Fireball was a Dino Attack Team agent who was assigned to the airship Iron Hammer.


LEGOLAND MilitaryEdit

Before joining the Dino Attack Team, Fireball was a soldier in the LEGOLAND military. He was skilled at covert operations and in small-group tactics. While these sorts of missions were normally carried out by Alpha Team, when the military did have to perform them Fireball was one of the soldiers who was picked to do so.

When the Dino Attack occured, he was one of many soldiers who were ordered to join the newly-created Dino Attack Team.

The Iron HammerEdit

On one of former Alpha Team Agent Magma's first missions, he captured a large airship called the "Iron Hammer" from Ogel. Specs and the other commanders of DA ordered it crewed with a number of Dino Attack Team agents, and Fireball was one of these agents. Fireball was assigned to serve as a vehicle pilot (as the ship carried vehicles) and as a ground trooper (if necessary).

It turned out to be necessary when the Iron Hammer attacked a laboratory manned by scientists working for Dr. Rex (although they did not know this at the time, only that the scientists were upgrading Mutant Dinos). After the ship destroyed some turret defenses and wiped out a wing of Pterosaurs, Magma decided to attack it from the ground. Magma's goals were to investigate the lab, to find out who was behind it, and also to destroy it. He selected Fireball to accompany him, as both agents were skilled in covert missions like this.

The guards of the laboratory captured them, and they recognized Magma as an important Alpha Team Agent, but had no idea who Fireball was (other than a DA agent). They took Magma to be tortured and interrogated, but they performed a crude memory block on Fireball. They then convinced Fireball he was working for them and got him to work on repairing the damaged weapons. However, the memory block broke when Fireball walked by the prison cell containing Magma. Fireball killed the guards, freed Magma, and the two agents set explosives and returned to the Iron Hammer.

Fireball continued to serve on the airship, assisting it in whatever missions it was assigned.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Fireball is a skilled soldier and good with weapons. But he is also good at surprise attacks, covert actions, and small-group combat. This was why Magma picked him to help assault the laboratory.

Fireball is also capable of performing basic maintenance on machinery; when his memories were blocked his captors had him repair the laboratory's defenses.

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