"I've done enough evil. Especially since my life had no other purpose then. But now... Now I have a purpose. I've been enlightened."
— General
Name George Ogel
Age 78
Skills Strategy, Science, Combat
Vehicle Scorpion Orb Launcher
Organization Villain Dino Attack Ally
Creator PeabodySam

George Ogel, also known as General (formerly General Evil), was Evil Ogel's brother.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

George Ogel was born in the year 1932 and grew up in the city of Town Plan. He and his brother also owned a tropical island that they went to on vacations. Along with his friends Zachary Abody and Ronald Alexander, George got exceptional grades in school. He was also friends with his classmate Talia Kaahs, but did not seem to notice that she had feelings for him.

George, Zachary, and Ronald went to college to become scientists. Occasionally accompanied by George's brother, they worked together to perform much research and make many discoveries. George and his brother discovered that plants from the tropical island mixed with a goo substance created a mind-controlling gas that had no effect on sharks.

At his High School Reunion in 1957, George met Talia Kaahs for the first time since graduation. He finally asked her out on a date, and they soon fell in love with one another. A year later, they were due to be married, but Talia did not show up at the wedding. Ronald did, however, and claimed that Talia did not really love George and stood him up. George was grieved and depressed for many following years of his life. He continued work as a scientist, but no longer had his heart in it.

General Evil Edit

Towards the end of the twentieth century, George's brother became known as "Evil Ogel" and orchestrated a master plot to take over the world. While George discouraged his brother, he did little to stop him. When Evil Ogel and his new drone armies wiped out the L.A., he sought to have his brother join him as an equal and a general. Figuring that it would give him something to live for, George accepted. After a brief argument with his brother, he agreed to go by the codename "General Evil", since Ogel refused to have him be referred to as "General George".


General Evil before "the accident".

A short period of time later, the Alpha Team was founded. General Evil was surprised to see his old friend Zachary Abody join the Alpha Team under the codename "Frozeen". When they first met as General Evil and Frozeen, they agreed to try and help each other, instead of fight each other. For example, one time General Evil led a group of drones when he ran into Frozeen, and then killed the army of drones to save Frozeen.

However, it was not to last. Being on opposite sides of the war, their close friendship began to wear thin. Worse, it was further thinned by the efforts of Ronald Alexander, who had also joined the Alpha Team as "Dr. Rex". Eventually, General Evil and Frozeen realized that they could not continue like this, and had to avoid each other.

Unfortunately, at one point Frozeen (secretly accompanied by Dr. Rex) infiltrated an Ogel compound, and Evil Ogel sent General Evil to stop him. They were forced to combat each other for the first time. However, a pillar fell onto General Evil during the fight, and Frozeen escaped. Then, the building exploded. General Evil lost both legs, one of his arms, all of his hair, and most of his skin in the explosion. Barely alive, he was rescued by Evil Ogel and several medical drones. This event was since referred to by Ogel as "the accident".

General Evil was placed in a stasis tube to keep him alive while Ogel designed a mechanical exo-skeleton to encase and protect his body. When it was finished, General Evil was placed inside, and became a biomechanical being. Not realizing that Dr. Rex was the one who knocked over the pillar and set up the explosive, General Evil vowed revenge on Frozeen.

At this point, General Evil was presumed dead by the Alpha Team. Evil Ogel decided to use this to his advantage, and ordered General Evil to operate in secret. Despite the fact that the G.E. Body completely hid his original body, except for his eyes, General Evil personally did not see a need to, but obliged. He continued to make random, quick, anonymous attacks upon Frozeen; not to kill the Alpha Team agent, but to scare him.

When Alpha Team led a successful raid against the Ogel Control Center, General Evil helped Ogel evacuate. He would later help Ogel escape jail after being arrested by Alpha Team on Dinosaur Island.

Mission Deep Sea Edit

General Evil continued to operate in secret, killing isolated Alpha Team agents and leaving no clues to his death. He also continued to terrorize Frozeen, until one day the Alpha Team agent mysteriously disappeared. Not even General Evil knew what happened to him.

