Doctor Nicholas Saran
Name Nicholas Saran
Age 50
Skills Psychology
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator that guy from that show

Doctor Nicholas Saran is a former police officer and currently serves as the psychologist for the D.I.N.O Attack.


Early LifeEdit

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Dino AttackEdit

Doctor Nicholas Saran was first approached by two members of the D.A. when having coffee in Antarctica. He was told that since he was a psychologist, he would be very beneficial to the agents fighting there. Saran explained that he would be able to handle himself because he used to work in the LEGO Island Police Department. Since he had every thing he needed with him, the doctor agreed to leave immediately

Adventurers' IslandEdit

Attack on the Rear Guard CampEdit

As Saran’s T-1 Typhoon made its approach, the doctor got word that the rear guard camp was under attack. When Saran got a view of the battle, he noticed that the only defense the D.A. had were two other helicopters (one being the Talon). The former cop whooped with delight as his helicopter and it’s escorts engaged in the battle.


After Zachary Virchaus withdrew his Stromling army, Saran’s helicopter was cleared to land. As Saran was helped out of the helicopter he was greeted by Semick. The Elite agent was in a hurry to stop the Stromling Ape so he quickly directed the doctor to the command tent. As Semick was leaving, he noticed that the doctor had a peg leg.

As he made his way to the command tent, Saran was met by the cyborg; Matthew Cyrista. Dr. Cyborg exclaimed that there where now three cripples on the island, Saran, himself, and Rex.

Doctor Saran was surprised to see Cyrista considering his reported death. He went on to mention that he owned an UlTech stock. As they talked, Doctor Saran noticed a strong chemical odder coming from Cyrista. The cyborg explained that a sniper had hit him earlier and the result had been an internal explosion of his mainframe. The psychologist asked weather it hurt of if he wanted to talk about his desecrated body but Cyborg responded he did not. As they were talking, an out of control Iron Predator where Semick and Kiddy were fighting rushed past. A Dino Track Transport was sighted in the opposite direction carrying the battling Minerva Fabello and Rudo Villano. The two vehicles were on a collation course.

For my reference I left off at post 8900

Abilities and TraitsEdit

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