"I think. So did Newton, Da Vinci. They were anchored to no one. I'm not anchored to you, or anyone. I don't have to play by your rules."
— Dust to his interrogator
Name Gahiji Thutmose
Age 33
Skills Scheming, Combat, Archaeology, Manipulation
Vehicle Three Wheel Motorcycle
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator that guy from that show

Gahiji Thutmose, also known as Dust, is a descendant of Pharaoh Hotep III.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Gahiji Thutmose was born in a Bedouin tribe in the Egyptian desert. He never new his mother and his father was a bad influence on the young boy, often getting drunk and beating him.

Eventually, the ten-year-old Gahiji had enough of his father and poisoned him in his sleep. He ran away from his nomadic village and lived on the streets of Cairo in his early teens. He learned how to fight, but he never gave up trying to make something of himself.

He started going to Professor Kilroy's archeological museum and he proved to the professor that he was capable of apprenticing. Although Dr. Kilroy was concerned about Gahiji’s obsession with Hotep III, Gahiji began his apprenticeship at seventeen and a half.

When he was eighteen, Gahiji Thutmose made an incredible discovery when paging through some documents. He believed that he had found the reason why Hotep’s forbidden ruins where never found in Egypt. A temple that was located in the pacific Hotep III used to experiment with the Maelstrom’s power.

Gahiji expected Professor Kilroy to be happy about his discovery, but instead Kilroy was upset that Gahiji was still obsessed about Hotep III and his family. Despite this, Gahiji passed his apprenticeship and became a archeologist at the age of twenty.

It is known that Gahiji was famous for his exports in his twenties but was fired from the museum in his thirties.

Gahiji had accumulated a fair amount of wealth and had become charismatic enough to become a skilled manipulator. He was frequently arrested but was often times able to get out of jail by means of corrupt officials and judges.

He began searching the desert and started having a reputation of insane and crazy by the people. It was around this time he took on the name "Dust".

Dust became quite skilled in keeping control and became a master at exploiting the weakness of others. He became a master planner and after much work he was successfully able to intercept the messages of the Dino Attack Team, which was fighting the Maelstrom on Adventurers' Island, the same island that held his ancestor's temple.

He had finally found the island and, after devising a plain to infiltrate the Dino Attack Team and use them to get to the temple, he boarded a plane and flew to the pacific.

Adventurers' IslandEdit


Dust when he first arrived on Adventurers' Island

Before landing at adventure’s island Dust dropped several care packages for himself in strategic locations. These included such things as extra clothing, weapons, and a motorcycle. Once this task was finished he landed his plane on a smaller island and swam to shore. Once he arrived on the shore of the main island he quickly made contact with the island’s dinosaur inhabitants. He avoided the creatures and headed into the jungle were he intercepted a distress transition from D.I.N.O agents.

First ContactEdit

It was about an hour before he located Elite Agent Rex, Standard Agent Claw, and Rookie Agent Tracer trapped in a net by natives. Chompy the Tyrannosaurus Rex was also among them but was not engaging the native captors.

Despite the poor first impression it would make Dust decided to engage the islanders and quickly killed four of them. In the insuring fight he injured his right hand while falling into some foliage but was still able to release Rex and company from the net.

Unfortunately, One of the natives had survived and soon had Dust at his mercury. While he would have easily been able to kill the survivor Rex convinced him not to do so when more natives arrived. The Egyptian's actions weakened any hopes of diplomacy the Dino team would have had and Rex was forced to surrender Dust to them in exchange for a meeting with Achu. Dust was shot with a stun dart and blacked out.

Acceptance and Early AdventuresEdit

Aztec PrisonerEdit

Dust was brought to a river temple on the south side of the island. He had been tied to a pole where he awaited a response from elite agent Rex. He expressed no regret killing the natives but he realized the difficult position it put him in. In addition, the dirt floor of the pit he was in was bad for his injured hand. It became exposed to grime and bugs, and he understood that if it was not tended to soon it might soon become infected. While he had no perception of time, the pain and his hunger became too great, and he passed in and out of consciousness.

Standard Agent ZacharyEdit

Salvation came in the form of a then-Rookie Agent Zachary Virchaus. Dust explained to the rookie that he was archeologist and had been captured by the island’s natives. Zachary was oblivious to his crimes and quickly unbound him and treated his injuries. The two then departed the temple in hopes of contacting the Dino team, specifically elite agent Rex, where they hoped to teat Dust’s wound more adequately.

Using Zach’s Steel Sprinter, the two drove into the jungle where they were soon attacked by a mutant raptor. Once Zachary provided Dust with a Walther P99 handgun they opened fire on the beast. They made no impact because of the mutant’s force field and they were forced to flee on the Steel Sprinter. Just as the raptor was about to catch up to them two Tyrannosaurus Rexes burst forth from the foliage and made battle with the mutant. The distraction was enough to allow Zachary and Dust to escape.

They stopped in a clearing to recover from their close call but were soon ambushed by natives. Unbeknownst to them at the time the lead native was a Stromling by the name Ahua. Ahua's natives attempted to capture them but Dust and Zach quickly sped away before they could be apprehended. The natives were showered in mud and Zach and Dust were once again able to make an escape.

