""As I said, she's my best friend. She saved me from the Maelstrom even after everything I did. Even if she is a bit rough around the edges and has a messed up past, Minerva is a nice person and means well to everyone, from a former zombie to an insecure Hybrid and, unlike you, can put her past struggles behind her and move on."
Zachary Virchaus
Elite Agent Fabello
MinervaF postAI 0022
Name Minerva Fabello
Age 18
Skills Fighting, Stealing, Sharpshooting
Vehicle Fire Hammer
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Brikman McStudz

Minerva Fabello is a young female Elite Dino Attack Agent.


Early LifeEdit

Minerva Fabello was born February 6, 1992 in LEGO Town, LEGOLAND. At a young age, she moved to larger house in LEGO City. Minerva lived a relatively normal early childhood, often playing with her older brothers Oswald and Tod. She was often called "Minnie" by the rest of her family in an affectionate way.

In 1996, Minerva's father was stabbed and killed in a convenience store. Her mother fell into a depression and started drinking. For three years, Minerva's mother, Athena Fabello, drank day and night until she finally lost all sense of reality. Minerva came to depend on Oswald to take care of her and grew to see him as a father. While Oswald worked, Minerva became very close to Tod, considering him her best friend.

Wishing to help support her family, she started hanging around rougher parts of LEGO City, falling into a harsh crowd of fighters and criminals. She would usually come back to her home bruised and bloody, her pockets full of stolen food to give to her family. However, her mother was completely unaware of her daughter's criminal acts and despite Oswald and Tod's best attempts to stop her, she continued to fight and steal.

Sometime in 2002, The food situation at her home was desperate enough for Minerva to sneak out of her home and was steal food out of a service station she visited often in the middle of the night when she was discovered by Schiess. After being assured he wouldn't rat her out and being paid, she helped him find cans of gasoline to use to fill up his car.

In 2004, Athena went into a strange rage where she attempted to kill Minerva with a knife. Tod stopped Athena at the cost of his own life. Minerva's mother was arrested and deemed insane by federal courts and sent to Napoleon XVI Mental Institution. Minerva was extremely saddened by Tod's death and refused to forgive her mother for her crime. Minerva's crime rate increased out of grief and an even stronger desire to help support herself and Oswald and her grades in school began to suffer. She was imprisoned multiple times for theft and violence, forcing Oswald to pay her way out. Her crime rate gradually began to decrease after seeing her crimes were being counterproductive to her and Oswald. Guilty conscious eventually set in and Minerva cut most of her criminal ties, started to do better in school, and intended to get a job in April 2010.

Dino AttackEdit

MinervaF preAI 0021

Standard Agent Fabello

In April 2010, Minerva and Oswald's apartment was attacked and destroyed by Mutant Dinos unleashed by XERRD. Minerva and Oswald survived the dino-infested ruins of LEGO City long enough to be rescued and evacuated to the refuge facilities.

Minerva stayed by her brother's side constantly for a month in the refuge facilities near the South Pole, part out of fear and part out of trusting Oswald more than anyone else. She was eventually separated from Oswald and forced to take care of herself as he enlisted with the Dino Attack Team to defeat the Mutant Dinos. She hoped for Oswald to remain on Antarctica once his training was completed. However, Oswald was sent to LEGO Island to help find the Constructopedia. Not wanting to be left behind, Minerva enlisted under her surname with the Dino Attack Team, hoping to battle along side her brother. However, only a few days after enlisting, Minerva learned that Oswald had gone missing on LEGO Island and had been declared dead.

Filled with anger and sadness at the Mutant Dinos for killing her brother, Minerva trained harder then the other rookie agent, promising to avenge Oswald's death by helping defeat XERRD. Nearly a month after she began training, she was sent to Adventurers' Island to help the Dino Attack Team find XERRD's Maelstrom Temple.

Mission to Adventurers' IslandEdit

On Adventurers' Island, she was stationed to Outpost 108 in the jungles. Earlier in the mission, Minerva mostly just stayed at the outpost, keeping the outpost under protection from Mutant Dino attacks. However, she did help with a small struggle between Mutant Dinos and Dino Attack Agents near the outpost, promoting her to a Standard Agent.

Not long after that, Minerva was sent, along with most of Outpost 108, to the village of the TumTum Tribe to assist Achu and his natives battle the Mutant Dinos that were knocking on the village's door. Shortly after her arrival, she got into a short argument between Zachary which alerted the Islanders to Zach's location, as he was wanted for assisting Dust escape the Islanders. However, Minerva didn't pay too much mind to Zach as she prepared herself for the battle.

The battle began shortly after the argument. During the fight, Minerva saved Zach's life from a Mutant Pterosaur attack. Just as she continued the battle, Achu's powers failed and allowed the Mutant Dinos to attack the village. Minerva and Zach headed for the village, but were separated as Zach was attacked by a Mutant T-Rex. Minerva continued on as the Mutant Dinos breached the wall and started to lay waste to the village. During a pause in the battle, Minerva managed to hide in the ruins of a village house.

Several minutes into the pause, Minerva was discovered by Zach and Elite Agent Rex, who was slung over Zach's back. She was asked to spread a message to the survivors of the battle to head to the center of the village. She obliged and rounded up Islanders and Dino Attack Agents into the village to watch the Triceratops native to Adventurers' Island stampede and defeat the rest of the Mutant Dinos. Anxious for her next mission, she found Zach, growing fond of the LEGO Islander, and went go see where the search for the temple wound lead them next, only to have Zach ditch her and leave the village to go find the Rear Guard camp in the jungles.

