Cyrista's Bane
Cyrista's Bane colored
Name Cyrista's Bane
Skills Fighting
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator avmatoran

Cyrista's Bane is the cyborg Mutant T-Rex created from plans drawn up by Dr. Cyborg.


Early LifeEdit

When Dr. Cyrista was working as a part of XERRD, he drew up plans for a creature codenamed, "Promethean Knight". However, he left before he could start to create it. Just before the final battle, Dr. Rex authorized creation of "Promethean Knight" under the new name of "Cyrista's Bane".

At War's EndEdit

In the final battle of the Dino Attack, Dr. Rex had Cyrista's Bane sent in as a miniboss and large diversion. While the fake Dr. Rex was being attacked, the real Dr. Rex ordered Cyrista's Bane sent in. It started attacking the majority of the DA forces. It seemed at first to be a dumb beast, but it slowly revealed itself to be intelligent. Dr. Cyborg was placed in charge of defeating it.

To be continued...

Abilities and TraitsEdit

To be continued...


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