At one point, General Evil was commanding a fleet of Sea Drones and their Mutant Killer Whales near the Sargasso Sea. He spotted an Alpha Team Navigator piloted by Cam Attaway, and noted that the submarine had low fuel. He sent a computer virus to jam its sonar, then ordered the Mutant Killer Whales in to attack. At the last moment, Cam initiated Deep-Sea Emergency Maneuver 1-B, which sent her Alpha Team Navigator shooting backwards at a high speed, escaping the Mutant Killer Whales. General Evil took note of this strategy, but was paying too much attention to the Alpha Tema Navigator that he failed to notice Charge's Alpha Team Robot Diver as it discovered the location of the Ogel Underwater Base.

After the destruction of the Ogel Underwater Base, Evil Ogel was incredibly stressed and angered. It was General Evil who suggested that he relax by watching the Red vs. Blue Soccer Championship at LEGO Island. Ogel was arrested as a result, and even though General Evil helped break him out of the LEGO Island Jail, Ogel did not easily forgive his brother for the "foolish suggestion".

Mission Deep Freeze Edit

While Evil Ogel operated from the Ogel's Mountain Fortress in Antarctica, General Evil spent most of this mission in a decoy fortress set up in the Himalayas to distract the Alpha Team from the real base. General Evil designed a highly-modified Scorpion Orb Launcher from the rare, near-indestructible metal called "Ssol Metal", and called it the Silver Scorpion. The Silver Scorpion became his personal vehicle of choice, and he used it to continue operating in secret: destroying every Alpha Team craft and agent he found without worry of the Silver Scorpion itself being destroyed left no witnesses to his existence.

However, General Evil was bored, and traveled to Ogel's Mountain Fortress to request permission from his brother to start making his presence known. Ogel agreed, and sent General Evil out to attack an IC-2 Helicopter which was on a rescue mission to save Databoard, held hostage in the Mountain Fortress. Using a similar strategy to that which he used against Frozeen, General Evil's Silver Scorpion would suddenly appear, fire at the IC-2 Helicopter, force it to crash, then retreat and wait for another opportunity to strike again.

The Alpha Team agents in the helicopter eventually caught on, and instead of taking flight again, they drilled into the ground using handheld drills, and found an old tunnel network leading to Ogel's Mountain Fortress. General Evil in the Silver Scorpion followed, and used homing missiles to try and kill the agents. Unfortunately, these missiles were more than defective, and when they failed three times to hit the targets, General Evil decided to step outside his vehicle and reveal himself to the Alpha Team Agents. After a brief combat, they were separated by a cave-in, and when General Evil's Silver Scorpion destroyed the rocks blocking their way, the agents had already left.

General Evil was then informed by a panicked Ice Drone that the Alpha Team agents were making their way towards Databoard's cell. General Evil followed them, and after another brief fight, trapped all four of them inside the cell. He learned then the names of the three rescuers: a rookie agent named Ice, a FMB-Bot named PBB, and an elite agent named Frozeen. Upon finding out the last of these names, General Evil was shocked and confused, then figured out that this Frozeen must have been the son of Zachary Abody. General Evil then vowed to eliminate this last tie to his past, and to kill this new Frozeen.

General Evil took PBB out of the cell to try and melt him down. PBB escaped, and was able to free Databoard, Ice, and Frozeen. At the last moment, however, General Evil grabbed Frozeen and put in his stead an Ice Drone disguised as Frozeen. Then, he brought Frozeen into another room, where he explained his past relations with Frozeen's father. Then, they fought, but it was a one-sided battle. After breaking many of Frozeen's bones and stabbing him with a sword, General Evil covered the Alpha Team agent with oil, then lit him on fire. Convinced that this was the end of Frozeen, General Evil left the room with Frozeen burning inside, and thought of nothing suspicious as Little Bot, a robot he often saw walking in various Ogel bases, entered the room.

An hour later, General Evil met an eccentric Ice Drone who was so happy to have "helped General Evil remember how to fly". Not recognizing this Ice Drone or its help, General Evil realized that an imposter of him may be on the loose. General Evil left Ogel's Mountain Fortress and found a crashed IC-2 Helicopter, with Databoard, PBB, and Ice nearby, and the disguised Ice Drone lying dead in the snow. General Evil planned to kill them right there, but was knocked out by an unseen enemy. After that, he hired a mysterious Minifig named Slayer to investigate, and Slayer's results came back positive: Frozeen had survived the fire, and like General Evil, was surviving in a G.E. Body, and Little Bot may have been responsible.  He ordered several Super Ice Drones to keep an eye on Little Bot.

