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There are many objects that play a role in Dino Attack RPG.

Bomb Cart Edit

"I built that! We found an old mine cart track leading to the fort, and I modified one of the carts-"
"Silence, maggot! We gotta get that bomb in there to blow the enemy's base to pieces! Now get to work!"
Engineer and Soldier

The bomb cart was an old mine cart discovered in the mines of the Wild West by the Second Headquarters Squad. After finding an old mine track leading to Fort Legoredo, Engineer decided to convert the mine cart into a bomb cart, attaching a powerful explosive to the cart and giving the cart its own makeshift engine so it may drive itself down the mine track. Although the Second Headquarters Squad needed to move out before the engine was fully built, Engineer managed to finish his work along the way.

The bomb cart traveled to Fort Legoredo and detonated, destroying the fortress and killing all Hybrids inside.

Constructopedia Edit

The Constructopedia is a red book containing vital building instructions for LEGO Island.

Cosmotronic Ray Edit

"Those Cosmotronic Rays should deal with the Raptors quickly."
Holly Vinyaya

The Cosmotronic Ray is a handheld weapon invented by Specs and used by Dino Attack Team. It was designed to incapacitate Mutant Dinos, though shortly into the war it was revealed to have a more important and specific purpose: to use against Mutant Raptors, whose force fields can repel any attack except for Cosmotronic Rays. As a result, when fighting a pack of Mutant Raptors, Dino Attack agents armed with Cosmotronic Rays are usually put at the front lines to quickly dispatch the Mutant Dino threat.

Dark Energy Detector Edit

The Dark Energy Detector was a makeshift device assembled by Reptile. It could track extra-dimensional energy sources, such as those of the Maelstrom.

DNA Device Edit

The DNA Device was a powerful piece of technology that was capable of altering DNA structures, functioning similarly to the Mutant Dino venom but able to affect targets from range.

Einstein Device Edit

The Einstein Device, formerly known as the Doctor Device, was an experimental weapon designed by Dino Attack Team's chief designers. Its primary purpose is to annihilate an entire army of Mutant Dinos while causing minimal damage to the LEGO Planet itself.

G.E. Metal Edit

G.E. Metal is a near-invincible metal used in G.E. Bodies. It tends to be either silver or black in appearance, and takes longer than most metals to heat or cool due to its high specific heat capacity. Thus, users of G.E. Bodies can stand out in the sunshine for hours and not feel the metal burning their skin or muscle. It takes an enormous amount of concentrated energy to melt G.E. Metal, so Alpha Team's rare and dangerous Panrahk XP explosive is one of the few weapons that is capable of achieving this feat.

Certain samples of G.E. Metal have properties that allow them to fuse with Ssol Metal into a completely-invincible metal dubbed Silge Metal. However, these properties are rare among G.E. Metals.

Goo Sphere Edit

Goo Spheres are spheres invented by Reptile which can be filled with substances such as Green Goo. When they pass though a body, they deposit their carried substances into that body.

Green Goo Edit

Green Goo is a gelatinous substance mined in Ogel's Goo Caverns. It has mind-control properties and is used in the creation of Evil Orbs. During the Dino Attack, Green Goo has been used to shut off the nervous systems of Mutant Dinos.

H.R.D.B. Edit

"I'd tell you to run... but can you run from a bomb that's chasing after you?"

The Holographic Robotic Dinosaur Bomb, commonly abbreviated to H.R.D.B., is a robot that was designed by Finister. The H.R.D.B. is a robot that can disguise itself as a dinosaur using holographic technology. Although multiple models were designed by Finister, the one used during the Dino Attack was modeled after and projected the hologram of a T-Rex. Once the hologram is disabled, the H.R.D.B. begins a countdown before it self-destructs in a fiery explosion.

