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Welcome to Dino Attack RPG Wiki
The wiki about the Dino Attack Roleplay Game that anyone can edit (but preferably only members of the RPG).
287 articles since May 2009
The Dino Attack Roleplay Game (more commonly known as the Dino Attack RPG) is an online text-based game at, inspired by one of LEGO's smallest lines: Dino Attack (or, as known in Europe, Dino 2010). Ironically, this RPG was a hit, and to this day remains the longest-running LEGO-based RPG on BZPower. This Wiki is devoted to collecting information based off the RPG in a single resource, so that new players to the RPG or people who want to read up on it don't have to read over five-thousand posts of content. If you are a member of the Dino Attack RPG, I want YOU to contribute to this Wiki and add in information about your character. Got it? Good.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please contribute anything you have archived from the old Dino Attack RPG to our partner wiki, Dino Attack RPG Archive Wiki.
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04/05/10 - Pages in short supply

We've got a number of short pages that are rather embarrassing. Seeing as we're planning on going to TV Tropes, we might attract a little more traffic here, and I don't think we want to show the world that we've got some embarrassing short pages that are short and embarrassing. For more, see Category:Article stubs and Special:ShortPages. Do what you can to lengthen these pages, because I know that people tend to think little of them.


Yes, those puns were stolen right from Shrek. So sue me. Actually, now that I think about it, telling you to sue me wasn't the best thing to write in this section... Oh, great, now you're all going to collaborate and sue me.

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Featured Article


09/16/12 - Rex

At long last, the Dino Attack war has ended! Unfortunately, our last featured article, Dust, kicked the bucket too soon to see it happen. So, we're going to have to choose someone else to be our featured article. How about Rex? He's sure seen a lot during the Dino Attack, from an Alpha Team agent going mad and summoning a villain from Sonic the Hedgehog; a scorpion knight who traveled forward and backward and forward again through time; a seemingly-mute girl that he fell in love with and married; and a mad scientist who became a Mutant T-Rex in a freak accident. Wait, what? He kicked the bucket too? Darn it, is there anyone in this RPG who hasn't died?

Rex has literally been with the Dino Attack RPG from day one, and his article clearly represents this, summarizing the events of Dino Attack RPG in what is literally our longest page on the entire wiki. Well... except for, you know... this one...

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09/16/12 - Dino Attack: Legacy

For a long time, I've been promising myself and others that I'd finish this animation someday. What better day to finish it than the day that the Dino Attack war ends?

Dino Attack: Legacy is a Flash animation that serves as a tribute to seven great years of Dino Attack RPG. From the initial Dino Attack on LEGO City to the battles against Kotua and Chaos; from Villains Headquarters to Pirates Forbidden Island; from the Goo Caverns to LEGO Island; from Gold City to Adventurers' Island; from the Maelstrom Temple to the final battle, this video pays tribute to it all, and to all of you for making this possible.

Just please ignore the framerate issues. YouTube is a pain in the neck, and that is why BZPower does not allow links to this website, right? I'll eventually upload this onto deviantART, where it won't have any of these problems.

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Dino Attack Legacy HD03:23

Dino Attack Legacy HD

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