• Enox Phorm, a former member of Dino Attack Team and GAIA Squad codenamed "Raptor".
  • Jecht "Landro" Raptor, a XERRD scientist who went mad after accidentally being mutated into a minifig/Mutant Dino hybrid.
  • Mutant Raptor, one of four major species of Mutant Dino.
  • Nidhogg Raptor, one of five major species of Mutant Viking Monster.
  • Raptor Dude, also known as simply "Raptor", a Dino Attack agent who worked with Zap and Alpha Mantax.
  • Raptors Gang, a street gang that was devoted to Mutant Raptors.
  • Rev Raptor, a young Dino Attack agent trained for speed and accuracy, and the son of Jecht "Landro" Raptor.
    • Rev Raptor/Legends, the original version of Rev Raptor that has since been declared non-canon.