Meanwhile, General Evil sent a Disguised Ice Drone to sneak into Alpha Team Headquarters and give a message to Frozeen to meet General Evil at Ogel's Mountain Fortress. Unsure of Frozeen's abilities with a G.E. Body, General Evil sent his pet mutant grasshopper Cruncher and a completely-robotic G.E. Body programmed to act and sound like General Evil to meet Frozeen instead, while General Evil watched from a hidden balcony. General Evil noted how easily Frozeen defeated Cruncher, but only by working with PBB and Chompy could Frozeen defeat the decoy General Evil robot.

Although he told his brother that he and Frozeen were going to fight to the death, General Evil neglected to tell Ogel that a robotic decoy would be fighting in his stead. Therefore, Evil Ogel thought that General Evil was dead, and so did Alpha Team. General Evil remained in hiding for about a month (he did not tell Ogel right away, because he felt flattered upon learning that Ogel was building shrines in memory of him). Then, at last he came out and revealed to Ogel that he was still alive. Ogel then explained to General Evil that a powerful ally of theirs, the Ice Snake King, was overthrown by Lord Salvatore Lazardas, who did not work with Ogel but instead used the Ice Snakes to his own benefit. General Evil sent several Ice Drones to try and force Lord Lazardas to step down, but knowing that it wouldn't work, he too went to the Lair of the Ice Snakes. There, he encountered Frozeen, PBB, Kedalv, and several prisoners of Lord Lazardus (who had already been killed). In doing so, he revealed to the Alpha Team that he had indeed survived.

General Evil and Frozeen continued to fight in various places and ways throughout the remainder of Mission Deep Freeze. Thus, they because arch nemeses. When Evil Ogel fired the Time Freeze Ray, General Evil was in possession of some Time Tech, and thus was not affected. He was elsewhere, however, when Special Agent Zed arrived at Ogel's Mountain Fortress and defeated Evil Ogel. After that, General Evil and Evil Ogel were forced to go into hiding, while Evil Ogel prepared for the final stage of his master plan.

Ogel's Last Stand Edit

Presumably during this time period, the Brickspider Bot v1.0 and other Brickspider Bots were designed. General Evil feared that the prototype Brickspider Bots were too intelligent, and tried to rewire them to have less intelligence. When this failed, General Evil and his brother agreed that the Brickspider Bots needed to be destroyed immediately. He ordered two Elite Rock Drones to destroy the v1.0, but later found them dead and the v1.0 missing.

Ogel's preparing was cut short when Dr. Inferno decided to attempt taking over the world. Furious that someone else would try to achieve his goals, Evil Ogel finished waiting and launched his master plan into action.

One of General Evil's first actions during this time period was killing several Alpha Team agents in Chill Speeders while working together with Loop, whom General Evil distrusted.  Magma approached them in a Blizzard Blaster, and General Evil clashed against the Special Agent in his personal Scorpion Orb Launcher.  During the battle, the two vehicles nearly tore each other apart, resulting in a draw when General Evil realized this and escaped.

The full details of what happened over the next two years are unknown as of yet, but Frozeen mysteriously disappeared, and once more it was not General Evil who was to blame.

Dino Attack Edit

General Evil and his brother learned that Ogel's Island and the Goo Caverns were both under attack by large numbers of Mutant Dinos. When Evil Ogel was contacted by Sam Sinister to meet in LEGO City, General Evil accompanied him on the journey there. There, they met up with Sam Sinister, the Brickster, and General Evil's great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Vladek. The five villains worked together to construct Villains Headquarters. General Evil was left in charge of the airship while the other four villains investigated the reported sightings of the Silver Scorpion, which General Evil had lost to Frozeen, in LEGO City. He and the henchmen aboard the airship received a radio call from the villains for help, and General Evil moved the airship towards their location and rescued the four villains from an Iron Predator.

It was true, then - the villains were not the only ones still in LEGO City besides the Mutant Dinos, but a Dino Attack Team as well. General Evil realized that the villains were not only in danger of being eaten alive by a Mutant Dino, but also of being arrested by this new team. After landing Villains Headquarters in a remote section of LEGO City, they discussed what to do about this Dino Attack Team.

General Evil left the group briefly, because there was an Alpha Team agent codenamed Phantom in the area, searching for Frozeen. General Evil posed as Frozeen and lured away the Alpha Team agent, then after a short battle, he brainwashed Phantom and rejoined the other villains, who had still not found a solution. A Blacktron general arrived and tried to get them to join him, but Ogel turned down the offer upon learning that an Alpha Team agent named Kotua was working with Blacktron.


