"Sting was readying a fleet of Orb Bombers to neutralize a Lizard spawning nest. They flew over, dropping bombs."
Dino Attack RPG
The Orb Bomber is an upgrade to Ogel's Snow Crawler vehicle, designed by Elite Agent Magma for the Dino Attack Team.


After one of Magma's first encounters with the Mutant Dinos, he realized that using Ogel's Ice Orb technology might be a good way to fight them. After all, Mutant Dinos were cold-blooded and could not function in the cold (at least, not at the time). So, along with Agents Sting and Shark, Magma traveled to Antarctica in the small airship Aqua Hover, to see if there was anything salvageable there.

Magma discovered an abandoned outpost of Ogel's, constructed as a point for launching raids on Alpha Team's Antarctic HQ. The small outpost had a hangar bay of about twenty Snow Crawlers, all old and in need of repairs. There was also a supply of Ice Orbs. So, Magma, Shark, and Sting repaired the Snow Crawlers, and upgraded them and repainted them as Dino Attack vehicles. Magma christened the new vehicles "Orb Bombers".

They were immediately put to the test, as Ogel Drones on Ogel's Island had received a report about this. They dispatched the prototype vessel Iron Hammer, an airship designed by Ogel himself, to be powerful enough to wipe out the Mutant Dinos. However, the Orb Bombers were able to hold off the Iron Hammer long enough for Magma, Shark, and Sting to seize control of it. They recrewed the ship with Dino Attack Team agents, and it began to serve Dino Attack, who wanted a ship with the Voltage's power but loyal to the Dino Attack Team (unlike Kotua, whose loyalties infamously fluctuated during the early Dino Attack). The small fleet of Orb Bombers were then loaded onto the vehicle.

The Orb Bombers participated in various missions with the Iron Hammer, but over time their supplies of Ice Orbs were exhausted. Eventually, when the Iron Hammer was destroyed, most of the Orb Bombers were as well.


For all intents and purposes, these are Snow Crawlers with a slightly modified carapace- it has two lasers and a bombing chute to drop Ice Orbs on targets. There is also room for a few more Ice Orbs.

The enlarged cargo hold was a feature already present in the design before Magma discovered the Orb Bombers, so it suggests that Ogel was testing alternative designs for his Snow Crawlers. Likewise, the radar dish is not nearly so important on this model (due both to Ogel's work and Magma's upgrades); destroying it will not cause the entire vehicle to split into two.

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