Covert was a Colonel in the Agents Intelligence Division. She frequently clashed with Alpha Team, the Dino Attack Team, and, specifically, Magma.

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Joining the Agents Edit

While records from the beginning of the Agents team remain classified, what is known is that Covert, due to her skills in combat, was assigned to lead a team to arrest Alpha Team Special Operations Agents. The philosophy that created the Agents and was predominant in LEGO City at that time was anti-black ops, and viewed many of the ATSO Agents as criminals, even though their missions were fully authorized by Alpha Team. Her first target was Agent Magma, currently performing a secret mission.

Magma had not heard of the creation of the Agents team, and assumed at first this was some attempt by his enemies to discover he was an Alpha Team Agent. His attempt to deny his status as an Alpha Team Agent caused Covert to foolishly attempt to arrest Magma. He responded by severely injuring three Agents in short succession, stunning four others, and destroying two Agents vehicles. Covert was able to hold her own against Magma for some time until Agent Zed sent a message to Magma ordering him to stand down. It was the beginning of a long clash between Covert and Magma.

To be continued...

The Dino Attack Edit

Covert was ordered to gather intelligence on the Mutant Dinos that were rampaging the LEGO Planet. She set up a series of checkpoints around ports of LEGOLAND cities to try and figure out which freighters had Mutant Dinos in them. Her action helped prevent the destruction of many cities, giving time for Alpha Team to successfully convince the LEGOLAND government to evacuate to Antarctica.

Annoyed by Alpha Team "stepping in" for the Agents, Covert began planning an intelligence operation around Antarctica. If Mutant Dinos should ever adapt to live in the cold, her listening posts would detect their lifesigns. If they would be in a position to threaten the residents of LEGOLAND there, she would act. The commander of the Agents authorized such a mission, and the Intelligence Division spent much of the Dino Attack planning for such a mission.

She also deployed a series of old Alpha Team communications bugs in DA HQ and other bases to help gather intelligence. She realized that some of the first people to find Dinos on Antarctica would be DA, and so by monitoring them she had a better chance of also discovering Mutant Dinos on Antarctica. As it turned out, the bugs were useful, but not for the purpose she intended.

To be continued...

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