The two agents soon started to show frustration with each other. As Zach drove his vehicle threw the jungle he resolved to stop speaking with Dust. At the speed they travailed they barely avoided an oncoming cliff and they jumped of the vehicle in the nick of time. As they recovered the natives emerged from the jungle and pushed the two over the edge.

In a stroke of incredible luck the duo were saved by and old net once used by Baron von Barron, Alexis Sinister, and Mr. Cunningham to capture Pteranodons in the early expeditions to the island. Unfortunately this meant they would be trapped in the net until help arrived. Over the next few hours Dust reflected on how he was becoming emotionally involved. He pushed the feelings aside and instead focused on his hand, which was rapidly getting worse. Unless attended to soon it would have to be amputated.

Elite Agent Andrew and SalvationEdit

After blacking out Dust awoke in the morning to find himself in the Fire Hammer of Elite Agent Andrew and his friend Standard Agent Laxus. While he was out, mutant lizards had attacked the company. Andrew attended to the injuries received as while as further treat Dust’s injured hand.

Once Andrew had made repairs to the damaged Fire Hammer they were once again on their way.

The FireEdit

Andrew hoped to make it to an outpost on the north side of the island but fire blocked their path. After Andrew and Laxus left the vehicle to such of survivors in the blaze, a Stromling disguised as a native confronted Zachary and Dust. After the Stromling revealed his true form, he announced that he was responsible for the jungle fire and that the Maelstrom has infiltrated the Dino Attack. The duo unloaded their weapons on the Stromling and soon killed it. Its body was soon engulfed by the flames, destroying all evidence of its existence.

Elite agent Semick and standard agents Bluetooth and Raider eventually picked them up. Since Andrew and Laxus were occupied fighting the fire, they had requested Semick pick up the agents in his T-1 Typhoon. Bringing them to outpost 108 would only take Dust further away from the Temple of Hotep III but, considering the severity of his hand, it was important he received medical help as soon as possible. Dust chose not to interact with his rescuers and instead brooded in the rear of the helicopter


Dust after arriving at Outpost 108

Outpost 108Edit

That night, Dust had a nightmare where he stood atop the steps of his temple the agents below pleaded with him to stop but Dust was not lessening as he drew his gun and amid at the agents. Then, Chompy charged up the stairs and dug his teeth into Dust. He only had enough time to shoot to agent below before he was thrown into the Maelstrom.

Dust woke up in the medical bay of Outpost 108, it was around 6:00 in the morning and it had been fifteen hours since he hurt his hand. He was greeted by Nurse Naomi Carver who informed Dust about an Attack on the native village and that they had treated his hand. She explained that Dust’s hand was basically dead and that he would no longer have any feeling of it, the entire immune system was gone so it had to be sealed in a glove to prevent any harm to it. She said that it would be simpler then an amputation but warned Dust not to remove the glove until prescribed. Dust then noticed that guards where watching him and Naomi explained that Semick had given the order to keep an eye on him. Dust acknowledged this and asked for a map of the island.

Dust was provided with all the materials needed for located the temple. He managed to narrow it down to fifteen temples on the east of the island despite Naomi’s flirting and soon was able to narrow those fifteen to eight Egyptian temples. The temple dedicated to Osiris soon caught his attention and he estimated that even thought it appeared small above ground it had a massive underground network. Dust guessed that this temple (Located on the Northeast peninsula) held the Maelstrom, and thanks to his charisma he soon was able to get everyone in the room to believe it too.

At the moment of celebrating the outpost went on high alert after Zachary killed two Stromlings in the courtyard, Dust showed little concern until a message informed the bass that every one would be questioned to see if they where Stromlings. Dust was the first to be called and he was escorted to the interrogation room.

The InterrogationEdit

Dust was provided with an inexperience interrogator; although the interrogator proved that Dust had no evidence about Dust being sent from Egypt Dust had control the entire conversation. When asked why so interested in Maelstrom Dust responded that he had the right to learn, he compared the Maelstrom to any other element of Science and that just like Fire and Lightning of ancient times it was just not fully understood. When accused of being insane Dust then countered that by comparing himself with Newton and Da Vinci who where also accused of being insane. Dust referred to himself as thinking outside the box and that like Newton and Da Vinci had the free will to think for himself. To finish, Dust simply stated to the guard that he was anchored to no one and that he did not have to play by the D.A rules.

The interrogator was beaten, greatly out of his league with someone like Dust he was instructed to no longer speak to the Egyptian. A fact that Dust took great amusement in.

At that point Outpost 108 decided to call in an expert, commander Rockford (Who was a former attorney) had been observing the interrogation up to this point, after doing some research on Dust’s past he choice to take over the questioning. Armed with information about Hotep III Rockford confounded Dust about that obsession. Rockford asked Dust about Hotep’s connection with the Maelstrom and was surprised to find out that Dust really did not care about the Maelstrom at all, discovering that Dust really only cared about Hotep III and the temple itself. Rockford had to ask why.

Rockford was getting a little to closes for comfort, Dust did not want to reveal the truth about his heritage, yet. He decided that his best move would be to back up his clam that destroying the Maelstrom temple would be unwise and ignored the question from Rockford. He argued that if Rockford where to destroy the temple it would set them back so far that it would make 2010 look like the stone age and wondered if Rockford could live with himself if it where true. Deciding to change the subject Rockford asked Dust to explain how he worked for himself, to witch the Egyptian responded that if an agent gives an order Dust would make a judgment call and do what he thinks is right and smart. He said that he would not get hung up with the chain of command and would instead do what needs to be done. Dust then asked Rockford if he was afraid his agents would not obey if they new what the Maelstrom could do.

