XERRD spy was watching him and later reported this information to Dr. Rex. Rex then received a message from Specs, telling him to come to a nearby police station. There, Rex learned that Amanda was apparently murdered. Rex was left devastated and miserable for the following days.


Rex removes his disguise.

To try taking his mind off of Amanda, he began walking through LEGO City with Trouble and Maw. However, he was followed by Finister and Sam Sinister. Finister confronted Rex and boasted about killing Roger Remous, declared that Amanda Claw had met a terrible fate, and said that Rex was soon destined for the same. Finister then revealed that Rex was going to be responsible for the end of Dino Attack Team. While Finister held Rex's attention, Sam Sinister stabbed Maw in the heel. Pained, Maw went on a crazed charge, nearly smashing into the new Dino Attack Headquarters before Rex was able to calm him down. Unfortunately, before Rex succeeded, Maw had already wrecked several vehicles being used by the Founding Members. Angered that Rex was unable to control his tamed mutants and was thereby putting the lives of his fellow Dino Attack agents at risk, Specs formally discharged Rex from the team.

Deciding that his life had little meaning, Rex continued to wander LEGO City with Trouble and Maw, contemplating suicide. The Phantom reappeared, informing Rex that Dash Justice and Charles Kilroy, who were both performing an errand for the Dino Attack Team, were unarmed and under attack by a Mutant T-Rex on a nearby street. Rex sent Trouble and Maw to save them, but the older Mutant T-Rex killed Maw and trapped Trouble. While The Phantom saw to the safety of the other Minifigs, Rex tried to distract the Mutant T-Rex but was not successful. Realizing that he could not hope to defeat the T-Rex with his abilities hindered by a Minifig disguise, unarmed, and with no vehicle, Rex made a quick decision and ripped off his disguise. His skin exposed to oxygen, the effects of the Redox Serum wore off, and Rex returned to his full size as a Mutant T-Rex. With ease, he killed the other Mutant T-Rex.

Traveling with Trouble, Rex encountered a silent female T-Rex who was very interested in him. Rex acted cold and aloof to this other T-Rex, telling her that he did not want to return her affections, in order to avoid another incident like Amanda. When she did not leave, Rex chased her off. The next day, she returned and brought him to the police station where Amanda had been murdered. There, she showed Rex a vial labeled "Mutant T-Rex DNA". Rex then realized that Amanda was never murdered, but was injected with the DNA by Fogel and turned into a Mutant T-Rex, and was the female Mutant T-Rex. Rex quickly apologized, and Amanda forgave him. Now reunited with Amanda, Rex was much happier.

Villains' Last Stand Edit

Rex and Amanda later met up with The Phantom, PBB, Little Bot, and Chompy. Rex claimed that his name was "Maw" and that Rex was dead, though The Phantom knew the truth. They camped together and fell asleep.

When Rex and the others woke up, they were in a secure chamber of Villains Headquarters. There, while the present-day villains watched, the FUTURE villains revealed themselves to the team. FUTURE then engaged Rex and the others in combat. Rex and Amanda both worked together to quickly knock Fladek unconscious. Then, they aided PBB by demolishing the Frickster's army of Brickster-Bots, then knocked him unconscious as well. Rex and Amanda assisted The Phantom, who revealed himself to be Alpha Team agent Frozeen, by holding Fogel in place while Frozeen could knock him unconscious. Rex, Amanda, and Frozeen then knocked out the last of the FUTURE villains, Finister.

After finding a way out of the chamber, they brought the unconscious FUTURE villains to their time machine. Frozeen quickly installed an explosive into the machine, and sent the machine back to the future with the FUTURE villains and the explosive inside. However, the present-day villains followed, and Sam Sinister fired a tranquilizer at Rex, Amanda, and Chompy.

Rex awoke in a cage, along with Amanda, Frozeen, and Chompy. Little Bot was brought to a nearby Torture Room, and Ogel, General Evil, and Sam Sinister showed them a television screen that was receiving footage from a camera set up just outside Villains Headquarters. Through the television screen, Rex watched as the Brickster and Vladek chained down PBB and blew him up. Little Bot broke out of the Torture Room and revealed that his true identity was Libo, leader of the defunct L.A. Organization that preceded the Alpha Team. The Brickster, Vladek, and Sam Sinister fled, but Libo managed to contain Ogel and General Evil inside an energy sphere. He freed Rex and the others, who left Villains Headquarters. Rex summoned a group of Mutant T-Rexes to wreck the landed airship. They built themselves a small aircraft and flew away from the scene, as Libo explained his backstory.

Cured Edit

After landing the aircraft not far from Dino Attack Headquarters, they were attacked by another group of angry Mutant T-Rexes. The team split up to confuse the dinosaurs, then a Fire Hammer and Iron Predator driven by the Founding Agents arrived to defeat the Mutant T-Rexes. The Founding Agents were also about to attack Rex and Amanda, but stopped when they realized that Rex was talking.

Rex told them the same fabricated story he told everyone else; his name was "Maw" and Rex was dead. Viper and Shadow left to fight a nearby army of Mutant Dinos attacking a Dino Attack Outpost, while Specs and Digger brought Rex and Claw to headquarters, though even Digger had cold feet about trusting Mutant T-Rexes. Specs left as well to participate in the battle while Digger stayed behind to keep an eye on Rex and Amanda. After Digger fell asleep, Rex and Amanda argued about Rex's fabrications, which Amanda believed to be unnecessary.


Rex after being cured.

In Dino Attack Headquarters, another Dino Attack agent named Ata was checking out the GPS system, and learned to his surprise that Rex and Amanda were still alive, and were in the same location as "Maw" and "Claw". He woke up Digger and explained this to him, and together they waited until Rex and Amanda fell asleep. They took blood samples from both of the T-Rexes, then compared them to the blood samples of Rex and Amanda. Seeing that they matched in most areas, they contacted the other Founding Agents, and together they confronted Rex and Amanda, convincing them to tell the truth.

Shadow then offered to cure them. Rex and Amanda both agreed, and were brought inside the curing department of Dino Attack Headquarters. There, they were both treated with some of the last Mutant Dino Antidote that the Dino Attack Team had. However, Rex forgot that he was originally a T-Rex, and thus while Amanda was cured into a Minifig, he was cured into a normal T-Rex. Rex then revealed his background to the rest of the team. Frozeen, Libo, and Chompy stepped into the chamber, and Chompy immediately recognized his brother.

Dr. Rex's Laboratory Edit

Around this time, the Dino Attack Team observed that while many Mutant Dinos were seen emerging from a subway system, not that many actually entered. Fearing and hoping that this might relate to the origins of the Mutant Dinos, the team sent Rex and Chompy to investigate. Chompy revealed to Rex that they were siblings, and remembering the sibling rivalry they had, warned Rex that they may violently attack one another.

Maneuvering around a Mutant Raptor, Mutant Lizard swarm, and Mutant T-Rex, the two T-Rexes discovered a large sewage system that Rex vaguely remembered. Guided by Rex's memories, they traveled into the tunnels, occasionally encountering Dino Track Transports. Eventually, they found a circular chamber with two large doors at the opposite end, and two turrets in the center. These turrets were manned by Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids, who fired at the two T-Rexes. Rex charged at one turret, dodging blasts as he went. The Hybrid responded by grabbing an Energized Spear and running towards Rex, but Rex lept over the Hybrid and tried to disable the turret. However, his back to the Hybrid, the creature breathed fire at Rex, who fell unconscious from the sudden blast of heat.