Fight for the FortressEdit

Not long after Zach left Minerva and the rest of the Dino Attack Agents in the village learned that the XERRD had set up a fortress in the jungle to supervise Adventurers' Island. Diverted from the search for the Maelstrom Temple, Minerva drove a Fire Hammer and she and the rest of the Dino Attack Agents made their way to the Rear Guard camp.

At the camp, Minerva planned to join an infiltration team that would enter the fortress in search for information. However, she learned that Zach had infiltrated the fortress on his own and, concerned for his safety, snuck away from camp and into the fortress and rescued Zach as he was about to be killed by XERRD soldiers. Together the two escaped to go and fight in the distraction battle near the fortress to give the infiltration team time to enter the fortress. During the battle, skeleton mummies fought and created Mutant Skeleton Pterosaurs to assist the XERRD. Overwhelmed, the distraction force decided to pull out of the battle. Minerva boarded a T-1 Typhoon and continued the battle against the Mutant Skeleton Pterosaurs over the ocean around Adventurers' Island while Zach ran after Scratch.

During the battle, Minerva started mulling over her feelings for Zach and remembered her past and the disappearance of her brother in service of the Dino Attack Team. She destroyed numerous Mutant Skeleton Pterosaurs before the T-1's decided the battle was theirs and returned to camp. At arriving at camp, she found Zach interrogated her brother Oswald, who had joined the XERRD as a soldier during his disappearance on LEGO Island. Oswald merely made fun of her until she hit him and ran away. As Zach tried to consul her, Oswald attacked, killing six agents before being defeated by Dust. However, Oswald managed to free himself again and kill two more agents, wound Commander Carl Lutsky, and try and persuade Minerva to join him, only for her to deny him fiercely. Oswald then escaped.

Shortly after the escape, Minerva received a message from Oswald, still trying to get her to join him and made fun of her and Zach's friendship. She and Zach decided just to be friends and to ignore her true feelings about him and went to show the message to Lutsky. While in the command tent, Minerva stood up for Dr. Cyborg when he was accused of being a traitor. Afterwards, she, Lutsky, Agent Tracer, and Kareem Nazareno helped Zach defeat a Mutant Raptor only to be snapped at by Zach afterward due to his mind started to be corrupted by the Maelstrom.

In the morning, Minerva and the rest of the Rear Guard were all called on by Lutsky to begin the final attack against the XERRD Fortress. Minerva joined the T-1 Typhoon attack group led by Elite Agent Rotor and took off into the sky. After circling around the island, the T-1 Typhoons began their attack on the fortress. During the overhead battle, Minerva helped weaken the fortress's defense enough for the T-1 Typhoons to land. As the rest of the T-1 Typhoon crew began their land attack on the fortress, Minerva followed Dust into the fortress after he had abandoned the rest of the Dino Attack Team, unsure of his loyalties.

Minerva found Dust with a piece of paper with Temple of Hotep III, the temple Dust believed the Maelstrom temple to be. Minerva decided to check her PDA messages and discovered that Zach had been injected with Maelstrom formula and had transformed into a Stromling. Just then, Dr. Carolyne Provencal, a XERRD scientist, found Dust and Minerva and told them that she infected Zach and that the fortress's air had been infected with neurotoxins that would kill on the Dino Attack Agents in six minutes.

Furious at Dr. Provencal for corrupting Zach, Minerva left Dust in the filing room and started looking for Dr. Provencal. She found Dr. Provencal in the neurotoxin control room where the XERRD scientist subdued her. Dr. Provencal was about to finish Minerva off when a Stromling arrived to turn off the neurotoxins. While Dr. Provencal was distracted, Minerva knocked the XERRD scientist out with a Sonic Screamer and was saved by Dust, who shot the Stromling. Despite being furious at Dr. Provencal for what she did to Zach, Minerva suddenly expressed unwillingness to kill the high-ranking XERRD scientist and forced Dust to spare her life, claiming Minerva was tired of the bloodshed.

Dust and Minerva traveled through the fortress and found Zach attacking Nazareno. When Zach spotted Minerva, he seized up, allowed Nazareno to stab Zach and release the Maelstrom inside of him. However, Zach suddenly pulled the Maelstrom back into himself and shot Nazareno before escaping in a black cloud.

Minerva, Dust, and Dr. Cyborg took Nazareno out of the fortress to the medical tent, where the medics got to work on him. Minerva became sullen over Nazareno's injuries and Zach's transformation, but was convinced by Dr. J.D. that everything would be alright and she went back into the fortress in higher spirits.

In the fortress, Minerva fought her first Stromling one-on-one, but quickly defeated it. She then encountered a XERRD guard who told her that Skeleton Mummies were to be set loose on the fortress to kill anyone inside. Minerva quickly sent a message to via her PDA regarding this news to all Dino Attack Agents and fled the fortress to find that J.D. had been fatally wounded by a Stromling.

After his operation to save him failed, J.D asked Dr. Giovanni Wade and Alan Pierce to bring him Minerva and Nazareno. J.D. told Minerva that it was Zach that had attacked him and that he had created a prototype Maelstrom cure whose primary ingredient was part of J.D.'s Creative Spirit. He then said that, from both Minerva and Nazareno's accounts of Zach's attack on Nazareno, that Minerva had a strong emotional bond with Zach that allowed him to regain some control over the Maelstrom. Minerva could use this to her advantage to inject Zach with the Maelstrom cure to save him. After telling her this, J.D. died.

