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"The Dino Attack RPG in LEGO General Discussion is unquestionably the best. The fact that it has been running continuously for over four and a half years is evidence enough of that."
Jackson Lake, "Best RPG?"

Dino Attack Roleplay Game, commonly referred to as Dino Attack RPG, is a text-based roleplay game on Following the BZPower forum update of 2011, it has been renamed Dino Attack: At War's End.

Plot Summary Edit

Background Edit

In the year 2010, the LEGO Planet is suddenly attacked by armies of Mutant Dinosaurs. This attack devastates the planet, throwing cities, kingdoms, and islands into ruin. Alpha Team relocates most of the planet's population to Antarctica, where they are kept safe from the Mutant Dinos. Meanwhile, a new organization called the D.I.N.O. Attack Team forms to combat these Mutant Dinos and restore peace to the LEGO Planet.

The Kotua Crisis Edit

When Kotua discovered that elite agent Rex was taming Mutant Lizards such as Trouble, he seemingly went mad. In contrast to idealistic agents such as Rex, Kotua wanted to exterminate all Mutant Dinos, and in his eyes the idealistic Dino Attack agents were traitors.

In addition, a mysterious organization known as ShadowTech emerged. Using black versions of Dino Attack vehicles, they kidnapped various Dino Attack agents and interrogated them in an attempt to discover the weakness of Dino Attack Team. At first, their intentions were unclear, but then it soon became clear that they, like Kotua, did not think Dino Attack was doing its job properly. They brainwashed Kotua, only further driving Kotua off the slippery slope into madness.

Using his massive airship, The Voltage, and an army of Robo-Blades, he became a threat to anybody and anything that got in his way, people and dinosaurs alike. He even teamed up with Blacktron, which was operating in secret. Even worse, Kotua teamed up with ShadowTech's experiment, a massive water monster known as Chaos, and set out to fully eliminate the Dino Attack Team.

Power Struggle Edit

Kotua soon escaped the influence of ShadowTech and Chaos, but by then it was too late. His alternate universe self, Anti-Kotua, had teamed up with ShadowTech and was using a mysterious crystal to create a hurricane. Another villainous faction known as the Shadows arose, trying to take control of the Dino Attack for their own nefarious purposes. Even a street gang called the Raptors antagonized Dino Attack Team. Even worse, the LEGOLAND military decided that the Dino Attack Team was not competent in taking care of the Mutant Dinosaur threat and decided to take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, a group of villains teamed up with alternate future versions of themselves to destroy the Dino Attack Team.

With Anti-Kotua, ShadowTech, the Shadows, the LEGOLAND Air Force, the Future Villains, and more factions all trying to destroy the Dino Attack Team in addition, it was a struggle for survival for many Dino Attack Agents. Fortunately, one by one, Dino Attack Team was able to overcome each of these threats until, once more, the only true threat to the Dino Attack Team were the Mutant Dinos.

At this point, the Dino Attack agents were spread across the globe, fighting Mutant Dinos in many different areas.

The Dino Island Laboratory Edit

Rex and Chompy led an expedition into LEGO City's subway system, in which they discovered a tunnel that led to Dinosaur Island. There, they discovered the XERRD laboratory of Dr. Rex, who is responsible for the Dino Attack. Dr. Rex captured both Dino Attack allies and enemies, which led to an unlikely alliance between the Dino Attack Team and five villains. Working together, they managed to escape the laboratory with important information: the origins of the Dino Attack.

Upon returning to Dino Attack Headquarters, there was a large Mutant Dino attack on the headquarters and its Power Station. Luckily, the Dino Attack Team barely won this battle.

The Goo Caverns Edit

Evil Ogel, one of the allied villains, revealed that Green Goo had the ability to disable Mutant Dinos. Therefore, large numbers of Dino Attack agents were sent to the Goo Caverns to reinforce the unstable underground network and mine for Green Goo. After many battles and even team-splitting arguments, the mission succeeded. Unfortunately, Dr. Rex tricked the Dino Attack agents into going to Quadrant 14, a volcanic sector of the Goo Caverns, where a massive Mutant Dino army lay in ambush.

Many Dino Attack agents were lost in the battle, and even more were lost in a massive eruption that destroyed most of the Goo Caverns. The battle to end the Dino Attack suddenly became much more desperate.

LEGO Island and Antarctica Edit

Almost immediately after the Goo Caverns mission, most Dino Attack agents were sent on a mission to LEGO Island, which was home to many Mutant T-Rex and Mutant Pterosaur nests. In addition, the Mutant Dinos seemed to be guarding the Constructopedia, vital to repairing LEGO Island. All the while, Dino Attack agents were anonymously sent notes from Captain Click, who lead them to his cave upon finding the Constructopedia. There, they engaged in battle with the Brickspider Bot v1.0, XERRD scientists, and Inferno henchmen. The Brickspider Bot managed to tear out the LEGO Island Base page from the Constructopedia, resulting in LEGO Island deconstructing and ending up in a mysterious dimension known as the Torn World, along with those carried up with it. After a long battle, the Brickspider Bot was defeated and LEGO Island was restored.