Rex awoke a few minutes later to find both Hybrids unconscious thanks to Chompy. They used the turrets to blast open the door, and stepped out into the jungles of Dinosaur Island. However, one of the Hybrids regained consciousness and knocked them both out with an Energized Spear.

When Rex woke again, he was in a cage inside Dr. Rex's Dino Island Laboratory. After speaking to a nearby raptor, he figured out that the laboratory was on Dinosaur Island. Dr. Rex walked in, and Rex was shocked at Dr. Rex's voice and appearance, which were the same as his own voice and the Minifig disguise. Dr. Rex and a few Hybrids then brought Rex and Chompy's cages into another room of the laboratory where, after testing Rex's DNA, Dr. Rex monologued his reasons behind the Dino Attack and his plans for Rex to infiltrate the Dino Attack Team.

At that moment, another Hybrid entered the room and informed Dr. Rex that they had captured Frozeen, Libo, Amanda, Sam Sinister, the Brickster, and Vladek. Dr. Rex left to have a word with the prisoners, leaving the Hybrid behind to guard the cages. Chompy freed himself, killed the Hybrid, grabbed the Hybrid's keys, and freed Rex.


Rex after switching bodies with Dr. Rex.

After wandering through the hallways of the laboratory, the two T-Rexes found the prisoners that the Hybrid mentioned, along with Ogel, General Evil, and a few drones. Frozeen then explained to Rex and Chompy that the villains were allying themselves with the Dino Attack Team. Dr. Rex returned with a group of Hybrids and killed Frozeen, who came back as a fully-organic Minifig. A battle erupted, and Rex fought his share of Hybrids. When he noticed Dr. Rex fleeing, he pursued.

After Dr. Rex sounded an alarm and summoned a new group of Hybrids, Rex charged at him. One Hybrid fired a Sonic Screamer at Rex, who was then subjected to a maddening sonics attack. Struggling to hold onto both his consciousness and his sanity, Rex had a sudden burst of strength, managing to grab Dr. Rex in his maw and throw him into a nearby room. He then battled the mad scientist inside a strange pod-like device. When his tail brushed against a switch, the pod closed. Turning out to be a mind-switching machine, the consciousnesses of Rex and Dr. Rex switched bodies, leaving Rex a Minifig and Dr. Rex a T-Rex.

When Rex awoke, he was not aware of the changes and mistook Dr. Rex for his brother, Chompy. He dragged Dr. Rex out of the room, and then was attacked by General Evil, Frozeen, and the others, who thought him to be Dr. Rex. Upon seeing Chompy, Rex realized something was wrong and figured out that he had switched bodies with Dr. Rex. Rex tried in vain to convince them that he was not Dr. Rex, but only Amanda believed him.

Large groups of Hybrids arrived, surrounding the group and holding the Lurcher Drone L-D1L48 prisoner. Rex grabbed a Sonic Screamer from one of the Hybrids and fired at another Hybrid guarding a window, allowing everyone to escape. However, the Hybrids still did not let go of L-D1L48, and captured Amanda and Dr. Rex. When they followed Rex's orders to let Amanda and L-D1L48 go and to bring Dr. Rex to the dungeon, he realized that the Hybrids also thought him to be Dr. Rex and thus were blindly loyal to him. Rex told Amanda and L-D1L48 to leave the island and to convince the rest of the team of his true identity.

The laboratory was then attacked by the Mesozoic Morphing Monsters. Amanda and L-D1L48 returned, unable to leave the island, and joined Rex and a few Hybrids. Dodging the dinosaurs and XERRD scientists, the group found a Dino Track Transport and drove out of the laboratory. When the vehicle ran out of fuel, Rex sent the Hybrids to retrieve Octan gasoline.

Rex was then attacked once again by General Evil, who returned to the island to seek revenge against Dr. Rex. Luckily, Rex and Amanda managed to convince the general of Rex's identity, and General Evil then revealed Talia Kaahs to the rest of the group. When Talia awoke, she too attacked Rex, but General revealed his true identity to her and explained that Rex was innocent of Dr. Rex's crimes. The Hybrids returned with the fuel, but the vehicle was attacked by Dr. Rex, now a Mutant T-Rex armored with Silge. Luckily, the group managed to use an old Alpha Team strategy to escape, and used the sewage tunnels to get back to LEGO City.

Battle at the Power Station Edit

Shortly after arriving in LEGO City, the group found a crashed space cruiser and an escape pod, inside of which were Sam Throramebi and A5T3R-01D. They traveled to Dino Attack Headquarters, where they were able to convince Specs of Rex's identity. The Founding Agents then discussed matters with Rex, and mentioned that many team members were no longer with the team, either vanished, resigned, or dead. Rex then welcomed new recruits Zenna and Alpha as he pondered about an inevitable final battle.

Then, Rex saw a group of Mutant Raptors just outside headquarters. He ran to the Dino Attack Garage and took an Iron Predator to fight the Mutant Dinos, who were joined with a flock of Mutant Pterosaurs. He noticed a swarm of Mutant Lizards enter the headquarters through the garage, but before he could take action, Specs contacted him and another agent named Reptile. Specs commanded them to secure the Dino Attack Team's Power Station, which was under attack by a half-dozen Mutant T-Rexes.

The two agents in their Iron Predators sped to the Power Station and fought back the Mutant T-Rexes. Rex witnessed Reptile use Goo Spheres to shut down the nervous systems of a few Mutant T-Rexes, and it seemed like they had the upper hand. However, the Mutant T-Rexes were joined by a few Mutant Pterosaurs, and combined the two groups managed to wreck both Iron Predators. Reptile set to work designing a shield for the Power Station, while Rex tried to stay alive, armed with only a Cosmotronic Ray and a Z-1 Kinetic Launcher, both with low ammo. Luckily, a T-1 Typhoon piloted by the Founding Agents arrived and chased off the remaining Mutant Dinos.

Rex hitched a ride on the T-1 Typhoon, and they traveled back to headquarters. Rex grabbed a Sonic Screamer, teamed up with Frozeen and Sam, and made his way to the Hospital Wing to fight the Mutant Lizards there. The Mutant Lizards were defeated, and Rex found out that Libo was badly injured.

Having a spark of inspiration, Rex traveled to his hideout on the LEGO City coast where he kept his tamed Mutant Dinos. He found the building wrecked and devoid of life. As he stepped out of the building, he was attacked by the same swarm of Mutant Vinscale Octomus as before. He was rescued by Frozeen, Amanda, and Sam, who were testing out a prototype of the Doctor Device. While the prototype only eliminated one of the Vinscale Octomus, the nervous systems of the rest of the mutants were shut off by an Ogel Airship which was firing Goo Spheres.

T-1 Typhoon to Ogel's Island Edit


Rex as of the Goo Caverns mission

Specs then ordered squads of Dino Attack agents to travel to Ogel's Goo Caverns. Because Reptile discovered that Green Goo was a great weapon against Mutant Dinos and that it was common knowledge that the Goo Caverns were in poor shape, it was of high priority that the caverns were repaired and goo mining resumed. Rex and Greybeard were partnered up, and the Ice Drone I-T1 was to pilot their T-1 Typhoon to the Goo Caverns.

However, along the way, they spotted a sinking barge, and stopped to rescue Hotwire and Bart "Helmie" Helmutson. However, they were attacked by a group of Mutant Pterosaurs, and while fighting them off, they found a stranded agent out at sea, a rookie codenamed Zyra. They got away safely, but the tail rotor of the helicopter was badly damaged, forcing them to make a crash-landing on several rocks. A storm picked up, and waves smashed into the helicopter, dragging it back out to sea.

