"He didn't know Frozeen in any way well enough to consider him a friend, but he could see that he was experienced beyond his years, and was definitely very passionate about the memory of their past colleagues and current friends. He should get to know him better. He seemed just as good a man as Rex."
Dino Attack: At War's End
Elite Agent Frozeen
Name Peter Abody
Age 32
Skills Drilling
Vehicle Tundra Tracker
Organization Alpha Team
Creator PeabodySam

Peter Abody, better known by his codename Frozeen, is an Elite Alpha Team Agent, the brother of the Brickster, and an ally to the Dino Attack Team.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

In the year 1978, Frozeen was a Minifig built by the Brickster, who wanted a brother and a second-in-command. However, unlike the Infomaniac, the Brickster was unskilled with building Minifigs. Instead of building another adult, he accidentally created a newborn baby. Finding this baby too much to care for, the Brickster abandoned him on LEGO Island, leaving the infant to die.

However, the Infomaniac stumbled upon this baby and took him in. He then gave the baby to Zachary and Faith Abody, who were planning on adopting a baby. They took him in and named him Peter.

In his early childhood, Peter Abody met some of the spooky ghosts that dwelt in the subterranean caves of the island. While these ghosts are known by long-time residents to be friendly and harmless, Peter was too young to realize this and was terrified by the encounter. Ever since, Peter secretly nursed a strong fear of ghosts.

Later, when Peter was a teenager, the Abody family moved from LEGO Island to LEGO Town, but LEGO Island would always have a special place in Peter's heart. Peter also had a dog around this time.

While in High School, Peter Abody was not very popular, but he had a few close friends, such as Patrick Fitzy and Shannon Grimton. However, one day Patrick decided to try not being friends with Peter in an attempt to advance in popularity. Peter threw his lunch at Patrick, disgusted. The next day, Patrick's house burned down and Patrick was presumed dead, leaving Peter feeling guilty about the incident.

Peter and Shannon felt close to one another, but Peter was afraid to admit his true feelings to her. When Peter finally confessed his love in senior year of high school, Shannon was already dating someone else. After thinking that he ruined their relationship, Peter attempted to cut off all ties to Shannon, which ended their friendship in a state of bitterness.

Rock Raiders Edit

Due to economic troubles in the year 2000, Zachary Abody's laboratory lost its funding, and he was soon laid off. Peter, now a young adult, knew that he could not hope to support himself and his parents. After a long argument with his father, Peter finally convinced him to go get a new job. Not knowing whether or not this job would work, Peter decided to sign up for a high-paying job just in case he needed to support his parents.

Fascinated by mining and geology, Peter entered the Rock Raiders Academy under the nickname "Drill", where he met Sam Throramebi and was trained by Dr. David Miner. They went on many mining missions together over the years, including one to Ice Planet 2002 and another to Planet Slizer.

Alpha Team Edit

In early 2003, right before a Rock Raider refueling mission, Drill received a phone call from Earth Command. The message was that his father disappeared, and was presumed dead. Returning to the LEGO Planet at once, Peter learned that the 'new job' that Zachary Abody got in 2000 was as an Alpha Team agent, and that he had disappeared underwater in Mission Deep Sea while being pursued by Ogel's forces. Once more, Peter felt guilty that his last words to Zachary were during a harsh argument. He also made a vow that, should Evil Ogel return, he would help defeat the evil mastermind.

Evil Ogel did return in 2004, trying to freeze the world with his Ice Orbs. Immediately, Peter signed up to join the Alpha Team. As his codename, he considered using "Drill" again, but then found out that his father's codename was "Frozeen", and in honor of that, he signed up under that codename.

Mission Deep Freeze Edit


Frozeen during Mission Deep Freeze

In his first mission as an Alpha Team agent, Frozeen was sent to investigate the appearance of Ice Orbs at Castle Cove. He traveled to the Black Knights' Kingdom, where he had an unexpected and frightful encounter with the Black Monarch's Ghost. The Black Monarch promised Frozeen that he'd come back to haunt him later, leaving Frozeen feeling secretly paranoid for the remainder of Mission Deep Freeze.

In Antarctica, Frozeen met Databoard after the latter repaired Frozeen's damaged Tundra Tracker. They later worked together to destroy most of Evil Ogel's copies of Alpha Team vehicles. Frozeen and Databoard worked together with Kotua to try infiltrating a Mountain Fortress they suspected to be the real one. During this encounter, Frozeen blew up Kotua's PDA to defeat several Snow Crawlers; this would have the unintended side-effect of putting Kotua's Ice Blade into lock-down mode, which would eventually lead to the creation of the Robo-Blade.

Frozeen, Databoard, and Kotua went on a mission to Adventurers' Island, which was under attack by masses of Snow Crawlers and Scorpion Orb Launchers. After the Ice Drones were defeated and the Ice Orbs were eliminated, Dr. Charles Kilroy thanked the group of agents, and as a token of the Adventurers' gratitude, gave them a T-Rex hatchling that was calm around Minifigs. Having experience with a dog, Frozeen took in the T-Rex hatchling and named him "Chompy".

Frozeen and Chompy worked together for some time. Then, Frozeen was captured by several Ice Drones, who brought him to Ogel's Mountain Fortress. The Brickster, who was also brought to the Mountain Fortress by Ice Drones but as a guest rather than a prisoner, told Evil Ogel to spare Frozeen's life. Together, the two villains tried to convince Frozeen to join their side, but Frozeen turned down the offer. Databoard arrived and rescued Frozeen, as well as another Alpha Team agent codenamed Shadow.

Still, Frozeen was curious as to why the Brickster told Ogel to show Frozeen mercy. He spoke to Dash Justice, who explained that it was a dark secret that he was reluctant to tell, but was present in Frozeen's files thanks to information provided by Zachary Abody prior to his disappearance. When Frozeen finally convinced Dash to reveal it, Dash explained that Frozeen was the Brickster's brother. Shocked, Frozeen fainted and subsequently hit his head on a hard surface.

When Frozeen woke up, he was in the hospital wing, and Alpha Team Antarctic Headquarters was in the middle of a dangerous earthquake. However, he was completely oblivious to all of this, because the impact and the shock had put him in a temporary state of total insanity, where he believed that everyone was a leprechaun after his gold. Dragged to safety by Databoard, Kotua, Chompy, and Diamond Tooth, he was only vaguely aware of the battles that followed against Ogel's massive Ice Spiders and the mysterious Dr. Voltage, the creator of the Robo-Blade.