In the alternate future, Finister built multiple models of Holographic Robotic Dinosaur Bombs, which he employed in an adventure to Dino Island as a means to confuse and distract the Adventurers while he worked elsewhere. When the FUTURE villains went back in time to 2010, Finister was unable to bring any H.R.D.B. with him, but was able to build one using scraps of metal and debris collected in the ruins of the Dino Attack. Finister used the H.R.D.B. to distract Dino Attack agents Rex and Amanda Claw while he kidnapped Roger Remous for interrogation. Rex and Claw succeeded in disabling the robot before it could detonate in front of Dino Attack Headquarters.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Dino Attack RPG, Finister attacked Dino Attack Headquarters with an entire army of H.R.D.B. In Love and War, this was retconned to only one H.R.D.B.

External Links Edit

Imagination Edit

Imagination orb
"A great wave of energy pulsated from the Imagination orb as it grew much larger and much brighter. The energy washed over the interior of the Maelstrom Temple, cleansing it of its corruption and banishing the dark shadows and purple fog."
Dino Attack: At War's End

Imagination is a legendary element and fundamental force of the LEGO Universe, said to be the source of all creation. Only Imagination can vanquish the destructive and chaotic energies of the Maelstrom, as the two forces exist as opposite sides of the same coin. A powerful source of Imagination, such as the Imagination Nexus, can bring ideas to life. The Creative Spark, the core essence of a minifig, is largely composed of Imagination. Imagination is known to influence positive emotions such as hope and love, which in turn empower Imagination.

Imagination once flowed freely throughout the LEGO Universe and is said to be the instrument of the mythical First Builders. In modern times, most remaining Imagination exists in the Nimbus System, where the Imagination Nexus was once located on Crux before it was corrupted into the Maelstrom by Baron Typhonus. As the Maelstrom threatens to extinguish the Imagination, Nexus Force was founded to protect Imagination and help it flourish. Imagination is considerably rarer on the LEGO Planet, but several Temples of Creation, including one on Adventurers' Island, were built to contain powerful Imagination orbs. During the Dino Attack, the Imagination of Creative Sparks was used to cure Stromlings, cleanse a corrupted Temple of Creation, power the Einstein Device, and banish the Maelstrom from the LEGO Planet.

Jugend Serum Edit

"It's one of the few qualities I share with my biological brother; neither of us care to suffer the ravages of age if we can avoid it."
Katerina Schattenberg

Jugend Serum is a substance first developed by Dr. Rex in 1957. Inspired by the Fountain of Youth, the Jugend Serum can greatly stall the physical effects of aging.

While a healthy dosage (if such eixsts) has not been determined, Dr. Rex foolishly overdosed himself and injected himself with the Jugend Serum every day, which caused addiction, gradually deteriorated mental health, shut off basic functions of the Minifig body, and other negative side effects. An unwise experiment by Dr. Rex involved mixing Jugend Serum with trace amounts of Maelstrom, which poisoned his body with Maelstrom energy as well as producing hair loss.

Dr. Rex also discovered that exposure to high amounts of Jugend Serum can greatly slow down Minifig metabolism to a point of nearly zero. As a result, Dr. Rex used Jugend Serum to fill his stasis tubes in the Dino Island Laboratory, keeping subjects such as Talia Kaahs and Quasifigus pterisa in stasis indefinitely.

Maelaser Edit

"My new Maelaser no longer corrupts. I... we decided that we're sick of Stromlings. So only a quick, painless incineration for you. That's better than some of my other colleagues' weapons."
— Paulie Gonepus

The Maelaser was a weapon invented by Dr. Paulie Gonepus. It was designed to fire a devastating blast of the Maelstrom's dark energies, which could either corrupt or destroy the target depending on the power settings. After the Maelstrom Temple battle, Gonepus disabled the corruption feature on a newer Maelaser model to prevent the creation of any more Stromlings.

The Maelaser was first seen when Paulie Gonepus intended to corrupt the alpha female T-Rex, only to be captured by Dino Attack Team. He later used the new Maelaser model during the final battle in LEGO City, killing many Dino Attack agents such as Randal. Holly Vinyaya was able to destroy the Maelaser with a direct shot from a Cosmotronic Ray, causing it to explode. This action infuriated Dr. Gonepus, prompting Vinyaya to accuse the mad scientist of valuing his "toys" over the lives of innocents.