Surprisingly, a rocket showed up, and another rookie named David Norman tried to rescue Rex and the others. However, a Mutant Pterosaur forced the rocket away from the T-1, and the helicopter began to leak in water. Rex glanced at his PDA, and saw on the GPS that there was a nearby landmass a few miles away. He climbed out of the T-1 Typhoon and unhooked all the weapons on the helicopter's exterior. He tied them together, threw them out the back cockpit, then fired at them with a laser. The weapons exploded, creating a shockwave that carried the T-1 Typhoon onto the shores of Ogel's Island.

Joined up by David, Alpha, and Zenna, the group traveled inland, through a massive jungle. Along the way, they met up with Kat, who was trapped on the island, and encountered several Mutant Lizards. They were rescued from the mutants by a Scorpion Orb Launcher and two Snow Crawlers, and in little time, they reached the base of the volcano in the center of the island, containing the Ogel Control Center.

Another T-1 Typhoon, shot down by a couple of ignorant Sea Drones, crash-landed into the side of the volcano. Reptile and Tail, the two agents inside the helicopter, both survived, and sent down some climbing gear to the agents below. While David, Alpha, Zyra, Hotwire, Kat, Helmie, and Zenna used magnetism and a really long rope to scale the volcano, Rex and Greybeard gathered the climbing gear and scaled the mountain. They met up with Reptile, Tail, Hotwire, Kat, and Helmie near one of the entrances to Ogel's base, a massive iron skull-shaped door. The same Sea Drones that shot down Reptile's T-1 Typhoon arrived in a hovercraft, and Greybeard threatened them to let the agents inside. The door opened, but as soon as the agents stepped inside, it slammed shut, and a group of drones led by the Super Ice Drone I-2197 surrounded the group. I-2197 then revealed that, since Ogel's disappearance, the drones had created a new security system for the Ogel Control Center, and that they believed the Dino Attack Team to be a group of infiltrators claiming to be allied with Ogel. However, upon contacting Ogel himself, the drones realized their mistake, and escorted the agents to the Trouble Train Depot, meeting up with David, Alpha, and Zyra along the way.

Goo Caverns Edit

The agents boarded the Trouble Train and, in a half-hour, arrived at the Goo Caverns. The Trouble Train Depot was swarming with Mutant Dinos, and Rex, Helmie, and Greybeard worked together to use an Ogel Drilling Vehicle, while other agents used more of the Ogel Drilling Vehicles. Rex took the controls, since neither Greybeard nor Helmie knew how to use an Ogel Drilling Vehicle, but did not notice Greybeard watching and studying him. After a gory battle, the Dino Attack agents discovered a cavern full of Mutant Dino nests. While Helmie and Greybeard wanted to destroy the nests, Rex wanted to find some way to save them. Greybeard, who had now figured out how to drive the Ogel Drilling Vehicle, simply knocked Rex out with the butt of his pistol.

Rex woke up several minutes later, bloody and light-headed. Using a metal pole for support, he left the vehicle and told the rest of the agents about Greybeard commandeering the vehicle. He then met Sauro-Hunter, a rookie agent who was attacked by Greybeard for trying to take care of a Mutant T-Rex hatchling. The Dino Attack agents then found themselves fighting Mutant Dinos which were mutated beyond normal due to excess exposure to Green Goo. During the battle, Greybeard tried to attack Rex, but Rex knocked out the old pirate.

After the battle was over, the very large squad of Dino Attack agents set to work reinforcing the section of the Goo Caverns. When night fell, they made camp, and decided to deal with the nesting ground cavern in the morning. Rex was worried about the possibility of Evil Ogel betraying the Dino Attack Team, when he realized that Greybeard snuck out of camp in an Ogel Drilling Vehicle. He pursued Greybeard and witnessed the old pirate blow up the nesting ground cavern. Rex was furious at Greybeard, but Greybeard came up with a counter argument, and Rex accepted his reasoning.

Before returning to camp, the two Dino Attack Agents found a strange old senile Minifig whom Greybeard nicknamed "Ben Gunn", who was eager to have company and invited them to his cave. There, Rex found an old photograph of three scientists, one of which was Dr. Rex. When he wondered if Ben Gunn knew anything about the photo, and thus Dr. Rex, Ben Gunn suddenly reacted violently, thinking for a moment that Rex was Dr. Rex. When Ben Gunn calmed down, Rex and Greybeard left the cave, but not before Rex told Greybeard to take the photograph.

On the way back to camp, Rex and Greybeard met up with General, Talia, and Amanda. Amanda joined Rex and Greybeard's squad, while General and Talia informed Rex that, to protect Talia's identity and to keep Ogel from knowing about her relationship with General, from now on Talia would be addressed to as "Shock". Specs called Rex by radio and informed him to split up the large squad. When Rex, Greybeard, and Amanda returned to camp, Rex spread the word of Specs' order, and the large squad split up into several smaller squads. Rex was partnered up with Amanda, David, and Zyra.

While reinforcing some caverns using G-16, David and Zyra mysteriously disappeared. Then, Rex and Amanda ran into Agent Grease, who spoke of a four-legged creature in the Goo Caverns. Rex and Amanda investigated, and they discovered the Brickspider Bot v1.0. The special ops Brickster-Bot taunted them, but when it mentioned that it stole from PBB's remains, Rex was angered and crushed the robot's head.

Shortly after, the Goo Caverns were almost entirely reinforced, and Rex and Amanda oversaw the construction of an Ogel Mining Compound. About a week later, Rex received a radio call from Specs, but the message was cut off. Then, when investigating the appearance of Mutant Lizards with a few of his Hybrids, Rex was knocked out.

When Rex woke up, he was trapped in an abandoned Ogel Mining Compound by an Inferno agent codenamed Cyber-Bully and the somewhat-repaired but now muted Brickspider Bot v1.0. Speaking through Cyber-Bully, the Brickspider Bot revealed to Rex that Dr. Rex sent out a fake radio call to bring most of the Dino Attack Agents in the Goo Caverns to Quadrant 14, where they would be ambushed by a large army of Mutant Dinos. Ben Gunn arrived and distracted Cyber-Bully and the Brickspider Bot for a moment, but was smashed head-first into a computer and presumably died. Then, an Ogel Drilling Vehicle smashed down one of the walls of the Ogel Mining Compound, and Rex was rescued by General and Shock.

While heading to Quadrant 14 to assist the Dino Attack Agents against the Mutant Dino army, General realized that Mutant Dinos had reversed almost all of the Dino Attack Team's work in the Goo Caverns by destroying the support beams set up to reinforce the Goo Caverns. This meant that if Quadrant 14 erupted, it would destroy most of the Goo Caverns. General contacted the Dino Attack Agents in Quadrant 14, telling them to head for the Trouble Sub Docking Bay. Then, they headed for the Trouble Train Depot, but were stopped by Dr. Rex, who tried to persuade Shock to join him. When Shock refused, Dr. Rex chased the Ogel Drilling Vehicle as it headed for the Trouble Train Depot, but was cut off by a landslide.

Rex, General, and Shock boarded the Trouble Train and headed out of the Goo Caverns, but the tunnel they were in collapsed, wrecking the Trouble Train. Battered and bruised, they began to continue the journey to Ogel's Island on foot. They arrived in the Ogel Control Center Trouble Train Depot, and spoke with Evil Ogel for a few moments. Ogel then revealed to them a portal that was being designed by King Joseph Race and Sam Race. When a large group of drones were suddenly slaughtered in the Trouble Train Depot by an unseen enemy, Ogel told Rex, General, Shock, King Race, and Sam Race to go into the portal, which was programmed with the coordinates of Dino Attack Headquarters.