Rockford was beginning to be confused by Dust now; he stated that no one would ever side with him concerning the Maelstrom. Restating his earlier question Rockford said that Dust still has not produced any proof about his clam that he was sent from Egypt and that he was avoiding the subject of Hotep III.

Dust was beginning to discover that creating a complex con was making things harder for him. Thinking that a person who cares about his heritage is far more credible then a Maelstrom radical Dust decided to tell part of the truth. He then told Rockford that Hotep III was his great, great, great, great, great, great, grandfather.

Dust did however continue with his lie that he was sent from Egypt and said that the reason he was picked for the assignment was because of his expertise on the subject. He told Rockford how he had made the discovery about his family when he was 15 to witch the commander wondered why Dust had not told him earlier. Dust explained that he being royalty might comprehend the mission and himself witch is why he decided to hide it up to this point. Dust explained that because of his extra knowledge on Hotep III he could bring more to the table then others. When Rockford asked what, Dust responded that he could show him.

Rockford was beginning to understand Dust now to some extent but he still tried to convince Dust that trying to save the temple was vain if it really did hold the Maelstrom. He explained that if Dust had not requested to keep his identity secret they might be able to work something out. At that moment Rockford's assistant got a message from Egypt, proof that Dust had not come on there behalf. Rockford gave Dust one last chance to come clean.

Dust had a pretty good idea what the message said and he decided to buy time by telling a story about WWII it witch the allied forces destroyed a monastery they thought held Nazis. However, the Nazis where never in the monastery, the only thing the Allies destroyed where the monks inside and the priceless art. Rockford was not satisfied with Dust’s answer and gave him another chance to tell the truth. But Dust still had a few tricks up his sleeve, to gain the D.A’s favor once more Dust chose to give them a gift to show that he could be useful even without being sent by the government. He then told them where they could find a box in the jungle that he claimed would be very useful to them.

Rockford considered the story and informed Dust that they would look into finding the box. Until then, Dust would be detained in a holding cell where they would decide whether he could really help or not. Rockford then left the room and told his assistant to inform the founding agents about the interrogation.

The Interrogation was over and Dust was finally escorted out of the room; he had been unable to leave for a total of 4 hours 36 minutes and was thankful to get a chance to stretch his legs and relax. Dust was moved to a holding cell where he would be kept for two days.


The Defense of the Native Village had ended the day before and Dust was spending most of his time looking for familiar faces out his cell window. Naomi Carver would come in frequently to deliver meals, check on his hand, and inform Dust about what was happening outside. Dust used this time as an opportunity to further his manipulation of the nurse and soon he had loyal eyes and ears to keep track of how the hunt for his case was going. Dust was annoyed by how little progress was being made but he was able to get Naomi to help convince the agents to increase their efforts.

Dust never needed Naomi because not long after she left Rockford approached Dust in the cell block. The Commander informed Dust that they had located the box and that it was in the court yard as they spoke but that it had yet to be opened. Dust was handcuffed and lead to where the create was being kept.

Dust appreciated the attention his handcuffs created because it drew in a larger crowd to witness his unveiling. Although Rockford was skeptical about what was in the box, Dust claimed that what was inside could save lives, he stated that many agents had already died because of varies traps in the temples and what he was about to show them would prevent that. He then revealed the original blueprints of Hotep III. Since he was the only one who could translate it he guarantied his value on the team.

Rockford agreed that Dust could be highly beneficial to the team and ordered him to stay and translate the blueprints, but Rockford still did not want Dust leaving the outpost. Although upset about his continued monitoring, the Egyptian did a good job at hiding it and had to admit that it was better then a cell.

Working for Dino AttackEdit

Dust put on an act of being friendly and likable to the guards watching him and tolerated there stupidity. The guards where annoyed by his slow progress and Dust explained that translating literally was a waste of time. He reasoned that it would be better if he just went with them to the temple and guided them with his photographic memory. The guards held firm that he was not going so Dust decided to prepare a trap. He ignored a hallway that was set to trap the occupants inside so when agents became trapped, Dust could be their savior.

Rockford was feeling uncomfortable with Dust leading the Dino Attack Team so he decided to confront the Egyptian. He explained that he used to be a lawyer and that he new how to catch a lie. Rockford said that Dust had capacity for good in him and explained that kindness could go a long way. Even though he said that Dust had the ability to become a hero he ended the conversation with a threat, he warned that if Dust back stabbed them in any way, the Dino Attack Team would find him and make him pay. Rockford said that the Dino Attack Team had no time for being sidetracked by personal reasons and warned Dust not to do make the wrong choice.

Dust was not intimidated by Rockford’s speech and finished that map the next day. He explained to the commander that the scale may be of because of the cubit-feet conversion but said nothing relating to the trap he had set. Although Rockford was somewhat disappointed by the map’s possible inaccuracy he accepted Dust’s translation and took the map.

Rockford was true to his word and Dust was provided with better quarters after he finished his task. The Egyptian was moved to a room with a balcony overlooking the courtyard where he made himself at home.