Battle at the CampEdit

Minerva headed back to the main camp after it was deemed that the battle for the fortress was over and joined a meeting to decide how the Dino Attack Team was going to tackle the Maelstrom temple. Minerva brought forth the evidence suggesting that Hotep III's temple is the Maelstrom temple that Dust had given her, but the team still remained undecided on the issue. However, the issue was forced to wait as word that Rotor was going to kill George Brown for thinking of the Dino Attack Agents inside the fortress and disobeying Rotor's orders to destroy the fortress with T-1 Typhoon fire power.

Minerva was present at the trial as Rotor was stopped by the ruthless gunslinger Clint Wayne. Following the trial, Minerva met Space Police Commando Holly Vinyaya, who she took a looking to. Shortly after, the camp suddenly fell under attack by Mutant Dinos. Minerva equipped herself with a Sonic Screamer and found Zach fighting Wayne, Nazareno, and Vinyaya. She attempted to knock Zach out with her Sonic Screamer, but the Stromling pulled Vinyaya in front of him, forcing her to take the shot.

Minerva decided against taking another shot when she Zach get shot by Wayne. She ran up to him as he was healing himself, causing him to suddenly fall into unconsciousness. A short moment later, Zach stood up and defeated Wayne and Nazareno. Before fleeing the battle, Zach turned to Minerva and told her there was no hope of saving him.

Minerva turned to the fallen body of Vinyaya and carried her to safety, assisted by agents Andrew, Bluetooth, and Laxus. While hiding, Zach returned with new allies to help him. Andrew determined that Zach was sending three Stromling Brickster-Bots after him. Minerva decided to give him her Injection Saw to help him fight, but didn't tell him that it contained a cure to the Maelstrom.

When Minerva spotted a Dino Track Transport driving around the camp destroying tents, she ran up to the XERRD vehicle and climbed inside, where she got into a fight with the Maelstrom-controlled Rudo Villano. Villano escaped the Dino Track Transport as it collided with an equally out of control Iron Predator.

That night, Minerva was unexpectedly attacked by a Stromling monkey. The monkey put up a difficult fight, even when Andrew, Semick, and Nazareno arrived to help. However, they eventually managed to stun the monkey long enough to sneak up behind it and stab it in the back.

Following the death of the monkey, Wade suddenly arrived on the scene, having heard the noise of the fighting and arrived to check for wounded. Minerva explained what had happened, and Wade proceeded to help the wounded Semick get to the command tent for medical attention. Minerva then spoke with Andrew, who informed her that Zach's true self had spoken to the Elite Agent and claimed he had a plan and needed Minerva to find him in the Maelstrom Temple in order to defeat Stromling Zach. Realizing she couldn't take on Zach alone, she decided to allow Andrew to help her.

Battle of the Temple of Hotep IIIEdit

The Dino Attack Team decided to depart the camp for an outpost in the jungle. Once there, they would plan and head out to the Maelstrom Temple before Zach's deadline of 60 hours. As she was packing up, Minerva was suddenly captured by a disgruntled Rudo Villano. Villano intended to use Minerva as a ransom hostage in exchange for transport off the island. Before he could meet with an Elite Agent, they were met by an agent named Mac. Mac agreed to Villano's request and would get him a ride off the island.

Minerva discovered Villano's past connections with XERRD and came up with a plan to use them to her advantage. She berated Villano for being a coward and eventually convinced him to get revenge on XERRD and the Maelstrom for abandoning him by joining the Dino Attack. Villano grudgingly decided to join the Dino Attack Team. Minerva was let go and she left the camp for Outpost 4.

At Outpost 4, Minerva met up with Nazareno again and started heading for a meeting being held between the Elite Agents. She learned that Nazareno's battle with Zach in the XERRD fortress had left a Maelstrom-infected bruise on his stomach that was slowly corrupting him. Minerva was tempted to use J.D.'s cure on Nazareno, but the space ninja declined the offer.

At the meeting, Minerva was immediately pulled away by Elite Agent Garry, who was sent by a medic named Fuchs after hearing she had a prototype Maelstrom cure. Before any experiment could take place, however, word that Stromlings infiltrated the outpost reached their ears. Panicked, Fuchs took Minerva to a Fire Hammer and drove away from the outpost. After several miles, the Fire Hammer ran out of gas, leaving them stranded in the jungle. While in the jungle, Minerva heard a dark warning from Zach, reminding the Dino Attack's time was running out. During this announcement Minerva learned Zach's last named was Virchaus.

Fueled by Zach's warning, Minerva convinced Fuchs that she needed to return to the outpost. After she returned, she was suddenly ambushed in the vehicle lot by Ghost, who turned out to be a Stromling Spy. He beat her until his attack was interrupted by Andrew and Hotwire. While Andrew held off Ghost, Hotwire and Minerva ran to a Fire Hammer to activate a Xenon Launcher. Andrew was suddenly overwhelmed by Ghost and was being strangled by the Stromling. Minerva took a crowbar from the Fire Hammer she was in and beat Ghost down with it. As Ghost began to stand up to attack again, he was blown apart by the Xenon Launcher fired by Hotwire.

After Ghost's death, Minerva joined Andrew and Laxus in their Fire Hammer as the Dino Attack began heading toward the Temple of Hotep III. As they traveled, they were spoken to be Zach yet again, claiming their attempts to take the temple were futile and the agents would end up betraying each other. Semick later responded to the speech with his own, more uplifting speech

The Dino Attack reached the Maelstrom Temple soon afterward and Dust began organizing a group to enter the temple with him. Figuring Zach would be in the temple, she and Andrew decided to join the group. Before they could enter the temple, however, they encountered a Stromling named Colonel. Colonel expressed distaste toward the Dino Attack's lack of discipline and ordered his Stromling army to attack. Dust quickly ordered the group into the temple.