LEGO Island Edit

As expected, the portal brought Rex and the others to Dino Attack Headquarters, though the experience was less than pleasant due to the lack of an exit portal. Rex, most Dino Attack agents, and other Dino Attack allies attended a meeting, in which Specs explained that there were large numbers of Mutant T-Rex and Mutant Pterosaur nests on LEGO Island, and that the Mutant Dinos may be guarding the Constructopedia.

Before leaving for LEGO Island, Rex visited Libo, who had mostly recovered from a Mutant Lizard attack. Then, Aster Oid burst into the room, ranting about nonsense due to a dusty memory card. When Aster Oid returned to his normal self, Rex told the droid to try to find and eliminate the Brickspider Bot. Greybeard later informed Rex that he would be working in a different section of LEGO Island than Rex.

Rex arrived at LEGO Island in the same T-1 Typhoon as Sam Throramebi, Sam Race, and Frozeen. Having not seen Amanda since about a week prior, they embraced each other on the shores of LEGO Island, since neither was certain that the other escaped the Goo Caverns.

They traveled to the east side of the island, near the ruins of the Metro PD Station, by Fire Hammer. There, they spotted several Mutant Dinos guarding the Information Center, and drove towards the Information Center to investigate. Aided by Reptile and Coral in their T-1 Typhoon, they were able to defeat the Mutant Dinos and their hatchlings. Upon entering the Information Center, Rex found the Big Blue Brick Book while Coral found a decoy Constructopedia left behind by Dr. Rex. Opening the Big Blue Brick Book, Rex found a pirate's letter to the Dino Attack Agents, telling them to try going to the L.E.G.O. Radio Station. Then, they were contacted by Ata through the Infomaniac's L.E.G.O. Radio, who claimed to be in the Radio Station and surrounded by Mutant Dinos. Rex and the others left the Information Center to investigate.

They arrived at the ruined L.E.G.O. Radio Station. After blasting their way inside, they found Ata wounded and the Constructopedia nearby. However, Mutant Dinos and falling rubble trapped them inside the Radio Station until they were rescued by a T-1 Typhoon. Rex and Reptile noticed that Mutant T-Rexes were being attracted to the Constructopedia due to a venom in the book, so Reptile cleansed the book. The gathered group of Mutant T-Rexes no longer pursued the T-1 Typhoon, but Mutant Lizards mysteriously started materializing inside the helicopter. While Frozeen and Coral fought the Mutant T-Rexes, Rex, Reptile, and Amanda began fighting the Mutant Lizards. When communication suddenly went down, the Mutant Lizards stopped teleporting into the helicopter, and Amanda found another letter from the pirate, telling them to go to a secret cave at Space Mountain and wait there with the Constructopedia.

Rex, Coral, and Frozeen hopped out of the T-1 Typhoon, into a Fire Hammer, and sped towards the west side of the island. However, Mutant Pterosaurs began tearing off pieces of Space Mountain itself and dropping the rocks down onto the Fire Hammer and T-1 Typhoon. Eventually, they managed to reach the cave while the T-1 Typhoon eliminated the Mutant Pterosaurs. There, they met Captain Click, who revealed himself to be the pirate who was sending them notes. Click then took the Constructopedia and revealed that he brought the Dino Attack Agents to LEGO Island just so that he could use the Constructopedia to get back inside his cave and sleep. However, after opening his door, Captain Click discovered that XERRD set up a secret lab in his cave run by the Brickspider Bot v1.0.

Rex proposed a theory suggesting that Dr. Rex hid the Constructopedia so nobody would discover the LEGO Island Laboratory. He then convinced Captain Click to help the Dino Attack agents destroy it. Rex joined in the fight, helping to fight XERRD scientists and Inferno henchmen while destroying the machinery inside. He attempted to propose to Amanda, but was interrupted. During the battle, a Mutant Lizard attacked Amanda, and Rex reacted by quickly and violently killing the creature, leaving him shocked at what he had done.

After the remaining XERRD scientists and Inferno henchmen surrendered, Rex spoke with Elite Agent Redshirt about the Brickspider Bot, but Redshirt did not see the elite Brickster-Bot anywhere. Seconds later, the Brickspider Bot dropped from the ceiling down upon Redshirt, killing him. Rex alerted the rest of the Dino Attack team, and they were able to cut off the Brickspider Bot's escape. The Brickspider Bot then began to speak in Morse Code, telling Amanda that Rex had kept her brother's death from her. For the first time, Rex heard Amanda speak, and she asked him why he had done such a thing.

In the distraction, Rex failed to notice the Brickspider Bot as it snatched the Constructopedia out of Captain Click's hands. It tore out the page for LEGO Island's baseplate, and as a result, the entire island deconstructed into 1x1 LEGO bricks and rose in elevation into a large portal. Rex managed to keep his balance, and was brought into the portal along with the 1x1 bricks.

Rex found himself and others in the Torn World. He was equally disturbed by the fact that Amanda refused to so much as look at him. Rex and the others began to slowly make their way across the field, stopping XERRD scientists and Inferno agents along the way. Then, Rex began assisting Reptile and the others in building a walkway using the 1x1 bricks.

After the walkway was completed, Rex explained his plan of defeating the Brickspider Bot and retrieving the Constructopedia to Frozeen, who related it to the rest of the Dino Attack agents because he was the better speaker. However, the Brickspider Bot ambushed them by walking upside-down underneath the walkway; Frozeen's warning came too late. In its attack, Amanda fell off the walkway but grabbed onto a 1x1 brick. Rex grabbed her hand, but found himself in a bad position to lift her up, and even worse he too was slipping off the walkway towards their doom. Eventually he was hanging by a hand.

Finally, help came to the pair. Far off in a makeshift sniping post, Stranger spotted them and alerted nearby Bluetooth, who ran over to them and managed to pull them back onto the walkway. Bluetooth then quickly informed them that the Brickspider Bot had been damaged and the Constructopedia had been retrieved. Before anything else could be done, the remaining XERRD scientists and Inferno agents went back on the offensive, forcing a return to battle.

Rex was approached by several camouflage-breed Hybrids, Reptile, and Semick. Rex got the Hybrids in a defensive formation around them while he took the Constructopedia from Semick and used it as bait to lure over the Brickspider Bot. Rex's plan initially worked out: the camouflage-breed Hybrids were able to ambush the Brickspider Bot and even behead the robot. However, the headless body was still able to operate, and grabbed Rex by the throat and began strangling the Dino Attack agent. Just in the nick of time, Amanda destroyed the Brickspider Bot's head with an electro-spear, and Rex was freed from the creature's grasp.

LEGO Island was then restored by Reptile placing the Baseplate Page back into the Constructopedia. Rex approached Amanda and apologized to her for not telling her about Roger's death. She forgave him, and the two Minifigs shared a romantic moment. The moment was suddenly ended when the Hybrids betrayed Dino Attack Team and stabbed Rex in the side. Rex then blacked out.

Luckily, the other Dino Attack agents managed to defeat the Hybrids. Amanda and Septimus brought Rex aboard a T-1 Typhoon called the Talon, which carried him to LEGO City. During the flight, his wounds were treated by Medic, who determined the wounds were so serious that he had to be brought to the Dino Attack Headquarters hospital wing. When Rex regained consciousness, he learned of the Antarctica mission and why Amanda had remained mute for years. Unfortunately, the wound had paralyzed Rex, rendering him unable to use his legs, thus Rex began using a wheelchair.