Dust observed a helicopter land in the courtyard, it was sand green and her tall had the number T2-1.618. Rockford joined him and informed Dust that her name was the Renaissance. Rockford and Dust talked about her for awhile and the commander explained that the helicopter would be used to pick up agents at various outposts and gather an army to attack the Maelstrom temple. Rockford said that Dust would be allowed to go and that he would be going too. The Egyptian was surprised by Rockford’s change of mind and the commander explained that this was Dust’s chance to be a hero. Dust then abruptly left and stated that “He could never be a hero.”

Dust wanted to be alone, the memory of heroism had cased a flash back to his childhood. He remembered how his drunken father had beaten him and how he had killed his father when he was only ten. Dust thought to himself that if he had the capacity for murder as a ten year old he would never be able to be a good person. His only goal was to prove that he was not worthless and he repeated to himself that he would be the greatest member of his family to ever live.

Dust found Rockford working on his Urban Avenger and commented that it was a little small for a commander. Rockford responded that he was off duty and that he was like any other agent in the field. Dust would be riding with Rockford in his modified two-seater Avenger so that Rockford could keep an eye on him. They would drive to the Maelstrom temple in a few minutes so commander gave Dust some time to prepare.

Dust prepared himself with all his old gear and remembered that his hand was still in bad shape. Although he worried briefly how it would hold up in battle Dust reminded himself that he would not miss this day for the world, hand or no hand. Dust joined Rockford in the Avenger and the convoy exited the fortress.

Mission to the Maelstrom templeEdit

Dust and Rockford’s Urban Avenger was second to last in the convoy and little was said between them as they made their way along the south coast. Elsewhere Reptile and Bluetooth had located the XERRD Fortress on the north side of the island and they had their assistant Hertz place a call to the strike force suggesting they postpone the assault favoring an attack the HQ first. Although Dust was almost successful in convincing Hertz to run a simultaneous attack, their conversation was interrupted when the lead vehicle in the convoy was destroyed by a surprise Mutant Pterosaur attack. Soon the air was filled with the Mutants and the vehicle behind Rockford’s was destroyed as well. The entire convoy had because trapped as the Mutant Pterosaurs attacked from the sky.

Ambush on the South coastEdit

The battle was chaos and Dust was thankful for his bandanna and goggles to protect his face from the electric smock. He moved carefully up the line of vehicles and took cover at any sign of a Mutant Pterosaurs. A blast nearby destroyed an Iron Predator and Urban Avenger and Dust was throne of the road into a ditch. After recovering from his Shell Shock Dust convinced himself to keep moving and eventually made his way to a Fire Hammer where he placed a distress call with a heavy duty radio inside. He did not have much time because soon after the call was sent an explosion rocked the Fire Hammer and Dust moved to its turret where he opened fire on Pterosaurs.

The D.A. could no longer hold out for air support and the commanding officer ordered a retreat to the coast. Most agents had come to that conclusion on there own and many had already made there way into the jungle. Dust and Rockford where among the agents and many of them where seriously wounded. The D.A. where able to bring three Street Sprinters with them but aside from that, most gear was lost in the battle. When the survivors stopped to rest the leaders was revealed to be Carl Lutsky who informed them that since the commander was dead, as second in command, he would take his place. He planed to rest for the night and said that the team would then move to the coast where they would be picked up.

Latter the evening Lutsky greeted Rockford and Dust, he expressed concern for them but Rockford assured him that both he and Dust were alright. But Dust was not alright, he had not spoken for awhile and he was beginning to feel a sense of hopelessness.

Lost HopeEdit

Dust was beginning to feel that getting to the temple was hopeless. Only forty-two agents had survived the battle and not many where battle ready. Additionally they only had one working radio and three Steel Sprinters among him. Dust tried to convince Rockford to let him go but the commander was reluctant to let Dust go into the jungle with out his supervision. Dust had now come to the end, convinced that if he waited any longer his temple would be destroyed Dust chose to do something rash. He slashed the tires of two of the steel sprinters so he could not be followed and took the radio so Rockford could not warn the other agents. After calling out to the commander that he would “see him in another life” Dust escaped into the jungle.

On the Run Edit

Dust felt free to do as he wished and was glad to have lost the commanders back at the beach. He made a plan to drive the steel sprinter northwest and then leave a fake trail heading east. He would then return to the vehicle and continue on foot. After he finished this he spotted the T-1 Typhoons and T-2 Typhoon fly over head and smiled at the irony of rescue the day he escapes. The Egyptian soon came to a campsite, after hearing voices Dust drew his gun and approached carefully.

The camp sight belonged to a Rookie agent by the name of Kuru. Kuru was doing research on a weapon when Dust found him and Kuru was suspicious of the Egyptian once he revealed himself. Dust used the lie that he was a historian and seemingly was on the right track until Kuru got a message from Rockford.

Strangely Kuru ignored Dust and the massage on his PDA and instead got on his Steel Sprinter. He sent an unrelated message to Rockford and drove away leaving a confused Dust in his wake.

Less then an hour latter Kuru returned to his campsite and found Dust still standing there. After having an awkward conversation about nothing in particular Kuru again drove away.

Dust was dumbfounded by Kuru’s sudden departure and investigated the rookie’s abandoned campsite. He wondered why Kuru had left the camp so quickly but decided it was not worth his effort because Kuru was a loony. He ate what was left of Kuru’s food and continued on his way.