Meanwhile, at the same time, realist Dino Attack agents were secretly sent to Antarctica to exterminate cold-adapted Mutant Dinos. After arguments with several Agents there, they were captured by the Ice Snake King. The Ice Snake King agreed to help them fight off the Mutant Dinos, but both the Dino Attack agents and Ice Snakes are expecting the other to betray them. Unfortunately, after Cam O'Cozy and Zenna spread word of this secret campaign, Digger tried to overthrow Specs, and riots erupted in the refugee facilities. Luckily, Greybeard was able to calm down the riots, and once he calmed down, Digger apologized to Specs for his rash actions.

Adventurers' IslandEdit

While Vladek and King Joseph Race led one squad of Dino Attack agents to Castle Cove, the Second Headquarters Squad battled Hybrids at Fort Legoredo, and Brickster-Bots and FMB-Bots worked together to raid Dinosaur Island, most of the Dino Attack Team focused on Adventurers' Island. There, they helped protect the native dinosaurs and prevent Dr. Rex's forces from accessing a temple containing energies of the Maelstrom.

One squad of Dino Attack agents searched desert temples while another group defended the Aztec Village from a Mutant Dino invasion. Both groups met up to attack and capture the XERRD Fortress before moving on to find the Maelstrom Temple itself. While most of the team followed Dust to the Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins, a small squad led by Rex unintentionally discovered the Maelstrom Temple and engaged XERRD's highest-ranking scientists in battle.

Baron Typhonus revealed himself as the Darkitect, and the mastermind who manipulated XERRD into creating the Dino Attack. After a climatic battle in the Maelstrom Temple between Dino Attack Team and the forces of the Maelstrom, Baron Typhonus was finally defeated and banished from LEGO Planet.

At War's EndEdit

Dino Attack Team returned to headquarters and hunted down XERRD's mole. However, Dr. Rex attacks LEGO City and leads an army of Mutant Dinos, with the intent of destroying Dino Attack Headquarters and killing the Dino Attack Team. After a long and epic battle against the combined forces of the Mutant Dinos, XERRD, Dr. Inferno, and Fright Knights, Dino Attack Team finally emerges victorious, effectively ending the war.

After the war, many Dino Attack agents return to their civilian lives, but with high hopes or great plans for the future. Post-war enthusiasm allows for a speedy reconstruction of the cities and homes destroyed by the Mutant Dinos, and the LEGO Planet is once again at peace.

Alternate EndingsEdit

There are various alternate endings written by several Dino Attack RPG members, most of which are set in alternate universes.


L.E.G.O., written by Benton Kabrinsky, is a LEGO General Discussion Epic set within an alternate timeline of the Dino Attack RPG.

After Zenna spread leaked information regarding a secret mission to Antarctica, the world was left in anarchy and chaos. As of 2015, the Dino Attack has not yet ended. Evil Ogel, Dr. Inferno, and all other LEGO villains have joined together to form Every Villain In Crime Together, or E.V.I.C.T. In retaliation, Alpha Team and Agents Defense Organization merged into LEGO Enterprises' Good Operatives, or L.E.G.O., in order to restore order to LEGO Planet.

To be expanded...

December 21, 2010Edit

December 21, 2010, written by PeabodySam, is an alternate ending to the Dino Attack RPG's Adventurers' Island mission inspired by the movie 2012.

The Dino Attack Team's efforts to destroy the Maelstrom Temple only resulted in the Maelstrom's victory. After eliminating Dr. Rex and the rest of XERRD, it took full control of LEGO Planet and destroyed much of the world. Survivors took refuge in various Imagination Temples, but they too fell with time.

The last group of survivors, consisting of Greybeard, Magma, Helmie, Rotor, David, Tex, Semick, Dust, Minerva, and Dr. Cyborg, learned the terrible truth that the Maelstrom was going to destroy LEGO Planet itself. In their last seconds of existence, they stood united, accepted their fate, and Greybeard came to grips with his past.

Gameplay Edit

Members of BZPower join this game by filling out a character form, to describe the character that they will play as in the RPG. After that, they can post in-universe to describe what is going on in the story.

Like most BZPower RPGs, this is text-based, and is much like a novel written by many people. Because it is in the form of a forum topic, members contribute to the story by posting what their character(s) does. In addition, they can also converse with other BZPower members in the same topic. Because of this, in-universe and real-life are seperated by the usage of the terms "In-Character" to show that one is playing and "Out-of-Character" to show that one is not playing. These terms are simplified into simply "IC" and "OOC".

For example, a post in the RPG may be like that of the following example:

OOC: TahuIsHot555, how much longer must we stay on LEGO Island?

IC: Dr. Sauro hid behind the Information Center as several Mutant Lizards made their way towards him. They followed him, forcing Dr. Sauro to fire a Sonic Screamer at them. When they were all unconscious from the sonics attack, Dr. Sauro snuck into the Information Center and discovered a super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizza.

A member of the RPG is given free reign to do whatever they want with their character, as long as it fits in the RPG's rules or meets the consent of the other players of the RPG. If one of these is not achieved, the member is free to go back and edit their post to either follow the rules or to accept another member's request for change.