Adventurers' IslandEdit


Rex, wheelchair bound

Rex was escorted by Amanda into the mission briefing room, where he spoke with Frozeen and Greybeard before the mission brief. After explaining the situation of the Hybrids' betrayal and promoting several agents to elite status, Specs explained to the Dino Attack agents about a temple on Adventurers' Island containing energies of the Maelstrom and how it was necessary to keep XERRD from accessing this temple, as it played a vital role in the mutation of dinosaurs. In addition, they must protect the native dinosaurs on the island from Mutant Dinos and XERRD scientists.

Rex and Chompy both felt emotionally attached to this mission, as Adventurers' Island was their home and they hoped to find their family there. After Sam Sinister announced that he would be the team's guide on Adventurers' Island, Rex was offered a ride in the Talon by Hotwire. Hotwire explained to Rex that Kat, who was now one with the T-1 Typhoon, was modeled after Dr. Rex's sister, thus making her and Rex siblings in a way.

Rex then asked a favor of Hotwire and Reptile. He knew how the team had depended on him to call the shots on the previous mission, and knew that with his handicap, it would be difficult for him to command this mission. Therefore, he requested that the two Elite Agents take command of the mission instead. Reptile and Hotwire both agreed to this request.

Rex, Chompy, and Amanda rode with Hotwire and Tracer aboard the Talon to Adventurers' Island. They landed in the island's jungle, where Hotwire stayed behind to make any necessary repairs to the Talon following a Mutant Pterosaur attack. Rex, Chompy, Amanda, and Tracer located an Adventurers Outpost located in the jungle, in which they found Johnny Thunder's journal. The last entry detailed Achu's concern over a tear in the universe that was concentrated at one of their temples; the description of this tear was like that of the Maelstrom.

While the others gathered Octan gasoline to refuel several Adventurers vehicles at the outpost, Rex heard footsteps and strange snarling coming from the jungle. In addition, he saw strange black spots on the ground where plant life withered and died. When he called Amanda over to investigate, they were met with several gunshots fired from an unseen Stromling Explorer. Thanks to Amanda's quick reflexes, the bullets missed but succeeded in blowing up the Octan gas. Tracer came to their aid and shot the Stromling Explorer, only to trigger a trap. Rex, Amanda, and Tracer were then caught in a net and surrounded by Islanders.

They were freed by Dust, who killed most of the Islanders in the process. However, more natives arrived, and Rex chose to willingly surrender. He explained to his comrades that surrender was the best way they could meet Achu and form an alliance with the tribal ruler. As he expected, they were escorted to Aztec Village and brought before Achu. Achu saw that Rex and Chompy were natives of Adventurers' Island and would do anything to save their home, and thus decided to put the Dino Attack agents to the test. Rex, Amanda, Tracer, and Chompy were then teleported into the battlefield of the war between native dinosaurs and Mutant Dinos.

During the battle, they met up with Clark Deadworth and a female T-Rex that Chompy recognized. However, Rex was knocked out of his wheelchair and tied himself to the back of a Mutant Lizard, which would serve as his steed. After Rex sent Chompy to help create an alliance with the native dinosaurs, the Dino Attack agents were teleported back to Aztec Village, where Achu informed them that they were under attack by Mutant Dinos. Rex immediately began commanding Dino Attack agents and Islanders alike to form a strategic defense.

Rex overheard Achu speaking to Zachary Virchaus, whom the tribal ruler distrusted because he helped Dust escape from the Islanders. Fearful that any mistake might cost the alliance between Dino Attack Team and Achu's Islanders, Rex approached Zachary and sternly warned the young agent that he better not mess this up. Rex also realized that Dr. Rex was using the Maelstrom to further bend Mutant Dinos to his will, meaning the only hope of saving Mutant Dinos was by containing the Maelstrom and killing Dr. Rex.

As the battle progressed, Achu's magical shield went down, allowing Mutant Dinos to easily enter the village. Rex commanded the Dino Attack agents and Islanders to take up positions that would make defending the village easier. He suddenly heard rumbling and, using his binoculars, saw something in the distance that would bring salvation: an approaching Triceratops stampede. However, in an attempt to warn everybody to get inside Aztec Village, Rex's Mutant Lizard was killed by a Mutant T-Rex. As a result, the immobilized Dino Attack agent had to be carried on Zachary's back.

Zachary rushed Rex inside Aztec Village, where Rex told the young Dino Attack agent to warn everybody else to get inside the village. They encountered several Stromling Islanders led by Ahua, but were saved by Andrew's Fire Hammer. In the Fire Hammer, they were able to spread the warning, and everyone made it inside Aztec Village. Two Mutant T-Rexes managed to break down the village gate, but the Triceratops stampede arrived and defeated the Mutant Dinos.

After the battle, Rex spoke with Achu about the whereabouts of the Maelstrom Temple. The tribal chief revealed that he did not know which temple was the source of the Maelstrom, but the two most likely temples were a Temple of Creation and a temple built by Pharaoh Hotep III. With a makeshift wheelchair built by Zachary, Rex and Amanda hopped into a Fire Hammer and drove towards their next destination, a XERRD Fortress.

They arrived at the fortress and found a squad commanded by Reptile and Sam Sinister, pinned down by snipers, a Skeleton Mummy, and several Stromling Explorers. After Amanda took down the snipers, they managed to infiltrate the fortress. Rex and Reptile disguised themselves as XERRD scientists, while the rest of the group disguised themselves as XERRD guards.

The group was stopped by Zed Provhezor and Walter Breen, two high-ranking XERRD scientists. These scientists recognized Sam Sinister and took him away for negotiations. Rex was warned by a disguised Zachary that Dino Attack Team was about to attack the fortress. However, Rex knew that it was necessary to rescue Lord Sinister first.

They attempted to follow Provhezor, Breen, and Sinister, only to be forced to stop by an invisible force field that would only let Rex and Reptile pass through due to their XERRD lab coats. Michelle Glados revealed herself and told the Dino Attack agents disguised as XERRD guards to get back to work. Amanda, one of these agents, demanded to be let through, and she fabricated that she was assigned to push the wheelchair of an unfinished Dr. Rex clone designed by ShadowTech, Rex.

However, Dr. Glados did not believe this, asking why a mere grunt would be trusted to such a task. Amanda Claw revealed herself to be Silencia Venomosa, a feared and infamous bounty hunter and assassin. She extorted Glados into letting her through the field, but Glados figured out the identities of Rex and Reptile, leading her to activate the fortress's neurotoxin emitters.

Rex, Amanda, and Reptile followed Dr. Provhezor into a room filled with crates, where they found two injection needles containing the antidote. Since Reptile and Amanda were both suffering far more from the neurotoxins than he was, Rex refused to take one of the needles. He later figured out that he was immune to the neorotoxins because his body had been injected with the antidote while it belonged to Dr. Rex.

They found the central chamber of the XERRD Fortress, where Dr. Breen, Dr. Glados, and Dr. Provhezor were holding negotiations between Sam Sinister and Señor Palomar, who had allied with XERRD. Palomar activated more Skeleton Mummies, and the XERRD operatives were teleported out of the fortress by Dr. Glados. Rex, Amanda, Reptile, and Sinister joined up with Semick, Prichard, and Carl Lutsky and boarded the Talon with Hotwire, Kate Bishop, and Dr. Cyborg.