Luckily, after a few hours Frozeen recovered from his insanity. By then, the Ice Spiders were defeated, but he, Databoard, and Kotua were fighting against Dr. Voltage's robots. After the robots were defeated, Frozeen began testing his abilities summoning Brickster-Bots, which were programmed to follow him, and thus were good followers as opposed to evil tricksters. Now, backed by Brickster-Bots, he snuck into one of Ogel's Mountain Fortresses and found out Ogel's plans to send a massive army of Ice Drones, Meda Drones, Snow Crawlers, and Scorpion Orb Launchers to destroy Alpha Team Antarctic Headquarters. Immediately, he made his way back to base and warned the team, revealing his relationship to the Brickster and his ability to summon good Brickster-Bots.

After a massive battle between the Alpha Team Agents and Brickster-Bots versus the Ice Drone army, Ogel's side had the clear advantage. Then, a massive wave of cold released by a machine designed by Evil Ogel froze much of the battlefield; Frozeen was one of the few survivors.

He traveled with Databoard, Shadow, and Chompy to World City, battling Ice Drones and Meda Drones along the way. There, Frozeen designed his own unique Brickster-Bot, that had a slightly different appearance, a purple-colored head, and a spare Alpha Team uniform that he called PBB. Alpha Team fought more Ice Spiders, but Frozeen was dragged out of the battle by a large tentacle that came out of the ocean. Out emerged a massive squid-like monster that terrorized the city before finally being brought down by Alpha Team, with the help of PBB. Frozeen decided to call the monster Vinscale Octomus.

After a battle against Ice Drones in World City, Frozeen, Chompy, PBB, and the rest of the Alpha Team retreated back to Antarctica. In fact, Frozeen, Chompy, and PBB were stuck in Antarctica while the rest of the Alpha Team operated elsewhere, because an agent named Polar who was supposed to give them transport fell unconscious. Thus, Frozeen, Chompy, and PBB had various adventures in Antarctica, and met the Ice Snake King and his Ice Snakes, as well as the DRAGONflies: large, cold-resistant dragonflies. During this time period, Frozeen's Brickster-Bots were reengineered into FMB-Bots.


Future Frozeen

When Alpha Team arrived back at Antarctica, Elite Agent Subzero assigned Frozeen on a mission to destroy an Ogel base located inside an Antarctic volcano. After finishing this mission, Frozeen saw some sort of fighter craft piloted by an assassin robot of Ogel's, and he was rescued by a mysterious figure in a Time Boat. The figure explained to him that he was an Alpha Team agent from an alternate future, in which the assassin robot kills all Alpha Team agents except for himself, and he had finally found means to travel back in time to fix this. Frozeen and this figure traveled Antarctica, rescuing every Alpha Team agent they could. Then, Subzero figured out that this future Alpha Team agent was Frozeen.

The chase to beat the assassin robot to the Alpha Team agents brought them to Alpha Team Antarctic Headquarters, where they were looking for Elite Agent Rich. The base was under siege by Ice Drones and Ice Snakes, but the DRAGONflies arrived and chased away the Ice Snakes, while the Alpha Team dealt with the Ice Drones. Frozeen was stabbed by a poisonous knife that would either kill him or corrupt him if not cured in time, and for the following days he found himself growing weaker and weaker. Luckily, PBB and Chompy arrived just in time with the cure. Then, the united Alpha Team was able to shoot down the assassin robot, and Future Frozeen vanished back into the timestream. As reward for his services to the team, Frozeen was granted the rank of Elite Agent.

Frozeen and a rookie agent named Ice worked together to rescue a captured Databoard. After meeting up with PBB, Ice's IC-2 Helicopter was shot down by the Silver Scorpion, a mysterious armored Scorpion Orb Launcher. Databoard was captured again and brought to Ogel's Mountain Fortress, and Frozeen, PBB, and Ice used an old tunnel network to get to the Fortress. In the tunnels, they encountered the Silver Scorpion and learned that its driver was a biomechanical being named General Evil. After a brief fight, Frozeen, PBB, and Ice managed to escape Evil and get into the Mountain Fortress.

Disguised as Ice Drones, they managed to open Databoard's cell, but mistakenly entered the cell as General Evil arrived. General Evil asked them their names, and when Frozeen revealed his, he could see surprise and shock in General Evil's eyes. Then, they fought General Evil again, but he knocked them out and locked them in the cell, bringing PBB with him to melt down the FMB-Bot. PBB apparently escaped, and freed Frozeen and the others. However, Frozeen was grabbed by General Evil and brought to a secure chamber where General Evil explained that he knew and hated Zachary Abody. They fought again, but General Evil had the clear advantage. He broke several of Frozeen's bones, stabbed him, then lit him on fire. Unable to take the pain, Frozeen fell unconscious.


Frozeen in a G.E. Body

Frozeen somewhat regained consciousness a few hours later. He was not totally aware of his surroundings or what was going on, but he vaguely remembered a biomechanical insect-like figure standing over him, telling him that General Evil was in fact Evil Ogel's brother, who was badly wounded and burned and thus forced to live in a metallic shell called a G.E. Body. Then, the figure told Frozeen to go back to sleep until his work was done. Frozeen slipped back into unconsciousness.

He woke again several hours later, and was surprised to find himself in a G.E. Body. Trying to get used to his new form and abilities, he slowly made his way out of Ogel's Mountain Fortress. He found Databoard, PBB, and Ice, but they mistook him for General Evil and tried to shoot him. Desperate to find a way to convince them of his identity, he summoned several FMB-Bots, which PBB and Databoard knew that only Frozeen could do. Frozeen told them about what happened after he was captured as they flew back to Alpha Team Antarctic Headquarters in Ice's IC-2 Helicopter.

Back at headquarters, PBB, Ice, and Databoard helped convince the rest of Alpha Team about Frozeen's identity. Frozeen decided to wear a brown, hooded cloak to differentiate himself in appearance from General Evil. Then, Antarctic Headquarters was attacked by the saw-like BladeBugs and the bloodthirsty mosquito-like Mossies. Alpha Team was able to defend themselves against this threat, with the help of the DRAGONflies, which turned out to be bitter enemies of the Mossies.

Later, Frozeen encountered one of Kotua's Robo-Blades, but was shocked when he saw that the Robo-Blade had no pilot. Unbeknownst to Frozeen, Kotua's Creative Spark was actually possessing the vehicle. Recalling his encounter with the Black Monarch, Frozeen rationalized that it must have been the monarch's ghost piloting the Robo-Blade and coming back to haunt him, and then he ran away while screaming in fright. The Robo-Blade pursued, trying to convince Frozeen that it was actually Kotua, but Frozeen refused to listen. He found PBB and told PBB to destroy the Robo-Blade. He missed, and Kotua responded by stunning Chompy. Thinking Chompy was killed, Frozeen was infuriated and, overcoming his fear, began attacking the Robo-Blade himself, using his G.E. Body's invulnerability to his advantage as he tore apart the vehicle.

Chompy woke up and roared to catch Frozeen's attention. Realizing his error, Frozeen calmed down and tried to apologize, but Kotua in the Robo-Blade had also given into rage and did not calm down. Frozeen, PBB, and Chompy fled from a maddened Kotua with the single intent to destroy them. Eventually, they outran him and returned to headquarters.