As they passed through the temple's traps, Minerva was tempted by a mysterious voice, claiming he could lead her to Zach. Minerva was distrusting and refused to listen to him. The group reached a large chamber that led into a hallway filled with swinging pendulums. As she traveled across the hallway, a trapdoor suddenly opened up beneath her. Surprised, she grabbed Andrew and pulled him down into the trapdoor.

The two traveled through a long slide in which Minerva's right hand was sliced open by a jagged part of the slide. They suddenly tumbled into a hallway lit by a purple aura. Minerva quickly bandaged her hand and she and Andrew started progressing through the hallway. While traveling through the temple, she was addressed by a a new voice that tried to get her to kill Andrew by forcing him to walk into a trap. At the last second, Minerva saved Andrew's life. Quickly regaining her composure, the two continued down the hallway and discovered a chamber, where they found Zach and a Stromling Islander named Ahua.

Zach immediately asked Minerva to abandon the Dino Attack Team and join the Maelstrom. When Minerva refused, Zach launched into an angry verbal attack against Minerva, which caused her much distraught. After Andrew also refused Zach's offer, the latter prepared to attack when Andrew, Zach, and Ahua suddenly paused. After several minutes, Andrew collapsed into unconsciousness.

Minerva talked with Zach, the latter revealing that Ahua led Minerva to the chamber for the specific purpose of killing Zach. The two then fought with Minerva's Injection Saw and Zach's Cosmotronic Ray. Neither could gain the upper hand for long, but Minerva's words began to have an affect on Zach. It soon became clear that the Maelstrom was desperately trying to prevent Zach from escaping his influence. Andrew soon rejoined the battle and together overwhelmed Zach.

They were about to inject him with J.D.'s Maelstrom cure when Ahua suddenly intervened, claiming Zach had to die. He pinned Andrew to the ground and began to choke Minerva both physically and with the Maelstrom. Minerva desperately called out to Zach for help. She briefly fell into unconsciousness before Ahua grip was released. As she stumbled back, she watched Zach choke Ahua briefly before throwing him into the chamber wall. She also discovered some of her hair had turned white following her release. Zach allowed them to inject him with the cure. As the cure went into his bloodstream, Zach fell into unconsciousness. A short time later, Zach woke up, now a Minifig with his physical appearance drastically different and was temporarily blind. After making sure he could walk, Minerva, Zach, and Andrew left the temple by an exit Minerva found.

Battle in the Maelstrom TempleEdit

After being briefly hassled by the TumTum Tribe, Minerva, Andrew, and Zach hitched a ride with Stranger and Sherlock in a Fire Hammer to the true Maelstrom Temple, the Temple of Creation. Shortly after reaching the bridge that connected Adventurers' Island to the island where the temple rested, a group of Agents and Dino Attack Agents were attacked trying to set up zipline. Minerva joined numerous agents in fighting off the Stromlings in front of the temple.

She quickly reunited with Zach, who had been fighting Stromlings with Commander Vinyaya. After managing to convince Vinyaya that Zach was on their side, Minerva and Zach headed into the Maelstrom Temple. While walking through the temple, they were briefly harassed by a Stromling named Palmer. They continued through the temple and reached the main chamber. Zach quickly explained they needed to keep the Maelstrom Crystal from getting into the Darkitect's hand. They then headed into the battle.

Minerva shot away Stromlings that were trying to reach the crystal. When a mysterious warrior gained possession of the crystal and easily blasted away Stromlings with lightning, Minerva paused. She was suddenly confronted by both Oswald and Athena Fabello, who both degraded her and accused her of wanting Tod to die, resulting in Minerva shooting Oswald in anger. Athena tried to attack Minerva in retaliation, but Minerva killed her as well. Both were revealed to be Stromlings in disguise. Slightly shaken, Minerva turned her focus to Zach, who was fighting both Carolyne Provencal and Michelle Glados. The two were joined by Dr. Cyborg, and together the three fought the two XERRD scientists.

All three agents were easily overwhelmed by Glados' teleporting ability and Provencal's dark magic. The battle was stopped as Glados managed to gain control of the Maelstrom Crystal. Minerva quickly cut off her escape by shooting and destroying her teleporting device. The samurai then easily dispatched Glados with a blast of lightning. Minerva then joined Zach in fighting Provencal. As they fought, Provencal revealed she a played a significant role in corrupting Oswald to XERRD's idealogies. Engraged, Minerva viciously attacked Provencal. However, her anger made her attacks sloppy and allowed Provencal to easily knock Minerva out.

Minerva later woke up in Zach's arms. She learned that Zach had killed Provencal and the Darkitect had been defeated. The two then met up with Andrew, Laxus, Nicholas Saran and the samurai who was in fact a Minifig/Mutant Pterosaur Hybrid named Pterisa. While initially distrusting toward Pterisa, the assistance Pterisa had provided in the battle and her insecurities around other Dino Attack Agents convinced Minerva to be more opening toward the Hybrid. Andrew, Laxus, Zach, Minerva, and Pterisa began to leave the temple and were joined by Dr. Cyborg.