Maelstrom Edit

The Maelstrom is a powerful force of chaos and destruction in the LEGO Universe.

Maelstrom Crystal Edit

The Maelstrom Crystal is a dark crystal that carries a high concentration of powerful Maelstrom energies.

Maelstrom Vacuum Edit

"And now, if you don't mind, I must collect some Maelstrom energy with this device here."
Wallace Bishop

The Maelstrom Vacuum is a Paradox device designed to collect Maelstrom samples. XERRD uses a Maelstrom Vacuum to harvest dark energy from the Maelstrom vortex inside the Maelstrom Temple on Adventurers' Island, as well as keeping the power of the vortex in check. While Rex, Amanda Claw, and Rotor battled XERRD's scientists in the temple, Wallace Bishop used his Maelstrom Vacuum to collect Maelstrom energies from the vortex.

Minifigure Disguise Edit

"Wait! Oh no! They also designed disguise technology. It's so high tech, they could disguise a dino as a human."

The minifigure disguise was an organic suit designed by XERRD that appeared to be a minifigure. It was created in the likeness of Dr. Rex, who oversaw the project. The minifig disguise was airtight, completely covering its wearer's skin. Due to its organic components, the disguise looked and felt like real minifig skin, complete with hair follicles and sweat glands. It even contained blood vessels to emulate bruises and minor cuts when injured. However, deep cuts could expose its wearer, so it was also designed to be extra durable to prevent the disguise from failing.

The minifigure disguise was used in conjunction with Redox Serum to disguise Rex as a minifig, as part of XERRD's plan to infiltrate Dino Attack Team, and the disguise was so convincing that nobody suspected the truth about his identity. After Frozeen learned about Rex's origins, he took a knife and cut open the palm of Rex's hand, exposing his mutant scales underneath; later, Rex had to wear a glove at all times to hide this from his teammates. After being formally discharged from Dino Attack Team, Rex tore open the disguise and unveiled his true Mutant T-Rex form.

Mutant Dino Serum Edit

"But it was too late. Axel had already spread the goo all over his fingers to look at it. The sludge started crawling up his arm, as if it knew where to go. Axel's arm started morphing, slowly, steadily, into a claw. In minutes, it had spread to his leg and neck, scales erupting in those places."
Dino Attack RPG

Mutant Dino Serum is a XERRD-created substance containing a high quantity of viruses carrying Mutant Dino DNA. When the serum comes in contact with a Minifig, the viruses inject the DNA into the victim's cells, which overrides the Minifig DNA and transforms the Minifig into a Mutant Dino. The Mutant Dino Serum also contains Maelstrom, which corrupts the victim's mind and typically reduces them to maddened, destructive monsters. The concept of the Mutant Dino Serum was loosely based upon a scene in the famous LEGO Studios production Dino Cop, which inspired XERRD to find a way to use Mutant Dino DNA to transform Minifigs into Mutant Dinos.

Mutant Dino Serum was first discovered by Dino Attack Team during a mission to Ogel's Island, during which Axel and Hyrode were infected and turned into Mutant Lizards. After his first mutation, Snake of Spades developed an uncontrollable addiction to the serum, mutating himself whenever he got the chance. Fogel used Mutant Dino Serum to mutate Amanda Claw. Beta Force was known to be conducting experiments involving the serum to develop their own unique mutants.

Overloader Edit

The Overloader was a destructive weapon invented by Dino Attack Team Elite Agent Reptile to help fight Mutant Dinos. It overloaded a target's power and caused that power to be turned back against the target.