The next day, Frozeen was approached by a disguised Ice Drone, who told him to meet General Evil at Ogel's Mountain Fortress. Frozeen, PBB, and Chompy then did extensive research over the course of the day, and discovered that the sole weakness of G.E. Metal is the Alpha Team's Panrahk XP Explosive. Carefully, Frozeen packed one with him, then the three made their way to Ogel's Mountain Fortress.

Near the Mountain Fortress, they met a sword-handed Minifig named Slayer, who claimed to be General Evil's apprentice. He revealed his true identity, Patrick Fitzy, to Frozeen, who realized that they were old friends in High School. Slayer was defeated quickly, tied up, and left in the snow.

Upon arriving at Ogel's Mountain Fortress, they were apparently greeted by General Evil, who brought Frozeen down into the depths of the fortress while PBB and Chompy were left outside guarded by a group of Ice Drones. Then, General Evil forced Frozeen to fight a giant, mutant grasshopper-like monster called "Cruncher". After Cruncher was killed, General Evil himself fought Frozeen, but Evil quickly gained the upper hand.

Slayer entered the room, but was dismissed by General Evil as a freak and a poor apprentice. Angered, Slayer charged in and sliced the thin wings of the G.E. Body with his sword-hands. General Evil then killed Slayer, and was ready to dispose of Frozeen next. Luckily, PBB and Chompy broke into the room, creating a distraction. This allowed Frozeen to kick the wingless General Evil into a pit and drop the activated Panrahk XP. Then, Frozeen and his friends escaped before the Panrahk XP detonated. General Evil was defeated, or so it seemed.

Frozeen, PBB, and Chompy rescued Ice, who was locked in the Mountain Fortress's dungeon, before leaving Ogel's base. Outside, they found the Silver Scorpion, along with the Ice Drone I-R3831 and Little Bot. I-R3831, calling himself "Rebel Drone", explained to them that he and Little Bot were rebels who were spying on Ogel and smuggling the Silver Scorpion. However, their actions were discovered, as an army of Ice Drones were sent to kill them. Teaming up with Rebel Drone and Little Bot, Frozeen and the others commandeered the Silver Scorpion, though not before Chompy was temporarily blinded by a Light Cannon fired by one of the Ice Drones in the pursuing army. Frozeen and the others fled to Alpha Team Antarctic Headquarters in the Silver Scorpion, but the Ice Drone army followed.

At Alpha Team Headquarters, Frozeen saw Kotua as a Minifig, as well as an Ice Blade that moved on its own (which actually had Databoard's Creative Spark). Once again believing that the Black Monarch's Ghost was haunting him, Frozeen refused to reason with the Ice Blade, since he mistook Data2 for Databoard. After a long battle, Frozeen eventually figured out the truth when his PDA's scanner identified the Ice Blade as Databoard and Data2 as a Meda-Drone in disguise. They teamed up to fight the Ice Drone army, which followed the Silver Scorpion to Antarctic Headquarters.

Frozeen was surprised when, during the battle, he saw Databoard once more as a Minifig. Later, after the battle, Frozeen talked to Kotua and Databoard, who both revealed that their Creative Sparks were possessing their respective vehicles after their bodies were destroyed by Ogel, but they eventually crashed and died in combat. Then, they were both brought back as Minifigs by a mysterious voice. Frozeen was confused by this explanation, but figured it was the best available one; however, at the time, he could not bring himself to believe that it was the truth.

During the battle itself, the Ice Drones were joined by OGELites sent by the Brickster. However, Frozeen was knocked out in the battle by a mysterious Minifig who brought Frozeen to the lair of the Ice Snakes. Frozeen was surprised to see that the lair was changed. He learned from another prisoner, who turned out to be one of the Alpha Team's founding members Kedalv, that the Snake Knights led by Lord Salvatore Lazardas overthrew the Ice Snake King and took over the Ice Snake clan.

PBB eventually arrived in the dungeons, and Frozeen distracted the guards by acting insane. Once PBB was close enough, they killed the guards, and PBB freed Frozeen, Kedalv, and other prisoners of the Ice Snakes. Together, they confronted Lord Lazardas in his chamber. Lazardas quickly killed most of the prisoners and short-circuited PBB, but the Ice Snake King waiting outside began shaking the chamber and collapsed the roof atop Lazardas, killing him. Although it was the Ice Snake King who hired PBB to kill Lazardas, the first thing he did upon reclaiming his position was send the Ice Snakes to kill Frozeen, PBB, Kedalv, and the remaining prisoners.

Frozeen led the group outside the Ice Snakes' lair, where they were shocked to meet General Evil, still alive. General Evil revealed that he never fought Frozeen deep beneath Ogel's Mountain Fortress; instead, that was a completely-robotic G.E. Body designed to test Frozeen's fighting abilities. Kedalv distracted General Evil while Frozeen and the others escaped to Alpha Team Headquarters, where Frozeen repaired PBB's damaged innerworkings.

Later, Frozeen was captured by General Evil and held prisoner in Ogel's Mountain Fortress. He was able to escape with the help of Databoard and rookie agent Phantom.

For most of the remainder of Mission Deep Freeze, Frozeen continued to repeatedly conflict with General Evil all over the frozen continent of Antarctica. He did not participate in the final raid of Ogel's Mountain Fortress, as he was assigned to keep General Evil away from the fortress to ensure the success of Alpha Team's final attack. He was frozen in time during the Time Freeze, but unfrozen once time was set right again.

Ogel's Last Stand Edit

Frozeen received a call in 2008 telling him to report to Alpha Team Orbiting Satellite Headquarters: Evil Ogel had returned. However, upon talking to Tee Vee, Frozeen realized a database error had mislabeled him a Standard Agent despite having Elite Agent status, leaving him annoyed. He was further annoyed upon finding out that he had to negotiate with a representative of the Agents Defense Organization.


Frozeen in a Minifig armor suit

Frozeen traveled to LEGO City where he met Grease. Despite Frozeen's efforts to remain calm and tolerant, Grease constantly poked insults at the Alpha Team and went so far as to suggest that Zachary Abody had not died or disappeared, but was living in the Goo Caverns and was a traitor. This infuriated Frozeen, who tackled Grease and strangled the Agent. Security guards quickly knocked Frozeen out.

When Frozeen came to his senses, he was no longer in a G.E. Body. He realized that he had been surgically removed from the exo-skeleton and instead placed into a Minifig armor suit to protect his scarred and burned skin. In addition, as punishment for attacking Grease, Frozeen was demoted to Rookie Agent status.