Rising ActionEdit

After returning to the Dino Attack Headquarters in LEGO City, Minerva got breakfast with Zach in the mess hall. They soon met Nazareno and Zelda Frodongan. While Nazareno and Zach went to build Zach a new hand, Minerva quickly became acquainted with Zelda. As they were eating, they were joined by Holly Vinyaya. Not long later, word reached the mess hall that Engineer had been murdered by a mole. As Vinyaya left to help with the investigation, Minerva and Zelda then had a short discussion about the mole before Nazareno returned and escorted Zelda away to train. After Zach returned, Minerva went to take a shower.

After cleaning up, Minerva found Zach watching Zelda and Nazareno spar. Minerva and Zach separated from the crowd so they talk. From Zach, Minerva learned of Provencal's fate and how Zach acquired his Maelstrom powers. In turn, Minerva elaborate on her dark past that Provencal had hinted at during their fight to Zach.

The two then left the spar and went to pick up weapons when the learned of the fates of most of the Second Headquarters Squad. They then decided they should help keep an eye out over the surviving members, Pyro and Demoman. As they searched, they were joined by Hotwire and Vinyaya. The group soon found Demoman trapped in a room filled with explosives and Pyro in another room torching it with her flamethrower. Minerva would assist in putting out Pyro's fires.

After Pyro and Demoman were taken care of, Minerva followed the group of agents that took them to the detention block briefly before she and Zach split off and heading outside the headquarters. They were met by Ed Mail, who gave each of them a letter, which surprised Minerva as she had no one extremely close to her prior to the Dino Attack left. Tearing open the letter, Minerva learned that her mother had passed away at Napoleon XIV Mental Institution. She expressed little emotion toward her mother's passing, only being glad that she wouldn't have to be dealt with anymore. Minerva snapped at Zach for suggesting death allowed Athena escape her harsh life, believing she escaped years ago when she went insane. Minerva later apologized for this outburst.

Zach then read his own letter, which was from his family. He wrote a response with Minerva's input and gave it to Ed Mail to deliver. She and Zach then noticed Zed Provhezor's hoverchair traveling through the hallway. Somewhat suspicious, Zach and Minerva followed the hoverchair. Soon joined by Frozeen and Claw, the former revealing that Rex had taken control of Provhezor's chair and was chasing after the mole, a communications officer named Ata. After Greybeard joined their party, Frozeen and Claw split off from the group to trap Ata. Ata nearly escaped before being clotheslined by an old man. Greybeard then killed the mole. Just as Claw and Frozeen rejoined the group, the old man disappeared.

Minerva and Zach then headed to the mess hall, where they found Nazareno and Zelda. They were soon joined by Andrew, Laxus, and Pterisa, who informed them of French Fries's plan to execute Rotor and Pilot. After French Fries attempted to execute Pterisa, Andrew and Nazareno took down French Fries. Minerva helped escort French Fries to the detention block. Along the way, Rex gave French Fries a vicious beatdown for the latter supposedly running over one of Rex's trained Mutant Lizards. After throwing French Fries in jail, Zach left to speak with Vinyaya alone, so Minerva left the detention center with Zelda.

Minerva and Zelda later reunited with Zach and Vinyaya and had a brief meal before Specs came on over the intercom and revealed Dr. Rex's plan to destroy the headquarters and the Dino Attack Team the next day. Zelda and Vinyaya left her and Zach to make their own preparation while Minerva stayed with Zach and helped with preparations wherever they could. While working in the helicopter hanger, Minerva met one of Zach's old Agent friends, Thaddeus Brickhouse. Minerva and Zach then decided to stay with each other in the upcoming battle until the end or until one of them died.

Not long later, a short meeting was held in the conference room in which Minerva was promoted to an Elite Agent for her work on the Adventurers' Island campaign, to her surprise. Minerva then participated in a short, Elite Agent-exclusive meeting held by Semick in the mess hall. After the meeting, Minerva secured a Fire Hammer for herself, Zach, and a gunner named Reggie. After saying good-bye to Nazareno, Vinyaya, and Zelda, Minerva headed out into the battlefield

At War's EndEdit

As the final battle started up, Minerva, Zach, and Reggie fought against waves of Mutant Dinos at the front lines. As the battle progressed, their Fire Hammer was targeted by a Mutant T-Rex. Thanks to Minerva's driving, the group managed to avoid it long enough for Dr. Cyborg to kill it in his Titantium Hammer, not before it took off the Fire Hammer's roof. Not long later, their Fire Hammer was disabled by a mysterious attacker with a bazooka.

The attacker quickly killed Reggie and boarded the Fire Hammer. As the man attacked Zach, Minerva managed to land one punch before the man threw her in the back of the Fire Hammer. By the time she managed to get back, the attacker and Zach were gone. Minerva was forced to defend herself from a Mutant Lizard swarm with a minigun until Andrew and Laxus arrived in their Fire Hammer and rescued her.

Minerva helped pick off Mutant Raptors with a Cosmotronic Ray, silently and eagerly awaiting news of Zach's location. During this time, Dr. Rex fell, only to rise again, his body now possessed by Baron Typhonus. As the battle continued, Minerva remembered that Oswald was probably out in the battle realized he was probably the mysterious attacker.

Finally, word came in that Zach had been found by Thaddeus Brickhouse with a woman resembling Minerva, worrying her slightly. After reuniting with Zach, the woman revealed herself to be her mother, Athena, shocking Minerva greatly. At that same time, Minerva and Zach reunited with Vinyaya, whose face had been heavily scarred by a Mutant Raptor attack. Suddenly, Zach was attacked by Blaire Darkling, XERRD's new, self-appointed leader. Minerva and Vinyaya attempted to intervene, but were held off by Hybrids. Minerva and Vinyaya defeated the Hybrids as Blaire made Zach into human shield. Nazareno and Zelda soon arrived, and Blaire revealed himself to be Matthew Vherestorm, Nazareno's rival. A Mutant T-Rex soon interrupted the confrontation, allowing Zach, Minerva, and Athena to board Joike's Fire Hammer and escape.