After the Blacktron general left, four members of the mysterious organization FUTURE suddenly showed up, and explained that they were here to help get rid of the Dino Attack Team and Mutant Dinos. The villains and the new arrivals split up, to better help each villain understand these four figures' plans. Evil Ogel and General Evil were both paired up with the leader of the group: a figure who seemed to be wearing a pitch-black modified G.E. Body and went by "Boss". Boss explained to Ogel and General Evil that the only way to survive the Dino Attack was to first totally eliminate the Dino Attack Team, and only then directly attack the Mutant Dinos.

Evil Ogel then figured out that "Boss" was really a future version of himself named Fogel, and the other three figures were future versions of Sam Sinister, Vladek, and the Brickster. Fogel then explained the reasons for the FUTURE villains traveling back in time: by eliminating Dino Attack Team, the villains could defeat the Mutant Dinos, claim credit for stopping the apocalypse, and use their influence to take over the world.

General Evil, Ogel, and Fogel found Dino Attack Headquarters, and managed to steal a vial of Mutant T-Rex DNA while Finister distracted the Dino Attack agents present with a group of his Holographic Robotic Dinosaur Bombs. Then, they met up with the other villains and FUTURE villains, then left again to initiate the first step of Fogel's plans. They ambushed Dino Attack agent Amanda "Claw" Remous and inserted the Mutant T-Rex DNA into her body, transforming her into a Mutant T-Rex. However, the evidence they left behind would suggest that Amanda was murdered. Then, General Evil, Ogel, and Fogel met up with the other villains again, even as Fogel's plans began to unfold and Elite Dino Attack Agent Rex was banned from the team.

Later, General Evil and the other villains captured two Mutant T-Rexes (who were actually Rex and Amanda), a figure known as The Phantom, PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot, and brought these prisoners to a secure chamber in Villains Headquarters. There, General Evil alone recognized The Phantom's voice to be Frozeen. The FUTURE villains fought against these prisoners and lost, with General Evil and the other present-day villains watching from a balcony. After the prisoners escaped the chamber and threw the FUTURE villains back in their Time Machine, the present-day villains attacked. General Evil took on Frozeen and was able to knock him out. He would have killed the Alpha Team Agent, but Evil Ogel told him to wait, for he was eager to make Frozeen watch the destruction of PBB.

After PBB was blown up by the Brickster and Vladek, Little Bot revealed his true identity to be Libo, leader of the L.A. which Ogel had disbanded so many years ago. While Sam Sinister, the Brickster, and Vladek panicked and fled, General Evil and Evil Ogel were trapped inside an energy sphere that Libo created. Luckily, the energy sphere had the unintended side-effects of protecting the two brothers as Mutant T-Rexes smashed Villains Headquarters to pieces around them.

Dr. Rex's Laboratory Edit

Eventually, the energy sphere faded away, freeing General Evil and Ogel. For a couple months, they were in hiding from both the Mutant Dinos and the Dino Attack Team. Evil Ogel then had a hunch that there may be a laboratory where the Mutant Dinos are mutated, and that it may be on Dino Island. Then, along with a couple of drones they found in LEGO City, they traveled to Dino Island and discovered the laboratory. After breaking their way inside, they encountered Frozeen, Libo, and Amanda (who was once more a Minifig). Evil Ogel then decided to make an alliance with the Dino Attack Team for the benefit of both of them. When Sam Sinister, the Brickster, Vladek, Rex (who was now a normal T-Rex), and Chompy arrived, the alliance was explained to them as well. General Evil saw reason in his brother's decision, but felt uncomfortable working with Frozeen, Chompy, and Libo.

Then, Dr. Rex arrived, flanked by a group of Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids. General Evil recognized him, and was shocked and disturbed to see his old friend behind the Dino Attack. Dr. Rex strangled and killed Frozeen, who came back as a Minifig. A full-scale fight erupted, and for the first time General Evil was fighting alongside his old enemies.

After they escaped the Hybrid-filled room, General Evil was told by Frozeen that it was Dr. Rex who had blown up the building nearly a decade ago. General Evil felt guilty for blaming Frozeen's father, and felt committed to killing Dr. Rex. He was able to ambush a Minifig whom he thought to be Dr. Rex, but claimed to be Rex from the Dino Attack Team. Before General Evil could decide whether or not he was lying, Hybrids filled the hallway, and "Dr. Rex" fired at some of the Hybrids, allowing General Evil and others to escape.