Shortly afterward, Frozeen grabbed an Alpha Team Robot Diver and participated in a guerrilla attack on Ogel's Underwater Base. Once the attack was over, Frozeen noticed a fellow Alpha Team agent codenamed Knight flailing in the water without a submarine. Saving Knight from a few Sea Drones and Mutant Sea Creatures, Frozeen found out Knight had low oxygen, and as it was the nearest location with oxygen, they decided to sneak into Ogel Underwater Base. There, they encountered a Space Drone, met up with Mythic, battled Loop, and were joined by Duke.

After the mission to the Underwater Base, Frozeen, Mythic, and Knight attacked the Trouble Train, which was carrying General Evil and a few Inferno defectors to Ogel's Island. Frozeen and Knight were captured by one of the defectors, Cyber-Bully, and they were trapped in Trouble Tubes in the Ogel Control Center. Cyber-Bully taunted Frozeen, and when Frozeen retorted with a taunt of his own, Cyber-Bully warned Frozeen that Dr. Inferno had a new ally. When Cyber-Bully shut down the base's security, Frozeen and Knight managed to escape with the help of Spy in the ensuing chaos.

Returning to Alpha Team Headquarters, Frozeen regained Standard Agent status for good behavior. He was assigned to Alpha Team's next major mission: an attack on Ogel's Mountain Fortress. When Ogel's defenses were too great, Frozeen led the team's Magma Drills into the underground tunnel network to infiltrate Ogel's base.

Later, Frozeen investigated the presence of Ogel's moles among Alpha Team's ranks, following a suspicious comment by General Evil. When he found no leads, he reluctantly decided to enlist Baron von Brickthief, an Alpha Team prisoner who offered his insight into the mole hunt in exchange for his freedom.

Frozeen did not trust Baron von Brickthief, but listened to what he had to say. Brickthief ultimately convinced him that his old teammate Phantom, now a high-ranking special agent, was one of Ogel's moles. When they found no evidence to convict their suspect, Brickthief told Frozeen that the only way to expose Phantom as a mole was to plant false evidence. This resulted in Phantom being dishonorably discharged from the team, causing him to swear vengeance against Frozeen. Too late, Frozeen realized that Phantom was innocent and that Brickthief had been manipulating him.

The full details of what happened after that are unknown, but it is confirmed that Rebel Drone died and Frozeen went into hiding for reasons currently unrevealed. Sometime between then and the Dino Attack, Frozeen got his G.E. Body back.

Dino Attack Edit

The Phantom Edit

Frozeen was still in hiding when the Dino Attack began. During the initial attack, he tried to communicate with the Mutant Dinos, only to learn that they did not speak the universal dinosaur language that he had learned from PBB and Chompy. Unlike PBB, whose programming limited his ability to learn a chaotic language, Frozeen spent weeks adapting to learn this new tongue.


Frozeen as The Phantom

During this time, Frozeen wore a large black cloak that hid all of his features, including his G.E. Body, in shadow. With near-invincibility, a mysterious shady demeanor, and the ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere and then vanish once more in a dark and desolate LEGO City, Frozeen adopted the alias "The Phantom".

The Phantom was intrigued by what he learned from the Mutant Dinos. He heard rumors of four "prototype" Mutant Dinos, one of which was genetically modified and disguised as an agent of the newly-arisen Dino Attack Team. Through careful observation, The Phantom determined that the rumors were true and the prototype Mutant T-Rex was in fact Elite Agent Rex.

Using Rex's tamed Mutant Lizard Trouble as a guide, The Phantom was able to arrange a meeting with Rex. There, The Phantom informed Rex of his origins and, when he was met with skepticism, cut open Rex's hand to reveal the black scales underneath his skin. Rex was initially horrified at this information, but The Phantom, without revealing too much, claimed to be the brother of a villain and suggested that Rex use his true abilities to the benefit of the Dino Attack Team. Then, The Phantom disappeared into the night.

The Phantom later rescued Chompy from a LEGOLAND military jeep, which was pursuing the T-Rex under the false assumption that Chompy was an enemy. When the soldiers opened fire upon The Phantom, the bullets were harmlessly deflected off his G.E. Body armor, causing the soldiers to panic and think that The Phantom was truly a ghost.

The Phantom continued to observe Rex in the following days. When Rex was abducted by FUTURE, The Phantom boarded the mobile Villains Headquarters airship and rescued Rex from Sam Sinister and Finister by unplugging the Truth Receiver. The Phantom and Rex, along with Zero and Phantom, fled from the Brickster, Vladek, the Frickster, and Fladek. While Rex, Zero, and Phantom escaped on the backs of Mutant Pterosaurs, The Phantom stayed behind to fight the villains. The Phantom emerged victorious from the fight, and the villains were forced to land Villains Headquarters in a remote part of LEGO City.

The Phantom found Rex, Claw, and Phantom in a dark alley. He overheard Phantom reveal that he had been hunting down and killing old teammates in his search for Frozeen, and he was about to murder Rex and Claw. The Phantom intervened, grabbed Phantom by the throat, and accused him of becoming the very villain that Alpha Team had sworn to destroy. Then, he threw Phantom across the alley, killing him. He justified his actions by saying that he had rescued Rex and Claw while making the difficult choice to put Phantom out of his misery.

Later, The Phantom carefully watched Dash Justice and Charles Kilroy as they ran an errand for the Dino Attack Team. When they were attacked by a vicious Mutant T-Rex, The Phantom sent Rex, Trouble, and a tamed Mutant T-Rex named "Maw" to help. After the wild Mutant T-Rex killed Maw and overpowered Trouble, The Phantom saw to the safety of the Minifigs while Rex took on the Mutant T-Rex himself.

The Phantom later reunited with PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot, but remained secretive and did not reveal his true identity. They encountered two sentient Mutant T-Rexes, claiming to be "Maw" and "Claw", although The Phantom easily saw through Maw's disguise and knew it was truly Rex. They camped together for the night, but were abducted by FUTURE and locked in a chamber of Villains Headquarters.

There, before engaging the FUTURE villains in combat, The Phantom revealed his true identity as Frozeen. He battled against Fogel, but despite Frozeen's years of experience, Fogel was more than a match for the Alpha Team agent. Only after Rex and Claw overpowered Fogel was Frozeen able to defeat the future Ogel. Then, Frozeen assisted Chompy in taking down Finister. Locating FUTURE's time machine, Frozeen quickly installed a Panrahk XP explosive and sent the time machine back to the future. He knew that the Panrahk XP would destroy the time machine and kill the FUTURE villains, which he deemed to be a necessary act because of the dangers of time travel.

However, before they could leave the Villains Headquarters, the present-day villains struck back. Frozeen was pinned down and knocked unconscious by General Evil, who would have killed the Alpha Team agent but restrained himself under Ogel's orders. When Frozeen awoke, he was restrained and forced to watch a TV screen broadcasting the destruction of PBB by the Brickster and Vladek. Although this infuriated Frozeen, he could not break free. However, Little Bot revealed his true identity as Libo, defeated the villains, and freed Frozeen, Chompy, Rex, and Claw.