In the Fire Hammer, Zach confirmed Minerva fears about Oswald and that he had freed Athena from Napoleon XIV. As they decided to return to the Dino Attack Headquarters so they could evacuate Athena to Antarctica, Minerva, her emotions stirred up by the revelation of her mother's survival, got into a fierce argument with Athena. Minerva later felt bad for losing her temper over something trivial to her now. As the group arrived at Dino Attack Headquarters, Zach explained Blaire Darkling's theories about Athena, surprising her.

They were being led to the Teleport Pad by Dino Attack receptionist Elizabeth Wilma when they were found by Oswald. Held at gunpoint, Wilma was allowed to flee while Oswald escorted Minerva, Athena, and Zach out of the headquarters and into the battlefield. During this time, Minerva attempted to communicate with Oswald and tried to convince him to realign with the Dino Attack Team. Although her words seemed to be having an affect on him, he didn't stop their advance across the battlefield.

They soon stopped at the edge of the river, where they were suddenly attacked by a group of Mutant Lizards. One pinned Oswald to the ground while the other two went after Zach and Minerva. Zach easily killed the two lizards and were about to go after the one on Oswald when Athena suddenly jumped forward and pulled the Mutant Lizard before choking it to death. Oswald then directed Athena away from Zach and Minerva and threatened to shoot her if Minerva didn't join XERRD. Minerva ultimately refused Oswald's offer and made one last attempt to reform him. He seemed on the verge of joining Minerva when Blaire Darkling suddenly began speaking on Oswald's radio.

Through Oswald's radio, Minerva, Zach, Athena, and Oswald heard Blaire's declaration of a truce with the Dino Attack Team and the officially acknowledgement of the Darkitect's existence and role in causing the Dino Attack. The revelation ended up causing a mental breakdown on Oswald's part. After lashing against Athena for what she put Minerva and Oswald through as when they were younger, Oswald shot her. As her older brother fled, Minerva and Zach went to Athena's aid and attempted to carry her back to Dino Attack Headquarters to find her aid.

As they carried her, they managed to find the Fire Hammer of Doctors Giovanni Wade and Marco Martinet. However, Athena suddenly spoke up and requested to speak with Minerva and Zach. Minerva realized that being shot by Oswald snapped Athena out of her amnesia. Finally recognizing Athena as her mother once again, Minerva and Athena had one last, tearful conversation in which Athena expressed regret in giving up on life and proudness to her daughter for growing up into a young woman. Minerva forgave Athena for abandoning her just before Athena passed away, leaving Minerva in depressed state of shock, only speaking to reveal Oswald's old codename (Verrat) and to have Athena's body flown to Dino Attack Headquarters, where it would be teleported to Antarctica.

Elite Agent Rosalie Mercedes secured Zach and Minerva a new Fire Hammer from Antarctica to use. Minerva opted to use the Xenon Launcher so she could clear her mind. She quickly realized that Oswald would start searching for her with the intent of killing her and began to contemplate how to deal with him. She listened to Rosalie explain the situation concerning the Einstein Device and the message that all Elite Agents return to Dino Attack Headquarters. As they traveled, Minerva helped shoot away Mutant Dinos attacking Holly Vinyaya, who soon joined their party. Vinyaya, Zach, and Minerva then got into a discussion about shipping Vinyaya with Bluetooth, which improved Minerva's mood considerably. Her good mood was cut short as Oswald suddenly appeared and opened fire on her with a machine gun. She managed to get into the Fire Hammer, but not before a bullet grazed her shoulder, causing her to bleed.

As she bandaged her wound, Minerva decided to go and face Oswald. Although Zach protested against it, she assured him she would be alright. After sharing a kiss, Zach left the Fire Hammer for Dino Attack Headquarters. Vinyaya took over driving while Minerva took control of the Xenon Launcher. They tried to ram him, but he dodged the attacks and hijacked a Steel Sprinter to chase after them. As Oswald was passing the passenger door, Minerva threw the door open and launched herself at Oswald, sending them both flying to the ground. After a brief fight, in which Minerva's stomach was cut, Oswald retreated into the ruins of their old apartment, Minerva close behind.

In the apartment lobby, Minerva was ambushed by Oswald and their fought fiercely through the apartment, destroying walls and ruined furniture. Upon her head being slammed into the wall, Minerva had a brief flashback about how she and Oswald used to wrestle each other at a young age with their mother watching. She then knocked Oswald to the ground and blasted him with a Sonic Screamer before retreating to the second floor and entering their old apartment. Oswald soon arrived and they continued the fight. Minerva managed to swipe Oswald's handgun from his belt and spilled the bullets out of it. Oswald screamed, claiming Minerva was still a thief, prompting her to tackle him to the floor.

Their fight eventually led them to grabbing at each other's throats. Minerva then revealed what had occurred in Athena's final moments and relayed their mother's message of love to Oswald. Oswald disregarded his mother's affections and claimed Minerva was weak for forgiving her. Minerva shot back, claiming she stronger than Oswald was because of her ability to let the past go. This only angered Oswald in physically attacking again. Minerva soon overpowered him and, upon realizing that Oswald would only be sent to a mental institution if he was captured be her, decided to mercifully stab him in the chest with his knife. Oswald, in shock, swung the knife into her cheek, cutting her. Despite this, peace soon overcame him and thanked Minerva for stabbing him. Not long later, he died. With her entire family now dead except for herself, Minerva was left in a morbid, unresponsive state of shock.

