"Razor, spin around and hit them with your tail!"
Nick Lightning

Razor is the pet raptor of Dino Attack agent Nick Lightning.


Razor was hatched in 2008, in an Adventurers Outpost on Adventurers Dino Island. Razor was adopted by Nick Lightning, who had taken Razor's egg from its nest and brought it to the outpost in his Dino Explorer. Razor was brought by Nick to a hotel in China. When the building was searched by Emperor Chang Wu, Razor and Nick escaped through a secret passageway only to be caught by Señor Palomar and his henchmen. Razor and Nick escaped from Palomar's men, and Nick Lightning chose to resign from the Adventurers.

During the Dino Attack, Razor and Nick Lightning explored a ruined Adventurers facility on Dino Island, with Lightning riding Razor's back. Finding a destroyed building infested with Mutant Lizards, they began fighting the Mutant Dinos. When the Mutant Lizards were in such large numbers that Nick Lightning could not hold them off with his pistol and sword, Razor assisted by spinning around, hitting most of the Mutant Lizards with his tail. After all the Mutant Lizards were dead, Razor and Nick Lightning left.

They found the burning ruins of Nick Lightning's hometown. Looking for a fellow adventurer named Mocaw, Razor and Lightning took a boat to World City, where Mocaw was right before the Dino Attack. However, in World City, Nick Lightning left Razor behind and used his Urban Avenger to search the city instead. Razor has not been heard from since.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Razor is capable of fighting Mutant Lizards even with a Minifig on his back. As Nick Lightning was the first living being that Razor saw after hatching from an egg, Razor imprinted upon Nick and sees Nick as his mother.


  • Razor originated as one of The Late Great QQQQ's NPCs in TakunuvaC01's first Johnny Thunder RPG.