After leaving Villains Headquarters, the group was attacked by a pack of Mutant T-Rexes. The group split up to confuse and distract the pack, with Frozeen, Chompy, and Libo going one way while Rex and Claw went another way. They were able to escape the Mutant T-Rexes and later assisted Specs, Shadow, Viper, and VM in a battle at a Dino Attack Outpost.

Dino Island Laboratory Edit

Frozeen, Chompy, and Libo later visited Rex and Amanda Claw when their mutations were cured by Dino Attack Team's Hospital Wing. Unlike everyone else, Frozeen expressed little surprise at Rex becoming an Adventurers' Island T-Rex instead of becoming a Minifig because only Frozeen was fully aware of Rex's true origins.

Later, the Dino Attack Team sent Rex and Chompy to investigate subway tunnels in LEGO City, and Frozeen, Libo, and Amanda Claw provided back-up. While Claw dealt with Sam Sinister and the Brickster, Frozeen and Libo ambushed Vladek and removed his weapons and armor. After tying him to a pillar in a subway station, they left the scorpion knight's gear where it could easily be found, albeit it was guarded by a Mutant Raptor pack.

Reuniting with agent Claw, Frozeen and Libo entered a sewage system connected to the subway tunnel. There, they encountered a Mutant T-Rex and, trying to avoid a battle, Frozeen communicated with the creature. The Mutant T-Rex warned them to stay away and to beware of the villains in the tunnel.

A Dino Track Transport appeared in the tunnel, and Frozeen worked quickly to kill its drivers and free its captured dinosaurs. He was shocked to discover that the drivers were Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids. They used the Dino Track Transport to drive into a chamber at the end of the tunnel, where they encountered Sam Sinister, Vladek, and the Brickster. After a brief battle, they ended up working together in an attempt to defeat more Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids, but Frozeen fell unconscious after a Sonic Screamer attack.

When Frozeen regained consciousness, he found himself, Libo, Claw, Sinister, Vladek, and Brickster all chained to a wall in a mysterious laboratory. Dr. Rex entered the chamber and introduced himself. Although Dr. Rex mistook Frozeen for General Evil, he intimidated his captives by threatening to suffocate Frozeen. Thanks to Libo, Dr. Rex was distracted long enough for the L.A. leader to free Frozeen and Amanda Claw. Passing a window, Frozeen determined that they were on Dinosaur Island based upon what he remembered of Alpha Team reports from 2001.

The window was smashed open by Evil Ogel, General Evil, and a group of Skeleton Drones. Although Frozeen prepared to fight, he was shocked when he learned that Ogel had decided to form an alliance with the Dino Attack Team. Sam Sinister, the Brickster, Vladek, Rex, and Chompy joined the group just as they were discovered by Dr. Rex and a group of Hybrids. Frozeen was attacked by Dr. Rex and strangled to death.

Frozeen saw a bright light and heard a mysterious voice telling him that it was his time. Frozeen recalled hearing reports about this from Kotua and Databoard; both Alpha Team agents convinced the voice to bring them back to life because their friends were in danger. Frozeen tried the same tactic to no avail, but then threatened to bug the voice for cookies and hot chocolate for all eternity. The mysterious voice begrudgingly gave in and brought Frozeen back to life as a normal Minifig without a G.E. Body.

Frozeen, Chompy, Libo, Claw, Sinister, Vladek, Brickster, Ogel, and General Evil teamed up to battle Dr. Rex's Hybrids while Rex pursued Dr. Rex himself. Frozeen and Chompy worked particularly closely, and Frozeen found the battle reminiscent of the early battles of Mission Deep Freeze. The battle was fierce but eventually ended when the Hybrids were lured away by the Lurcher Drone L-D1L48.

1000 Raptor Canon

Frozeen flying the 1000 Raptor

While escape, Frozeen and the others encountered what appeared to be Dr. Rex dragging along an unconscious T-Rex. When the T-Rex woke up, Frozeen recognized that it was clearly not Rex, but did not realize that the scientist Minifig was actually Rex and the T-Rex was actually Dr. Rex. Hybrids surrounded the group, but the scientist created an opening for Frozeen and the others to escape, although they lost Amanda Claw and L-D1L48 in the process.

After freeing the Mesozoic Morphing Monsters and building a boat, the group traveled to Castle Cove, where they subdued a dragon and recruited an old pirate named Greybeard. They constructed an aircraft called the 1000 Raptor, which Frozeen, Libo, Chompy, and Greybeard piloted on the flight back to LEGO City. Along the way, they were attacked by Mutant Pterosaurs, and General Evil left to settle old scores with Dr. Rex.

Dino Attack Headquarters Edit

They were ambushed by a Mutant T-Rex upon their arrival at LEGO City and forced to crash-land the 1000 Raptor at a Dino Attack Outpost. Frozeen confronted Ogel in an attempt to learn the true fate of Zachary Abody, but before they reached a conclusion, they were surrounded by Dino Attack agents led by Specs. The Team Leader recognized that Frozeen was no longer in his G.E. Body and expressed suspicions about this.

At Dino Attack Headquarters, Frozeen was interrogated by Specs concerning his lack of G.E. Body and the presence of Ogel and the other villains. Frozeen told Specs about the bright light and mysterious voice, and when Specs expressed skepticism, Frozeen told him to contact Databoard for confirmation. After Databoard confirmed this information, the interrogation ended with the arrival of five figures: Amanda Claw, L-D1L48, a reformed General Evil (now only going by "General"), a mysterious woman named Talia Kaahs, and the scientist Minifig who was truly agent Rex.

Outside Dino Attack Headquarters, Frozeen found a parked Dino Track Transport occupied by Aster Oid and his old friend Sam Throramebi the Rock Raider. He discussed current events with Sam Throramebi and learned of the death of his instructor, Dr. David Miner.

Shortly afterward, the Dino Attack Power Station was attacked by Mutant T-Rexes. While most of the team was dispatched to take care of the Mutant Dino threat, Frozeen stayed behind when he noticed a group of Mutant Lizards sneak into the main headquarters. He traveled through the base with Sam Throramebi and later Rex to stop the Mutant Lizards. After saving the Dino Attack Hospital Wing from the Mutant Lizards, Frozeen learned from Frank Einstein that Libo was badly wounded and Aster Oid was badly damaged by the Mutant Lizard attack.

Goo Caverns Mission Edit

Although he was not an official Dino Attack agent, Frozeen participated in the Dino Attack Team's mission to the Goo Caverns because he felt that his skills as a Rock Raider and Alpha Team agent would prove useful to the mission. Working with his old partner Sam Throramebi, they worked in the Goo Caverns and built reinforcement beams to prevent the Goo Caverns from collapsing.