Redox Serum Edit

Redox Serum is a substance developed by XERRD. The name "redox", derived from the scientific term to collectively refer to reduction and oxidation reactions, serves as a pun on the serum's properties. Redox Serum can be used to coat a specimen, and then reduce the subject to a much smaller size, while miraculously avoiding any negative impact on the specimen's metabolism. After a few hours, the Redox Serum will react with oxygen in the atmosphere and break down, allowing the specimen to return to its normal size. XERRD used Redox Serum in their plans to reduce a prototype Mutant T-Rex to the size of a Minifig, then covered the T-Rex's skin with an airtight Minifig disguise to stall the Redox Serum's reaction with oxygen until the T-Rex was ready to break free of its disguise.

Silge Metal Edit

Silge Metal is a rare metallic compound created in a reaction of G.E. Metal and Ssol Metal when they possess certain properties that allow them to combine. The properties of G.E. Metal and Ssol Metal cancel out each others' weaknesses, and Silge Metal is impervious to all known forms of damage, including Panrahk XP explosives and Maelstrom corrosion, although high concentrations of powerful Maelstrom energy can weaken the metal.

Silge Metal was first synthesized by Rex, but when XERRD learned of its existence, Dr. Rex fashioned a suit of armor for himself made from Silge Metal. Despite being nigh invulnerable, Dr. Rex's Silge armor gave him a crippling weakness against electric-based weaponry, such as that of the High-Voltage Half-Track, due to the metal's high conductivity.

Sonic Screamer Edit

"With his concentration on Dr. Rex, Rex was not prepared for the fired blast from a Sonic Screamer behind him. It hit Rex squarely on the back of the head. At once, he heard a mind-splittingly loud hum inside his head. Rex doubled over, but fought with every effort to remain conscious."
Dino Attack RPG

The Sonic Screamer is a common Dino Attack weapon. Although it was originally invented by Specs for the Dino Attack Team, due to its common nature it has also been used by villains such as Sam Sinister and even XERRD operatives such as Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids. The Sonic Screamer is designed to incapacitate its target with sonics; because of this, it is often used by Dino Attack idealists who prefer incapacitation over killing. In addition to being handheld, Urban Avengers often use mounted Sonic Screamers and every T-1 Typhoon has two Sonic Screamers controlled by the rear cockpit.

Ssol Metal Edit

Ssol Metal is a rare and ancient silver-hued metal found in Antarctica. Due to its molecular structure, it is impervious to nearly all damage, but can be quickly corroded away by the Maelstrom. Ssol Metal is best known for being used as the armor of the Silver Scorpion.

When Ssol Metal possesses certain properties, it can be fused with G.E. Metal to form a new metal known as Silge Metal. However, these properties are rare among Ssol Metals.

Super-Spicy-Tongue-Melting-Jail-Cell-Door-Opening-Hot Pizza Edit

"Well, now it seems the two T-Rexes have walked off in the time that it took Vladek to say 'super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot' that many times."
Sam Sinister

The super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot-pizza is an incredibly spicy and dangerously hot pizza. It is infamous for inflicting adverse effects to those who attempt to eat it, such as burning their mouths or causing temporary fire breath. However, some people, such as Aravis and the Brickster, have no problem eating super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizza, and the Brickster even enjoys it as a delicacy.

Contrary to popular belief, Papa Brickolini refuses to bake super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizzas. It is theorized that the first super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizza was the result of a competitor chef's failed attempt to replicate Papa Brickolini's style. However, its unexpected popularity led to more super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizzas being baked in pizzerias across the globe, including one pizza that was resilient enough to survive a collapsed pizzeria in LEGO City during the Dino Attack.

Tactical Operations Armor Edit

"But we can fight, Peasam! Phantom and I have T.O.A.!"

The Tactical Operations Armor, or T.O.A., is a high-tech suit of armor designed by Astor City engineers. It greatly enhances the user's physical strength and endurance, making them stronger and faster than the average minifig. Additionally, different suits of T.O.A. come equipped with different features, including night vision goggles, camouflage, and force fields.

Three suits of Tactical Operations Armor were originally commissioned by Alpha Team agents Subzero and Rich for use during Mission Deep Freeze. During a visit to Astor City, PBB collected at least two T.O.A. suits. These were found aboard his airship by Zero during the Dino Attack, and the two suits were later worn by Zero and Phantom.

