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Iron Predator

Digger, Specs, and Viper fight a mutant T-rex in an Iron predator

The Iron Predator is the largest land vehicle available to Dino Attack Team agents. It is for Elite Agent use only.

History Edit

Pre-Dino Attack Edit

The original blueprints for a large tank vehicle that would be adapted into the Iron Predator were drawn in 2005.  A prototype model was built by Alpha Team agents Flex and Diamond Tooth, and debuted to the public in T-Fair 2005.  It was then withdrawn into government secrecy for the next five years for reasons unknown.

Dino Attack Edit

To be expanded...

Features Edit

This tank-like vehicle was designed specifically to do battle with Tyrannosaurs, but excels against all Mutant Dino breeds. Armed with a large Cryothermic Cannon and a Z-1 Kinetic Launcher, it is difficult for less than three agents to manage the Iron Predator, but it has been done in the past.  A single agent can drive the Iron Predator and then man the Z-1 Kinetic Launcher to the side and the Cryothermic Cannon using the control pad in the vehicle's cockpit, but with three agents to individually focus on the driving, Z-1 Kinetic Launcher, and Cryothermic Cannon, it is easier to drive and shoot at the same time.

There are several other models for the Iron Predator besides the standard Combat model. Two others seen in the RPG are the Capture model, used for taking Mutant Dinos captured for research; this model is rarely used. The other model utilized are Troop Transport Iron Predators. This model is equipped with less weaponry and thicker armor than the standard Combat-class Iron Predator.

The Iron Predator is classified as an All-Terrain Dino Hunter, with the access code 7476.  With recent changes to the design, it is also the fastest of the vehicles, capable of speeds nearing 300 mph on level, straight ground.

Trivia Edit

  • In Dino Attack RPG, the original XERRD Dino Track Transport bears many similarities to the Iron Predator merely by coincidence. After one was stolen by Dino Attack Team and brought back to base, it has been produced by the vehicle factories as a sub-model of the Iron Predator.

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