While working in the Goo Caverns, Frozeen and Sam Throramebi encountered the Agent Grease. Frozeen was voluntarily restrained by Sam to prevent him from attacking Grease, whom Frozeen remembered from the failed negotiations in 2008. Although Grease did not recognize Frozeen, he made snobbish remarks towards the Alpha Team and Rock Raiders before leaving. Sam Throramebi later customized an Ogel Drilling Vehicle, which Frozeen and Sam shared in the following weeks.

When their work in the Goo Caverns was nearly done, Frozeen and Sam Throramebi met up with Greybeard. They were then contacted via radio by someone they mistook for Rex, who told them to travel to Quadrant 14 and search for a secret weapon belonging to Dr. Inferno. There, they were ambushed by scores of Mutant Dinos. In the midst of battle, Frozeen kept checking his geo-scanners with increasing worry as Quadrant 14's stability exponentially decreased.

When Frozeen checked his scanner and saw that the volcanic Quadrant 14 was going to erupt in five minutes, he quickly spread word to the Dino Attack agents participating in the battle. Together, they fled to Quadrant 12, home of a Trouble Sub Docking Bay, and boarded the Trouble Sub, with which they escaped the Goo Caverns and traveled back to LEGO City with what little Green Goo was aboard.

LEGO Island Mission Edit

Frozeen later volunteered to provide assistance the Dino Attack Team on their mission to his original home, LEGO Island. He traveled there, sharing a T-1 Typhoon with Rex, Sam Throramebi, and Sam Race. Upon their arrival, they were joined by Amanda Claw and shared a single Fire Hammer.

They traveled to the east side of the island, near the ruins of the Metro PD Station. There, they spotted several Mutant Dinos guarding the Information Center, and drove towards the Information Center to investigate. Aided by Reptile and Coral in their T-1 Typhoon, they were able to defeat the Mutant Dinos and their hatchlings. Upon entering the Information Center, they found a pirate's letter, telling them to search the L.E.G.O. Radio Station. Then, they were contacted by Ata through the Infomaniac's L.E.G.O. Radio, who claimed to be in the Radio Station and surrounded by Mutant Dinos. Frozeen and the others left the Information Center to investigate.

They arrived at the ruined L.E.G.O. Radio Station. After blasting their way inside, they found Ata wounded and the Constructopedia nearby. However, Mutant Dinos and falling rubble trapped them inside the Radio Station until they were rescued by a T-1 Typhoon. Frozeen and Coral worked together to fight the Mutant T-Rexes pursuing the helicopter. The group found another letter from the pirate, telling them to go to a secret cave at Space Mountain and wait there with the Constructopedia.

Frozeen, Rex, and Coral climbed into a Fire Hammer and sped towards the west side of the island. However, Mutant Pterosaurs began tearing off pieces of Space Mountain itself and dropping the rocks down onto the Fire Hammer and T-1 Typhoon. Eventually, they managed to reach the cave while the T-1 Typhoon eliminated the Mutant Pterosaurs. There, they met Captain Click, who revealed took the Constructopedia and, after opening his door, discovered that XERRD set up a secret lab in his cave run by the Brickspider Bot v1.0.

Frozeen joined in the fight, helping to fight XERRD scientists and Inferno henchmen while destroying the machinery inside. After the remaining XERRD scientists and Inferno henchmen surrendered, the Brickspider Bot snatched the Constructopedia out of Captain Click's hands. It tore out the page for LEGO Island's baseplate, and as a result, the entire island deconstructed into 1x1 LEGO bricks and rose in elevation into a large portal. Frozeen managed to keep his balance upon one of the bricks, and was brought into the portal along with the 1x1 bricks.

Frozeen found himself and others in the Torn World. They began to slowly make their way across the field, stopping XERRD scientists and Inferno agents along the way. Then, Frozeen began assisting Reptile and the others in building a walkway using the 1x1 bricks.

After the walkway was completed, Rex explained his plan of defeating the Brickspider Bot and retrieving the Constructopedia to Frozeen, who related it to the rest of the Dino Attack agents because he was the better speaker. However, the Brickspider Bot ambushed them by walking upside-down underneath the walkway; Frozeen's warning came too late, which resulted in numerous Dino Attack agent casualties and injuries before the robot was finally defeated.

LEGO Island was then restored by Reptile placing the Baseplate Page back into the Constructopedia. Frozeen felt choked up with emotion at the thought of saving his original home. The emotional moment was suddenly ended when the Hybrids betrayed Dino Attack Team and stabbed Rex in the side. Frozeen reacted quickly and helped incapacitate the Hybrids.

Adventurers' Island Mission Edit

Back at Dino Attack Headquarters, Frozeen spoke with Greybeard and learned about the secret Antarctica mission. Although he expressed skepticism towards the Ice Snake King's alliance with Dino Attack Team, Greybeard assured the Alpha Team agent that Specs is keeping an eye on the Ice Snake King.

Shortly afterward, Frozeen attended the mission brief for the next Dino Attack mission, Adventurers' Island. During the mission brief, Frozeen saw that Rex was now crippled and forced to use a wheelchair, and so he expressed his sympathies. He learned from the mission brief that XERRD was tapping into the Maelstrom through a temple on Adventurers' Island, and stopping XERRD from doing so would greatly hinder the organization's ability to create Mutant Dinos.

Frozeen and Greybeard became part of a group led by Lord Sam Sinister. After an emergency crash landing in the Adventurers' Island desert, they made their way for several pyramid "checkpoints" along the way to the jungle. They stopped at each pyramid to exterminate any Mutant Dinos within. In one of these pyramids, Frozeen and Greybeard found an apocalyptic mural depicting the Maelstrom, Mutant Dinos, and Stromlings.

The mural was then smashed by a pack of Mutant Raptors. Frozeen and the Dino Attack agents engaged the Mutant Raptors in battle, and at one point Frozeen had to save Lord Sinister's life. The fight was cut short when the walls of the chamber closed in. The Dino Attack agents escaped the room, trapping the Mutant Raptors inside. Frozeen and Greybeard proceeded to tell Lord Sam Sinister about the mural they saw, which Greybeard believed to be a clue in their quest for the Maelstrom Temple. After escaping several booby traps, they were able to find the Maelstrom Crystal, an artifact which would lead them to the Maelstrom Temple.

Frozeen and Greybeard were separated from the rest of the squad, trusted with the task of finding the Maelstrom Temple while Sam Sinister and the others participated in an attack on a XERRD Fortress. Their journey was not easy, since they were constantly harassed by Mutant Dinos. Frozeen also worried about Greybeard, who was having troubling dreams, and tried to comfort the pirate in his waking moments.