She was soon found by Holly Vinyaya, who snapped her out of her unresponsiveness and helped her flee the apartment as Dr. Rex destroyed it. Minerva tripped as they fled to their Fire Hammer, leading her to stand face-to-face with Dr. Rex. However, instead of killing her, Baron Typhonus used Dr. Rex as mouthpiece to mock Minerva for the deaths of her family and the role she played. Minerva quickly grew furious and was inspired to push her grief back long enough to defeat the Darkitect once and for all. Minerva quickly rejoined Vinyaya and they both fled as Dr. Rex pursued them.

The Darkitect soon had Dr. Rex abandon the chase and Vinyaya suggested Minerva abandon the battle, being emotionally compromised. Minerva flatly refused and insisted on covering the Elite Agents in Dino Attack Headquarters so they could finish the Einstein Device and defeat Dr. Rex. Minerva went on the radio and organized the remaining ground forces from the Dino Attack Team and their allies into forming a defensive perimeter around the headquarters.

As they held off the hordes of Mutant Dinos, Minerva and Vinyaya were joined by Bluetooth, who had left Semick's T-1 Typhoon. Remembering the conversation about shipping Vinyaya and Bluetooth's message, Minerva worked to get the two to start talking. As they seemed to hit it off, the group was joined by Zelda Frodongan, who believed Nazareno and Blaire Darkling were battling inside Dino Attack Headquarters. The Fire Hammer retreated to the wrecked Dino Attack Headquarters and the four entered the building.

The four discovered Nazareno locked in combat with Darkling on the second floor. Minerva, Vinyaya, and Bluetooth provided back-up by shooting at Darkling. After Zelda was nearly killed by Blaire, Minerva helped pull her away. In the end, Blaire fatally stabbed Nazareno. Minerva, Vinyaya, and Bluetooth attempted to kill Blaire, but he escaped. Nazareno's death saddened Minerva greatly, but she chose to fight, promising to help defeat Blaire when the battle was finished.

Not long later, Dr. Rex was defeated by the Einsten Device and the Dino Attack war was won.

One More FightEdit

Shortly after the end of the battle, Minerva and the others reunited with Zachary and she and the others explained the full circumstances of Blaire's death. They all agreed to head into the city and defeat Blaire once and for all. After resupplying their weapons and vehicles and enlisted the help of Andrew, Laxus, Pterisa, Solomon Koplowitz, and Dr. Cyborg, the group started their search using two Fire Hammers.

They soon found Blaire Darkling in a standoff with Epic Winston Grendelwulf Their Fire Hammer distracted Grendelwulf long enough for Blaire to take the Agent's rocket launcher and turn it on the Fire Hammers. Minerva, Zach, Vinyaya, Zelda, and Bluetooth quickly abanonded their vehicle as Blaire destroyed it with two rockets.

Minerva fired her Sonic Screamer at Darkling along with the others, but the former leader of XERRD avoided or ignored most of the attacks. As Darkling began to approach Zach, Minerva lunged forward and knocked Blaire away, turning his focus to her. Minerva fought Blaire briefly before his attention was turned to Dr. Cyborg.

As more reinforcements began to appear, Blaire realized he was in over his head and hijacked a Fire Hammer to make his escape. Minerva and the others boarded the back of Andrew's Fire Hammer and pursued Darkling throughout the city. Blaire's evasive action and their desire to take him on personally inspired Minerva, Zach, Zelda, and Vinyaya to jump from Andrew's Fire Hammer to Blaire's.

The group attempted to ambush Blaire in the cab of vehicle. Their plan and a passing stray Mutant T-Rex caused Blaire to swerve into a graveyard, wrecking the Fire Hammer. Minerva, Zach, Vinyaya, and Zelda recovered from the wreck and engaged Blaire Darkling in a final fight.

Minerva and Vinyaya attempt to distract Blaire with their long-ranged weapons while Zach and Minerva attacked with their melee weapons, but their plans were quickly put to an end when Blaire disarmed and wounded them both. Minerva fell back on using her fighting prowess against her powerful foe. Her attacks combined with the others began to take a toll on Darkling, managing to anger him even more. His increasingly brutal attacks weakened the group quickly. Minerva helped Zach fall back with Vinyaya as Zelda chose to fight Blaire one-on-one.

Minerva watched Zelda and Blaire battle and could see Darkling was easily overpowering Zelda. During a brief pause in the fight, they spoke to Zelda and silently agreed to have her continue to hold off Blaire while the other searched the graves for weapons to ambush Blaire. Minerva soon found one of Nazareno's katanas that had been knocked away in the fight. Giving the sword to Zach, he and Minerva carefully moved behind Blaire so Zach could stab him in the back. Blaire caught on to the ambush and quickly stopped the blade in his hand. Zelda took back her katana from Blaire and attempted to finish him, only for that attack to be stopped as well. Minerva joined Zach and Vinyaya joined Zelda and, with one final push from the four of them, finally plunged both swords into Blaire, killing him once and for all. Satisfied in avenging their friend, the group started to head back to Dino Attack Headquarters. They were soon picked up Rotor's T-1 Typhoon and taken to the Iron Hammer.