After landing at a Dino Attack camp and getting some rest, Rex went into the command tent to discuss future actions with Reptile, Andrew, Hotwire, Zenna, Laxus, Bluetooth, Sam Sinister, Septimus, and Hertz. Dust entered the tent, but neither he nor Rex trusted one another. Dust and Minerva presented evidence suggesting that the Maelstrom Temple was the Temple of Pharaoh Hotep III, and Dust denounced Rex's theory that the Temple of Creation had been corrupted into the Maelstrom Temple.

Bluetooth and Rockford then revealed that elite agent Rotor was putting his T-1 Typhoon crew on trial for refusing to fire upon the XERRD Fortress while Dino Attack agents were still inside. Hearing that the crew would be executed by a firing squad, Rex attended the trial but was unable to sway Rotor's opinions. He fumed over Rotor's actions, but then was given an antidote for the neurotoxins by Naomi Carver.

Knowing he was immune but others were in far worse condition, Rex did not inject himself with the antidote. Amanda Claw came into the tent and revealed privately to Rex that she had considered killing the firing squad. Rex explained to her that he did not need the antidote and that they should find someone else who needed it the most. He later decided to give the antidote to Alan Pierce, a medic who would know who needed it.

A TumTum Islander named Taglong and a T-Rex arrived at the camp, telling Rex that the alpha female T-Rex of Adventurers' Island requested his presence in order to form an official alliance with Dino Attack Team. Despite Taglong's warnings, Rex agreed to go. The T-Rex led Rex, Amanda, and Taglong through the Adventurers' Island jungle before stopping at Ugalego ruins. They followed the T-Rex through a secret opening in an Ugalego statue and found themselves in a massive chamber occupied by a destroyed Scorpion Orb Launcher.

The alpha female T-Rex approached the group and explained to Rex that the dinosaurs were willing to form an alliance but heavily disapproved of Dino Attack Team's decision to ally with Lord Sam Sinister. When Rex and Amanda tried to defend Sinister, a Pterosaur dropped Mr. Cunningham in the center of the chamber. Rex tried in vain to get answers out of Mr. Cunningham. When Amanda, acting once again as Silencia Venomosa, threatened the hunter, he finally revealed that he was capturing dinosaurs for XERRD and that Lord Sinister sent him to hunt down the alpha female T-Rex.

Desperate to keep Dino Attack's alliances intact, Rex argued with the alpha female T-Rex until she at last agreed to officially ally with the Dino Attack Team. When they left the Ugalego temple, they were surprised to see that Mr. Cunningham's traps had ensnared a XERRD operative named Dr. Paulie Gonepus and several Mutant Dinos. Rex and Amanda Claw took Mr. Cunningham and Dr. Gonepus back to camp, only to find the area under attack by Mutant Dinos and Stromlings led by Zachary Virchaus, who was now a Stromling Agent.

After the Mutant Dinos and Stromlings retreated, Rex gave Adventure the duty of interrogating Paulie Gonepus. After hearing about the results, Rex, Amanda, and Adventure attended a meeting held in the Dino Attack Outpost's command room, where they discussed their plans for finding the Maelstrom Temple. There, Rex was introduced to Catless, an old friend of Dr. Cyborg. The meeting came to an abrupt end when one of the agents attending the meeting, Zelda Frodongan, turned out to be a Stromling Agent. In the ensuing fight, Rex picked up a Sonic Screamer dropped by Hertz and used it to incapacitate Zelda.

Following an announcement by Zachary Virchaus, Rex ordered Adventure to let Dr. Gonepus escape. He traveled to the communications room with Semick, Bluetooth, and Hertz to track Gonepus's path, and after speaking briefly with Dust, Rex was surprised to see that Dr. Gonepus was heading to the Temple of Hotep III, not the Temple of Creation. Although Rex was angry with himself for wasting time advocating for traveling to the Temple of Creation when the evidence now pointed to the Temple of Hotep III, he turned his focus towards heading to the true Maelstrom Temple and sent Semick to rally the troops. Before leaving, Rex placed Kate Bishop and Rotor under his supervision, to keep Kate safe and to keep Rotor under control.

Rex, Amanda, Rotor, and Kate traveled in Adventure's Fire Hammer to the Maelstrom-infected region of Adventurers' Island. There, Rex spotted the Temple of Creation and decided to go to the temple with Amanda, Rotor, and Kate in order to gather Imagination to help defeat the Maelstrom in the Temple of Hotep III. As they entered the temple, the group was attacked by a Dark Spiderling and then surrounded by a group of Stromling Explorers and Islanders.

After escaping from the Stromlings, Rex's team continued to explore the Temple of Creation. In the temple's main chamber, they discovered a statue containing a small orb of Imagination. However, they were stopped by Wallace Bishop, Señor Palomar, and other members of XERRD, who revealed to the group that the Temple of Creation was actually the Maelstrom Temple all along and that the Temple of Hotep III was merely a red herring. The Dino Attack agents and XERRD scientists then engaged each other in battle.

As the battle continued, Rex was knocked out of his wheelchair by a grenade dropped by Dr. Glados. He was picked up by Dr. Provhezor, and they fought each other in hand-to-hand combat in Provhezor's hover-chair. The chair's chaotic flight brought them close to the temple's Maelstrom vortex, and a bolt of lightning-like Maelstrom energy hit the chair and ejected its passengers. Rex was rescued by Amanda, while Provhezor was sucked into the Maelstrom vortex and killed.

After the group was joined by Garry Moffat, Rex distracted Señor Palomar long enough for Amanda to defeat the Spanish treasure hunter. Noticing Dr. Breen trying to sneak away from the battle, Rex convinced Palomar to stop Breen in his tracks. However, Walter Breen was using Kate Bishop as a Minifig shield, prompting Wallace Bishop to shoot Dr. Breen and reveal himself as Frank Einstein, Dino Attack Team's mole in XERRD.

Frank Einstein explained to Rex that he was the one placed in charge of altering Rex's brain in preparation for the Minifig disguise. Knowing that Dino Attack Team was the LEGO Planet's only hope, Einstein deliberately sabotaged the procedure and made Rex think that he was truly a Minifig supposed to help Dino Attack Team, thus foiling Dr. Rex's plans to destroy Dino Attack from the inside out.

Shortly afterward, Sam Sinister arrived in the Maelstrom Temple with Frozeen, Greybeard, and the Maelstrom Crystal. Baron Typhonus revealed himself to those present and, as a demonstration of the power of the Maelstrom, granted Rex the ability to walk again. However, Rex did not let himself trust Typhonus, and as Lord Sinister rejected the Baron's offer of power in exchange for the crystal, Baron Typhonus began to unleash Stromling Explorers to attack the group and take the Maelstrom Crystal. Rex tried to help his teammates as they juggled the crystal from one to another, but the Maelstrom energy which allowed him to walk turned on him, constricting him and stripping him of his mobility.

At last, the Maelstrom energies let go of Rex. While Amanda Claw left his side to fetch Provhezor's hover-chair, Rex was shocked by the arrival of an old enemy: Kotua. Kotua criticized Rex for being weak, but when Rex demanded that Kotua stop mocking him and start helping him, Kotua called in Perfect Chaos to kill Rex. Although Rex was helped by a Mutant Lizard tamed by Stranger, he was left unable to fight when he saw Perfect Chaos drown Amanda.

