"You little megablocker think you can get away with trying to pass yourself as me. All you've ever done is try to take credit from me."
Standard Agent Plastic Serpent
Name Plastic Serpent
Skills Stealth
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Atton Rand

Plastic Serpent, formerly codenamed Snake, is a former crook who was hired by Dino Attack Team.


Plastic Serpent has a lengthy history with another criminal known as Snake, whose work he often took credit for. When both crooks were hired by the crime boss Keyser Sozé, Serpent let Snake do the dirty work before double-crossing him and making off with the goods himself.

During the Dino Attack, Plastic Serpent was drafted into the Dino Attack Team, and he enlisted under the codename "Snake". He participated in the mission to Adventurers' Island. After the Maelstrom Temple was secured, he ran into Snake in the Outpost 4 mess hall. When Snake discovered that Serpent had chosen "Snake" as a codename, he grew so angry that he knocked him to the floor, resulting in a lengthy brawl between the two Dino Attack agents. Snake emerged victorious from the fight and, to avoid future conflicts, Plastic Serpent changed his codename.

During the final battle in LEGO City, Plastic Serpent was badly wounded and burned by a fire-breathing Mutant Lizard. He was picked up by a Fire Hammer ambulance driven by Dr. Giovanni Wade and Dr. Marco Martinet. Dr. Martinet treated his burns and bandaged his wounds before sending Serpent back into the battlefield. There, Plastic Serpent was nearly run over by Snake, who had hotwired a car and was trying to flee the city. When Snake crashed his car, he beat up Plastic Serpent one more time and left him to die. Fortunately, Plastic Serpent's body was discovered by Dr. Martinet and Dr. Wade, who rescued him and gave him proper medical attention once more.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

A master of stealth, Plastic Serpent can sneak around enemy bases with ease, although he never had the opportunity to put this ability to use during the Dino Attack.

According to Snake, Plastic Serpent is notorious for claiming credit for the work done by others, and eagerly double-crosses his teammates to make off with the prize himself. This led to Snake bitterly hating Plastic Serpent and looking for opportunities to get revenge.


  • Plastic Serpent is very loosely inspired by Solid Snake, the protagonist of the Metal Gear series. The rivalry between Plastic Serpent and Snake is a reference to the similarities between Solid Snake and Snake Plissken of Escape from New York.
  • In a non-canon scene, Plastic Serpent ambushed Snake after the final battle, but both Dino Attack agents were subsequently beaten up by the real Snake Plissken and Solid Snake.

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