He continued traveling and came to the half way point of the island; he was now traveling along the tree line of the jungle and the island’s central desert. Memories started to surface of his time in Egypt when he worked as an Intern in Professor Kilroy museum at the age of 19. He remembered how he had located the island where the Hotep’s temple was but was surprised to find that Kilroy did not feel the same. The professor was concerned about Gahiji’s obsession and urged Dust to take a break.

Dust finally arrived at the north coast early morning the next day. He allowed himself to rest after traveling nonstop but eventually got to work locating the supply create. He found the box in no time and resupplied himself with its contents of food and weapons. He also retrieved a modified three three-wheel motorcycle that he would use to travel along the north coast.

Dust continued his trek along the beach until he was interrupted by a grope of Typhoons that burst from the jungle and out to sea. The Egyptian watched as the nine helicopters circled and headed back towered the island. Dust was perplexed as to where the helicopters where going but then remembered that an attack on the XERRD HQ would come before the temple attack. Dust new that this extra time would allow him to get to Hotep’s III temple sooner, but his curiosity got the better of him and he followed the fleet into the jungle.

Dust followed the fleet steadily until he was distracted by a strange object in the trees. He allowed the Renaissance and eight other Typhoons to get ahead of him in order to investigate the object. He climbed the tree and was alarmed to find that it was a security camera. (Unknown to Dust, the camera was placed by Señor Palomar to alert the fortress of approaching enemies) He had little chance to investigate the camera before he was forced to jump from the tree as it self destructed.

First attack on the XERRD Headquarters.Edit

Dust woke up on his back looking up at the trees. After getting his bearings the sound of gunfire became apparent to him. He got back on his motorcycle and drove toward the sound. Soon he was at the sight of the battle.

From Dust’s position in the tree’s he was able to get a clear view of the battle. He noted the design of the temple and that Kuru was onboard the Renaissance. Dust was not that surprised to see the agent typing on his laptop in the middle of battle and wondered weather the agent was brave or stupid

Dust watched as Kuru jumped from the Renaissance to land in a conveniently located pile of sand. Despite the lack of cover the rookie sat down in the middle of battle and took out his laptop. Ironically, Dust came to the conclusion that Kuru’s attraction to his laptop was unhealthy so he decided it best to remove the device. The Egyptian took aim at the laptop and was surprised to find that he was not the only one shooting. He turned to find that four Stromlings in the form of D.A. Agents had appeared from the jungle. Dust easily saw threw their disguise and lessened as they informed Dust of their diabolical plans. As soon as they attacked Dust had no difficulty killing them.

Dust was too distracted by the exploding Typhoons to notice Kuru point his gun at him. Strangely before the mad rookie fired he reserved a message from Kuru gloating to Dust that he had been found.

Dust noticed Kuru at the last second and ducked just in time. The commotion had grabbed the attention of the Typhoons and Dust narrowly evaded their attack. Three Typhoons soon landed and Dust fired upon the agents, wounding one. Once he had the chance he ran to his motorcycle and attempted to put as much distance between himself and the fortress as he could.

As Dust drove away Kuru tossed several grenades in Dust direction. But the Egyptian was able to get out of range before they detonated.

Just as Dust thought he had made his escape, Rotor had fired several rockets from the Renaissance. They hit there target and Dust was throne from his bike.

Dust's SurrenderEdit

Dust had survived the attack and so did his motorcycle but he knew that with the Renaissance on his tale he would not get far. Dust knew he was defeated and he regretted coming back but he had already devised a plain to turn it to his advantage. He waited for Kuru to arrive and kept a calm head as the rookie aimed his gun. Dust asked to talk to who was in charge but since Rotor was in battle he had to deal with the agents who had captured him. Dust explained that the whole attack was trap and that whoever was in charge new they where coming. When asked why he should be trusted Dust’s admitted he shouldn’t be and asserted that he speak with command.

Kuru wanted to hear none of what Dust had to say and instead demanded that Dust admit he was a traitor. Dust was silent as Kuru pointed his gun at Dust’s chest and demanded that he admit he was not D.A.

Dust said that his allegiance was common knowledge at this point but stated he was no trader. He told Kuru that he was just a guy protecting his honor and that he should take that as he will. He went on to admit he did not care about the D.A.’s cause and that all he had left to live for was his temple. He explained that he could still be of help if he could talk to command.

Kuru acknowledged that Dust was a smooth talker but still took his PDA of his belt. Kuru explained that he took orders from no one in the D.A. and trusted no one but himself. The Egyptian, seeing an opportunity to further destabilize the D.A pushed harder by questioning if it were wise to show disloyalty to the D.A. He went on to praise Kuru for being a lone wolf and explaining that he should trust no one.

The young agent began to open up and tell the story of how his team had been killed when he trusted a traitor. Dust saw by Kuru’s body language that the agent was uncomfortable and listened when Kuru claimed that his team trusted him even though he did not feel the same way.

Dust had succeeded in creating the tension he desired when Kuru had said those words in front of his team. He now held the agent’s PDA and dialed the HQ’s number. As Dust waited for a response, Kuru continued to question him about whether he thought he could get away with what he was doing.