While a member is encouraged to use primarily the character they sign up as (unless they request a change), members are free to create Non-Primary Characters, or NPCs, to accompany their main character.

Current Members Edit

For a list of players currently in Dino Attack: At War's End, see Dino Attack RPG/Agent Database

Running Jokes Edit

The Dino Attack RPG is known for having recurring or running jokes that appear multiple times in the game. Below is a list of a few of them:

Running Villain Jokes Edit

The four LEGO villains allied with the Dino Attack Team are known for several recurring jokes that involve them.

  • Vladek, despite being a native of Castle Cove, cannot speak Olde English. For most of the RPG, as a joke relating to this, he spoke a very inaccurate form of Olde English, in which he used "thy" to mean "I" or "my", "thou" to mean "you" in both the subject and the predicate, and "thee" to mean "me". He also often stuck "-eth" at the end of random words. This was considered a "silent running joke" because it was never directly addressed until years after it was first used, and even so it was addressed by Greybeard in-universe.
  • The Brickster commonly considers himself to be Evil Ogel's #1 Fan and idolizes Ogel to the point of being a fanboy. More than once, this has caused Ogel to get irritated by the Brickster, and he occasionally snaps at the Brickster to shut up about being his biggest fan.
  • Evil Ogel often punishes disobedient drones by tossing them out a window. This actually was first introduced in the Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG, but carried over into the Dino Attack RPG.

Super-Hot PizzaEdit

The super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizza is a recurring gag, first invented in a post by PeabodySam but revived by Toa Antrakha. As the name suggests, it is a very hot and spicy pizza, capable of melting tongues or opening jail cell doors. While not an actual pizza in the LEGO Island series, it is based upon the many super-hot pizzas found throughout the games, such as the pizza used by the Brickster to melt his jail cell door's lock in LEGO Island and the fire-breathing pizzas seen throughout LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge. Several examples of the super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizzas are:

  • While spying on Rex and Chompy, the Brickster and Sam Sinister hid in a pizzeria, where the Brickster told Vladek to search for this kind of pizza. Vladek eventually found one, but it was cold and the oven was broken, and when Vladek tried to explain this to the Brickster, he used the phrase "super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot" so many times that in the meantime Rex and Chompy walked off.
  • Investigating an abandoned base of Dr. Inferno, Sauro-Hunter stumbled upon one of these pizzas. When he tried to eat it, he burned his mouth; however, Aravis had no problem eating it.
  • While trying to escape the Dino Island Laboratory, the Brickster stopped for a super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizza, which caused him to be caught by Dr. Rex. Shortly afterward, he tossed the pizza into Dr. Rex's mouth, distracting him long enough for the Brickster to escape.

LEGO Curses Edit

In fiction, curses are used in dialogue to effectively express extreme emotions. However, due to being a well-known BIONICLE fan site, BZPower has to maintain a family-friendly reputation, so all real curse words are filtered into #####. In order to properly convey these strong emotions in character dialogue when necessary while retaining the family-friendly atmosphere, Dino Attack RPG has chosen several words that would be considered "foul" to LEGO and uses these in a humorous manner as LEGO curses.

  • MegaBloks is a competing building blocks brand, often ridiculed by LEGO fans for copying LEGO's brick design and for the poor plastic quality of its products. "MegaBlok" is the most often-used curse word in Dino Attack RPG and has a wide variety of meanings and usages, ranging from "What the MegaBlok?" to "Son of a MegaBlok!". "MEGABLOKLAND" is a related term that is a parody of "LEGOLAND" and used in phrases such as "Go to MEGABLOKLAND!".
  • Znap is a short-lived LEGO line which attempted to branch out into a whole new building fashion, which many LEGO fans saw as an attempt to compete with K'NEX. "What the Znap?" is often spoken by characters who are surprised or irritated.
  • 4+ is a juniorized LEGO line aimed at kids too old for DUPLO but too young for most LEGO System sets. It gained an infamous reputation for its oversized Minifigs. In the Dino Attack RPG, "4+ Figure" is a common insult used particularly by characters who hold a low opinion of the person they are talking about. A variation that has occasionally been used is "4+ Pirates", which refers specifically to the infamous "4+ Pirates" line.
  • "Jack Stone" was one of the very first 4+ lines. The series centered around the adventures of the eponymous character who would constantly be working with the local police and fire brigade to save the day. Much like "4+ Figure", "Jack Stone" is normally used as a derogatory term. However, rather than a direct insult towards a specific individual, Jack Stone is more often used as a derogatory nickname for the enemy. It can be compared to the usage of derogatory nicknames in many real-life conflicts such as referring to the Germans as "Krouts" in World War II, communists as "Reds" in the Cold War, and referring to communist nations as "Charlie" during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Trivia Edit

  • Dino Attack RPG was created July 1, 2005. Dino Attack: At War's End was created March 15, 2012.
  • Dino Attack RPG is currently the longest-running LEGO-based RPG on BZPower.
  • Nura and Jackson Lake have both created topics with the purpose of building characters from the Dino Attack RPG.

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