Dino Attack Roleplay Game Wiki, or Dino Attack RPG Wiki, is a Wiki and reference site for Dino Attack RPG on


The idea for having a Wiki for Dino Attack RPG stemmed from the fact that Dino Attack RPG is the longest-running active game of the LEGO General Discussion subforum on BZPower. It is also one of the longest in terms of length, and in fact has over five-thousand posts, most of which contribute to the RPG's gameplay and story.

The problem with this is that very few people would want to join an RPG without knowing what was already going on, but most people would be more than reluctant to read through over five-thousand posts to find this out. Therefore, RPG host PeabodySam figured that having a reference site for Dino Attack RPG would be a wise idea, to collect the information stored in over five-thousand posts in Dino Attack RPG and format it into an easy and summarized read.

However, PeabodySam knew that this would be a very large task, so after creating the Wiki on May 19, 2009, he invited his fellow players to come and contribute to this Wiki. Since then, this Wiki has grown, and while it is far from finished, it is on its way to achieving PeabodySam's dream of a complete database for Dino Attack RPG.


  • Much of the Dino Attack RPG Wiki's formatting is inspired by that of the BIONICLE Wiki, BIONICLEsector01.
  • Dino Attack RPG Wiki is optimized for the MonoBook layout. Therefore, it is recommended that registered Wikia users select the MonoBook layout under "my preferences" while viewing this wiki.

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