General Evil led those that escaped to a blocked-off cave on the island. Clearing away the rubble that blocked its cave mouth, General Evil freed the four Transforming Dinosaurs inside. Chompy then told the Dinosaurs to attack Dr. Rex's laboratory. They worked together to build a boat, then left the island and, in a couple of hours, arrived at Castle Cove. Meeting up with an old pirate named Greybeard, they captured a dragon and built an aircraft called the 1000 Raptor, then used them to fly over an ocean to LEGO City. However, General Evil was planning to, at first opportunity, travel back to Dino Island and settle old scores with Dr. Rex.

On the way there, they were attacked by Mutant Pterosaurs. General Evil grabbed an Ice Saw from an Ice Drone, then personally cut the wings of most of the Mutant Pterosaurs. The last one, he simply tied the creature's beak up, then hopped on its back and rode it back to Dino Island. Upon arriving, he entered the laboratory again and found a secure room where there were many stasis tubes. General Evil was able to find a secret door in the room which led to another room occupied by only one stasis tube, in which was Talia Kaahs herself. Now realizing that she never stood him up, and that Dr. Rex not only nearly killed him but also captured his bride-to-be, General Evil smashed the tube and freed Talia, who was still unconscious.

General Evil, on the other hand, suddenly found himself very conscious of all the evil crimes he had committed in the past, and felt sickened that everone knew him as a general codenamed "Evil". Thus, he decided that he should only be called "General".

General realized that he couldn't protect Talia and fight Dr. Rex at the same time, so he escaped the laboratory, carrying her body. In the island's jungle, he found a Dino Track Transport, with "Dr. Rex", Amanda, and L-D1L48 sitting inside. General attacked "Dr. Rex", but Amanda was able to convince him that somehow Rex and Dr. Rex switched bodies, and that this was Rex whom he had just attacked. General apologized, and requested transport back to LEGO City with Talia Kaahs.

When Talia regained consciousness, she made the same mistake as General and she too attacked Rex. General, to make her believe him that Rex was innocent, told her that he was really George Ogel, but in his heart he was afraid that she would not believe him. Instead, Talia recognized his voice and the look in his eyes, and she realized that he was indeed George Ogel, so she stopped attacking Rex. A couple of Hybrids, who now worked for Rex, arrived with some fuel for the vehicle, just as Dr. Rex arrived as an armored Mutant T-Rex. Dr. Rex jumped onto the front of their vehicle, but General remembered Cam's Deep-Sea Emergency Maneuver 1-B, and he threw the Dino Track Transport into reverse, throwing Dr. Rex off.

The Dino Track Transport entered a series of underground tunnels that led back to LEGO City. There, a mysterious space cruiser crash-landed, and an escape pod from the same vehicle also fell to the ground. General investigated, and met Sam Throramebi and A5T3R-01D, or Aster Oid. They drove to Dino Attack Headquarters, where General was excused from arrest thanks to Frozeen telling Specs about Ogel's alliance, and General excused Rex by explaining that he was not really Dr. Rex.

General then got Talia Kaahs signed up for the Dino Attack Team. This was not only so that she could fight, but also to protect her by giving her a codename: "Shock", thus preventing Evil Ogel from recognizing her. General began to consider retirement after the Dino Attack.

The Goo Caverns Edit

After Evil Ogel, Sam Sinister, the Brickster, and Vladek were let out of prison due to the alliance, General and Ogel traveled to the Goo Caverns to gather some Green Goo, which Ogel had explained to be a powerful weapon against Mutant Dinos. However, they found the caverns in very poor shape, and were only to retrieve a minimal amount of Green Goo, most of which they used to stop a Mutant Vinscale Octomus swarm.

Evil Ogel explained the situation to Specs, and requested the repairing of the Goo Caverns. General, Shock, and Amanda Claw teamed up to go to the Goo Caverns as one of many Dino Attack squads. They operated primarily in Quadrant 45, and when they were short an Ogel Drilling Vehicle, they sent a Sea Drone to get one from Quadrant 27.

