"Strange... Isaac stood on top of a building. He was overlooking the city, burning and in ruins. The sky shared the orange color. The sunset was nice. Strange contrast."
Dino Attack RPG
Rookie Agent Isaac Craft
Name Isaac Craft
Age 23
Skills Combat
Vehicle Urban Avenger
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator The Driver

Isaac Craft is a loner who briefly worked for Dino Attack Team.


Early in the Dino Attack, Isaac Craft joined Dino Attack Team.

Isaac Craft tracked a female Mutant Raptor, intending to kill her with his katana. He was surprised to discover that the Mutant Raptor had a nest and was bringing food to her hatchlings. Craft decided to leave before the Mutant Raptor's mate returned to the nest as well.

From this experience of witnessing a Mutant Dino family, Isaac felt morally conflicted about having to exterminate these creatures. Ultimately, he found it too difficult to cope with and resigned from Dino Attack Team.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Isaac Craft is most skilled at hand-to-hand combat and using his katana, a unique blade crafted from metal folded over 200 times.

Isaac Craft is seen as strange by his fellow Dino Attack agents for preferring his katana over the more conventional firearms offered by the team's weaponry. Similarly, Craft rarely uses his vehicle during missions. A "lone wolf", Isaac Craft does not trust anyone or anything except for his katana, and dislikes others intervening in his affairs. During the Dino Attack, fighting the Mutant Dinos was his only goal.


  • Isaac Craft is the primary character of The Driver, then known as IXI, in Dino Attack RPG. When The Driver resigned from Dino Attack RPG, Craft was said to have resigned from Dino Attack Team.

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