Dr. Gates Crusher
Name Gates Crusher
Skills Antidotes
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Atton Rand

Dr. Gates Crusher is a doctor who works in the medical wing of the Dino Attack Team.


When Alan Pierce learned that Carl Lutsky was planning an assault on the XERRD Fortress, Pierce realized that they would need a few medics to be present. He managed to enlist the help of Gates Crusher, Giovanni Wade, and Naomi Carver.

They arrived near the fortress early the following morning. While Wade and Carver continued to set up the medical tent, Crusher and Pierce brought Zenna back to the rear guard camp in order so that she could receive better medical attention.

Kareem Nazareno was put under Alan Pierce's care after being shot by Zachary Virchaus. With the help of Gates Crusher, Giovanni Wade, and Naomi Carver, Nazareno's wound was mostly healed. After making sure Nazareno was stable, J.D. agreed to help Gates Crusher in finding a cure for a toxic gas that had recently been spread through the fortress.

Later, Crusher approached Wade and told him that she had prepared an experimental cure to the toxins. When she confirmed its success, Wade asked Carver to help synthesize the antidote as well as to administer it. They eventually succeeded and began providing agents with prolonged exposure to the gas with the antidote.

When the rear guard camp was attacked by Mutant Dinos, the medical tent was destroyed in all the chaos. Along with Wade, Crusher managed to get out of the tent after it collapsed. Crusher, Wade, Kate Bishop, and Hertz eventually recovered both Pierce, who had survived but suffered from a broken arm and leg, and Naomi, who was unconscious. The medics went to the command tent, which was still intact, where they remained for the remainder of the battle.

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Abilities and TraitsEdit

Dr. Gates Crusher is a doctor and part-time scientist. In addition to practicing medicine, she has had an important role in the development of certain antidotes, mainly to the toxins present in the XERRD fortress, and she also had a hand in developing the cure to the Maelstrom.


  • The surname Crusher is taken from Dr. Beverly Crusher, a regular character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The first name refers to Gates Mcfadden, who played Dr. Crusher on the show.

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