Later, General was contacted by Specs, who told him to investigate volcanic activity in Quadrants 14 and 15, which General previously knew to be the least stable sections of the entire Goo Caverns. Knowing that they had to pass through Quadrant 27 to reach those Quadrants, and that Rex's squad was operating in Quadrant 27, they agreed to drop Amanda off at Quadrant 27 so that she could work with Rex while they traveled to Quadrants 14 and 15.

General, Shock, and Claw arrived at Quadrant 27, where they were greeted by Rex, Greybeard, a Rock Drone regiment, and a group of rowdy Ice Drones. The Ice Drones crowded around General, asking for things such as raises and autographs. After General sent away the Ice Drones and ordered the Rock Drones to leave, he explained to Rex and Greybeard his plans to protect Talia by referring to her as "Shock", and his eventual plans to retire. Amanda left General's group to join Rex's squad, and General and Shock left for Quadrants 14 and 15.

While there, General and Shock determined that Quadrant 14 was the more lethal of the two quadrants; Quadrant 15 merely was suffering from Quadrant 14's eruptions. Deciding that it was too dangerous to try repairing Quadrant 14, General and Shock evacuated the volcanic quadrant and continued to repair other quadrants of the Goo Caverns.

After a few weeks of mining Green Goo, General radioed Frozeen to tell him that they had many tanks' worth of Green Goo. Later that day, he was radioed by whom he thought to be Rex, telling him about a weapon of Dr. Inferno's hidden in Quadrant 14. However, General and Shock encountered two Barrel Pusher Drones, who explained that several days prior they had seen Rex captured by the Brickspider Bot v1.0, and had not seen him since. Since this contradicted with the radio call, General hypothesized that since Dr. Rex had a voice just like Rex's, Dr. Rex was impersonating Rex and fabricated the story about Dr. Inferno's weapon, which meant that there were probably many Mutant Dinos awaiting the Dino Attack Team in Quadrant 14.

General and Shock raced through the Goo Caverns in their Ogel Drilling Vehicle until they found an abandoned Ogel Mining Compound. Shock volunteered to scout ahead and confirm whether or not Rex was in the compound. When she came back, she not only confirmed Rex's presence, but also added that they had to grab Rex quickly before the Brickspider Bot or an Inferno agent could notice their arrival. Using the drill on the front of the Ogel Drilling Vehicle, General and Shock demolished one of the walls of the compound and rescued Rex.

They passed through Quadrant 58 on their way to Quadrant 14 to aid the rest of the Dino Attack Team against the Mutant Dino army, but then General realized that a group of Mutant Dinos left Quadrant 14 and demolished all the support beams in the Goo Caverns up to Quadrant 78. He knew that if Quadrant 14 erupted while the Goo Caverns were no longer stable, it could bring down the entire Goo Caverns. He radioed the Dino Attack Agents in Quadrant 14, telling them to immediately evacuate the Goo Caverns by Trouble Sub.

However, Dr. Rex arrived and tried to turn Shock to be on his side. When Shock refused his offers, Dr. Rex accused General of turning her against him, to which General replied by saying that Dr. Rex did it himself. Angered, Dr. Rex pursued the Ogel Drilling Vehicle through the Goo Caverns until a landslide cut him off.

Finally, they arrived at the Trouble Train Depot. General, Shock, Rex, and a group of drones boarded the Trouble Train, and he worked together with an Elite Ice Drone to activate the monorail train. The Trouble Train's tunnel collapsed and the train itself derailed. Luckily, General was bruised but not badly hurt due to his G.E. Body, and Rex and Shock survived albeit with many more wounds. While checking the train for survivors, General was surprised to find the drones in the troops' car massacred. Grimly, General, Shock, and Rex made their way along the tunnel until at last they reached the Trouble Train Depot at Ogel's Island.

There, Evil Ogel told them that he was working with King Joseph Race and Sam Race to build a portal to allow quick access between the Ogel Control Center and Dino Attack Headquarters. General, Shock, Rex, King Race, and Sam Race used the portal and arrived at Dino Attack Headquarters, where they spoke to Specs.

Portal Operations TeamEdit

General later worked with Shock, King Race, and Chompy to build another portal in Dino Attack Headquarters, used by Aster Oid to travel to LEGO Island. Joined by Libo, this group became known as the Portal Operations Team. The main purpose of the Portal Operations Team was that they could serve as a failsafe in case the battle against the Mutant Dinos took a turn for the worse and Dino Attack Team needed to evacuate its personnel to Antarctica. Until such a time, Specs informed them of both the LEGO Island and Antarctica missions in case anything went wrong in either mission that required someone to quickly go to either location. The team spent some time trying to locate the Torn World, but ultimately failed.