The Mutant Lizard scrawled letters on the floor, but Rex could not understand what the lizard was trying to say. Just for an instant as the Darkitect was distracted, Kotua, Chaos, and Amanda's corpse vanished, and the real Amanda was revealed to be still alive. As Chaos tried to drown him, Rex realized that it was all just a trick by the Darkitect and was able to break away from the illusion.

Rex and Amanda helped Frozeen break away from his own illusions, then they helped Rex climb into Provhezor's hover-chair. Rex was shocked to discover that Pterisa was a Minifig/Mutant Pterosaur Hybrid, remembering the betrayal of the Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids. Although he joined Greybeard, Trigger, Snake, and others in a last-ditch attempt to slow down the Darkitect, he was brought away from the battlefield by Amanda, who needed him to tell a very insecure Pterisa that he trusted her.

Although Rex was reluctant at first, he realized that it would be hypocritical of him to criticize Pterisa for the actions of other Hybrids. As a result, he willingly put his trust in her, which gave Pterisa more confidence. While Lord Sinister was airlifted out of the temple with the Maelstrom Crystal, Rex, Amanda, Pterisa, Andrew, and Laxus joined the others in distracting the Darkitect long enough for Kate Bishop to inject Frank Einstein's Creative Spark into the temple's Imagination orb.

With the Maelstrom vortex closed and the Darkitect gone, Rex congratulated Kate Bishop, only to notice that she was mourning the death of Frank Einstein. The rookie agent handed Rex a bishop chess piece, which Einstein wanted to give Rex before he died. Rex dedicated a moment of silence in memory of the fallen scientist, then discussed with Holly Vinyaya and Hertz where Einstein would be laid to rest.

Before leaving Adventurers' Island, Rex, Amanda, Frozeen, Greybeard, and Hertz stopped at an Adventurers Outpost, where they were greeted by the TumTum Tribe and dinosaurs. Achu and Chompy explained that the alpha female T-Rex had perished in battle, and Rex was her eldest heir. However, due to the circumstances, Rex decided to respectfully relinquish his title and pass it on to the alpha female T-Rex's second-oldest offspring, Chompy.

Mole Hunt Edit

Rex returned to Dino Attack Headquarters, where he was congratulated by his teammates for the victory at Adventurers' Island. After chatting a bit with King Joseph Race about the mission to Castle Cove, Rex was approached by Shadow, who saw that Rex had one of Frank Einstein's bishops. Shadow informed Rex that it contained a message and sent him to Specs's office to view the hologram.

After Specs activated the hologram, it informed Rex and Amanda that Dr. Rex had poisoned his Minifig body with Maelstrom and, as a result of inheriting that body, Rex had less than a month to live. Rex was grieved by this knowledge, but decided that only he and Amanda would bear the burden of having this knowledge. Accepting his fate, he and Amanda embraced.

Since Rex had not slept for days, Amanda recommended that he do so. While he resisted at first, eventually he agreed to lie down on his bed and quickly fell asleep. He was woken up by a message from Dino Attack receptionist Elizabeth Wilma, telling him that Gun had requested to see him. However, when Rex and Amanda went down to the lobby, Gun was nowhere to be seen.

While Amanda searched the base for Gun, Rex was taken by Soldier, Heavy, and Scout to the secret room formerly used by the Portal Operations Team. Spy entered the room and lectured them about XERRD's mole, who had been killing members of the Second Headquarters Squad. However, fear and paranoia drove Rex's teammates against each other, and by the time Rex took control of the situation, Spy was dead and Soldier was badly-injured. Then, XERRD's mole entered the room and killed Scout, Soldier, and Heavy, but Rex survived with the horrible knowledge that Specs was the mole.

In the Dino Attack hospital wing, Rex was asked by Specs and Detective Bogart about what he saw, but Rex pretended to be ignorant, only telling the truth to Amanda. As Rex and Amanda searched the headquarters for Pyro and Demoman, they were interrogated by Bogart and Commander Pharisee, who believed Amanda to be behind the murders, which caused Rex to lash out against them. When a minifig named Montoya tried to shoot Amanda with a shotgun, Rex rammed his wheelchair into Montoya to protect Amanda. Then, Anubis showed up and brought Rex to Pyro and Demoman, who were putting themselves and others in danger in their attempts to protect themselves from the mole.

At last, Ata told Rex and Amanda that Specs wished to see them in private. Believing this the perfect opportunity to catch the mole, Rex and Amanda went to Specs's office and placed him under custody. However, their victory was short-lived as XERRD's true mole, who was disguised as Specs, entered the room at that moment. They were able to quickly overpower the mole and expose his true identity: Ata.

Rex interrogated Ata to find out more about his motivations. Upon learning that Ata was working for XERRD the whole time, he realized that Ata, like the rest of XERRD, was actually manipulated by Baron Typhonus. Later, Rex, Amanda, and Frozeen searched through Ata's belongings and found Spy's briefcase of equipment and disguises, which gave Evil Ogel an idea to help the Dino Attack Team.

After Amanda Claw wrote a letter to Bartholomew Enderson, Rex traveled with her to the post room. Along the way, Dr. Cyborg repaired Rex's wheelchair and Frozeen read aloud a entry from Spy's journal. In the post room, Rex caught a glimpse of Ata, who had evidently escaped imprisonment, trying to escape, and so Rex, Amanda, Frozeen, Greybeard, Zachary, and Minerva pursued the fleeing XERRD mole. At last, Ata was caught by an elderly man in the Dino Attack lobby and killed by Greybeard.

Rex and Amanda were later approached by the elderly man, who eventually revealed himself to actually be Ben Gunn. Ben Gunn reported to Rex that he overheard a XERRD meeting in the Goo Caverns, and Dr. Rex was planning to attack Dino Attack Headquarters on December 21, 2010.

However, the reunion was interrupted by a message from Andrew, revealing that French Fries was abusing his elite agent privileges and was trying to execute Rotor and Pilot. Sick and tired of unneeded conflicts among Dino Attack agents, Rex found French Fries and punched him. When French Fries mocked Rex by claiming to have run over Trouble, Rex snapped and badly beat French Fries, only stopping because Amanda, Andrew, and Kareem Nazareno succeeded in prying Rex off of French Fries. Andrew and Amanda recommended that Rex seek counseling after this incident, so Rex had a session with psychiatrist Nicholas Saran.

Rex reported Ben Gunn's findings to the founding members, who relayed the message to the rest of the Dino Attack Team. Rex was called into one last conference, where some Dino Attack agents were promoted to elite status. After that, the elite agents had a private meeting with Semick, who assigned roles for each of them to play in the final battle.

At War's End Edit

Rex, Amanda, and Frozeen shared an Iron Predator and helped oversee the defense of the Dino Attack Headquarters. Although Rex wished to be on the front lines, he assigned Greybeard with the task of keeping him informed via radio. After Greybeard tried to take down Dr. Rex himself, Rex received a distress signal. Rex traveled with Amanda Claw to Enderson's bar to rendezvous with Greybeard and Sam Race.

On the way back to Frozeen and the Iron Predator, they encountered Dr. Rex. Rex was accidentally left behind, but Amanda and Greybeard returned to rescue him while Dr. Rex was distracted by Evil Ogel. Deciding that there would never be a better time, Rex asked Amanda to marry him, and Greybeard conducted the wedding ceremony for them. The wedding renewed Rex's confidence and optimism, allowing him to come up with a plan to defeat Dr. Rex by electrocuting his silge armor.

