Naomi Carver
Name Naomi Carver
Skills Medical
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator that guy from that show

Naomi Carver is a nurse who works in the medical wing of the Dino Attack Team.


Early LifeEdit

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Adventurers' IslandEdit

Outpost 108Edit

Naomi Carver worked in the medical wing of outpost 108 on the southeast peninsula of Adventurers' Island. She treated Dust’s hand when he arrived and was the first to inform him about the extent of his injuries. She also explained that the guards did not trust Dust but she could provide him with a map that he could use for finding the temple.

Naomi soon grew attracted to Dust because of his good looks, charm, and rebel attitude, although he ignored her signals this did not stop her from flirting with the Egyptian. Naomi observed Dust as he did his work finding the temple even though for the most part she was confused. However, when Dust came closer to the solution she started to like him more then ever.

Naomi Carver was still present in the medical tent when the message came over the intercom informing the agents about a mass interrogation. Naomi was surprised by Dust’s unconcern about Stromlings and see watched as he was carted away to be questioned.

Naomi Carver was a frequent visitor to Dust when he was incarcerated and would tend his hand and provide his meals. Unknown to her however, Dust was using her to get information. She grew to trust Dust and would go on missions for him, one of which was to convince the leaders of the outpost to increase there efforts in finding Dust’s box.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

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  • Carver's last name is taken from Rosie Carver from the James Bond film Live and Let Die.

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