Teleportation Device Edit

"Similarly, Michelle Glados would suddenly appear in a flash of blue light, but disappear in a flash of orange light before they could get close enough to attack her."
Dino Attack: At War's End

The teleportation device, also referred to as the teleportation gun or the portal device, is a handheld tool invented by Michelle Glados. Designed with the intent of creating a portable Teleport Pad, the device allows its user to instantaneously teleport at will over short distances. The specific operating procedures the device are unknown, but it has been observed to be activated by aiming at the ground beneath the target (which may be the user or another person; it is also capable of teleporting multiple people at once) and then pulling the trigger. The original device would create a bright flash of orange light when the target teleported away, and a flash of blue light when the target appeared; for unconfirmed reasons, the rebuilt model reversed these colors.

During the invasion of the XERRD Fortress, Michelle Glados used the teleportation device to teleport a number of Dino Attack agents disguised as XERRD grunts to the front lines of the battle. She also used the device to teleport XERRD personnel out of the fortress after Senor Palomar ordered that they abandon the base. Later, she incorporated the teleportation device into her hit-and-run battle strategy. In the Maelstrom Temple battle, the device was ultimately destroyed by Minerva Fabello, forcing Glados to hastily reconstruct it for the final battle in LEGO City. There, it malfunctioned at a critical moment, cutting off Glados's escape route and leaving her vulnerable to Trouble's attack.

Truth Receiver Edit

Truth Receiver 2
"We have so much to talk about... and I imagine you'll be quite thrilled to reunite with your old friend, the Truth Receiver."

The Truth Receiver was a torture device created by Finister aboard the Villains Headquarters airship. It was a large machine installed into the ceiling of the villains' interrogation room, operated by a nearby control panel. When activated, it would act similarly to a vacuum, sucking up air through a narrow tube that would slowly extend towards a restrained victim. If the Truth Receiver reached the victim's lips, it would immediately suck out all the air in their lungs and cause suffocation.

The Truth Receiver was used by Finister and Sam Sinister to interrogate Rex after they rescued him from Chaos, with the intention of using it on Zero and Phantom afterward. However, Frozeen unplugged the machine long enough to free Rex and, while Finister was distracted, put Sam Sinister in his place. The Truth Receiver later survived the Villains Headquarters' crash-landing and was used by Finister to interrogate Roger Remous. When Villains Headquarters was ultimately wrecked by a pack of Mutant T-Rexes, the Truth Receiver was destroyed.

Veritaserum Edit

"Did it occur to you that I merely took blood samples and gave you nothing? At the same time of the taking, the needles inserted a certain chemical into your bloodstream, which will make you, for the next hour or so, truthfully answer any question I ask you."
Dr. Rex

Veritaserum is a serum produced by XERRD that, when injected into a subject, will temporarily shut down necessary neurological pathways in the brain, thereby preventing the the subject from lying for a brief time. As such, it is frequently referred to as the "truth serum" by XERRD scientists.

Dr. Rex once used Veritaserum on Rex, in an effort to learn more about Dino Attack Team's weaknesses, from which he learned that Dino Attack Team had internal conflicts between idealists and realists. This ultimately led to Dr. Rex planting Cam O'Cozy into Dino Attack Team to exploit this weakness.

Z-1 Kinetic Launcher Edit


The Z-1 Kinetic Launcher is a weapon invented by Specs and used by the Dino Attack Team. It is often either handheld or mounted on a Dino Attack vehicle such as the Iron Predator. The Z-1 Kinetic Launcher is considered an upgraded version of the Pusher Beams used by Rock Raiders, firing blasts of pure kinetic energy to impact its target with great force. A single shot of this weapon can send even a Mutant Raptor sprawling. However, it is less useful against Mutant T-Rexes due to their large mass, but a fully-charged Kinetic Launcher is capable of pushing a Mutant T-Rex a few feet, which may be enough to cause them to stumble and fall.

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