The Egyptian’s call would have succeeded if not for the intervention of Rotor. The Elite Agent and several men soon surrounded Dust and disarmed him of the PDA. Soon Dust found himself in handcuffs and was being led to the helicopters. Kuru, still at the clearing, complained about his PDA being thrown on the ground and warned Rotor about Dust’s danger.

Rockford and Mur had missed their chance to get to the battle on the Typhoons, so instead they took an Iron Predator. By the time they arrived, the battle was at break and Dust was being escorted to the helicopters by Rotor. The Egyptian recognized Rockford immediately and threatened the D.A. that his capture was a big mistake. Despite the opposition, Rockford was a skeptic of Dust’s resent killings and urged that they hear his side of the story. Knowing they may not have much time, Rockford offered Dust a choice; either work with them and perhaps get Dust his temple or go on and face the Maelstrom alone.

Dust and Rockford left the crowd and took a seat at the edge of the tree line. The Egyptian was perplexed with how much trust Rockford put in him and even admitted that he liked the attorney. He could not explain why he came back, but did conform Rockford’s theory about the Stromlings he had killed. Dust warned that whoever was in charge of the fortress had cameras in the jungle. Guards started to appear again on the walls of the fortress and Dust said he would be willing to help. Rockford still believed that Dust could be hero but the Egyptian did not.

Agent Kuru joined Rockford and Dust and seemed to expect some sort of reaction from them. It seemed that Kuru had come to intimidate Dust, but the Egyptian was not intimidated. Dust made it perfectly clear that he or any of the D.A did not threaten him. He acknowledged that they did not like each other and said he is only here because he chooses to. He told agent that they should skip all the drama and start working together even if they did not like it. He then asked Rockford what he needed to do. Kuru left immediately after the conversation.

Suddenly a figure dressed in a XERRD uniform ran into the area Rockford and Dust were talking. The Commander drew his gun but stopped when it was revealed the figure was agent Zachary, accompanied by his new friend Minerva Fabello. Zachary had no idea what Dust had done and was shocked to see him in handcuffs.

Kuru returned moments latter after he had located one of the cameras in the jungle. For the moment, the agent believed he could trust Dust.

The return of Zach and Kuru put Dust in a very uncomfortable position. His instincts told him to lie but he knew he could not with Rockford present. Seeing no sympathy from the commander the Egyptian was forced to explain to Zach that he never was a member of the D.A. and the only reason he came to the island was to find his ancestors temple. Before Zach could respond Rockford’s PDA rang. Skeleton Mummies had emerged from the fortress and the commander needed to leave immediately. Dust agreed to help and left with Kuru and Rockford and said goodbye to Zach.

The Commander turned back briefly to speak with Zach and Minerva. The conversation was interacted when Agent Mur ran up and yelled that a flock of mutant Pterosaurs had also begun a counterattack. Mur told Kuru, Dust, Minerva, and Zach that they were needed. The other three left but Rockford turned to Dust. He said that ‘now was the time to choose’ and unlocked Dust’s handcuffs before hurrying away without looking back.

A Second ChanceEdit

Dust made his choice and ran to one of the helicopters. David Norman was the last person to get on a helicopter before they lifted off leaving him stranded on the ground. He made a second run for the Iron Predator but before he could get there the ambulance was thrown across the camp. The Egyptian picked the ambulance over his own salvation and rushed to help the occupants. Inside he found Return trying to pull out a shrubbery and an unconscious Enter. He helped them out of the ambulance into what he hoped would be safety. Instead he found himself face to face with a Skeletal Mummy.

Dust had planned on saving the doctors as a way to gain back the favor of the D.A. Knowing he had no way of defending himself against the Mummy and that that Return would be no help Egyptian accepted his fate. No help was coming from Kuru, the agent was occupied fighting mummies with his flamethrower and the Typhoons had left the battlefield to draw away the Mutant Pterosaurs. Dust was surprised to see that the mummy had not attacked; going out on a limb he tried to communicate with the monster. Speaking in Arabic, Dust informed it that he was a descendant of Hotep III. Incredibly the Mummy agreed not to attack Dust and walked away. When Return asked what had happened, the Egyptian responded that he had told the mummy who he was and then fainted.

Dust woke up under the shade of an umbrella that Enter and Return had packed. When Return asked where he learned Arabic Dust responded that he was an Egyptologist before he was fired. Return probed no further.

Knowing they should not say in the hot open, Dust and Return prepared to head to the trees and the Iron Predator. Dust was not planning to bring the unconscious Enter with them because of how much the body would slow them down but he eventually caved to Return’s pleading. Enter was moved to a stretcher and the two made there way across the empty battlefield. When they arrived at the Iron Predator Dust was mocked for his compassionate attitude. The Egyptian made it clear that he was only helping to honor their bargain. Him intimidation worked and he sat down by his motorcycle (Still left from when Rotor had shot him). When sitting, he overheard that Zachary had gone missing. Since the D.A. could not spare any agents to find him, Dust volunteered and sped away before they could stop him.

Saving Agent ZachEdit

41 minutes to midnight, Dust found an unconscious Zach lying by a riverbed. Guarding him was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Egyptian figured that he could earn brownie points by saving Zach but the dinosaur guarding him made that impossible. Fully aware that killing a non-mutant would destroy the D.A’s alliance Dust took aim at the Dinosaur. Before he could fire, Dust found agent Gonnerman's gun pointing at his head. Gonnerman said that he was there to recapture Dust and order the Egyptian to surrender. Dust refused and the agent attacked Dust. The Tyrannosaurus Rex heard the gunfire and enters the fry. It associated Gonnerman with the agent Scratch and promptly ate the perceived threat.

