Elite Agent Larson
Name Edgar Larson
Age 38
Skills Helicopter pilot
Vehicle T-1 Typhoon
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Jackson Lake

Larson is a pilot in the Dino Attack Team.


Early lifeEdit

The son of an Air Force pilot, Edgar Larson began learning to fly helicopters in the late 1980s. Unlike his mother, however, he never joined the military. By the early 2000s, he had made a name for himself as one of the finest civilian pilots in the trade.

The Dino AttackEdit

Following the deaths or disappearances of Elite Agents such as Databoard, Voltage, and Kotua, the Founding Members of the Dino Attack Team recruited Larson for his piloting skills, granting him immediate promotion to Elite status so that he could fly T-1 Typhoons. He became active while most of the team was operating in the Goo Caverns, and so did not see much action until the Antarctica mission.

During the subsequent mission on Adventurers' Island, he was among the pilots ordered by Rotor to fire on the XERRD fortress. Unlike others, such as George Brown, Larson was uncomfortable defying orders, due in part to the fact that he did not feel he had earned his rank as much as other Elite Agents had.

He sustained minor injuries in the attack on the Rear Guard Camp, and spent the rest of his time on the island recovering. By the time the team was departing, having cleansed the Maelstrom Temple, Larson was once again fit to fly. He transported Hotwire, Helm, Septimus, Wright, and Shiller, along with a few other unknown DA agents, back to LEGO City.

With the Talon destroyed in the battle at the Temple of Hotep III, Hotwire approached Larson with a suggestion. Semick had noted that the presence of a "Talon II" would help the morale of the team, but since Hotwire was not as skilled at flying as his apparent reputation suggested, he felt that the best arrangement would be to partner with Larson.

Larson agreed, and on the eve of the Final Battle, they christened his T-1 the Talon II.

Abilities and traitsEdit

Larson is an excellent pilot.


  • Larson is named after the cartoonist Gary Larson. This is not a significant detail, as he is not inspired by Gary Larson or The Far Side. The only reason for his name is that Jackson Lake has a tendency towards creating characters to use as plot devices who then somehow achieve more significant roles (e.g. Helm, Loop, Osprey, Mort), so now he simply names all his characters -- even redshirts -- preemptively. And "Larson" just happened to spring to mind.

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