Standard Agent Firecracker
Name Firecracker
Skills Demolitions
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Atton Rand

Firecracker is a skilled demolitions expert known for his love for blowing stuff up.


Early LifeEdit

Firecracker was born and raised in LEGO City. While in his teens, he got a job working at the demolition company Reliable Excavation Deconstruction, where he learned to use dynamite. However, he loved dynamite a little too much. He often would drive around on his motorcycle with dynamite in his trenchcoat and throw sticks at random objects, causing large amounts of property damage. Eventually, he was fired by the company, who told the police.


Not wanting to go to prison, Firecracker fled to the lawless society of Gold City. There he was often able to find work. The workers in the gold mines often need him to use dynamite to clear rocks, and occasionally the local outlaws would try and get his help in robbing banks. He also occasionally left Gold City to relentlessly pursue and blow up ruthless dictators on the LEGO Planet. Particularly infamous are his numerous failed efforts to kill Emperor Chang Wu.

Dino AttackEdit

Like most people in Gold City, Firecracker was forcibly evacuated to Antarctica. He quickly grew bored as all of his explosives were confiscated before he left. Longing for a chance to blow something up, Firecracker signed up for the Dino Attack Team.

To be continued...

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Firecracker loves to blow things up. He does not care what it is or if there will be consequences, he is willing to light a stick of dynamite and destroy it. Because of this, he regularly walks around wearing a trenchcoat filled with dynamite, so that he is always prepared.


  • Firecracker is (very loosely) inspired by John Mallory, a character from Sergio Leone's last spaghetti Western Duck, You Sucker!
  • Firecracker's backstory involving his efforts to blow up dictators is a reference to Atton Rand's Downfall Parodies on YouTube, where Mallory is a recurring character who relentlessly tries to blow up Hitler.

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