After contacting Adventure's High-Voltage Half-Track, Rex tried to lead Dr. Rex into a trap with his Iron Predator. When Dr. Rex did not fall for the trap and instead retreated, Rex and Adventure searched the streets for him. Rex's Iron Predator was ambushed by Dr. Rex, but thanks to Evil Ogel and a pair of Scorpion Orb Launchers, Dr. Rex was distracted long enough for Adventure's High-Voltage Half-Track to arrive and fire upon Dr. Rex.

Dr. Rex was defeated, but still alive and in great pain. Believing that it would be the proper fate of the mad scientist who created the apocalypse, Rex refused to grant him a mercy kill, leaving Dr. Rex to suffer a miserable death. However, Baron Typhonus intervened and used the Maelstrom energies in Dr. Rex's body to possess him and keep him from dying. Rex's Iron Predator only escaped because Adventure sacrificed himself to give the others a little more time.


The death of Amanda

Fearing that their lives were in danger, Rex ordered Frozeen, Greybeard, and Sam Race to get out of the Iron Predator and instead take a Fire Hammer. After they were gone, the Iron Predator was hit and destroyed by a rocket fired by Dr. Glados. Trying to buy Amanda enough time to recover, Rex argued with Dr. Glados about her morals, declaring that her belief that emotion is weakness was completely wrong. Glados responded by shooting Amanda Claw, who died in Rex's arms and thanked him for everything.

Distraught, Rex was unable to do anything as Mutant Lizards circled around the wrecked Iron Predator and Dr. Glados prepared to kill him. However, a darkness-breed Mutant Lizard that Rex recognized as Trouble arrived to protect Rex, and Trouble fought Dr. Glados to the death. By the time T-1 Typhoons and the Titanium Predator arrived to rescue Rex, his utter despair from the deaths of Amanda and Trouble left him in a state of shock, where he could not respond to anyone or anything, despite Semick's wishes to speak with the elite agent. The only one who tried to speak with Rex was Andrew Jackson, who did not notice Rex's distraught state and lectured him about lusting for revenge.

Heeding Andrew Jackson's words, Rex had turned violent and harsh, all too eager to extract revenge upon the Mutant Dinos, by the time he was dropped off at Dino Attack Headquarters. Using one of elite agent Gromtin's spare wheelchairs, he made his way through Dino Attack Headquarters and killed any Mutant Dino he encountered. When he reached the top of headquarters, where the Portal Operations Team had assembled a Super Teleport Pad to evacuate personnel to Antarctica, Rex realized that he was falling into insanity when he saw hallucinations of the Darkitect.


Rex's possessed body

Most of the team's remaining elite agents gathered at the top of Dino Attack Headquarters to finish the Einstein Device, but they ran into a problem when they realized that they could not power the weapon without an ample source of Imagination. Remembering how Frank Einstein's Creative Spark cleared the Maelstrom Temple, Rex volunteered to have his Creative Spark extracted and used to power the Einstein Device. Zachary and Dr. Cyborg worked together to extract the Creative Spark.

However, without a Creative Spark, Rex's body became possessed by the Maelstrom and tried to attack Dr. Cyborg. Greybeard and Zachary defeated the possessed Rex, who aged at an accelerated rate before decaying into dust.

Rex's Creative Spark was still alive and was loaded by Dr. Cyborg and Reptile into the finished Einstein Device. Viper fired the Einstein Device at Dr. Rex, and the Imagination in Rex's Creative Spark was magnified by the device to wipe out all the Maelstrom in the area, killing Dr. Rex and most of his Mutant Dinos as well as banishing Baron Typhous for good. As a result of his essence being spread out so far, Rex died, but he was peaceful and accepting of his fate, knowing all the lives that he was saving in his sacrifice.


In memory of Rex's sacrifice, Hertz bestowed the name Rex upon a T-2 Typhoon that helped defeat Dr. Rex during the final battle.

After the war, Rex's memorial service was held in the Remous family plot, and his tombstone was placed next to Amanda's grave. Rex's name was also engraved on a memorial to all the fallen soldiers of the Dino Attack.

In 2017, Fullmetal named his son Rex Spartana in memory of Rex. Visiting a Mt. Bricklake memorial for Aravis and Spino, he asked his fallen friends to convey a message "on the other side" to Rex, asking for their blessing.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Rex was skilled with ropes, able to use them for climbing, crossing pits, and whipping. As a 'prototype' Mutant T-Rex, he did not have the full range of powers that a normal Mutant T-Rex had, but he had exceptional strength; however, after permanently becoming a Minifig, he no longer had super strength. Rex had immunity to the XERRD neurotoxins due to the origins of his Minifig body.

Rex was considered one of the 'idealists' of the Dino Attack Team. In contrast to the 'realists' such as Greybeard or Kat, he saw Mutant Dinos as living creatures, and would do whatever he could to try to save the mutants. However, he would not go so far as to put the team and the planet in danger, and would kill the Mutant Dinos when necessary. At first, Rex cared little for the survival of the Mutant Dinos and wished to exterminate them, but his first encounter with Trouble in Tzenovich's Sandwiches caused him to have a change of heart.

Rex was fiercely protective of his teammates, especially Amanda Claw, and would not allow any harm to come to them. Rex was brave and stood for what be believed is right. Unfortunately, he could be somewhat-easily irritated and was rather headstrong. This is because Rex was largely guided by emotion rather than logic, leaving him prone to occasionally making passionate yet irrational decisions; this may be the result of having the mind and instincts of a T-Rex. When under the pressure of commanding Dino Attack agents, Rex could come off as cold and harsh.

The mounting stress of leading the Dino Attack Team, in addition to the paranoia of the mole hunt and the knowledge that he was fatally ill, had a poor effect on Rex's mental health and actually caused him to slowly descend into insanity. Although Rex's marriage to Amanda relieved his stress and filled him with renewed confidence and optimism, the deaths of Amanda and Trouble finally broke Rex, causing him much despair and misery before ultimately leaving him in an unresponsive state of shock. After overcoming his shock, Rex's personality turned much darker and more violent as he lusted for revenge against the Mutant Dinos, but he caught himself upon realizing that this was exactly what the Darkitect wanted him to do. When volunteering to donate his Creative Spark to the Einstein Device, Rex became very calm and accepting of his fate.

Originally, Rex held the opinion that the apocalypse was a poor time for forming lasting relationships. Between this philosophy and his own dark past, he did not allow himself to get particularly close to anyone. This changed with Amanda entered his life, and he realized the benefits of having moral support from a relationship, especially after seeing what happened to Phantom. This desire for a close friendship eventually blossomed into romance.

Rex's weapon of choice was the Sonic Screamer. This reflected his views on fighting Mutant Dinos, since the Sonic Screamer is designed to incapacitate enemies with sonics without actually doing physical harm or pain.

As a former T-Rex, Rex was fluent in the language of dinosaurs, a language constructed primarily of roars and body language. Due to his ability to read body language, Rex was able to understand Amanda Claw's expressions better than anyone else, except perhaps Roger Remous.


"And you, Rex, I truly am amazed at your uncanny ability to survive."
Evil Ogel

Trivia Edit

  • Rex was PeabodySam's primary character in Dino Attack RPG.
  • Rex briefly went under the codename "PeaSam" to avoid any chance of Phantom regaining his memories.
  • Until the final battle, Rex had no surname. He chose the surname Alexander during his wedding with Amanda, believing that it would be the most fitting surname in what he referred to as his "screwed-up family tree".
  • In The Madness of Agent Zero, a hallucination of Rex spoke to Zero and told him that his original story no longer made sense and needed to be rectified.