"Shall we dance?"
— Glide
Standard Agent Glide
Name Glide
Age 31
Vehicle Fire Hammer
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Clone Hat

Glide is a mysterious Dino Attack agent.


On his first mission with Dino Attack Team, Glide was chased by two Mutant Raptors whose force fields protected them from his Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher, forcing Glide to send out a distress signal. Glide was rescued by Databoard, who arrived in his own Fire Hammer and defeated the Mutant Raptors before leaving quickly in search of Kotua.

After Kotua devastated Dino Attack Headquarters, Glide arrived aboard the Voltage in a foolish attempt to rescue Databoard and fight Kotua. Passing through the airship's beam shields left Glide dehydrated, leaving him easily overpowered by Kotua's robots, and he was locked up along with Databoard and Turahk-Kal.

Databoard helped Glide escape his cell. Glide traveled with Databoard and Turahk-Kal to the bridge of the Voltage, where they were confronted by the Guardian Mk. IV. Glide was able to escape the Voltage on his own. However, when Glide saw Databoard and Turahk-Kal returning to the Voltage in PBB's Multi-Pod to rescue Rex, he decided to join them in their rescue mission.

After Rex was rescued, Glide was attacked by BladeBugs. It is unknown whether or not Glide survived, as his status remains unconfirmed.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Glide is known for his mysterious appearance, preferring to wear a large, black hood that hides his features. Although he seems intimidating to his enemies, Glide is actually quite friendly.


  • Glide is the primary character Clone Hat, then known as Koopa Kid 1, in Dino Attack RPG.
  • When signing up for the RPG, Clone Hat provided an image of Glide, which is unfortunately no longer available. All that remains is a physical description referring to Shadow's suit and a large black hood concealing his face.

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