While Zelda was rushed into the Iron Hammer, Minerva, Zach, and Holly headed in on their own accord and met with Marco Martinet. After briefly meeting up with Zelda, Holly split off with Martinet to get her scars checked out while Doctors Naomi Hale and DeForest "Bones" McCoy gave Minerva and Zach a quick check-up before they joined the celebrations in the city over the Dino Attack Team's victory.

Early December 22, Holly contacted the group to a space ninja monastery where they gave the news of Nazareno's death and requested permission to preform a funeral ceremony for him. The elder granted them permission and elaborated on a few rituals of a space ninja funeral. Needing a place to bury him, Minerva remembered of a farm outside of LEGO City that an older couple used to live in that would leave Minerva food and money and suggested that as a place to hold the funeral. They agreed to that location and to have the funeral the following day.

Minerva and Zach spent much of December 22 celebrating the end of the war. At some point during the day, Minerva asked Zach to help her search the ruins of her apartment for Oswald's body. While their search was futile, it led into Zach asking about Oswald's death in detail. Minerva explained how Oswald died and her conversation with Dr. Rex and Baron Typhonus afterward. With her retelling of Oswald's death, Minerva finally released the emotions she had been holding in, breaking down into tears. The next morning, Minerva sought out Dr. Nicholas Saran to deal with the emotional backlash of her mother and brother's deaths and planned to have several sessions with him in the future.

Minerva decided to call her Ginerva Chase, her estranged aunt and only living relative on the planet, and inform her of her survival of the war and the deaths of Ginny's sister and nephew. Ginny offered to pay for the expenses to bury Athena and a new tombstone for Athena, Tod, Oswald, and Isaac. Zach and Minerva agreed to hold a private funeral for Athena and Oswald on Christmas Eve before going to LEGO Island.

On the evening of December 23, the group drove out to an old farm and preformed a small funeral for Nazareno. After burning the pyre that Nazareno was resting on, the four used it as a bonfire and celebrated the end of the Dino Attack with each other before sleeping around the fire. The next day, the group returned to LEGO City and prepared to depart for LEGO Island. After sorting their affairs, Minerva and Zach buried Athena and a picture of Oswald alongside Tod and Isaac and left for LEGO Island with Zelda and Holly.

On LEGO Island, Minerva and Zach constructed a house for them to live in with the help of of Holly and Zelda. In addition to moving in to their new home, Minerva started to become acquainted with the citizens of LEGO Island and spent much of her time wandering the island with Zach. Zach's family visited LEGO Island briefly and Erika Virchaus expressed interest in getting know Minerva better with a visit to the United States after the New Years.

During the New Years party, Minerver spent much of her time with Zach, Holly, and Zelda along with Andrew and his group of friends. Although initially hesitant, Minerva shared several dances with Zach over the course of the evening. During one final dance with Zach after midnight, he expressed a desire to join the Nexus Force sometime in the future with her, a desire she wholeheartedly agreed with.

The following morning, Minerva and Zach woke up earlier and roamed around the island together until early in the afternoon, where they shared one last lunch with Holly and Zelda at their home before they went their separate ways, promising to reunite at least once a year.

Minerva Fabello and Zachary Virchaus spent several months on LEGO Island relaxing. During this time, both showed increasing signs of being haunted by their experiences during the war and were both diagnosed with PTSD. When able to actually sleep, Minerva began to suffer nightmares relating to the deaths of her family and friends during the war. Through support from Zach, therapy, and medication, Minerva has managed to remain a somewhat high-functioning individual.

In June 2011, Minerva and Zachary left the LEGO Planet for the Nimbus System and joined the Nexus Force. Minerva joined the Venture League and became a Daredevil. She became a valuable asset to Nexus Force due to her work and skillset. She continued a strong relationship with Zachary.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Minerva Fabello is a very skilled fighter. Her hard life on the streets made her very skilled at hand-to-hand combat. She also is an accurate shooter, often being put in a gunning position in vehicles such as T-1 Typhoons or Fire Hammers. Minerva has also shown to be quick-thinking and resourceful during battles. She is a reasonably skilled thief, but prefers not to demonstrate this ability. She is also rather intelligent, a trait she inherited from her mother.

Minerva is generally kind to people she knows, but can be cold and unfriendly towards enemies and those who get on her wrong side. She isn't very social and does not usually approach people or situations without back-up. She is caring and fiercely loyal, willing to do anything for her team and friends. She is extremely sensitive towards the topic of her past and family, which can easily anger or sadden her.

Minerva's motivation to fight for the Dino Attack Team was to avenge her brother who had supposedly been killed by Mutant Dinos. After Oswald was revealed to be very much alive and now employed by XERRD, Minerva's primary motivation came from wanting to make a better life for herself. However, she fears she may be apart of the reason why Oswald joined XERRD and why she and Oswald were impoverished for so many years.


  • In the alternate ending December 21, 2010, Minerva Fabello was one of the last survivors of LEGO Planet before its destruction. She was also the last surviving female minifig.
  • Minerva used to suffer from mild kleptomania prior to the Dino Attack. After seeing that her stealing was having negative consequences on both her and Oswald, she forced herself gradually to stop stealing. After the Dino Attack began and with her joining of the Dino Attack Team, Minerva's kleptomania was squashed and has lost the urge to steal anything.
  • As demonstrated in the Temple of Hotep III, Minerva is claustrophobic to an extent.
  • Minerva is a teetotaler; she completely abstains from alcoholic beverages because of how the effect they had on Athena Fabello during her depression.
  • Minerva's original codename was Vackers while Brikman McStudz was attempting to come up with a name. Her codename has since been retconned and her codename is now simply Fabello.

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