Shortly after Zenna spread word of the Antarctica, Specs told the Portal Operating Team that he needed to go to Antarctica immediately, since Digger was planning to take over the team. General and Shock prepared the portal for the team leader. As soon as he stepped through, General and Shock smashed the portal, for Digger rounded up a mob of angry Dino Attack agents who stormed into the room looking for Specs. Digger pointed a Cosmotronic Ray at General and demanded to know Specs's whereabouts, but General remained silent.

After a long battle against the idealist Dino Attack agents, General and Shock agreed that it was necessary to evacuate those not involved in the conflict. Therefore, while Libo, Chompy, and King Race held off Digger, General and Shock evacuated Dino Attack agents whose opinions were neutral to ensure that they did not get hurt. As such, General and Shock were not captured by the idealists. Thanks to Reptile, the idealist-realist conflict was resolved peacefully.

Chompy left the Portal Operations Team and was replaced by Sam Throramebi. Together, General, Shock, Throramebi, and Libo traveled the LEGO Planet in search of teleport pads built by XERRD to transport the Mutant Dino forces. They destroyed every teleport pad they could find, in beliefs that it would cripple XERRD's ability to mobilize the Mutant Dino armies. However, in Japan, they encountered Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids and Mutant Dinos, and Libo had to sacrifice himself by destroying the Stone Tower Bridge to let General, Shock, and Throramebi escape. During their investigation of Sandy Bay, Shock was attacked by a Mutant Raptor and received a number of scars across her face.

The Portal Operations Team reported back to Dino Attack Headquarters late on the night of December 20, 2012. There, they learned that Dr. Rex and his Mutant Dino army were going to attack Dino Attack Headquarters the very next day. Specs grimly told them to build a Teleport Pad to be prepared to evacuate people to the refugee facilities in Antarctica.

The Portal Operations Team assembled their first Teleport Pad in the basement of Dino Attack Headquarters. When Mutant Dinos began to break into the building, they destroyed that Teleport Pad to prevent the Mutant Dinos from traveling to the refugee facilities, then assembled a Super Teleport Pad on the rooftop so that Dino Air Trackers could airlift entire Fire Hammers to be evacuated. A series of explosions created by Firecracker caused the roof to collapse, but they rebuilt the Teleport Pad on the 13th floor of the building.

With the Teleport Pad assembled, Specs dismissed the Portal Operations Team. General chose to stay and help in the battle, but convinced Shock that it was best for her if she went to Antarctica. General fought off the Mutant Dinos that were climbing to the roof of Dino Attack Headquarters, buying the Dino Attack Team a little more time, but was mortally wounded in combat against Dr. Rex. After Dr. Rex was defeated, General asked Frozeen to remove his G.E. Body helmet and told him how proud Zachary Abody would have been, then General passed away.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Due to being in a G.E. Body, General was capable of a wide range of abilities such as wall-climbing, flying, and leaping. Most of his body was protected from harm by the G.E. Body. The only exposed portion of General's true body were his eyes and the burnt, red flesh surrounding the eyes, which proved to be his one weakness during his battle against Dr. Rex.

General strove for what he believed to be best for the world. Even when he first became known as General Evil, he preferred to only look at the good that would come of Evil Ogel's take-over-the-world plans in order to release himself from the guilt of actions he believed wrong and his depression from what he thought to be Talia abandoning him. However, as a result of "the accident", he became so accepting of his General Evil personality that his old, noble self was buried under a hateful creature bent under vengeance against Frozeen's family. Working with the Dino Attack Team and the reintroduction of Talia Kaahs into his life allowed him to rediscover his old self. He was also very protective of his comrades.

Trivia Edit

  • Much like the G.E. Body, General Evil was loosely inspired by General Grievous from Star Wars and Hopper from A Bug's Life. While his appearance, biography, and abilities were inspired by General Grievous, his personality was more like Hopper. His role in Dino Attack RPG, where his original depiction as a card-carrying villain is put aside in favor of a more noble and somber character, may have been influenced by Meench Vyzumi, another character written by PeabodySam who received similar character development around the same timeframe.
  • General Evil was one of PeabodySam's primary characters in Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand.