Rookie Agent Kara Wise
Name Kara Wise
Skills Piloting
Vehicle The Reclaimer
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator avmatoran

Rookie Agent Kara Wise is an UlTech Industries employee who also joined the Dino Attack Team.


After Dr. Cyborg contacted Joseph Twoplate and requested two UlTech Infiltrators, Kara Wise piloted the UlTech Industries prototype dropship ER0001 and brought X1 and X2 to Adventurers' Island. Kara landed ER0001 outside the rear guard medical tent a short time later.

When the camp was suddenly attacked by Mutant Dinos led by Zachary Virchaus, Kara Wise joined Rockford, Hotwire, Tracer, and Rookie in piloting the Talon in battle. In the forward cockpits, Kara and Rookie manned the launcher and the side guns.

After the battle, the rear guard camp was to be evacuated due to approaching Skeleton Mummies. Kara Wise, Dr. Cyborg, X1, X2, and their equipment were among the last to leave camp as they relocated to Outpost 4.

To be expanded...

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Kara Wise is a skilled pilot.


The Reclaimer: This UlTech Industries dropship is equipped with modern weaponry and a plasma-fueled engine.

Cortana: This artificial intelligence, or AI, is installed in the Reclaimer. She has befriended Kara, and feels protective of her.

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