Dr. Wolf is a former scientist working for Dr. Rex who betrayed him and began operating independently.

Biography Edit

Before XERRD Edit

Dr. Wolf was an accomplished researcher who was studying genetics in a research compound on Adventurers Dino Island. He wanted to perform advanced experimentation in merging DNA structures and creating "new Dinosaurs" from the old ones. However, he was not allowed to perform such experiments due to moral guidelines set in place by the LEGOLAND Government. More than once, he was reprimanded for trying to do these hybrid experiments.

In the end, he illegally created a new species of Dinosaur designed for underwater operations. The small population were released into the ocean and menaced Aqua Raider operations in the Bermuda Triangle. Alpha Team was called to investigate, and Agent Sting tracked them down to Dr. Wolf's laboratory. In the year 2009, he had Wolf arrested and brought to a secure prison island, where he would remain for his life for illegal genetic experimentation and launching attacks using animals.

However, his crime was noticed by Dr. Rex, who had by now been planning his operation for some time. Dr. Rex hired a group of mercenaries to destroy the island and break in, where they rescued Dr. Wolf. The crime went unnoticed because many other criminals were impounded there, and Alpha Team was more concerned about them than the scientist.

Dr. Rex's Laboratory Edit

On Dr. Rex's island and in other laboratories under his control, Dr. Wolf helped develop and refine the mutation venom. One of the things he helped "code" into the venom was that it would spontaneously mutate every so often to help the Mutant Dino adapt to enemies. He also helped XERRD create the Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids, as he specialized in merging DNA to produce "new beings". He was less adept at mutation and better at creating hybrid lifeforms- a talent that served him well, later on Vikings Isle.

However, after nearly a year working for Dr. Rex, and after the Dino Attack began, Dr. Wolf grew bored. There was nothing more for him to do, and he saw the Dino Attack as a chance to "strike out on his own" just as many former allies of Ogel had done in the year 2003. Dr. Rex did not agree, and when Dr. Wolf tried to recruit other scientists to join him, no one supported him. The only reason Dr. Rex did not kill or capture Dr. Wolf was that Dr. Wolf had created a handful of strong Mutant T-Rexes loyal to him alone. These T-Rexes surprised the scientists long enough for Dr. Wolf to steal a submarine from the island and escape.

Exile and the Skr-Ok Clan Edit

With no allies, Dr. Wolf chose to flee to the edge of the civilized world- to Vikings Isle. There, he hoped to be able to do additional research.

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Imprisoned Edit

To be continued...

Freedom Edit

Dr. Wolf escaped from Dr. Rex in the Goo Caverns after Dr. Inferno's compound was destroyed there. He fled into the caverns, stole one of Ogel's submarines, and escaped to the surface. His current location remains unknown, but Alpha Team have sent agents to try and track him down.

Abilities and Traits Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The name "Dr. Wolf" was inspired by the name Dr. Rex. As Dr. Rex worked with Dinos, TakunuvaC01 chose to have Dr. Wolf work with wolves and other Viking Island creatures.