After Teddy Gonnerman’s death, Dust was allowed past by the Tyrannosaurus. He found an awake Zach beside the dead Logan Zekia. Dust inquired whether Zach killed the agent and he responded that Scratch was just another traitor. Dust realized that Zachary had lost a hand and advised they find a medic immediately. The agent was not convinced he should go with Dust but the Egyptian pleaded that he was trying to help. He agreed to also give him a second chance and Dust advised him to find a gun for the trip back to camp. They then headed into the jungle and Dust’s motorcycle.

Before they departed, Dust bandaged Zach’s injured hand and inquired what happened back by the riverbed. Zachary explained that Logan “Scratch” Zekia had a vendetta against all dinosaurs and that he had to stop him from causing bloodshed. When they fought, Logan’s gun went off and killed him. Dust told the young agent that a similar experience had happened to him when he was seventeen. After boarding his motorcycle Zach requested they talk about the elephant in the room. To explain why he had lied, the Egyptian told the story of his past and why he had killed his father. Afterwards Dust explained that he had run away and lived on the streets and how eventually becoming an intern at the Cairo museum. Dust said that he had made in it threw hard times because he looked out for no one but himself and never trusted others. He felt that deep down they lived in a world were it was every man for himself.

The Rear Guard CampEdit

When Dust brought his motorcycle into the Rear guard camp, armed agents immediately greeted him and Zach. Zach warned Dust not to provoke them and the Egyptian joked only if Zach did not provoke him. Commander Lutsky appeared immediately and demanded the Dust explain his resent actions. Realizing that Agent Gonnerman was not with them the Commander called for an explanation. Dust said he was killed by a T-rex. Lutsky was skeptical but Zach pleaded that the Tyrannosaurus was only defending him. Commander Carl Lusky ordered Dust’s arrest. The Egyptian was handcuffed and led away.


Dust after his arrest

The Egyptian was moved into a pitch-black tent and tied to a chair. Comander Lutsky entered and lit a match. Lutsky explained he had once been part of a telemarketing firm but all of his employees were killed when the Dinos attacked. Lutsky said there was nothing he would not do to protect his men and threatened that he would kill Dust if it came to that. The Egyptian challenged him to do it but Lutsky was more concerned with preserving his power than actually following through. After beating Dust, Lutsky departed as Dust called out that he was right about people. Everyone is only in it for themselves.

As Dust sat in the tent he reflected on the decisions he’s made. He wondered if saving Zach and was truly a good idea and wondered why he brought him to the camp. He knew he was further from his temple then ever and he realized Rockford probably thought he was gone. The Egyptian felt regret and soon fell asleep.

He awoke some time latter to raised voices in the adjacent tent. From what he could make out, Zach had recovered and was talking with someone named Oswald Fabello. He pondered where he had herd the name Fabello before when he realized it was Zach’s new friend. He stored the information away for later use.

After Zach and Minerva left the tent Dust herd a fight break out between Oswald and the guards. Shoots were fired and the Egyptian got the impression that both D.A. agents had just been murdered.

Surrounded, Dust was not surprised to hear more agents come running. More shoots were fired and agents converged on the tent. A brawl broke out and the adjacent tent collapsed with Oswald and the others inside. The fight burst threw Dust’s own tent and it too collapsed with all of them underneath the canvas.

In the fight, Oswald Fabello killed several agents. Dust saw he made it out from under the canvas and gave chase. Outside, Oswald roared with hysterical laughter but his fun was cut short when Dust jabbed him in the spine.

Second Attack and Rescue at the XERRD fortressEdit

While Dino Attack Team's T-1 Typhoon fleet began their second attack on the XERRD Fortress, Minerva followed Dust into the fortress after he had abandoned the rest of the Dino Attack Team, unsure of his loyalties.

Minerva found Dust with a piece of paper with "Temple of Hotep III", the temple that Dust believed to be the Maelstrom Temple, written on it. Minerva decided to check her PDA messages and discovered that Zach had been injected with Maelstrom formula and had transformed into a Stromling. Just then, Dr. Carolyne Provencal found Dust and Minerva and told them that she infected Zach and that the fortress's air had been infected with neurotoxins that would kill on the Dino Attack Agents in six minutes. After revealing this information, Dr. Provencal left the room and headed to the neurotoxins control room in the fortress.

Furious at Dr. Provencal for corrupting Zach, Minerva left Dust in the filing room and started looking for Dr. Provencal. She was saved by Dust, who shot a Stromling that was about to attack her. Despite being furious at Dr. Provencal for what she did to Zach, Minerva suddenly expressed unwillingness to kill the high-ranking XERRD scientist and forced Dust to spare her life, claiming that she was tired of the bloodshed.