However, Frozeen and Greybeard were attacked by a pack of Mutant Dinos that took orders directly from the Maelstrom itself. The leader of the pack, a Stromling Agent, engaged the Minifigs in battle and, although he was initially defeated, he successfully took the Maelstrom Crystal from Frozeen's backpack. The Stromling proceeded to explain to Frozeen and Greybeard that only a chosen individual could bring the Maelstrom Crystal to the Maelstrom Temple; anyone else would be attacked by Mutant Dinos. Doubting their ability to survive, the Stromling Agent handed over the crystal and allowed Frozeen and Greybeard to get a head start before he hunted them down.

Pursued by the Stromling and his Mutant Dinos, Frozeen and Greybeard unintentionally led these fiends to a Dino Attack camp. After a lengthy battle, Frozeen and Greybeard were approached by Dust, who expressed interest in the Maelstrom Crystal. Although he initially pretended to be naive, Frozeen later revealed that he knew about Dust's reputation and did not trust the Egyptian for an instant.

Frozeen and Greybeard found Lord Sam Sinister in a High-Voltage Half-Track. They hitched a ride with the Lord von Barron, hoping that the Dino Attack vehicle would help them succeed in their search for the Maelstrom Temple. They continued to be harassed by Mutant Dinos along the way, until Lord Sam Sinister picked up the Maelstrom Crystal himself, allowing them to continue to the Maelstrom Temple without further interruptions.

In the Maelstrom Temple, Baron Typhonus revealed himself to the group and taunted Frozeen, suggesting that Frozeen was blaming Baron von Brickthief for something that he had done to Rebel Drone. When Baron Typhonus made an offer of power to Lord Sinister in exchange for the Maelstrom Crystal, Frozeen and Rex saw giant claw-like forms of Maelstrom energy emerging from the vortex. As soon as Lord Sinister rejected Typhonus's proposal, Frozeen knocked the Lord von Barron out of the way before the claws could close on him. As he helped Lord Sam Sinister to recover, Frozeen could not help his teammates secure the Maelstrom Crystal.

Then, Frozeen was confronted by Baron von Brickthief, who taunted and criticized Frozeen as they battled one another. Frozeen had difficulty fighting Brickthief because the baron was surrounded by ghosts, which triggered Frozeen's phasmophobia. Eventually, Frozeen ran to Rex and Amanda for help, and Rex told Frozeen to use the YTP Method. Realizing that it was an illusion, Frozeen allowed himself to experience a brief relapse of insanity, which shielded his mind from the Darkitect and caused Baron von Brickthief and the ghosts to disappear.

Frozeen assisted his teammates as they distracted the Darkitect from Lord Sinister and Kate Bishop, who were key to defeating the Maelstrom. At last, the Maelstrom and Baron Typhonus were banished from LEGO Planet, and the Maelstrom Temple was restored to a Temple of Creation.

Before leaving Adventurers' Island, Frozeen, Rex, Amanda, Greybeard, and Hertz stopped at an Adventurers Outpost, where they were greeted by the TumTum Tribe and dinosaurs. Frozeen was happy to be reunited with Chompy, only to learn in shock that Chompy's mother, the alpha female T-Rex, had perished in battle. Frozeen knew that this would make Rex her successor, but Rex relinquished the position and passed it on to Chompy. Understanding that he would never see Chompy outside of Adventurers' Island again, Frozeen gave one last tearful goodbye to his old friend before leaving.

Rising ActionEdit

When Dino Attack Team returned to Dino Attack Headquarters, Frozeen found himself in a mole hunt. Spy, Scout, Soldier, and Heavy were all found murdered in the Portal Operations room, with Rex being the only survivor. Frozeen helped bring the unconscious Rex to the Dino Attack Hospital Wing for recovery.

After XERRD's mole was revealed to be Ata, Frozeen helped Rex and Amanda search Ata's belongings. Frozeen was the one who found Spy's briefcase inside Ata's pillow. Although Frozeen was intrigued by a comment by Amanda concerning a bartender named Bartholomew Enderson, a name that Frozeen remembered from an old Alpha Team investigation into the whereabouts of Silencia Venomosa, he did not have a chance to pursue this interest because Evil Ogel entered the room.

Frozeen found Spy's diary inside the briefcase and gave it a quick read-through over the next few hours, noting how close Spy had come to determining Ata's identity in some of the more recent entries. When Rex noticed that Ata had escaped his high-security cell, Frozeen and Amanda teamed up in an attempt to catch the fleeing Ata. However, by the time Frozeen and Amanda arrived at the scene, Ata was already killed by Greybeard.

Frozeen walked with Greybeard to the mission briefing room as Greybeard explained to Frozeen that Ata had been stopped by a mysterious elderly man. In the mission briefing room, Frozeen was reunited with Shannon Grimton, who was working for Dino Attack under her late Alpha Team agent father's nickname "Gromtin". They argued with one another, and Frozeen learned that Shannon had feelings for him. Afraid of breaking her heart again, Frozeen turned her away once more.

Frozeen and Amanda chatted with one another while Rex was in a psychiatric session with Dr. Saran. Frozeen revealed to Amanda that he knew about Bartholomew Enderson and inquired if Amanda was actually Silencia Venomosa, promising her that it would not have a negative effect on their friendship if it was true. Amanda admitted that it was true, and Frozeen commended her for striving to redeem herself. Frozeen also asked Amanda for advice on romantic relationships.

At War's EndEdit

During the final battle in LEGO City, Frozeen was teamed up with Rex and Amanda Claw in a single Iron Predator. When Rex and Amanda left the vehicle to help Greybeard and Sam Race, Frozeen tossed them a Cosmotronic Ray to defend themselves. When Rex and Amanda returned to the Iron Predator, Frozeen learned that they were married on the battlefield and congratulated them, although he was shocked to hear a report that Evil Ogel was apparently killed by Dr. Rex.

Frozeen later witnessed Dr. Rex apparently killing Evil Ogel a second time, falling into a Scorpion Orb Launcher trap that distracted Dr. Rex long enough to be mortally wounded. Frozeen thanked the Super Ice Drones for their help and learned that, despite apparently dying twice, Ogel was still alive. Remembering some old Alpha Team files, Frozeen realized that Ogel had several drones disguised as himself placed in strategic points around the battlefield.

After Baron Typhonus possessed Dr. Rex's body, Rex ordered Frozeen, Greybeard, and Sam Race to leave the Iron Predator and take a Fire Hammer for their own safety. Acting as the Fire Hammer's Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher gunner, Frozeen was able to help free an atoning XERRD scientist, Dr. Robert Nicholas, from a hovercraft that Dr. Rex forced him to pilot in battle.

As Dr. Rex and his Mutant Dino army drew closer and closer to Dino Attack Headquarters, Frozeen, Greybeard, and Sam Race crashed their Fire Hammer into the headquarters' lobby, where Frozeen told Bill Ding to rebuild the Fire Hammer into a blockade to keep the Mutant Dinos out. Frozeen, Greybeard, and Race traveled through Dino Attack Headquarters, rescuing Mary Rose from the invading Mutant Dinos. When they found Gromtin, Frozeen was relieved to see that she could defend herself due to upgrades to her wheelchair. Frozeen met up with Rex once again, and upon learning that Amanda died in battle, confessed his love to Shannon immediately.

