"Is this thing recording? I hope so... cause this is gonna be this reporter's biggest accomplishment!"
— Mathias
Rookie Agent Mathias
Name Mathias
Age Early to mid-20s
Skills Mechanics
Vehicle Steel Sprinter
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator AoiJunni

Mathias is a former Dino Attack agent who worked in the fields of mechanical design and repair.


Early in the Dino Attack, Mathias joined Dino Attack Team. He made it his goal to record video footage of the Mutant Dinos, although this resulted in dangerously close encounters with Mutant Lizards. After following some vehicle tracks, Mathias arrived at the scene of Kotua's battle against Rev Raptor and recorded footage of the Robo-Blade in action. Shortly afterward, Mathias was pursued by a Mutant Raptor.

Ultimately, Mathias found the Dino Attack too much for him to handle. He officially resigned from the Dino Attack Team and returned to Antarctica for the remainder of the Dino Attack.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Mathias's expertise lies in mechanical design and repair.

Mathias is a quiet person who listens more than he speaks. However, he can be headstrong at times.


  • Mathias is the primary character of AoiJunni in Dino Attack RPG. When AoiJunni resigned from Dino Attack RPG, Mathias was said to have resigned from Dino Attack Team.

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