Dust and Minerva met up with Dr. Cyborg. Together, they headed towards Kareem Nazareno, who was overwhelmed by the Stromling Agent Zachary. When Zach spotted Minerva, he seized up, long enough for the ninja to stab him with his katanas. As he lay dying, the Maelstrom started to leave Zach's body and he began to return to normal. The group planned to take Zach to the medic tent to heal him. However, the Maelstrom returned to Zach's body, healing his wound and returning him to his Stromling state. Nazareno was so stunned by Zach's sudden reincarnation that he gave Zach time to shoot him in the chest. As Nazareno fell to the ground, grievously wounded, Zach escaped in a black cloud, traveling back to the Ruins.

Dust helped Dr. Cyborg and Minerva carry the wounded Nazareno out of the fortress. Nazareno was deposited at a medical tent, where the medics got to work on him.

The Temple of Hotep IIIEdit

Dust entered the command tent, where the elite agents were meeting to decide how the Dino Attack Team was going to tackle the Maelstrom Temple. Neither Dust nor Rex trusted one another. Dust and Minerva presented evidence suggesting that the Maelstrom Temple was the Temple of Pharaoh Hotep III, and Dust denounced Rex's theory that the Temple of Creation had been corrupted into the Maelstrom Temple. The team still remained undecided on the issue, and the meeting was postponed when Bluetooth and Rockford then revealed that elite agent Rotor was putting his T-1 Typhoon crew on trial for refusing to fire upon the XERRD Fortress while Dino Attack agents were still inside.

In the aftermath of a Stromling attack, Dust approached Frozeen and Greybeard. He expressed interest in the Maelstrom Crystal. Greybeard distrusted Dust and disapproved of Frozeen's choice to reveal the Maelstrom Crystal to the Egyptian. Although he initially pretended to be naive, Frozeen later revealed that he knew about Dust's reputation and did not trust the Egyptian for an instant. Dust was disturbed to learn that Frozeen was aware of his past.

To be continued...

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Gahiji Thutmose has made it his obsession to find his ancestor's forbidden ruins, and has gone as far as to infiltrate the Dino Attack Team so he can use them to get the temple. He plans that, when all is said and done, he will take what he views as his inheritance for himself. He has proven to be aggressive, and since he got into the team, he has made little effort to be liked by the rest of the Dino Attack agents. Dust does not often care about the people around him. Despite this, since Zachary saved his life, he has begun to feel some empathy toward the young agent.

Gahiji has proven to be a skilled manipulator and a master knife fighter, having killed five natives with just a knife. Gahiji Thutmose is very smart, resourceful, and has a large knowledge of archeological aspects of Adventurers' Island. He is quite skilled at keeping control and exploiting the weaknesses of others, and has shown himself to be a master planner.


Dust mostly fights with knifes but has been known to work with a powerful handgun. His preferred vehicle is this three-wheeled motorcycle seen in the set 7298 Dino Air Tracker.


"Would I do the same for him? No! Zachary is unimportant, only my temple! Don't get involved."
— Dust, debating his feelings after Zach had saved his life from the natives
"Are armed guards common in the sick bay?"
"Only for you, Mr. Thutmose."
— Dust and a nurse in the sick bay of outpost 108
"We all strive to understand that that is unknown corporal. Man sought to understand fire, lightning, why the sun rises and the sun sets. The Maelstrom is just another mystery. Like any man, I wish to be enlightened."
— Dust to his interrogator
"I can never be a hero."
— Dust to Rockford
"I will be the greatest of them all."
— Dust, referring to his family
"Crazy people don't know they're crazy, they think they're getting saner"
that guy from that show expressing his opinion on Dust by using a quote from LOST
"We were not aware you cared about others, Dust."
"I find the study on the psychologically insane useful. And I don’t recall telling you my name."
— Four Stromlings and Dust
"I have no friends."
— Dust
"I never was a member of the Dino attack, I never sold your plains out to Dr. Rex, I admit that I lied, and I admit that I hurt you guys. I'm just a guy trying to keep his honer, his family's honer. Take that as you will. You may think it strange that I don't give a @#$% about your cause. But I have nothing left to live for except my temple. I can still help you, not because I care, but because you need it. All I'm asking is a little something in return."
— Dust
"Even though nothing I say will change you small-mindedness and stubbornness I assure you that nothing I did was sinister in any way."
"You’re lying. What did you do?"
"I prove my point."
— Dust and Lutsky


  • Dust was the primary character of that guy from that show in Dino Attack RPG. After his death, that role was given to Hertz instead.
  • In the alternate ending December 21, 2010, Dust was one of the last survivors of LEGO Planet before it was destroyed by the Maelstrom. This creates a minor timeline conflict since Dust died before Baron Typhonus tried to trick Greybeard into handing over the Maelstrom Crystal, although PeabodySam could not have known this since this alternate ending was written before At War's End. PeabodySam has since suggested that December 21, 2010 takes place in a timeline wherein Dust did not lead Dino Attack Team to the Temple of Hotep III.

Faran Tahir

  • "Gahiji" means "Hunter" in Arabic.
  • In his whole life, Dust has only grown to like three people: the first was Professor Kilroy who took him of the streets, the second was Zachary who saved his life on several occasions, and the last was Rockford who was one of the few people Dust saw as a equal.
  • that guy from that show sees Dust's interrogation sequence as one of his best works in the RPG.
  • Dust's first appearance was in post 7346 on May 31, 2010 at 5:07 PM.
  • that guy from that show has expressed that, if he could pick an actor to play Dust, he would select Faran Tahir.