After meeting up with the founding members and retrieving the Einstein Device, Frozeen and the others traveled to the top floor of Dino Attack Headquarters, where the Portal Operations Team had built a Super Teleport Pad to evacuate personnel to Antarctica. Seeing that Sam Throramebi lost his mechanical arm, Frozeen recommended that his old Rock Raiders friend should evacuate as well, and Sam agreed.

Frozeen and Greybeard worked together to defend the lab from Mutant Dinos while the elite agents of Dino Attack Team collaborated to finish designing the Einstein Device. Once the Einstein Device was finished, Frozeen boarded a T-2 Typhoon which was later christened the Amanda. The Amanda helped other T-1 Typhoons battle Dr. Rex and keep him distracted long enough for the finished Einstein Device to be fired. Mere seconds before the Einstein Device was ready, Greybeard nearly fell out of the Amanda, and Frozeen had to hold onto Greybeard with all his might to keep the old pirate out of Dr. Rex's jaws. At last, the Einstein Device was fired, killing Dr. Rex and wiping out most of his Mutant Dino army.

While his teammates celebrated, Frozeen ran to the aid of General, who was mortally wounded in battle against Dr. Rex. After telling Frozeen how proud his father would have been, General passed away, with Frozeen solemnly accepting his death and all the other deaths during the final battle.


Frozeen and Shannon traveled to the Remous family plot, where they discussed having a memorial service for Rex, Amanda, and Roger. Shannon told Frozeen that she was not ready to start a relationship with him, but she was willing to put aside her bitterness and be friends once again. Frozeen later met up with the Brickster, and the two brothers shared a genuine moment of gratitude for one another.

As civilians returned to LEGO City, Frozeen contacted Dash Justice and told him to set up an interrogation of Bartholomew Enderson. Frozeen later had to deliver the news of General's death to Talia Kaahs, offering his help and company to help cope with the death of General. Frozeen then traveled to the Agents Headquarters, where he had an anonymous interrogation of Bartholomew Enderson and learned about the full story of the bartender's work with Silencia Venomosa. Frozeen later wrote up a report concerning the full story of Silencia Venomosa, hoping that it would close the case for good.

Given some time off from Alpha Team to celebrate, Peter Abody and his friends attended a celebratory Lorin Nelson Orchestra concert in the LEGO City park, which was prefaced by speeches from the founding members of Dino Attack Team. Later, Peter went to a party in LEGO City, where he met a writer named Samuel Piaker and promised to keep in contact to help him write a novel based on the Dino Attack.

On New Year's Eve, Peter Abody attended a party at his hometown of LEGO Island, where he was given an honorary welcome for his work during the Dino Attack. Peter, along with other Dino Attack veterans, delivered a small speech at the start of the celebration. After midnight, Peter traveled to Adventurers' Island and met up with Greybeard one last time before they parted ways for good, and they watched the sunrise together as they discussed their future.

Abilites and TraitsEdit

From working with the Rock Raiders, Frozeen became a skilled miner. He often carries handheld drills with him, and his favorite Alpha Team vehicle is the Tundra Tracker. As such, in his early days with the Alpha Team, he often went on assignments that involved drilling and tunnels. Frozeen also possesses the ability to open portals to Ogelis Island, through which FMB-Bots can pass through; however, these portals wear Frozeen out, and therefore he heavily restricts how many times he opens them. While using a G.E. Body, he possessed many of its abilities, such as crawling on any surface, powerful legs, flying, and near-invincibility; however, as he no longer as a G.E. Body, he lacks these abilities.

Frozeen is brave, resourceful, and normally charismatic. He puts much enthusiasm into his work with the Alpha Team and Dino Attack Team. However, he is feared by even his teammates for his short temper and violent rages. He is also very vengeful, and will stop at nothing to avenge fallen heroes such as his father, Zachary Abody. Frozeen can act aloof towards others at times, distancing himself from others and having trouble comprehending or expressing emotion. His strong attention to detail and ability to focus intensely on solving a problem and not giving up until it is done has made him an ideal agent for many Alpha Team operations.

Frozeen has been diagnosed as having Asperger's syndrome. Years of counseling and guidance has helped him overcome many of the obstacles he has faced with Asperger's. However, when around Shannon, Frozeen has noted that he tends to relapse to how he acted in high school, acting socially awkward and having trouble articulating his feelings.

Ever since his early childhood, Frozeen has suffered from plasmophobia. He was also left paranoid by the Black Monarch's promise to come back and haunt him later, unaware that the ghost was not actually serious and had only said this to provoke a reaction from him. His paranoia and fear of ghosts can sometimes lead to dangerous consequences, and if he actually sees a ghost in person, Frozeen becomes so scared that he cannot fight well. In the Maelstrom Temple, the Darkitect brought Frozeen's worst fears to life, and Frozeen was unable to fight against the illusion of Baron von Brickthief due to the ghosts flying around them.

When he first learned of his true identity as the Brickster's brother, Frozeen fell into a state of shock that briefly left him in a state of complete delusional insanity. When acting insane, Frozeen believes that everyone is a leprechaun out to steal his gold; everything has to do with Mexican food; and cows must be defeated to save the monkeys. While Frozeen recovered from his shock and returned to sanity, he still has the ability to relapse into this state of insanity, although the effects are uncontrollable and someone else must bring him back to reality. Rather notably, when in his state of insanity, Frozeen's mind is shielded, granting him immunity from the Darkitect's illusions.


  • Frozeen was PeabodySam's primary character in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG and Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand. Frozeen also had a major role in The Banned, appeared in the first chapter of Rahkshi VS Vahki, and made a cameo appearance in Tiny Turbos RPG, although these are not regarded as part of the Dino Attack RPG canon.
  • Frozeen's initial depiction in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG differs from what would later be established about the character. He was originally ten years older, listed as 36 on his Mission Deep Freeze sign-up form. Although not described in his writings, PeabodySam originally envisioned Frozeen as looking similar to Samuel L. Jackson, with a personality not unlike Jackson's later role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In contrast, Victor Draven imagined Frozeen as a young redhead, saying that he would depict Frozeen's minifig with either a Ron Weasley or Pepper Roni head, and later directly described Future Frozeen as having red hair. PeabodySam would ultimately consider Victor Draven's version of Frozeen to be the definitive canon version. Additionally, Frozeen's real name in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG was originally Samuel Yoir before it was retconned to Peter Abody. The original version of Frozeen's character was later adapted into Samson York, a minor character introduced in Antithesis.
  • Behind The Camera originally intended for Frozeen to be the narrator of DINO ATTACK: Saga of a Conflict, but this role was ultimately given to Andrew instead.